AEW experiences a post-PPV increase while NXT drops

Following AEW’s first pay-per-view since launching on TNT, Dynamite saw an increase of 16% while NXT dropped from last week’s viewership figures.

Following AEW’s first pay-per-view since launching on the TNT, the Dynamite program saw an increase of 16% while NXT dropped from last week’s viewership figures.

AEW Dynamite averaged 957,000 viewers, which is their highest figure in three weeks while placing fifth among people 18-49 in all of cable. Dynamite did a 0.43 in that demo, up 23% from last week against NXT’s 0.25 that fell 17%.

They performed well against NXT, winning every key demographic except adults over 50, which is a demo NXT has won weekly.

NXT attracted 750,000 viewers on the USA Network, which is down 8% from last week where NXT narrowed the gap to within 9,000 viewers of AEW a week ago.

AEW saw gains across the board led by females 12-34 that rose an incredible 91% from last week and up 200% from two weeks ago where the show went against Game 7 of the World Series.

The 18-34 demo was up 48% for AEW and women 18-49 grew 35% from last week’s among the biggest jumps.

For NXT, they were hit hardest among the female 12-34 demo that AEW benefited from with NXT down 23% in that category. A small positive for NXT was a rise among males 12-34 which was up 6% and the over 50 audience was up 3%.

It will be a test for NXT to see if they experience a jump following their next TakeOver special. The Wednesday following TakeOver is the same night AEW returns to the Sears Centre, so it will likely be a big show that AEW puts up against the post-TakeOver edition.

Here is a breakdown of all the demos and how they compared to last week’s figures:

PEOPLE 18-49
AEW: 0.43 (+23%)
NXT: 0.25 (-17%)

AEW: 0.31 (+35%)
NXT: 0.18 (-14%)

MALES 18-49
AEW: 0.55 (+19.5%)
NXT: 0.32 (-16%)

PEOPLE 18-34
AEW: 0.34 (+48%)
NXT: 0.16 (-11%)

AEW: 0.21 (+91%)
NXT: 0.10 (-23%)

MALES 12-34
AEW: 0.36 (+33%)
NXT: 0.17 (+6%)

PEOPLE 25-54
AEW: 0.45 (+18%)
NXT: 0.29 (-15%)

AEW: 0.29 (+3.5%)
NXT: 0.35 (+3%)

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