NWA POWER REPORT: Episode 6 – ‘More Questions Than Answers’

This week's edition of NWA Power featured an NWA tag title match in the main event, the debut of The Question Mark, Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle team & more.

The countdown at the start included Adam Copeland’s praise for NWA Power and complimenting Billy Corgan and David Lagana.

The show began with The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express coming out for an interview with David Marquez. Ricky Morton wished luck to Homicide and Eddie Kingston for their tag title match tonight as the challengers joined them at the interview desk. Kingston said they can’t lose tonight with their stamp of approval.


Murdoch caught Konley and hit a spinebuster. Konley kicked him in the chest and hit a double stomp for a two-count. Murdoch stopped a quebrada with his knees and used a half-nelson to slam Konley.

Murdoch hit the bulldog coming off the top turnbuckle for the victory.

WINNER: Trevor Murdoch at 3:39

Aron Steven came out to speak with Joe Galli and state he is no longer part of the NWA, and the audience cheered and sang ‘Goodbye’. Stevens had a good comeback stating its obvious why Broadway isn’t located in Atlanta. He is leaving for California never to return.


Belle and Rose formed an alliance last week by attacking Allysin Kay together.

Cornette acknowledged not being the biggest fan of some women’s wrestling in the past but likes Thunder Rosa.

Rosa hit a double stomp off the top to Creed as Belle attacked Rose on the apron. Rosa scored the cover on Creed.

WINNERS: Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle at 1:34

Marquez interviewed the winner with Belle stating her future is with Thunder Rosa. Rosa spoke Spanish, which Belle translated and Allysin Kay has no idea what is coming for her.

James Storm reacted to his National title loss last week but has bigger fish to fry and is coming for NWA champion Nick Aldis.

The new NWA National champion Colt Cabana entered to speak with Marquez. He’ll be a fighting champion and face anyone. Ricky Starks came out to deliver a message that ‘everybody knows that crocodile leather is my pleasure, but I think I’m sold on gold’.


The Question Mark is the masked man that the promos have been alluding to from the past episodes.

Parker was billed from Balm Beach, Ontario that Galli put over a nice place. It is, and there is a go-kart track worth checking out.

The Question Mark landed one punch and won.

WINNER: The Question Mark at 0:54

This was unbelievably campy but the NWA has a great reacting crowd that is into all of this stuff and chanted for The Question Mark.

Next, they ran training footage as Thunder Rosa prepared for her fight in Combate Americas last week completely out-of-character except for some training footage where she had her face paint on. It was almost like they were promoting a completely different person, but she was identified as Thunder Rosa with more to follow in this video diary.

For those unaware, she had her first pro MMA fight last Friday for Combate losing to Nadine Mandiau by unanimous decision.

Eli Drake came out and doesn’t care why Kamille isn’t talking, which is what the show was promoted around tonight. He said she may reveal the truth that there is one man that will take Aldis’ title and it’s him. The crowd chanted for The Question Mark, so this guy got over big to the crowd.

Wild Card confronted Drake and told him to shut his mouth and to mind his business alluding to Wild Card have an alliance with Aldis.

Ken Anderson appeared and appears to be setting up a team.

Billy Corgan had a taped message to announce that the pay-per-view and next tapings are sold out. He pushed fans to sign up for their e-mail list for a future announcement that will impact their program.

There was another Tony Falk ad selling babyfaces and heels for $15,000 that he personally grows. I guess it’s cheaper than operating the Performance Center.

Galli interviewed Nick Aldis and his latest shirt and tie. He said this business, the NWA, and the fans owe the wrestlers nothing. He does things the right way and mentioned his interactions with Dory Funk Jr. and Harley Race in the past. He will sit ringside for the main event to make sure no shenanigans take place.


Cornette threw to break but a brawl erupted so they ignored the break. I wonder if that means Austin Idol was dropped.

Latimer dropped Kingston with a right hand in the corner. He made it to the corner and Homicide entered the match. Cornette noted, ‘no one is cosplaying wrestler in this match’.

Kingston took a DDT but fought back against Latimer. Kingston’s knee gave out on a suplex and Latimer attacked the injured body part. With all four down, the audience chanted ‘NWA’.

Homicide was shoved off the turnbuckle and landed on the edge of the apron and in front of Aldis. Wold Card double-teamed Kingston and Isaacs pinned him after hitting Hush Money.

WINNERS: Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs at 7:16

Kamille came out and Aldis stopped her. This led to all the teams from the tag division emerging from the back with Eli Drake & Ken Anderson, The Dawsons, and James Storm was also out to end the show with everyone arguing.


This had to be the second night of the television tapings and the crowd stood out a lot on the show, in a good way. They developed a great rapport with Aron Stevens that continued, they got into the camp that The Question Mark provided in an ironic way and was just a fun crowd that enjoyed all the different characters.

It was a show-long tease of Kamille speaking, which she never did and Nick Aldis continuing to keep her muted and therefore, there has to be a payoff at the end.

It seems like they set up Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks as the next National title match with Starks coming off with star potential each week through his promos.

The main event felt a bit anti-climactic with Eddie Kingston taking the fall in clean fashion and then were afterthoughts as they immediately had all the teams come out to argue and you forgot about the challengers. I’ve been very high on Kingston in this series and his ability to be a top babyface that should be groomed for a program with Aldis down the road.

I don’t know the exact number but there are only a few episodes left from the tapings. David Lagana had previously stated there would be a gap between the final Power episode and the pay-per-view, which would be made up with new editions of ‘Ten Pounds of Gold’ leading into the December 14th show.

This show was another quick watch as this one clocked in at 45 minutes.


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