NWA’s 70th Anniversary Report feat. Cody vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA title

John Pollock's coverage of the NWA's 70th Anniversary card from Nashville, headlined by a rematch between Cody and Nick Aldis for the NWA title.

The NWA’s 70th Anniversary show is taking place from the Nashville Fairgrounds.

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The show began with the opening video but had the crowd noise drowning out the audio. Jim Cornette’s microphone was hot so God knows what he could say. They just cut off the video and started the show.

Joe Galli is calling the show with Jim Cornette. Tony Schiavone was part of the opening and will be returning to call the main event.

Jenn Decker was in the back to interview Colt Cabana, but the audio was dead. Instead, the audience chanted “Cornette” and that was all that could be heard. Then, Sammy Guevara was brought in and the audio was still dead. They cut to a video of Scorpio Sky and the audio was very low, but you could make it out.


There are two four-way matches with the winners facing to determine the new NWA national champion tonight. The four-way matches are elimination matches.

The entrance music was drowning out Galli and Cornette, once the music ended they sounded fine.

Brian Hebner is the referee.

Cabana did comedy with Shaw by sniffing his neck and pulling off Shaw’s glove and whipping him with it.

Guevara hit a shooting star press off the top to the floor onto Shaw.

Cabana teased diving off the top, he was dropped onto the mat by Shaw and eliminated first. The audience booed.

Guevara hit spinning dives to both sides of the ring that looked excellent.

Scorpio eliminated Guevara with a shining wizard but was immediately attacked by Shaw and he pinned Scorpio.


It was too short to do an elimination style match. Sammy Guevara stood out in the limited time they had.


The announcers threw to Jenn Decker, but she never came up on the screen. The technical issues have been a big negative at the beginning of the event. The announcers started speaking to cover and finally, Decker appeared ringside interviewing Blue Demon Jr. He wants to challenge the winner of tonight’s NWA title match in Mexico. Decker seemed stunned at this response and was very funny.


Brown was the last NWA junior heavyweight champion before the title was vacated one year ago.

Cornette has been great on the show going through the history of wrestling in Tennessee.

Laredo Kid hit a big Asai moonsault to the floor with an extra pump in mid-air that added to the jump.

“Wait a minute, A HOLD”, was my favorite line from Jim Cornette in the middle of this.

Laredo Kid landed a 450 splash off the apron to the floor. Brown came back with a reverse ‘rana and Cornette called it the stupidest move in wrestling because of both landing on their head.

Brown was crotched on the top rope and Laredo Kid hit a springboard into a cutter and Brown kicked out.

Laredo Kid missed with a huge corkscrew from the top, ate a flying knee and Brown pinned him.


They hit a lot of high flying spots and it was hard to tell if the audience was quiet or if it was an audio issue with the audience. This felt like one of those matches on 205 Live that would have gotten over stronger with a better reaction.

Whether people agree or not with Jim Cornette, he’s been very entertaining on this show. This match clearly isn’t his cup of tea, but he kept critiques to the story of the match.

There was a feature on Mike Parrow with no audio. Then, we returned to Jenn Decker backstage and it was silent as she spoke to Willie Mack. Jay Bradley was interviewed next and James Ellsworth appeared backstage, the audio came on right at the end of the promo.

Ricky Starks walked to the broadcaster’s booth and cut a promo about no one duplicating him. He threw to a produced video of himself that magically worked, and you could hear. It was a collection of scenes and highlights of Starks with music over it.

Magnum T.A. was interviewed ringside and put over the NWA and running through the veins of himself, Dusty Rhodes and Dory Funk, Jr. He will present the National title to the winner of tonight’s tournament.



Parrow came out with a flag representing the LGBTQ community.

Parrow attempted a chokeslam on Starks and it was countered with a roll up and eliminated him in the first few minutes. Starks grabbed the tights for the cover.

Bradley took turns attacking Mack and Starks.

Bradley was eliminated by Mack with a powerbomb out of the corner.

Starks hit a flying spear off the ropes that Mack kicked out of.

Mack hit the stunner and the place went nuts as he pinned Starks.


The audience was into Mack, whose profile is rising significantly with all the different places he is working. They popped big for the finish with the stunner.

The middle of the match was a bit dull after Parrow was eliminated and didn’t pick up until the end.

Mack and Shaw had a stare down on the floor as Jay Bradley ran and attacked Mack from behind. James Ellsworth came and attacked Bradley and checked on Mack.


Nikolas Marquez, the son of David, is in the corner of Avalon, they are members of The Office group in Championship Wrestling from Arizona. Avalon wrestled as Norv Fernum in TNA.

Avalon has won their previous two matches by cheating. Avalon wants Storm and the audience to kiss his foot after he wins. Storm said Avalon must do the same if he wins.

Storm hit a powerbomb after beating Avalon down, but he kicked out.

Cornette enjoyed the offense of Storm, stating that “we don’t do dance routines and we don’t wrestle the invisible man here.”

Marquez got in Storm’s way on the floor allowing Avalon to run him into the post. Avalon brought a chair into the ring, referee James Beard took it away, but Avalon gouged the eyes as Beard was dealing with Marquez. Avalon missed and knocked Marquez off the apron.

Storm hit the Perfect Storm (spinning side slam) and pinned Avalon.


This was a simple match, but the audience was into the stipulation that the loser would kiss the other’s foot. It was all Storm, brief heat for Avalon and then the miscommunication spot with Marquez and the babyface wins.

Storm untied his boot and they said if Avalon doesn’t kiss his foot, he will be FINED $10,000. Avalon told Marquez to kiss Storm’s foot. Marquez did it and pretended to gag. Storm grabbed Avalon and forced him to kiss his foot. This was so silly but the audience enjoyed it.

They aired a feature on Jazz and the audio worked! Jazz was great cutting a promo and presenting the aura of a badass and telling Billy Corgan that her opponent “better have her shit together”. How is this woman not booked at Evolution?

Jenn Decker interviewed Ford, she said Jazz shaped women’s wrestling for people like her and will show respect. The scene ended with the director yelling, “CUT”. We were doing so well.



Cornette gave a history lesson on Mildred Burke and being a main event performer in Nashville.

Ford landed an elbow off two handsprings into the corner as Cornette asked if this was a gymnastics competition.

Jazz hit the Bitch Clamp, which Galli shouted out loud, Jazz followed with a leg drop and Ford kicked out. She bent back on Ford with a camel clutch. Jazz is destroying Ford, but she keeps kicking out. Ford came with a series of covers to pull off the upset.

Jazz hit a huge Michinoku Driver with Ford and had the match won, but referee Earl Hebner held up his count and time stood. Jazz applied the STF and Ford tapped.


The finish was blown by Earl Hebner and was unfortunate.

It had a decent story with the big underdog in Ford. Jazz looked very good and is a tremendous personality that plays the veteran with a chip on her shoulder.

She stated to Jenn Decker that she wants to challenge for the NWA title.

Jim Cornette brought Jeff Jarrett out to the ring and he brought the NWA national heavyweight title. The audience reacted well to Jarrett and then gave a big ovation to Cornette when Jarrett called upon them. Jarrett said he wanted his first professional match in this building. He said the National title is the gateway to the NWA title and he handed the title over to Magnum T.A., who will present the title to the winner.


Shaw walked down the aisle and was attacked by Mack on the way as the match began.

Shaw landed a big clothesline and applied pressure to his trap and Mack’s arm wouldn’t go down three times. Then, Shaw went to a rear chin lock, Mack wouldn’t give up and the audience reacted loudly when Mack hit an exploder suplex. Either they figured out the audio issues with the crowd or the audience has come to life because this was more heated than any previous matches.

Mack landed a senton into the corner and standing moonsault for a two-count.

Shaw missed a Swanton from the top and allowed Mack to hit the stunner for a huge near fall that the audience exploded for. Shaw landed a superkick and got his own near fall.

Shaw missed another superkick, Mack landed a second stunner and Shaw sold it like The Rock as Mack pinned him.


The audience made this match as they were so loud, especially for Mack’s near falls and the two stunners. It was the right guy to go with as champion as Mack easily felt like the biggest star so far on the show in Nashville.

Fun match for what it was.



Road Warrior Animal came out with the War Kings, Crimson and Dane wearing their own spiked shoulder pants and Road Warrior face paint.

Jocephus came out with his spiritual advisor and Hollywood (Jeanne Basone) from the original GLOW series. He said he’s not a misogynist and wants to let these women fight Dane and Crimson. It was a distraction as Shannon Moore and Crazzy Steve jumped Dane and Crimson as the match began.

Dane lifted Moore and Steve onto his shoulders together and hit a Samoan drop to both.

Moore stopped a Doomsday Device and hit a missile dropkick to Dane while Steve was on his shoulders.

Dane and Crimson hit Ground Zero, where Dane spun Steve off his shoulders into a cutter from Crimson for the win.


Quick and short, their finish looked good.

Cornette entered the ring to interview Animal and he announced the return of the Crockett Cup in 2019, which Animal & Hawk won in 1986.

In an incredible blunder, Jenn Decker introduced Dory Funk, Jr. as “Rory”, but did correct herself. He discussed his father being part of the NWA board of directors and how long he has been part of the industry and thanked the fans. He started using his whip after the promo.

Tony Schiavone joined Galli and Cornette to call the main event. Cornette mentioned it has been 28 years since he worked with Schiavone.

Billy Corgan is sitting ringside for the main event.

They brought out Dory Funk Jr., Tim Storm, Jax Dane, Colt Cabana, Blue Panther Jr., and Jeff Jarrett as former NWA champions.


Aldis was accompanied by Kamilla Kaine as his valet to combat Brandi Rhodes. The whole arena was chanting for Cody as he made his entrance with Brandi.

They shook hands to start the match.

Cody retreated to the floor and hugged fans at ringside to show Aldis he wasn’t in enemy territory. It started slowly as each had sequences of momentum. They teased issues between Kamilla and Brandi early on.

Cody landed the Disaster kick and Aldis kicked out around the ten-minute mark. Cody stomped onto the left knee of Aldis. Cody applied the figure-four, it was reversed, and Cody re-applied before Aldis got out. Aldis got to his feet and applied the King’s Lynn cloverleaf with Cody tapping immediately at 13:30.

They received a one-minute rest before the second fall.

Aldis bailed to the floor as the bell rang. Cody hit a suicide dive to Aldis on the floor.

The two brawled into the crowd and Cody used a garbage can. Cornette explained that Earl Hebner isn’t going to count them out or disqualify them because of the stakes involved. Cornette compared this to a UFC fight, which was a great line.

They fought into the concession area as Cornette made a Guy Coffey reference. Cornette has been so great on this show with historical references. He warned they could get stabbed in the audience. Joe Galli countered that they are “looking for their Snapchat moment”. These are two men that came up with different eras of wrestling fans.

Cody set up a table in the ring and Tim Storm tried to talk him out of and Cody decked him off the apron. Aldis attacked and set up Cody on the table, Brandi stood in the way and Kamille went to attack her. Cody stopped Kamille and Aldis capitalized with a flying knee. The audience booed Aldis for the cheap shot.

On the floor, Aldis set Cody up on a nearly broken table and went to the top. Aldis leaped off with an elbow drop and missed Cody as he crashed through the table. That was crazy as he landed with his knee going through first.

Cody hit Cross Rhodes inside the ring and tied it 1-1 with the second fall lasting 11:09.

Cody started the third fall with a superkick, Cross Rhodes was blocked and then Cody missed a top rope moonsault as went for everything at the start of the final fall.

Brandi finally went after Kamilla by leaping onto her back with a choke and was pulled off. Kamilla ran into one of the referees and both women were ejected along with the former NWA champions.

Aldis hit his own Cross Rhodes and Cody kicked out. Cody applied the King’s Lynn cloverleaf and Aldis made it to the rope.

Aldis hit a tombstone and top rope elbow drop for a two-count.

Aldis attempted the cloverleaf again but Cody’s boot came off, Cody caught him with a cradle but Aldis reversed and caught him for the pin.


This was the best match on the show and definitely the match everyone came to see in Nashville.

It didn’t have the heat of “All In”, but it was never going to recreate that night and performing with 11,000 rapid fans at the Sears Centre.

They tried to make the three falls different and relied a lot on outside interference and brawling throughout the second fall, but the audience was with it the whole way.



The production issues were a major detriment to the first half of the show and when you are charging $24.99 in 2018, the audience expects a high-level production because you’re pricing your show at that level. Thankfully, they seemed to get the problems under control for the second half of the show but there were way too many video packages with poor or no sound and was a big negative.

Jim Cornette was fantastic on this show and should be doing regular commentary for a major promotion. It’s no secret what types of matches he doesn’t care for and there was a wide range of wrestling on this show that he got his opinion across but never hurt the match. His critiques for a match like Barrett Brown vs. Laredo Kid applied to the story of the match. He was tremendous throughout the show and shined in the big title matches in the second half. I also play-by-play announcer Joe Galli, who gelled well with Cornette and I’d assume they’ve never worked together before. Bringing Cornette on board for this event was a great call.

The main event had a great atmosphere and felt like a big title match as they made their entrances. It was a tough spot as you were coming off the incredible scene at “All In” and it had to be different because you can’t top the Sears Centre atmosphere. This wasn’t a better match or even a better atmosphere, but it worked well enough and they got the title back to Aldis, which was going to happen and may as well have been on their big show.

Willie Mack was very popular and I could not tell if the audience was low throughout the first half or they just came to life during this match, but it was loud for Mack and continued for the rest of the show. The audience didn’t add much to the first half of the show.

The show didn’t have any incredible matches but once the production got under control, I found it to be an enjoyable last 60-90 minutes. They tried a lot by bringing in various legends and tying in history with the present. This wasn’t a home run show, but I thought it was a double by the end of the night.

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