POST NEWS UPDATE: Tom Lawlor Explains Why He Re-Signed With MLW

Tom Lawlor on why he re-signed with MLW, Erik talks motorcycle accident, Rocky Romero on NJPW's U.S. expansion and Kane's funny story about The Undertaker

POST NEWS UPDATE: Tom Lawlor Explains Why He Re-Signed With MLW

** To open the most recent edition of the Filthy 4 Daily podcast, Tom Lawlor opened up about why he decided to re-sign with MLW and talked about the incentives that the promotion provided:

“I was offered a very good deal by MLW to stay, and that deal allows me not only to continue to do battle with the likes of superstars like the champion [Jacob] Fatu amongst others, but it also allows me to continue wrestling across the globe for a variety of different promotions, and in my life right now, that’s something that’s very important to me. That would not be offered by virtually any other company. My contract, up until recently was non-exclusive to a degree, so I was available to most companies. They did not sign me up. MLW gave me a great offer. We went back and forth over the past few months. If you watched the MLW TV, they mentioned it, and it was pretty close to being as legitimate as possible as you could ever be in the wrestling world, as far as the storyline goes so, there was a lot of back and forth. I didn’t know what my future was gonna hold, but like I said, MLW came through. We came to an agreement that I think allows me a lot of leeway as far as what my future holds, while keeping me underneath their banner when it comes to national TV.”

“A lot of people are like… surprised I guess by the fact that MLW has been able to retain not only myself but Fatu as well — the World Heavyweight Champion and I can just say that there’s many sides to a coin. I don’t think moving from Las Vegas is something that’s necessarily in the cards in my life anytime soon. So that rules out a lot of possibilities, and like I said, I’m happy with the deal that MLW and I came to and onward and upwards from now.”

** AEW World Champion Chris Jericho spoke with UPROXX for an exclusive interview and was asked for his thoughts about CM Punk appearing on WWE Backstage on FS1 and if he was disappointed that AEW was not able to bring Punk in:

“It’s a long time coming. We knew there would be a Mötley Crüe reunion and we knew CM Punk would come back to wrestling. It was just a matter of time. I think he came back with more of a sigh than a scream. It seems kinda funny that he came back on a show that drew 150,000 viewers where it could have been 5 million viewers. But if it’s part of the process to slowly wean him into the wrestling business, then good. The WWE sure needs him. You need stars in the business. Good for him for coming back. I just think it was not as big as it could have been or should have been. He’s back for the first time in five years and no one really cares. But I’m sure it will lead to more. I don’t see how it can’t.” Jericho continued, “I’m not disappointed. I know there were some conversations, but Punk’s his own guy. Could we have used him? Yes. Does it hurt us to not have him? No, not at all.”

** WWE applied to trademark the names “Barely Legal” and “Cyberslam”.

** According to Showbuzz Daily, the November 26th episode of WWE Backstage on FS1 drew 121,000 viewers. Last week’s show brought in 180,000 viewers.

** WWE’s Starrcade event is taking place on December 1st in Duluth, Georgia and the ‘Infinite Energy Center’ website is advertising a special edition of the Kevin Owens Show with WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair which has been confirmed by WWE. Also being advertised for the live event is Shinsuke Nakamura defending the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz and Sami Zayn in a Triple-Threat match, and New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) defending their SmackDown Tag Team Titles against The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson). The in-arena program will begin at 6:30 PM EST and the event will start streaming on the WWE Network at 7 PM EST.

** NXT’s Joaquin Wilde noted on Twitter that he is back in the ring after four months of recuperating. Over the Summer, Wilde suffered an injury and Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed that the injury turned out to be a broken eye socket.

** Fightful released their interview with Matt Hardy. Hardy was asked about the conversation[s] he’s had with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about the ‘Broken’ character and Hardy explained that he doesn’t think McMahon quiet understands the character just yet.

“Yeah, when I first was gonna do Woken Matt Hardy, I had to talk with him for 30 minutes and I kind of explained the whole Broken Universe deal. I don’t think he understands it completely. Part of it is based off different, various TV shows I’ve watched and it’s very Deadpool-driven. Broken Matt Hardy winks at the audience and kind of breaks the fourth wall and I don’t know if that’s something Vince really enjoys or likes to do a lot or whatever, unless it’s his specific idea. I think it was very involved and I don’t think he got all [of it]. I know when he watched the Ultimate Deletion, he said, ‘Well people seem to like it. I don’t know if I get it.’ The thing that I give Vince credit for is that he allowed me to do it, he allowed me to have that Ultimate Deletion, did give us an opportunity and internally it was a success and did well.”

** According to SFGate, WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg put his Bonsall, California home up for sale for $3.2 million. The home was originally built in 1997 and Goldberg purchased the home in 1999 for $1 million.

** Shawn Michaels chatted with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated following the 2019 Survivor Series weekend. Michaels praised Keith Lee, NXT Champion Adam Cole and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler for their respective performances this past weekend:

“They deliver every single time they’re out there. All three of them embrace and adapt to big situations. I’ve never seen one of them not look cool, calm or collected when they go out into high impact, highly visible matches. There hasn’t been a time for any of them where the situation was too big or got the better of them, and that gives us a great deal of confidence moving forward. These are all big-time performers.”

** 2K is donating $500,000 to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as the culmination of the partnership surrounding the launch of WWE 2K20.

** To promote his autobiography, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs spoke with Yahoo! Sports and opened up about how supportive WWE was of him running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Jacobs added that one of the first people he spoke to for professional and personal advice was Vince McMahon.

“When the actual campaign started, that was completely different. I had to walk the line between using the wrestling stuff to open doors and get attention, but also have substance so people would go, ‘Oh, the guy is kind of smart too.’ I couldn’t rely on the wrestling stuff to win the campaign, but we could use it to do some really neat stuff. WWE has been very supportive of me. One of the first people I spoke to was Vince McMahon because professionally and personally, he’s been a very large part of my life. Throughout the campaign, they lessened my travel demands. They worked so hard to accommodate my schedule. Being mayor is my first priority and they worked to make sure it stayed that way. I’m very grateful.”

** MMA Fighting was able to confirm with UFC officials that Mickey Gall has been pulled from the UFC on ESPN 7 card on December 7th in Washington DC. Gall was slated to take on Carlos Condit but Condit had to be pulled from the card due to injury and replacement options were discussed, but ultimately, Gall did not end up with a new opponent.

** Matt Sydal will be in action at EVOLVE 141 and EVOLVE 142 in December. His opponents are set to be announced during the 11/27/19 episode of NXT on the USA Network.

** Glenn “Kane” Jacobs was interviewed by TV Insider and spoke about being able to piece together a character like his in today’s world of professional wrestling with social media making it difficult to keep things under wraps. He specifically mentioned Bray Wyatt who brought “The Fiend” persona to WWE and has been able to make it work.

“It has become harder because there is so much more content and exposure demanded. We look at the internet and social media and all the different platforms we are competing against. One of the things that frustrated me is that we move so quickly, sometimes it felt like you weren’t getting the depth of the storyline because you just had to put stuff out and things would get lost. That’s the nature of the business,” Jacobs said. “…You look at a guy like Bray Wyatt who has done a phenomenal job. That character has really taken off. It’s difficult. I think it’s harder than ever to get into that kind of patient story-telling. It’s [a] unfortunate evolution of the business. But I think what Bray Wyatt shows is that we have a performer who can do it and given the opportunity, it’s still something that strikes a cord with people. To me, that’s one of the best parts of the wrestling business is the stories. Sometimes they get sacrificed a little bit to keep the machine going. So it’s nice to see a guy like Bray have that opportunity to really get over as a character in a unique storyline.”

** WWE’s main Twitter account signal boosted a tweet for Renee Young to get her a role in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

** WWE Hall Of Famer Bob Backlund will be a part of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance’s FanFest/Toy Drive on December 7th in Pennsylvania.

** Glenn “Kane” Jacobs joined ‘Boomer & Gio’ on CBS Sports Network to promote his new autobiography.

** Current RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik) joined the After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. Erik opened up about his motorcycle accident from 2014 that nearly took his life. He shared that current ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor, who was his roommate at the time made sure to take care of him while he was sorting out his financial situation:

“When I was out, I had about three months of savings, and I had about six months of injuries with no income. So I went back to my ultra poor days and I was living on $20 a week and making it stretch and I had friends of mine — Shane Taylor, who you know well Corey, was like buying me dinner twice a week. Just coming to the house with food. He was my roommate at the time. We were going to the gym everyday, and he was buying groceries. I would come home and there would just be food there. Without him, without Jax Dane, guys like that. I wouldn’t have made it through that six month stretch.”

Both Ivar and Erik talked about their names being changed from “War Machine” to “War Raiders” to “Viking Experience” to “Viking Raiders”. Erik explained that the reason the “War Machine” name was changed is because of MMA fighter War Machine who was convicted of multiple felony charges including sexual assault.

“The best part about that name is that I think people have been mad about Viking Raiders, as a name, and the funny thing is that — that was Ivar and I’s first pitch when we came to NXT,” Erik said. “They told us we were gonna have to change our name, that War Machine wasn’t gonna work because of the MMA fighter. If you type it into Google, that’s the first…”

Ivar then chimed in on the conversation: “You can’t have kids who are 10 and 12 years old typing in trying to find their favorite wrestler and now there’s all types of different conversations that has to happen.”

** NXT U.K. star Travis Banks spoke with Vulture Hound for an exclusive interview and responded to the notion that WWE is hurting the British independent wrestling scene:

“I think they build up WWE as the big bad, but they’re giving a platform to see how good British wrestling is.  I wish they’d take the negative glasses off and look at the product. The quality of wrestling in NXT U.K. is so high, and I want them to see that and just how good the U.K. scene is. There was a show right before the first WWE U.K. tournament. There was me, Wild Boar, Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate, and there were 50 people. A week later, it was Pete vs. Tyler in WWE U.K., and it’s incredible the difference a week can make. With NXT U.K. being so new, it’s still in its infancy, and people think that this is all it can be.  They don’t realize how much bigger this can get because we’re all still trying to figure it out.”

** Former IWGP Tag Team Champions ‘Great Bash Heel’ (Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe) did an interview with and Honma stated that he is impressed with Taichi’s progression in New Japan Pro-Wrestling because for years, Taichi was just going through the motions and now has “pulled himself up by his bootstraps”.

** Click here to watch a preview of the Bruno Sammartino documentary that will premiere on November 29th at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, California.

** Lio Rush is defending the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Akira Tozawa on the 11/27/19 edition of NXT. Rush defeated both Tozawa and Kalisto in a Triple-Threat match at Survivor Series to retain the title. Also, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic are challenging Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

** conducted an in-depth interview with Rocky Romero. Rocky opened up about NJPW’s expansion into the U.S. and the baby steps that the company wants to take in regards to the type of arenas they run:

“Yeah, I think that people think that. Yes, attendance has gone down. When we knew we were first doing the shows in Long Beach, those first couple of shows, we knew that basically, this was kind of a bubble period. Do you know what I’m saying? Because it was like, ‘Oh, it’s the first time. We don’t know if they’re ever going to come back.’ So it’s really hard to gauge exactly where you are in the market and just, the group that was kind of putting everything together in the L.A. office and everything they knew that going in. They knew that eventually in a year or two this was going to be a drop. We’re going to really find out where we’re at. So let’s take baby steps to prepare ourselves for that. So it’s kind of like all this was thought about beforehand. It wasn’t like, ‘This is just happening’, you know what I’m saying? It’s funny because I remember people saying, ‘Oh they should be running 10,000 seat buildings. They should be running Staples.’ It’s like, we’ll run Staples. We’ll do one and then when we can’t fill it the second time, then everyone’s going to say, ‘Oh they dropped off.’ It’s a bubble period, you know? It could happen to somebody even like AEW now. You really don’t know. It’s just because the demand was so high because we hadn’t been there. So at one point it’s just going to level off, right? So that’s why the plan, I think, has always been like, let’s run 2,000 seat venues. That’s probably going to be exactly where we fall, and funny that’s exactly where we’re falling now, right? So it’s like 2000/3000 seat venues. We could probably do a big show every year, Staples or MSG, whatever you know, and do well for like a super-show type thing.”

“The plan has always been to make a foothold in America. Run it similar to the way it is in Japan where it’s basically a touring product and a merchandise product. That’s what we’re building on. We think that we’re a very good live experience for people to come and actually watch the shows. I think we’re really good at that. It’s like a tight show. It’s two and a half hours or something. It’s not like four hours and the presentation is very professional. So I think that that’s kind of what it’s all about. They said it in the press conference, like 20/25 shows a year. All through different areas, all throughout the U.S.. Basically we want to bring the product to you. We want to build our fan base slowly from the bottom every step of the way, and every once in a while we bring them a huge show so that everybody can come and see. We can get an IWGP Title match or something like MSG, you know? It was a great example of, ‘As big as we can go’ and I think you’ll see that more.”

Rocky and the publication talked about some of the talents to come out of Southern California and one of the names mentioned was the current AEW World Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky. Rocky praised Scorpio and added that he is so glad that the S.C.U. member continued chasing his dream.

“I think Scorpio is a great example. Scorpio is one of the best stories because he never gave up and he was always so talented. Just everybody’s timing was different, right? So I think he needed to walk away like he did for a bit. He did MMA, came back and then I think that he fell in love with it again, and then by that time, the business had caught up to where he was at… So then he was able to transition, thank God, because he had all those connections and had done all the work before that. All the groundwork, you know. So he was ready to go when wrestling started popping off. Thank God he didn’t just stay away, because I mean it’s awesome. We’re talking about this now. Next week he’s going to wrestle Chris Jericho for AEW World Title. What the f*ck? You know? It’s amazing.”

** Ryusuke Taguchi and Rocky Romero will be hosting a panel titled ‘69K Times The Fun With NJPW’ in Anaheim, California as a part of the Lion’s Break Project 2 events in December.

** The WWEPC YouTube channel has several videos up stemming from Survivor Series with Matt Riddle, Kay Lee Ray, Pete Dunne, and Shayna Baszler.

** Pro Wrestling NOAH ‘Starting Over’ Results (11/26/19) Niigata City Gymnasium
– Hajime Ohara, Kinya Okada & NOSAWA Rongai def. Hi69, Junta Miyawaki & Minoru Tanaka
– Masa Kitamiya def. Akitoshi Saito
– Kenou & Yoshiki Inamura def. 50 Funky Powers (Mohammed Yone & Quiet Storm)
– Chris Ridgeway & Yoshinari Ogawa def. RATEL’S (HAYATA & YO-HEY)
GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Atsushi Kotoge & Kotaro Suzuki def. RATEL’S (Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke) (c)
GHC National Championship: Takashi Sugiura (c) def. Shuhei Taniguchi
– Go Shiozaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Hitoshi Kumano def. Kaito Kiyomiya, Masao Inoue & Naomichi Marufuji

** Jon Moxley chatted with Kevin Kellam of WrestleZone and 101WKQX to promote the 11/27/19 episode of AEW: Dynamite in Illinois. During the conversation, Moxley talked about his wife, WWE Backstage host Renee Young’s reaction to his ‘Lights Out’ match against Kenny Omega at Full Gear.

“She’s over-dramatic”, Moxley smiled. “Come on. It comes with the territory. You sign the contract. We’re together forever and I will love you forever but you gotta understand that if you’re one of my friends or loved ones, especially if you’re my wife, you’re gonna deal with some moments where things get a little cringey and weird ya know? I tend to fly close to the flame sometimes. Not just with wrestling, but in general in life… I’m a lot better now than I was in my younger days as far as making poor decisions but yeah, you’re gonna have those moments. That’s part of marriage. I can roll my bike down a mountain tomorrow and break my neck. These things are constantly on the precipice of happening.”

Moxley then went on to praise the likes of Darby Allin who he defeated on last week’s episode of Dynamite in the main event. Moxley stated that he likes Darby because Darby marches to the beat of his own drum and knows that the two will have many more matches in the future.

“I mean I wrestled… brought it up earlier with Darby Allin the other week. I’m a big fan of him. I think he’s just cool. I love that he just doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks about anything. I love that, so I think me and him are probably destined to have a few more clashes down the line.”

** On the most recent edition of Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s podcast, he reviewed NXT TakeOver: WarGames and gave his take on why Rhea Ripley has become one of the fan favorites in WWE:

“It’s more than them just trying to portray it that way. It’s the people that are buying it that way. You can try and push something on people and they are going to buy it or they’re not. They buy her. I mean in a huge way. It’s barely gotten started. So when I was down at NXT last month and they had — it’s called the coconut show run. It’s all the local Florida [shows], when they stay in Florida for their live events. So on one of those she came out unannounced and she got the biggest pop of anyone on the entire show and it wasn’t even close. It was insane. It’s just one of those things where you go, ‘Oh sh*t’, this is [an] indicator right here. I mean lets be honest, she was blessed with some amazing genetics. She is a big girl, a big strong girl. You see her stand toe-to-toe with Shayna [Baszler] and you’re like okay, yeah!”

** On next week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV, Brian Cage is going one-on-one with Eddie Edwards, former 4-time TNA Knockouts Women’s Champion ODB returns, RVD will speak his mind and The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) will clash with IMPACT X Division Champion Ace Austin and Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend).

** Forbes conducted an interview with Shad Khan.

** Glenn “Kane” Jacobs joined Busted Open Radio with David LaGreca and Bully Ray. LaGreca asked Jacobs to share a story from his years working with Bully and Jacobs talked about the time Bully chopped The Undertaker during a match while knowing that Undertaker did not like to be chopped:

“Probably the best one was — remember Las Vegas? The Ladder match? Because we did a bit where I forget who was in that match man but it was me and Undertaker, you guys, was it Edge and Christian and The Hardyz or something like that? I can’t remember exactly who it was. This was one with Taker, and basically we got on the outside, and I’ll never forget this… well actually, here’s the better one: Taker did not like to be chopped and you’ve probably told this story before. So Bubba gets Taker in the corner and he’s wearing him over — boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and he sets back and just overhand chops him, and Mark just looked at him. I mean he just looks at him. Bubba just goes like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry’ and then I’m on the outside, ‘Wooo! He’s gonna kill you!’ Mark just completely no-sold everything and just stood there straight and it wasn’t like he was mad. He just looked like, ‘Why’d you do that?’ Bubba immediately starts apologizing: ‘I’m sorry man. I’m sorry.’”

** Tyson Fury appeared on The True Geordie Podcast to talk about mental health, his forthcoming bout against Deontay Wilder and his recent stint in WWE.

** ‘Dumbarton Reporter’ has a story up about the ‘Premier British Wrestling’ promotion and their show on November 30th.

** Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke did some flirting on social media.

** Former WWE employee Carl Sequeira has been appointed as country manager for India, according to Campaign India.

** Samoa Joe will be attending AutoRama in Houston, Texas this weekend.

** Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier interviewed WWE’s Titus O’Neil to promote O’Neil’s new book ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Kid’. During their conversation, Titus spoke about how him being a WWE star does not define who he is as an individual and he elaborated on that:

“What I do for a living is not who I am for a living. I feel that way pretty much about everything I‘ve ever done. I want to ultimately be the best man of character that I can possibly be. It was men and women of character who helped get me in the position that I’m in. Not just as a WWE superstar, but also as a father, as a mentor, as an educator, as a son. Being in WWE provides me a global platform to impact lives in a positive way, but it doesn’t take a superstar to make a difference. This is the story of how one conversation changed my life, how I transformed a personal tragedy into my own triumph, and how we can all challenge ourselves and others to do a little bit better.”

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling World Tag League Results (11/27/19)
World Tag League Tournament Match: Terrible & Shingo Takagi (4-5) def. Karl Fredericks & Hirooki Goto (2-5)
World Tag League Tournament Match: YOSHI-HASHI & Tomohiro Ishii (7-1) def. Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata (1-7)
World Tag League Tournament Match: Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki (5-3) def. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima (4-5)
World Tag League Tournament Match: David Finlay & Juice Robinson (7-1) def. Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls (5-4)
World Tag League Tournament Match: Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (3-5) def. Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma (3-6)
– Jay White & Gedo def. BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito
World Tag League Tournament Match: Guerrillas Of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) (5-2) def. Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (2-5)
World Tag League Tournament Match: Colt Cabana & Toru Yano (5-3) def. EVIL & SANADA (6-1)

** All Japan Pro Wrestling ‘Real World Tag League’ Results (11/27/19)
Triple Threat Match: Koji Iwamoto def. Atsushi Maruyama and Dan Tamura
– Keiichi Sato & Takao Omori def. Atsuki Aoyagi & UTAMARO
– Joe Doering, Jun Akiyama & Zeus def. Black Menso-re, Joel Redman & Yoshitatsu
– Shuji Ishikawa, Suwama & Yusuke Okada def. NEXTREAM (Jake Lee & Naoya Nomura) & Hokuto Omori
Real World Tag League Tournament Match: The End (Odinson & Parrow) def. Gianni Valletta & Takashi Yoshida
Real World Tag League Tournament Match: KAI & Tajiri def. NEXTREAM (Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi)

** Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will be appearing at NorthEast Comic Con in Boston this weekend.

** Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert interviewed AEW World Tag Team Champions S.C.U. (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky) and Christopher Daniels. Kazarian and Sky were asked about the possibility of them using the Freebird rule with the AEW Tag Titles and here’s how they responded:

Kazarian: “It baffles me. We’re not the Freebirds. We never claim to be the Freebirds. We’re a team of three and two of us happen to win the titles. The Freebird Rule isn’t a thing and hasn’t been a thing for a long time. When Christopher Daniels comes back, he’s going to be winning titles too. If you wanna call it the S.C.U. rule, we’re all gonna be champions eventually.”

Scorpio Sky: “If we created an S.C.U. rule, it would just be: We get to keep the belts forever, and that’s the rule. We’re going to be champions 20 years after we’re retired. That’s the rule.”

** Los Angeles Times has a review up of the Bruno Sammartino documentary and noted that the documentary does not measure up to expectations.

** A new wrestling promotion based in Thailand has been unveiled and the promotion can be found on Twitter @setupth.

** Kurt Angle did an interview with Chicago Tribune to promote his appearance at Warrior Wrestling’s December 7th show. Angle stated that for about five years of his career, he was the best there was in WWE and was the company’s workhorse.

** Jeff Cobb will be taking on Dan Maff at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view.

** As a part of his media run to promote his new autobiography, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs sat down with FOX News for an exclusive interview.

** Rosemont, Illinois’ actual Public Safety officers were used for Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana’s segment on the November 25th episode of RAW.


** Jon Moxley joined the State Of Combat podcast with Brian Campbell:

** Fight Network/IMPACT Wrestling released part two of their documentary about IMPACT World Champion Sami Callihan.

** Chris Van Vliet conducted an interview with Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella):

** Comedian Spice Adams did a skit with R-Truth, The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) and Titus O’Neil while backstage at RAW this past Monday in Illinois.

** WWE released a video of the Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) bringing a fan into the ring with them during WWE’s recent European tour:

** Episode eight of AEW Dark premiered on the All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel. Kenny Omega defended the AAA Mega Championship against Jack Evans, Big Swole took on Shanna, Trent faced Pentagon Jr. and the Indianapolis, Indiana crowd also had the opportunity to see Awesome Kong in action against Leva Bates. Shawn Spears was on commentary for this episode of AEW Dark.

** Here’s the newest episode of WWE ‘The Bump’ featuring New Day (Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston) along with WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus:

** Here’s a new video from the UpUpDownDown YouTube gaming channel featuring Tyler Breeze, Dio Maddin, Tegan Nox and Adam Cole playing ‘Untitled Goose Game’:

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