NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Report 5/30 – KUSHIDA vs. El Desperado in Fukushima

New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament made its way to Fukushima on Wednesday with the B Block participants, including the main event between KUSHIDA and El Desperado.

New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament made its way to Fukushima on Wednesday with the B Block participants in action.

The final round robin matches will take place this Sunday with the A and B Block winners facing off Monday.

Below are the results from the tournament matches in Fukushima on Wednesday:

*Ryusuke Taguchi over SHO at 13:11 –They have some comedy at the start where SHO was shooting invisible arrows and Taguchi was using head movement to avoid them. SHO hit a pair of rolling Germans, he hit a bridging German and when Taguchi kicked out, SHO transitioned to an armbar. The Shock Arrow was blocked by Taguchi, who kept going for the ankle lock. Taguchi hit the Dodon and SHO kicked out of it. Taguchi hit a bridging half-nelson suplex and pinned SHO. This was one of Taguchi’s better matches of the tournament and another highlight match for SHO.

*Marty Scurll over Dragon Lee at 16:02 –Scurll dominated the first five minutes of the match after stomping the left hand and kicking Lee’s knee. The crowd woke up when Lee send Scurll to the floor and landed a tope con giro. Lee went for the Dragon Driller, which was countered with a DDT and Lee kicked out from a fisherman buster neck breaker. Lee was crotched on the top rope, Scurll hit the inverted superplex and applied the chicken wing for the submission. It was a good match, the audience responded well for Lee’s flying maneuvers.


*Hiromu Takahashi over Chris Sabin at 13:37 –Takahashi offered his hand, they shook, and Takahashi wouldn’t let go and attacked Sabin. Sabin sold his back after being powerbombed onto the edge of the apron. Both landed missile dropkicks, Sabin followed with a top rope ‘rana and tornado DDT using the ropes. Sabin kicked out of the Dynamite Plunger and they exchanged lariats. Sabin hit the Cradle Shock for a near fall, he went for another and Takahashi blocked it and applied the triangle for the submission win. They are working hard to get the triangle over as Takahashi’s prime submission finish.

*KUSHIDA over El Desperado at 18:34 –It was a very good main event as Desperado’s brawling set his matches apart. They went to the floor where Desperado smashed KUSHIDA’s knee with a chair. Desperado pulled out a cart on wheels, placed KUSHIDA onto the card and drove him into the chairs on the floor. Desperado worked on the left knee by applying Numero Dos both on the floor and inside the ring. It was around ten minutes into the match when KUSHIDA showed life, landing a tope con giro and grabbing his knee after completing the maneuver. The referee was knocked down and Desperado used a chair inside the ring. KUSHIDA recovered, landed a West Coast Pop (a springboard ‘rana and then hooking the legs for a cover), he kicked out the arm of Desperado and followed with Back to the Future for the pin. KUSHIDA addressed the audience and had a long post-match segment. I really enjoyed the main event and was the second main event that Desperado has delivered in during the tournament.

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