NWA Power Report: Episode 4 – “Dealer Calls Again”

John Pollock's review of Episode 4 of NWA Power featuring a six-man tag as Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson faced James Storm & The Wild Cards.

The show kicked off with Joe Galli and Jim Cornette previewing the show and was interrupted by James Storm at the desk.

Storm said he doesn’t have to prove himself to the NWA or anyone, Nick Aldis is ducking him and was confronted by Colt Cabana. Cabana wants the National title. Eli Drake came out and he emphasized the National title is the ticket to get an NWA title match.

Nick Aldis walked out with his title, Drake said that Storm deserves his shot at Aldis. Aldis told them to settle it in the ring and proposed a six-man tag against Storm’s team. If Aldis’ team wins, Cabana gets a National title shot and if Storm’s wins, he gets the NWA title match. Aldis added that if Storm gets his title shot, he must vacate the National title so that he has something to lose, which Storm agreed to.

I’m blown away by Aldis’ wardrobe as he has never appeared wearing the same suit twice over the first four episodes.

David Marquez interviewed Trevor Murdoch and explained their history together. Murdoch is here for a contract and requested that the NWA lift the 45-day suspension to Jocephus and face him, instead. Jocephus came out and called them ‘shape shifter’s’. Murdoch walked to the ring and was shoved into the post from behind.


Jocephus had powder but it was kicked into his face and was finished with a bulldog by Murdoch.

WINNER: Trevor Murdoch in 1:12

The suspension had been announced in a previous video over Jocephus’ attack on Colt Cabana last week.

There was another promo for Thunder Rosa.

Galli interviewed Aron Stevens at the desk. Stevens was confronted by Ricky Starks, who he joked should be his stunt double. Starks slapped him and told Stevens he talks too much.

Austin Idol’s spot promoted the ‘Kayfabe Cocktail’, which is an aphrodisiac just like him.

They promoted that the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express is coming with footage classic footage, as well as clips from the Crockett Cup show earlier this year.


Homicide and Kingston jumped them on the floor and the match began with brawling ringside. Homicide began choking Dave Dawson with a cable.

Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs came out to watch the match.

The Dawsons brought chairs inside the ring. Zane Dawson ran into a chair in the corner and took a cutter from Homicide for a two-count. The Dawsons came back and suplexed Kingston onto a set of chairs.

Zane climbed to the top, was stopped by Latimer while Isaacs attacked Kingston with a Death Valley Driver and placed Dave Dawson on top for the victory.

WINNERS: The Dawsons at 5:50

It was a lot of weapon use while the match lasted and positioning the Wild Cards as intimidated by Homicide & Kingston and keeping them away from a title match.

Another insane spot for the question mark aired. These are nuts.

Marti Bell was interviewed while wearing an Allysin Kay shirt. She wants to prove she is worthy of becoming an NWA champion even if it means facing Kay.


Kay came out and told Bell she isn’t ready and already beat Vox. Kay is very good in her role as the top female on the show.

Belle hit 2/3 amigos. Belle tried for an underhook, which was countered, Belle stopped her and went back to the underhooks and was turned into a jackknife cover by Vox for the win.

WINNER: Ashley Vox at 3:34

After the match, Thunder Rosa ran in and offered her hand to Belle but she refused and walked away. They added a background sound that came off awkward in the live studio setting.

Tony Falk explained he taught Shawn Michaels had to speak carny. Then, into his pitch for tire irons and waffles in Kentucky. This week, if you buy three gluten-free waffles you get four tire irons.


Stevens entered wearing the same robe and towel that he wore in his Damien Sandow days.

Cornette did a great job of explaining the rep on Stevens and getting the character across as someone that is entitled while also putting over his athletic ability.

Stevens hit the Elbow of Disdain and shouted, ‘you’re welcome’.

Starks scared him with the threat of another slap, Stevens screamed in fear and was defeated with an O’Connor roll.

WINNER: Ricky Starks in 2:24

Stevens stayed in the ring yelling ‘No’ and the audience yelled ‘Yes’ and felt like an organic end to the segment Stevens ran with.


Aldis and Latimer were in at the start with Galli hinting at their history as Magnus and Bram in TNA.

Cabana hit bionic elbows to both Isaacs and Latimer simultaneously. Storm stopped Cabana and they got the advantage of him in their corner. Cabana got his feet up as Isaacs came off the turnbuckle and made the tag to Anderson.

Anderson hit Latimer with the Mic Check, but Isaacs ran in and everyone took turns hitting their moves. Cabana was tagged in and Storm missed the Last Call superkick and nailed Isaacs.

Aldis dropped Latimer and Cabana used the Superman pin for the win.

WINNERS: Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson at 6:56

The victory sets up Cabana challenging James Storm for the National title.


It was another fast-paced show with their own take on a trope that is much maligned within WWE. The opening segment saw the procession of talent come out one after the other but they kept the segment short, set up the main event, and attached stakes that gave believability in either side winning.

Even by previous episodes, this was a show heavy on talking and still managed four matches within the 52-minute format this week.

Nick Aldis continues to be the lead role and is the pilot that steers each show, he is very valuable to the format. Conversely, I feel Allysin Kay, even in such a limited capacity as she had on this show, stands out well as the women’s champion with the poise and presence you want someone to have in that role. She is different than Shayna Baszler, but both have an authority about their characters that comes through the screen.

Ricky Starks is the young rising star they are focused on, although I felt Stevens stole the segment and in time, the audience is going to turn Stevens because he is very entertaining in this role and more and more, people are understanding the character and what he’s doing.

The commercials continue to be wackier and wackier and they seem to be the most divisive part of the show with some loving them and others hate them. It would seem like a missed opportunity if they didn’t have Austin Idol and Tony Falk appear at the pay-per-view and could have a fun segment on that show.

They have passed the midway point of the episodes, so I would assume the episodes will start piecing together the matches for the December 14th pay-per-view and you can see all the seeds being planted across the show.


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