Bellator 199 Report – Ryan Bader stops Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in 15 seconds

The crew from The MMA Complex recap the Bellator 199 card from Saturday night in San Jose, featuring Ryan Bader's early stoppage of Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal to advance in the Heavyweight Grand Prix, and the rest of the main card fights.

Event: Bellator 199
Saturday, May 12th
San Jose, California
SAP Center

Submitted by: The MMA Complex 

Ryan Bader(Red Corner) vs. King Mo (Blue Corner)

RD 1: Round begins and ends quick, Ryan Bader lands a huge left to the chin of King Mo, followed by some ground and pound. The ref calls it.

TKO Round 1 – Ryan Bader

Paul Daley (Red Corner) vs. Jon Fitch (Blue Corner)

RD 1: A feeling out process to start the fight, Fitch starts with a right low kick immediately to a double leg. Fitch transitions to a single getting Daley down, but not for long. Ref separates the two and Daley goes on the offensive, scoring some hard strikes on Fitch with his back against the cage. Round ends, both men had moments but Fitch edges out the round.

RD 2: Fitch goes for a single leg takedown and gets it. Fitch eventually gets the mount, and transitions to the back as Daley gives him the position. Daley struggles to survive the round, not a lot of strikes thrown by Fitch in this position. Daley manages to get back to guard, but Fitch is landing some ground and pound and seems comfortable in staying in Daley’s guard. Round ends with Fitch on top. Fitch looks to have taken this round.

RD 3: Round begins much the same as the second, Fitch gets the takedown and goes to work. Daley gives up his back as Fitch has him against the cage landing punches. Daley is stuck, seems unable to defend the offense of Fitch. Round ends.

Fight goes to Fitch by unanimous decision

Aaron Pico (Red Corner) vs. Lee Morrison (Blue Corner)

RD 1: The two men meet in the center of the cage throwing some serious leather, Aaron Pico getting the better of the exchanges. Morrison shoots for a takedown unsuccessfully and the two men get back to their feet.  Pico lands another hard liver shot from a left hook, sending Morrison tumbling backward. Pico pounces on him with some ground and pound, Morrison covers up and the ref calls the fight.

TKO Round 1  – Aaron Pico

Cheick Kongo (Red Corner) vs. Javy Ayala (Blue Corner)

RD 1:  Ayala starts the fight aggressively with a load of punches and Kongo easy avoids damage.  Ayala goes for a takedown, pressing Kongo up against the cage.  The two men take the centre of the cage. Kongo lands a leg kick, and Ayala goes in wild with his punches, Kongo lands a devastating right cross, sending Ayala crashing to the mat. Fight is over.

TKO Round 1 – Cheick Kongo

Carrington Banks (Blue Corner) vs. Adam Piccolotti (Red Corner)

RD 1: Round starts on the feet, with both men feeling out their strikes early, Banks throws a wild overhand right, to a takedown attempt where Piccolotti defends with the cage. Banks finishes the takedown, Piccolotti works to his feet, but Banks keeps pressing him against the cage and scores another takedown. The ref separates the fighters after this continues for a while and it seems no one is gaining any sort of advantage. Banks lands an overhand right, again and again on Piccolotti. After a successful takedown by Piccolotti, he quickly gets full mount, Banks gives up the back. Piccolotti goes for an armbar and Banks escapes ending the round. Banks may have edged out that round.

RD 2:
 Banks landing hard leg kicks, Piccolotti follows with a takedown and scores it, transitioning to the back and applies the hooks. Piccolottii is looking to finish with a neck crank. Banks defended, Piccolatti then switches from submissions to punches. Back to the neck crank and Banks continues to survive. Banks does survive the round, but Piccolotti ends the round successfully on our scorecards.

RD 3: Piccolotti shoots early but can’t score the first takedown. Banks scores a big takedown, and he’s on top in Piccolotti’s guard. Piccolotti, in a scramble, manages to take the back. Piccolotti finally gets the choke locked in and forces the tap to end the fight.

Submission (rear-naked choke) Round 3 – Adam Piccolotti.