EXCLUSIVE: Slex reflects on wrestling Kazuchika Okada, talks Adam Brooks signing with ROH, NJPW and more

Ring of Honor's Slex spoke with Andrew Thompson about his match with Kazuchika Okada in 2017, fellow Aussie Adam Brooks signing with ROH, competing for New Japan Pro-Wrestling in his home-country of Australia and much more.

The Australian wrestling scene is well represented outside of the country as the likes of Robbie Eagles, NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, Shane Thorne, Buddy Murphy, Mikey Nicholls, The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay), Adam Brooks, Slex, Toni Storm, Tenille Dashwood and many more that went unmentioned are bringing the style from “Down Under” to many of audiences. One of the names listed, Slex, signed with Ring of Honor in late 2019.

The former two-time Melbourne City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion has also competed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and just two months after signing with ROH, he made his debut for the company at their ‘Free Enterprise’ show in Baltimore, Maryland. It was at that event that I had the opportunity to chat with Slex. He did fall in defeat to Flip Gordon on the show but Slex has more opportunities on the horizon as he’ll be competing in the tournament for the ROH Pure Title and he’s also being advertised for Supercard Of Honor in April. When asked about his excitement level for Supercard Of Honor and the match possibilities that exist, Slex said that it’s incredible and he cannot wait to see what the future holds for him in regard to his role at Supercard Of Honor.

“Man it’s crazy to me. To see when I was announced and to see some of the names that have already been announced and to see my face up against some of these guys, it’s incredible and it’s exciting and I’m just thankful for the opportunity and I can’t wait.”

Ring of Honor announced the signing of fellow Australian Adam Brooks in February. Brooks and Slex are no strangers to one another and they’ll be sharing the ring together at ROH’s 18th Anniversary show on March 13th. Slex spoke about the Australian representation in today’s wrestling landscape and said he’s proud to see his friends earn opportunities. Slex wanted to have a match with Adam Brooks and a week or so after this interview, Ring of Honor announced he and Adam Brooks’ match for 18th Anniversary.

“I think its been a long time coming. I mean, the Australian wrestling scene has grown over the last few years and it’s awesome to see my friends now getting the opportunity to prove themselves on the world stage which they… they’ve been given the opportunity but they’ve earned it. So, and to have Adam Brooks come to Ring of Honor, that’s a familiar face in the locker room for me and hopefully we can lock up in the Ring of Honor ring and show them what we can do as well but, I’m just happy for my friends to get the opportunity and prove what they can do on the world stage because they deserve it.”

As mentioned, Slex has competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling on several occasions. It was during the Summer of 2019 that he had the opportunity to be a part of NJPW’s tour of Australia and Slex wrestled for the company in his hometown of Melbourne.

He reflected on that experience and the rush of adrenaline he felt competing in front of his home base. He talked about the building that the event was held in and how special that was along with the reaction from the fans.

“Well that was my second time working for New Japan because I did the first Australian tour. It’s on New Japan World but it wasn’t like a live pay-per-view event. But yeah, to do the Southern Showdown, in my hometown, in Melbourne, Festival Hall which is like an iconic venue which, you know — all the wrestling was back in the day for World Championship Wrestling so that venue was special, and to wrestle Aaron Solow on a live pay-per-view for New Japan, that was just incredible and in terms of a special moment I guess, not knowing how the fans — even though it was my hometown, knowing that the fans would know who I was, to have the fans actually react and really get behind me, that was just something I’ll never forget.”

In November of 2017, Slex had the opportunity to wrestle former 5-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada for the Melbourne City Wrestling promotion. Slex minced no words when he stated that-that match boosted him to the next level as far as popularity and being noticed. He also shared that just six months prior, his daughter was born and he hadn’t wrestled up until that match with “The Rainmaker”.

“That was insane. So basically, I had taken like a few months off, because I had the birth of my daughter. So, I’d taken like six months off so I hadn’t wrestled for six months so I was training my backside off to get in shape for this match and, to be given the opportunity to wrestle Okada was just an amazing experience and yeah, it proved to really skyrocket my career because after that match, it sort of put me on the map and put me in… new fans could see what I could do worldwide, and then from there, I just got more and more opportunities to show what I could do and wrestle more international talent, get more exposure and I think, that match, its led me here.”

Slex told POST Wrestling about what he believes the future holds for him. He is optimistic about his future in Ring of Honor and is focused on proving that he belongs with all the new eyes that will be on him. He said that by 2021, he’ll have ROH championship gold around his waist and with Slex being slated for the ROH Pure Title tourney, that could come to fruition when the tournament begins in one month’s time.

“Yeah, crystal ball. I mean, I feel like 2020 for me is like a proving ground for me. Like I’ve got to really have my work boots on. I’ve got new eyes on me now so I feel like 2020 is a year where I’m gonna have to prove myself and prove that I belong, and I’m excited for that challenge. Bring it on, and I feel like 2021, what’d you say? February next year? I think you’ll see a title on my waist.”

Ring of Honor has catalog of news about Slex on their official website. He can be found on social media (Instagram & Twitter) @slexthebusiness. To check out the full interview, watch below or head over to the Andrew Thompson Interviews YouTube channel.

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