REVIEW: The Summit in Toronto feat. Nicole Matthews vs Nicole Savoy

A live report from 'The Summit' card on Saturday in Toronto featuring talent from SHIMMER, RISE, Femme Fatales, and Smash Wrestling featuring Nicole Savoy vs. Nicole Matthews in the main event.

Event: The Summit

Date: Saturday, August 10th at The Met in Toronto, Ontario

Submitted by: Jonathan Fowler

Meet & Greet Matches:

In a match up set up the previous night in London by Bull Nakano,

Leah Vaughn vs Max the Impaler 

Winner: Max the Impaler via Saoman drop after the dreaded shoulder to the ring post of doom.

Jody Threat & Mary Lee Rose vs Alexia Nicole & Maeve O’Farrell

Winners: Maeve & Nicole after a moonsault from Maeve to Rose. Was a good back & forth match, with Alexa taking most of the heat. Jody Threat is very good with her facials. High spots of the match were Jody holding Nicole up for a vertical for what seemed like lots of taunting at Maeve in the corner. Maeve hit a dive through the ropes on to Jody into the first two rows of chairs.

Main Show: The show is standing room only. So ticket sales did very well.

KC Spinelli vs Rosemary to crown the first Smash Women’s Champion

Winner: Rosemary after an impaler DDT.  Rosemary obviously super over with the crowd.

Dust vs Delmi Exo

Dust attacked Exo before the bell, applying a choke. Ashley Vox ran down for the save, followed by Veda Scott. The match is now a tag team match, Dust & Scott vs Exo & Vox (Team Sea Stars)

Winners: Team Sea Stars, after Exo jumped off the top on to Vox’s shoulders followed by a somersault on to Scott for the pin.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Delilah Doom

Winner via submission: Delilah Doom

Aerial Monroe vs Zoe Lucas, for the Phoenix of RISE Championship

Winner via sunset flip & New Phoenix of RISE Champion, Monroe. Post Match Zoe steals & the mic & the title refusing to let them announce Monroe as the champion. Bull Nakano’s music hits & she walks up to Zoe & starts hitting her with nunchucks. She then picks up the title, rolls into the ring & presents it to Monroe.

Cheerleader Melissa vs Allysin Kay vs Priscilla Kelly vs Lufisto

Winner: Priscilla Kelly after pinning Lufisto. Post Match Lufisto raised the hand of Kelly. Melissa had most of the highlights of the match, including at the start picking up Kelly three different times to throw her into the front row of the crowd. She beat the crap out of Lufisto with several chairs. & her & Kay attempted a double superplex on Kelly which Lufisto turned into a triple powerbomb.

Jordynne Grace vs Mercedes Martinez for the Femme Fatals Championship

Winner & still champion, Martinez. The finish came after Jordynne missed an attempt to take out Mercedes with the title following a ref bump & Mercedes hit her with the fisherman suplex on to the title. Mercedes cut a promo after match telling Grace that third time wasn’t a charm & that even know Grace is on TV, she needs to remember who the fuck she is. & to let her know when she’s done wrestling the rookies on TV & wants to step back into the big leagues again.

Main Event:
Nicole Savoy vs. Nicole Matthews for the Shimmer Championship

The winner via submission and still champion is Nicole Savoy. This was a great match & was right there with Martinez vs Grace for the match of the night.

The show ended with Monroe coming to the ring to hug Savo & they have a pose holding up both titles.