POLLOCK’S REVIEW: NXT UK 10/17/18 feat. Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar for the UK title

John Pollock reviews the premiere edition of NXT UK from the Cambridge tapings in July and headlined by Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar for the UK title.

Wednesday, October 17th

RESULTS: Joe Coffey over Mark Andrews, Dave Mastiff over Sid Scala, Toni Storm over Nina Samuels, Pete Dunne over Noam Dar to retain the UK title

-This was such a fun show to watch and the hour breezed by. While it had the trappings of a WWE production, there was enough flavor mixed in from the commentary, the talent, and atmosphere that made the show feel like its own unique entity among the glut of WWE programming.

-The show was taped this past July at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge and looked different than your typical arena setting and added to the atmosphere. The audience was excellent throughout the show, raising the talent to feel like stars and their chants and songs made this feel important. It was night and day to a 205 Live taping.

-Vic Joseph is very underrated as a versatile announcer and worked well with Nigel McGuinness. I liked the combination a lot, Vic came off relaxed and up to speed on everyone with McGuiness always being solid in the analyst role.


-Pete Dunne and Noam Dar headlined the show for the UK title with Dar earning this title match during their last tour in June. The match was dated by Nigel McGuinness when he mentioned Dar could win the title on his birthday, which was July 28th. They had a very good television match and was better than the Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match from SmackDown.

-Dunne attacked the left knee of Dar, which Vic Joseph instantly identified was the source of Dar’s recent absence due to injury. Dar responded by attacking Dunne’s knee and led to several submission spots, including a kneebar from Dar. Dunne took a release fisherman buster onto the edge of the apron and the audience ate everything up. Dunne came back to stomp the fingers and hit the Bitter End for the win. This was the best match on the show, Dunne is one of the best performers in the WWE regardless of brand.

-Toni Storm defeated Nina Samuels in a quick match with the Meteora and Storm Zero. It was a showcase for Storm and was very popular. In the next few weeks, the women’s title tournament could be starting as its already been taped.

-Dave Mastiff defeated Sid Scala (no relation for former Elite XC official Jared “Skala” Shaw) after hitting a cannonball. Mastiff hit a big dropkick, a release German suplex and then the cannonball and each move got a louder reaction than the last. If you have never seen Mastiff, he looks like a younger Roy Nelson and was another performer who came off strong with the audience’s reaction.


-Tyler Bate and Trent Seven came out and outlined their plans to go after the NXT UK tag titles once there is quality opposition in the division. Seven said that “today is arguably the biggest day in British wrestling history”, which I’m sure many historians would take up that argument with him.

-The opening match featured Joe Coffey defeating Mark Andrews after Mark Coffey distracted Andrews on the top turnbuckle. Joe capitalized with an overhead suplex from the turnbuckle and discus lariat for the win. It was an average match with Andrews hitting some high-flying maneuvers, including a moonsault to Joe & Mark on the floor

-I didn’t have any negative to say about this show and while it didn’t feature a blow away match, everything clicked, the atmosphere was awesome and anyone sampling this would be compelled to come back next week. I cannot emphasize how much the atmosphere made this show and the key people felt like a big deal and that’s the biggest factor in hooking fans, the perception of stars and coming off as such.

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