POLLOCK’S NEWS UPDATE: Jon Moxley set for AEW, NJPW & Indies

Jon Moxley's schedule is filling up with AEW and New Japan along with indie dates, Paul Heyman speaks on his WWE role, behind-the-scenes of Double or Nothing, Taka Michinoku out of the BOSJ & more.

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**Wai Ting and I will be back tonight with Rewind-A-Raw to go through tons of news coming out of the weekend and review Raw from Kansas City.

**We have started to release the full interviews I conducted for the Owen Hart audio documentary. All the interviews will be released over the next two weeks for members of the POST Wrestling Café. We have just posted the full Jimmy Korderas interview, which is 31 minutes discussing the passing of Owen Hart. Later this week, we will release the interviews with Kansas City reporter Jason King and “Pain and Passion” author Heath McCoy.

**My interview with Fred Ottman a.k.a. Tugboat, Typhoon, and The Shockmaster is posted on the site. Ottman discussed breaking in through Boris Malenko, offers from WWF and WCW early in his career, meeting Dusty Rhodes in Florida, the Tugboat character, teaming with John Tenta as The Natural Disasters, the viral popularity of The Shockmaster’s debut, and his thoughts on AEW and nephews Dustin & Cody Rhodes. Ottman will be appearing at the Chinlock Wrestling Legends Convention on Saturday, June 15th in Kingston, Ontario at the Leon’s Centre.

**I was a guest on The Kevin Sutton Show in Orlando around the 30-minute mark discussing the Owen Hart documentary, the WWE’s women’s division and the amount of backlash the company has received for going to Saudi Arabia.

**Later this week, Wai Ting and I will be on the Toronto Mike’d podcast.


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**Jon Moxley has dominated the news cycle since Saturday with a flurry of announcements regarding his short and long-term future. Following Moxley’s show-ending appearance at Double or Nothing, it was announced that the former WWE star has signed a multi-year deal with AEW. His first match with the group will be at the FYTER FEST show on Saturday, June 29th in Daytona Beach, Florida, but no opponent has been announced. It was clear from the end of the show, that he is being programmed with Kenny Omega, who was previously announced for a six-man tag in Daytona Beach with The Young Bucks against PAC, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix. With the unknown status of PAC with the group, that could change.

After Saturday’s appearance, AEW released a fantastic promo from Moxley that was shot backstage after his run-in. Moxley called this a “paradigm shift” in the industry and was one of the best promos this year. This was quickly followed by the reveal of Moxley as the mystery man in the bar that New Japan Pro Wrestling has been promoting for the past month, who is coming after Juice Robinson. The video had featured a mysterious man with a knife, seated at a bar and they utilized a red herring in the form of a Union Jack on the sleeve to misdirect. The video promoted June 5th, which is the final night of the Best of the Super Juniors at Sumo Hall. They have not stated the two are having a match and it could be an appearance by Moxley to shoot an angle and set up a match for Dominion that weekend at Osaka-jo Hall.

Moxley is also booked to wrestle for Northeast Wrestling in August against Pentagon Jr. in Poughkeepsie, New York. It goes without saying that Moxley will be in high demand and must be making a killing with these contracts, dates, and a new shirt out on Pro Wrestling Tees.

Finally, Moxley is scheduled to be on Talk is Jericho this Wednesday with Chris Jericho in his first interview since leaving WWE in April.

**Northeast Wrestling confirmed to POST Wrestling that Moxley will be wrestling and signing at the following shows in June and August:
*June 14th in Waterbury, Connecticut at Waterbury PAL (Moxley vs. Darby Allin)
*June 15th in Jackson, New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure
*August 16th in Poughkeepsie, New York at Mid Hudson Civic Center (Moxley vs. Pentagon Jr.)
*August 17th in Norwich, Connecticut at Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium
*August 18th in Scranton, Pennsylvania at PNC Field

**Tonight’s episode of Raw takes place from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. They are promoting Brock Lesnar’s decision regarding his Money in the Bank cash-in along with Rey Mysterio’s response to Samoa Joe regarding the United States title.

**There is no SmackDown house show tonight, so talent is available for Raw and the television tapings are Tuesday night at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

**The NBA Finals begin this Thursday between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors and WWE will face limited, if any, competition. The only potential head-to-head night would be on Monday, June 10 if the series goes to a fifth game. There are no games on Tuesday night in the series. The NHL is less competition for WWE, but the finals between the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins will see Game 1 go against Raw tonight and Game 4 is set for next Monday night.

**In speaking with media members after Double or Nothing, Cody was asked about diversity within the company and their views on representation. Cody’s answer has been circulated heavily following a tweet of the exchange by reporter Andreas Hale along with a retweet from New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

**Chris Jericho confirmed after the match with Kenny Omega that his next date with AEW is the Fight for the Fallen card on July 13th in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place.

**Michael Craven of New Japan spoke with SI’s Justin Barrasso and stated their deal with Moxley was completed “some time ago” and was done independently of AEW. He added there is no working relationship with AEW as of now.

**After the announcement of “All Out” for Labor Day weekend in Chicago, Starrcast III has been officially announced. The convention will kick off Thursday, August 29th with events running through Sunday at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg. Bracelets for the event will go on sale Wednesday, June 5th.

**The injury that prevented Taka Michinoku from participating on Sunday’s Best of the Super Juniors show is going to keep out of his remaining matches. Michinoku sustained a right foot injury during Friday’s show and forfeited his match with IWGP junior heavyweight champion Dragon Lee on Sunday in Chiba. Michinoku’s remaining A Block matches were against Marty Scurll and Yoshinobu Kanemaru and he will forfeit those matches.

**The Best of the Super Juniors tournament resumes Wednesday in Nagoya with the following tournament matches streaming on New Japan World at 5 am Eastern: SHO vs. Titan, Taiji Ishimori vs. Tiger Mask, Shingo Takagi vs. Jonathan Gresham, Dragon Lee vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru.

**Here are the updated standings for the BOSJ:

A BLOCK: Shingo Takagi (14 points and undefeated), Taiji Ishimori (12), Dragon Lee & Marty Scurll (10), Jonathan Gresham (8), SHO & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (6), Tiger Mask & Titan (4), Taka Michinoku (0, will forfeit the rest of his matches)

B BLOCK: El Phantasmo, Will Ospreay, Robbie Eagles & Ryusuke Taguchi (10 points), YOH & Bushi (8), Bandido & Rocky Romero (6), Douki (2), Ren Narita (0)

**Paul Heyman spoke with TV Insider’s Scott Fishman promoting tonight’s decision by Brock Lesnar with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Heyman confirmed in the interview that he would be going to Saudi Arabia next month with Lesnar scheduled for the show. Heyman, who does have a role within creative, defended the Wild Card rule as a “bonus” to the Superstar Shakeup this year. Regarding his work with Ronda Rousey and other performers on the roster, he stated:

I like the speculation as to where my role is and where my role isn’t in WWE because I think people should have the opportunity to simply enjoy the product, not worry about if Paul Heyman is involved in this idea or Paul Heyman wasn’t involved in that idea. I had a blast working with Ronda Rousey. Working with Ronda Rousey was a life-changing experience for me, and I hope I get a chance to work even more with Ronda Rousey in the future.

There are other people that I contribute to their presentation at the moment, but it’s not public knowledge. It is speculation, and I would rather leave it that way. If you’re noticing what I’m doing behind the scenes, then you’re missing the point of what I want you to pick up on, which is the characters and the storylines. I’m glad that many people don’t know what I’m doing right now because it gives them an opportunity to simply judge the product, and oh my God, enjoy the product for what it is.

**The WWE stock closed at $75.87 on Monday and was down 1%.

**The Miz and Maryse have announced that the couple’s second child will be a girl.

**Natalya turns 37 years old today.

**A new Being the Elite was released on Monday with behind-the-scenes footage from Double or Nothing. The episode ended with Jon Moxley entering a room after his appearance and being confronted by Joey Janela. Moxley took a cigarette from Janela and walked off:

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