Results and notes from AAA’s TripleMania XXVI card

Notes and results from AAA's TripleMania XXVI card on Saturday from Arena Ciudad featuring a four-way mask match involving L.A. Park, Psycho Clown, Pentagon Jr. & El Hijo del Fantasma.

Saturday night’s TripleMania XXVI event took place from Arena Ciudad and streamed live on Twitch with both English and Spanish commentary.

The card was headlined by a four-way mask match involving Pentagon Jr., L.A. Park, Psycho Clown, and El Hijo del Fantasma. The match began in a steel cage with the first two to exit the cage saving their masks and forcing the remaining two to have a match and the loser would be unmasked.

It came down to L.A Park and El Hijo del Fantasma and as you would expect, it was El Hijo del Fantasma losing and unmasking.


They shot a huge angle after the main event with Dr. Wagner, Jr. coming down to the ring and challenging L.A. Park to a Mask vs. Hair match at next year’s TripleMania event.

The other big angle on the show featured a confrontation between Konnan and Vampiro, who signed a contract for a future match where the loser must leave AAA.

Fenix won the AAA Mega heavyweight title in a four-way match over champion Jeff Jarrett, Brian Cage, and Rich Swann. The major spot of the match featured Fenix delivering a tope con giro to the floor and flying over the guardrail and hitting Marisela Pena.

Lady Shani defeated Faby Apache in the Hair vs. Mask match that saw Apache bleed a ton throughout the match before being shaved bald in the post-match. I haven’t seen the match in its entirety, but it seemed like an incredible spectacle especially near the end and a huge reaction for the head shaving.

I did see the entire ladder match with Flamita & Bandido winning the contract for a future tag title match over Aerostar & Drago, Andrew Everett & DJ Z, and Golden Magic & Laredo Kid. While it isn’t the greatest ladder match you will ever see, some of the spots were out of this world. The ambition and high-risk element of this match were off the charts with Andrew Everett, Aerostar and Laredo Kid all standing out among the most dangerous spots of the match. One of the highlights saw Everett hit a springboard from the ring to deliver a rana sending Laredo Kid off the ladder onto the floor.


Below are the results from the show:
*Astrolux, Dragon Bane & Freelance over Latigo, Aramis & Draztik Boy
*Sammy Guevera over Australian Suicide, Shane Strickland & ACH to win the AAA Cruiserweight title
*Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami over El Hijo del Vikingo & Vanilla, Dinastia & Lady Maravilla, and Angelikal & La Hiedra to retain the AAA Mixed tag titles
*Bandido & Flamita over Aerostar & Drago, Andrew Everett & DJ Z, and Laredo Kid & Golden Magic in the ladder match
*Mocho Cota, Jr., Carta Brava, Jr. & Tito Santana over Maximo, Mamba & Pimpinela Escarlata, and Puma King, El Hijo de L.A Park & Taurus to keep the AAA Trios titles
*Chessman, Averno & Super Fly over Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart & Jack Evans in a Lumberjack match
*El Texano Jr., La Mascara & Rey Escorpion over Joe Lider, Murder Clown & Pagano in a Street Fight
*Lady Shani over Faby Apache in a Mask vs. Hair match
*Fenix over Jeff Jarrett, Brian Cage & Rich Swann to win the AAA Mega Heavyweight title
*El Hijo del Fantasma is unmasked in the four-way match after being pinned by L.A. Park after Pentagon, Jr. and Psycho Clown escaped the cage

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