Bound for Glory Report: Brian Cage retains Impact title

John Pollock's coverage of Impact's Bound for Glory pay-per-view from The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois featuring Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan for the Impact title, and more.

Welcome to our coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view from The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois,

Later tonight, Nate Milton and I will have a Bound for Glory POST Show available for everyone on the POST Wrestling site & podcast feed.

*Eddie Edwards won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match
*Taya Valkyrie over Tenille Dashwood in 11:49 to retain the Knockout’s title
*The North over Rob Van Dam & Rhino and Willie Mack & Rich Swann in 14:23 to retain the Impact tag titles
*Michael Elgin over Naomichi Marufuji at 18:04
*Ace Austin over Jake Crist (c), Tessa Blanchard, Daga & Acey Romero in 17:15 in a ladder match to win the X Division title
*Moose over Ken Shamrock in 10:28
*Brian Cage over Sami Callihan in 16:34 to retain the Impact title

The Rascalz vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., Aero Star & Black Taurus was taped before the pay-per-view and will air during the “This is Impact” special on AXS TV this Tuesday night at 8 pm.

The broadcast opened with a video montage with the song “Lonely Man” by Alpha Rev.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis are calling tonight’s show. Mathews called it a sellout.


It’s a 20-person battle royal and the winner receives a title match of their choosing. Based on the result of Friday’s battle royal, Eddie Edwards enters first and Mahabali Shera is last.

The signal cut out for several minutes, and then momentarily returned with Edwards in the ring with Reno Scum. Then, the signal died, again.

We are back and the fourth entrant is Cousin Jake.

The fifth entrant is Rohit Raju.

The first surprise was Joey Ryan, who came out sixth. Ryan challenged anyone to grab his penis. Luster the Legend hit Ryan with a Manhattan Drop and sold his knee after hitting his penis.

Ryan hit a five-man Penis Plex and eliminated Cousin Jake and Rohit Raju from it.

Jessicka Havok entered seventh. She choke slammed Ryan.

Next out is Rosemary followed by Madman Fulton. Fulton eliminated Havok, Rosemary, and Adam Thornstowe. Ryan placed the lollipop in Fulton’s mouth before Ryan was sent out with a military press from Fulton.

The tenth entrant was Cody Deaner, he was choke slammed on the edge of the apron and eliminated by Fulton.

Out next was Johnny Swinger, who stayed on the floor.

Jordynne Grace was twelfth into the match. Grace went after Fulton and hit a release German to him after Edwards hit an enzuigiri to him.

Swoggle was the second surprise entrant. He came from underneath the ring and chased Swinger into the ring. Swoggle hit Swinger with a German suplex and Grace eliminated him.

Kiera Hogan was #14 and fought with Grace, who eliminated her with an elbow strike on the apron.

Raj Singh was out next. Edwards eliminated Luster the Legend of Reno Scum. After that, Tommy Dreamer entered the match. Dreamer spit water into Fulton’s face.

Kylie Rae entered at #17 and got a noticeable reaction. She attacked Singh and Dreamer with superkicks and a cannonball. Fulton eliminated Singh and Dreamer to add to his large total.

The next entrant was Fallah Bahh and the audience chanted with him. Fulton came off the turnbuckle into a Samoan drop from Bahh.

Sabu entered at #19 and came to the ring with the Super Genie, who tossed a chair to him to use. The crowd chanted for Sabu.

Mahabali Shera was out last. He eliminated Kylie Rae and Jordynne Grace. Next, Shera sent Sabu over the top and out.

It was down to Shera, Fulton, Edwards, and Bahh.

Bahh was eliminated next. Fulton and Shera tossed Edwards aside and started fighting. Edwards ducks and Fulton went to the floor, but Fulton grabbed Edwards and choke slammed him onto the edge of the apron.

Edwards returned to the ring, caught Shera with the Boston Knee Party and won.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

Edwards received a trophy for the win. This was a lot like the New Japan Rumble with a handful of surprises and the story of Edwards running the table from the number one spot. This was very long clocking in north of thirty minutes.

They emphasized Madman Fulton in the role of the monster and eliminating the most.

Brian Cage was shown arriving earlier in the day with Melissa Santos. The match is now a No Disqualification match.

Brian Cage was shown arriving earlier in the day with Melissa Santos. The match is now a No Disqualification match.


Johnny Bravo came out with a stuffed animal on a leash. Milano Collection did it much better.

Dashwood went for a high cross to the floor and Bravo got Taya out of danger. In the ring, Taya hit a backstabber. Dashwood used the tarantula, which Taya got out from and hit running knees into the corner.

On the turnbuckle, Dashwood hit a sit-out powerbomb coming out of the corner. They went to the edge of the apron, Taya attempted a package piledriver and Dashwood blocked. Taya tried again and barely lifted her to hit it.

Dashwood beat the count, pulled Taya off the turnbuckle and hit two sliding forearms in the corner and The Spotlight. The cover was stopped when Bravo pulled Taya’s arm under the ring. Bravo was ejected by the referee.

A chain was passed to Taya, Dashwood ducked and got a two-count from a roll-up. Dashwood took the chain and tossed it away. Dashwood missed a second Spotlight and was hit with a knee lift from Taya and Road to Valhalla to retain the title.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie at 11:49 to retain the Knockout’s title

The finish didn’t put Dashwood in a great light by throwing the chain away and immediately getting caught to lose the match.

The match had its moments but not at the level of some of Taya’s bigger matches.

Rhino was with Rob Van Dam and did his screaming style of promo. Van Dam was much more relaxed.


Van Dam was the most popular of the six coming out.

Swann and Mack double-teamed Page including Mack hitting a 619 to the stomach and followed with a slingshot blockbuster. Van Dam came in and hit rolling thunder and a split-legged moonsault on Alexander.

The North had control of Swann for several minutes until Swann hit Alexander with a reverse ‘rana and tagged Mack. Mack did the forever clotheslines, running cannonball to Alexander and a standing moonsault on Page.

Alexander stopped Van Dam from executing a five-star frog splash, so Mack hit his six-star version from the opposite side to Page. This was weird because Van Dam appeared to freeze on the turnbuckle and didn’t try and break the cover after breaking free from Alexander.

Mack hit a tope con giro to Van Dam, Rhino, and Alexander. Page sent Swann off the top with a military press and hit a Swanton for two.

Rhino set up for the Gore as Van Dam superkicked him and stunned the crowd. Van Dam struck Mack and Swann with kicks before leaving.

The North double-teamed Swann ending with an Alabama Slam from Page for the victory.

WINNERS: The North at 14:23 to retain the Impact tag titles

The finish was secondary to the Rob Van Dam turn.

The match was good but came with the difficulty of working six people into the mix and everyone getting their focus.

Page and Alexander continue to come off as a stronger act and worked a lot of double-team maneuvers into the match. If there was a negative, the champions were afterthoughts to Van Dam’s turn.

Ace Austin just had a shower in the women’s locker room and Alisha said he couldn’t be in there. Austin still wants her to celebrate after he wins the ladder match.


Marufuji was introduced without a first name. His graphic read “MARUFUGI” spelled incorrectly yet his Twitter handle was written right below it with the proper spelling.

Marufuji had his right arm wrapped up in tape.

Elgin hit a suicide dive early and followed with a missile dropkick inside the ring.

Marufuji hit a thrust kick and attempted the bicycle knee, missed and took a snap German from Elgin and Falcon Arrow for two.

On the edge of the apron, Elgin tried a seated splash and missed as Marufuji kicked him from the floor. Marufuji hit a shiranui onto the floor kicking off the apron.

In the ring, Elgin caught Marufuji with a Dragon suplex. Elgin hit a rolling elbow and a discus lariat. Elgin hit a running lariat, a Splash Mountain and Marufuji kicked out that got the crowd.

Elgin hit the Elgin Bomb and Marufuji came back with two bicycle knees and drilled him in the back of the head for two. He hit the shiranui for another near fall. They exchanged chops, Marufuji hit several hooks kicks and then caught into a slam from Elgin.

Elgin hit a lariat, buckle bomb, and Elgin Bomb that Marufuji kicked out at the very last moment.

Elgin continued with a spinning back fist, seated Marufuji on the top and lifted him for a Burning Hammer and hit it for the victory.

WINNER: Michael Elgin at 18:04

This was an excellent match with the right choice of Elgin getting the win in his home promotion and challenging Takashi Sugiura on November 2nd.

The crowd was into it at points but in front of a different crowd this would have been more memorable. The two worked incredibly hard and it was clear how big a match this was for Elgin.

This was easily the best match on the show, so far.

Josh Mathews announced that Joey Ryan has signed with Impact Wrestling.


Blanchard attacked Jake Crist with a cutter and multiple suicide dives until the last one that was met with a cutter on the floor.

Austin hit a Fosbury Flop to Crist on the floor. Daga dove over Romero with a tornillo to the floor.

Daga and Tessa fought for control of a ladder as Romero just dove out of the ring into the ladder, which I have no clue what his intention was.

Romero hit his Pounce on Daga when the latter went for a cutter in the ring. Blanchard hit Magnum to Austin off the turnbuckle and a springboard dropkick to send him off the apron.

Romero held the ladder and Daga dove off the top with a leg drop for the teeter-tooter spot sending the ladder into Romero’s face.

Austin stopped Crist on the turnbuckle, a ladder was balanced below them as Blanchard and Daga climbed up and led to a Tower of Doom with Romero underneath. Romero caught Austin and he took a powerbomb onto a ladder in the corner.

Crist stopped Romero with a cutter off the ladders.

Daga dove over the top with a Destroyer to Jake off the apron through a ladder and the place went crazy.

Austin did the Shelton Benjamin spot running up the ladder in the corner and hit a somersault dive to the floor.

Romero climbed the ladder and it was tipped by Blanchard and Romero took a horrifying fall through a table on the floor.

Blanchard had it won when Dave Crist and Madman Fulton ran in. Blanchard tried for Magnum, was caught and hit Fulton with a ‘rana. Blanchard climbed with Jake Crist, she sent Jake off the ladder through a table and almost had the title but Austin leaped onto the ladder, knocked off Blanchard with a baton and grabbed the title.

WINNER: Ace Austin at 17:15 to win the X Division title

This was insane on several levels and it was the latest example of Tessa Blanchard coming up one step short of winning a major match.

There were so many risks taken in this match. At first, it was a collection of dangerous spots and it built to the final five minutes when the match felt like it clicked.

The Ace Romero bump was frightening to watch.

The finish was a genuine surprise with Austin winning the title.

Gabrielle Loren interviewed Moose and Frank Trigg backstage. Moose has been preparing for this moment his whole life, faced a lot of dangerous men in the NFL including Ray Lewis. Trigg said this will be a “super-easy” match and has an armbar and ankle lock, that’s it. He said Shamrock is not as strong and his cardio is “way worse”. Trigg was awesome here and doesn’t even need to be ringside and can watch with a coffee backstage. This was a great promo spot.


Shamrock went for an armbar early in the match and Moose defended against it. Shamrock moved to a heel hook and Moose grabbed the rope.

Moose was sent to the floor and Shamrock landed a dive over the top. This was insane.

Shamrock sent Moose onto the ramp with a back-body drop. Trigg grabbed Shamrock’s leg and allowed Moose to attack him. Trigg removed the top turnbuckle pad.

Shamrock leaped for a ‘rana and hit a belly-to-belly and applied the ankle lock but Moose grabbed the referee and knocked him into Shamrock to break the submission. With the referee out, Moose hit a low blow.

Moose grabbed the chair missed with Shamrock suplexing Moose into the corner. He re-applied the ankle lock and Moose reached the rope as Shamrock pulled him to the center.

Frank Trigg came in and took a weak bump off a punch as Shamrock released the hold. Moose scaled to the top and did a random moonsault with Shamrock nowhere in sight. Shamrock applied the ankle lock for the third time, Moose broke it and was supposed to send Shamrock into the exposed buckle and it was timed and missed terribly.

Moose hit the spear and pinned Shamrock.

WINNER: Moose at 10:28

Shamrock worked hard but the match greatly overstayed its welcome and lost the crowd. The finish was a mess and looked terrible. It was a case of over planning the match and just doing too much.

Their next pay-per-view will be “Hard to Kill” and will take place in January but no date was revealed.


Cage came out decked out in an outfit for the ages, that I just cannot describe accurately.

Cage immediately went after Callihan with no in-ring introductions for the title match.

Callihan spit into his face and Cage bit him prompting Callis to yell, “Holy Shit” and Callihan started bleeding from the forehead.

Cage used the Wolverine claw to slice his forehead. They went to the floor and each took turns using a chair on the other. Cage’s bottom lip was busted open.

Cage lifted and sent Callihan into the post with a powerbomb. Cage balanced a guardrail on the steps and a chair, Callihan stopped him with a groin claw and hit the Cactus Special putting Cage through the guardrail. They chanted, “that was murder”. Mathews clarified that it was “attempted”.

They kept up a frenetic pace as they returned to the ring. Cage caught him with an F-5 and Callihan kicked out. Cage brought the guardrail into the ring. They fought in the opposite corner ending with Callihan hitting a running powerbomb to send Cage onto the guardrail for a two-count.

Callihan poured a bag of thumbtacks into the ring and delivered a piledriver on the tacks that Cage kicked out from at one. Cage hit the Drill Claw on the tacks and won.

WINNER: Brian Cage at 16:34 to retain the Impact title

This was a fast-paced and solid main event. They got the grudge element across in a big way and they never let up from a fast pace from start-to-finish. This delivered and the crowd was into it, which couldn’t be said about all the matches tonight.

Melissa Santos came out and celebrated with Cage in the ring.

Mathews said it was a “feel-good moment” and that Cage was “done” with Sami Callihan.

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