TRMPS #2: The Rundown (2003) w/ Jay Hunter & Stephen “V1” Roe

TRMPS #2: The Rundown (2003) w/ Jay Hunter & Stephen “V1” Roe

On this edition of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton welcomes Jay Hunter & V1 (OSW Review) into the theater to review 2003’s The Rundown!

The Godfather & the lads discuss The Rock’s first major big-screen bomb… Is it as bad a film as the box-office would suggest? Was Seann William Scott TOO annoying?? Did Chris Walken even bother reading the script??? Find out the answers to those questions & more!

Plus, your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

The Rocky Maivia Picture Show is a monthly movie review podcast that drops every 3rd Saturday on POST Wrestling!


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