LIVE REPORT: Rev Pro Uprising feat. PAC vs. Oku

Steve Harris runs through Sunday's Rev Pro 'Uprising' show that featured Pac vs. Michael Oku, plus Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. vs. EVIL & Sanada.

Event: Revolution Pro Uprising 2019

Venue: York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

Submitted: Steve Harris

Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker) over Moonlight Express (Speedball Mike Bailey and Mao)
Bit of a weird vibe as both teams worked babyface but this was a good opener to get the audience going with plenty of dives to the outside and near falls. Stoker lifted Mao onto his shoulders and Howley hit him with a springboard forearm enabling Stoker to get the pin.

Shota Umino over Hikuleo
Hikuleo dominated Umino who got the opportunity to sell his heart out for the bigger man and rally with the support of the fans in the building. Hikuleo hoisted Umino up for his flatliner finish but it was reversed into a crucifix slam for the win. Hikuleo battered Umino after the match.

Gisele Shaw over Shanna
Shaw’s run to the Women’s Championship continues. This match was not pretty with several missed spots and botched moves but they pulled off the finish with Shanna going for a high crossbody and Shaw rolling through into the armbar for the submission. Time to get Women’s Champion Zoe Lucas in there I think.

LIJ (EVIL and SANADA) over Suzuki Gun (Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr)

Sabre got us started with a forceful ‘Come on dickhead’ that riled SANADA up. This was every NJPW tag match with blatant double-teaming, attacks into the guardrails and brawling all around the ring. Sabre tried to execute the Skull End to SANADA who reversed into Sabre’s own European Clutch for the win heading into their showdown at Wrestle Kingdom. Sabre hit a Zack Driver on SANADA afterward while Suzuki destroyed EVIL with a chair at ringside. Sabre then declared that he will never lose the Heavyweight Championship again.

Suzuki returned to the ring to call out Mad Kurt Chapman, who has been challenging Suzuki for weeks. It went exactly as suspected with Chapman chopped to death before being laid out with the Gotch piledriver. This segment was perfect.

Dan Moloney over Kyle Fletcher, Ricky Knight Jr, Carlos Romo, Robbie X and Kenneth Halfpenny in a 6 man scramble

The usual trend for multi-man matches with two or three guys in the ring at any one time. Everybody got a chance to shine, especially Knight who hit some impressive aerial moves and had a lot of support. The highlight was Robbie X giving Fletcher a sunset powerbomb off the top rope to the crowd on the floor in a crazy spot. Moloney hit the Drilla piledriver on to Romo for the win.

British Cruiserweight Championship
El Phantasmo over TJP to retain

Duelling promos before the bell followed by a lot more mat wrestling than I was expecting, which is no criticism as the match built to a very good level. ELP hit the Styles Clash and a V Trigger, TJP had the kneebar but ELP got to the bottom rope. After a ref bump, ELP hit his trademark low blow and a CRII for the successful defense.

British Tag Team Championships
The Legion (Great O’Kharn and Rampage Brown) over Kings of the North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin) to retain

These four were having a steady big man tag match with Bonesaw being beaten on for ages. As it spilled outside Gideon Grey attempted to attack Bonesaw from behind but was seen off by him and Corvin. However, the distraction allowed The Legion to hit an assisted cutter on Bonesaw for the win.

Michael Oku over PAC

These two had a terrific 29-minute match earlier this year and clashed again both during and after the British J Cup. Oku flew at PAC right from the bell and had him on the run early on. PAC stopped him with a tombstone on the ramp with Oku just beating the count. Oku had the half-crab cinched in a couple of times and PAC had Oku tied up in the Rings of Saturn before a rope break. PAC was setting up the Black Arrow but Oku rolled out of the ring, PAC was incensed so hit a tombstone from the top rope, attempted the Black Arrow but Oku got his knees up and rolled PAC up for a huge win. PAC losing clean is a big deal, especially for those of us that have seen weak DQ’s and time limit draws all year, and sets Oku up for a big 2020, with ELP most likely his next program.