POST NEWS UPDATE: NJPW Wrestle Dynasty to become a yearly event

NJPW's Wrestle Dynasty to become a yearly event, report on AEW wrestlers being tested before Dynamite, Eddie Kingston interview, King Corbin takes issue with WWE wrestlers that are content with being mid-carders and WWE's South Africa tour has been postponed.

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** New Japan Pro-Wrestling President Harold Meij did an interview with Sports Illustrated. While speaking about the Coronavirus, Meij thanked the New Japan fan-base for sticking with the company throughout this time period and he expressed that the company is for sure still planning on running Madison Square Garden on August 22nd for their Wrestle Dynasty show.

“We are still absolutely planning to hold our first-ever Wrestle Dynasty event at Madison Square Garden in August to showcase the very best wrestling NJPW can offer to our fans in the USA. The slogan of the event, ‘We built a Kingdom. Join our Dynasty,’ celebrates the community spirit that has built NJPW into what it is, and that is a fervor and passion that we feel will make Wrestle Dynasty a tremendous success after we overcome the current crisis. MSG is the ‘Holy Grail’ of wrestling venues, and our first event there in April 2019 was a big success. Our biggest event of the year, which brings the best we have to offer and culminates that year, is our annual January 4 Wrestle Kingdom event in Japan. We wanted to create and deliver a similar experience for our US fans, and therefore have established the Wrestle Dynasty brand whereby we promise to give our US fans the very best we have to offer as a similar one-time annual big event each year.”

On that same weekend, WWE is hosting their SummerSlam weekend festivities and event. Meij stated that he thinks competition is good and with SummerSlam in Boston being in 200 miles away, he feels that it’ll test the strength of the brand that is New Japan.

“We believe competition is a healthy thing that will keep us on our feet, and that we cannot be complacent. Two big competitive events held in a relatively close proximity is the ultimate test of our brand’s strength, and means that we as a company must deliver the highest quality experience possible. We are confident that, like our past events, the fans that choose to come to our event will be left with an experience that lasts a lifetime.”

Meij also spoke about Bushiroad acquiring STARDOM. He said that STARDOM deserves a global spotlight but he’s looking forward to seeing STARDOM grow on their own merits and in their own right.

“STARDOM has grown to be the world’s premiere women’s wrestling promotion with diverse characters and dedicated talent that deserve a global spotlight. Under Bushiroad’s guidance we look forward to seeing STARDOM continue to grow on their own merits and in their own right.”

** Pro Wrestling Sheet learned details about AEW’s protocol concerning the Coronavirus before last night’s Dynamite at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Per the report, talent were tested by a team a physicians before entering Daily’s Place. The test was to make sure they were in good health and it was not a Coronavirus test. Talent could only practice in the ring before the show, in waves of people. That same rule applied to the catering and promo areas.

** King Corbin joined Corey Graves on the latest edition of WWE After The Bell and during their conversation, Corbin was very candid about his position in WWE. He says it can be frustrating being at the main event level but not reaching that next step of being the guy. He added that there are also too many guys in WWE who are content with being mid-carders.

“For me I think, it’s a double-edged sword because it’s awesome and it’s also frustrating at times as well and I think — you know, we talk about Roman [Reigns], but it kinda started a little bit before that. When I was on RAW, Rollins is the champion so I’m on top over there. I was on top with Braun when Rollins was out so, in my brain it’s like 18 months I’ve been running legit main event on every live event, most television shows and some pay-per-views, and why I say it’s a double-edged sword is because that’s where I wanna be and it’s amazing to be there but then you get there and you go, ‘Alright, well I want more. I get Roman’s the guy, but how do I become the guy? How do I become who Roman Reigns is? Man, I need to get on his level. I want to take that spot,’ and it’s the same when Cena was here. If Roman was working Cena, he sees that, he loves being there but he’s not content. He’s going, ‘How do I take his spot? How do I push him out of being the guy?’ And I think that’s what just frustrates me is that continual thought of, ‘Who do I gotta push out of the way and how do I do it to become the guy?’ And it’s not always having the WWE Championship that makes you the guy. If you think about — if someone important calls Vince and goes, ‘Hey, we need your number one superstar to come be a part of this,’ he’s gonna go, ‘It’s Roman Reigns,’ no matter where he’s at. He is just the guy, so how do I get that spot? And I respect Roman unbelievably and Seth and all those other guys — Brock Lesnar and Cena but, I want their spot. That’s just the bottom line.

I think that if you don’t want that spot, you don’t belong here and I think that would frustrate a lot of people because people are content at sitting in the middle or sitting at home and getting paid, and that irritates me to no end because I’m going, ‘If you don’t want to be the best here, don’t be here. Leave, because you’re hurting what we do.’ I want a whole roster of guys who wanna be John Cena. Not want to be John Cena but they want to be on that level. They wanna take what we do and fill stadiums every single night. They wanna go out, whether there’s 1,200 people there or 103,000 people there and they’re gonna give you the same effort and performance that I expect and I think that’s the problem with some of the guys here is they’re just content with being blah and for me, that’s what frustrates me about being in that main event spot but Roman’s still the guy. I wanna be the guy that everybody’s going, ‘Man, put me with Corbin. I wanna draw some money with Corbin.’ I want Lesnar to go, ‘Hey, I wanna work with him’ or The Rock to go, ‘Hey, if I’m coming back for one more match, it’s with Corbin.’ I want that spot so that’s why it’s a double-edged sword for me because you put me up there at the top but you’re not handing me the ball. Like give me the ball so now I’m frustrated going, ‘What do I gotta do to take that?’”

While speaking about being a heel in wrestling, Corbin thinks that most fans don’t understand the meaning of true heat anymore. He doesn’t understand why fans think getting cheered as a heel makes someone a good bad guy and says he’s received wise words and compliments from the likes of Arn Anderson and Matt Hardy who have told him he’s doing a great job.

“It’s crazy too, and we say social media and that’s like five percent of our audience. The little kids and the parents out there, they don’t understand the terms that these morons are using, and they’re having fun doing that, but then you have these idiot neckbeards that wanna critique everything that you do and they’re like, ‘Ah, you have four moves.’ Actually I can about 600 but when I do four, it irritates you morons. So that’s my thing, I actually can use social media as a cheat code because they’re literally going — John4576213 on his 12th profile is like, ‘Hey man, your vest looks dumb’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, that irritates you, now I’m gonna wear two. Thank you.’ It’s so simple and people can make that difficult and also, these morons, and I say ‘morons’ because you guys are morons, but, they wanna say, ‘Ah, he’s got go-away heat.’ When I walk out that curtain, everybody is booing me! They just don’t understand heat nowadays. They wanna go, ‘Ah, this bad guy is getting booed so he must not be good because I would like him if he was good.’ That’s not the point! You know what I’m saying? And they just don’t understand it and it blows my mind. I’m like, ‘You people can’t be this stupid.’ You literally hate me and I’ve been in the ring with guys on all levels and standing there and hearing the boos and they’ll go, ‘Hey man’ and they’ll turn the microphone so people can’t hear them and they’ll whisper, ‘This is Vickie Guerrero heat. I haven’t heard this in five years’, and I’m going, ‘This is awesome’ and then some idiot will go, ‘It’s go-away heat. We want him to go away.’

It’s frustrating because you wanna be — here’s the thing too: With this, you wanna be told you’re good at what you do sometimes, because it’s gratifying because I bust my ass to be the best heel on the face of the earth, and you do it within the confines of what we’re allowed to do. I could go on social media and break all the rules and people would be nuclear, but I can’t, because number one, I’m a professional, but number two, it’s a respect thing for the company I work [for] because I love the company I work for. But that’s when you’re good, when you can do it in the confines of [a] PG-ish show, and that’s hard to do, especially with all these morons that want you to be cool and flip everybody off and say things. That’s not cool man. That’s just cheap. That’s going, ‘Hey man, Orlando, this town stinks.’ I don’t have to say that. When my music hits, people are booing but, it can be frustrating when — you just want somebody to go, ‘Hey man, you’re really good at making people hate’ — sometimes you want that. As a human, you want some sort of — and my wife can go, ‘You’re so good’ but she doesn’t understand any of it but then I get it every once in a while. You get an Arn Anderson or Matt Hardy pulled me aside on a Europe tour and he’s like, ‘Man I wanna say thank you because you’re a true heel dude and you don’t care about what the internet says or [what] people [say] and it’s really hard to do nowadays and I appreciate it’, and then I’m going, ‘Alright, I’m good for like two years bro.’ Like I don’t need another compliment because you’re getting it from people who matter.”

** WrestleCon noted on Twitter that they wanted to book Shingo Takagi vs. Brodie Lee for WrestleMania but Lee’s “new boss” didn’t want him wrestling in Tampa. The tweet has since been deleted. Lee made his All Elite Wrestling debut on the March 18th episode of Dynamite and was revealed as “The Exalted One” of Dark Order.

** WWE’s live events in South Africa in late April/early May have been postponed until September. WWE was scheduled to have tryouts in Johannesburg, South Africa where one male and/or female would earn a contract with the company. Here’s the statement that was issued to those who purchased tickets to the event[s]:

“Your safety is always our top priority. The South African government has now declared a national state of disaster and banned travelers from high-risk countries from entering our country as well as public gatherings of more than 100 people for the foreseeable future. Under the circumstances, the WWE Live events for South Africa are postponed to September.”

The new dates are September 10th (Cape Town), September 11th (Durban) and September 12th (Johannesburg).

** The Gorilla Position podcast received exclusive comments from Edge ahead of Edge’s match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania at the WWE Performance Center. Edge said this situation excites him and he’s ready for the opportunity to be in the position that is awaiting him and he thinks Randy Orton is ready for the challenge as well.

“Here’s the crazy part, its never been done before, right? Or you know, there’s been the empty arena match with Mick and Rock but nothing like this, nothing like WrestleMania in an empty Performance Center. It hasn’t been done, and… sure it’s not ideal, we all get it, but we have [to] make due and we have to figure [it] out, we have to adapt and that’s what this whole thing will be. I know and I feel confident because I know in Randy, I have one of, and I don’t say this lightly — one of the best ever or possibly and it’s all subjective, truly the best to ever do this. Now you get my brain and his natural ability on this thing, and I’m excited. I’m excited of what we can do and what we can bring to the audience, because, dude, all bets are off. There’s no rules. It’s an entirely blank canvas and when I think back to Christian and I versus The Hardys in the first-ever tag team Ladder match, man we had a blank canvas and look how that turned out. So I’m truly looking at this — I’m involved in another first. We all are with WrestleMania, but Randy and I in particular have a match, with a Last Man Standing match if he accepts, that can… that just has a blank canvas, and that, again, that’s exciting. That’s a challenge I thrive on. I like to think it’s a challenge that Randy thrives on too, and it’s a storyline that, there’s so much history, so much between us, so much real, raw emotion to it and you can tell. I think people understand and the reason people are talking about this is because so much of it is real and they know it and when it’s real, you can just feel it and when the performers are passionate and just engaged in what they’re doing, you can feel the difference.”

** WWE uploaded a preview to their YouTube channel of their documentary about Dennis Rodman that premieres on the WWE Network this Sunday:

** WWE issued a statement to Sports Illustrated and confirmed Ryan Satin’s report that WWE personnel are required to partake in a medical screening before entering the Performance Center in Orlando where WWE will be hosting their shows for the foreseeable future.

“In consultation with WWE Medical Director Dr. Maroon, WWE Associate Medical Director Dr. Dugas and ringside physician Dr. Westerfield, as a best practice and precautionary measure all WWE performers and staff are required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering WWE’s training center, which is now operating as a closed set.”

** PROGRESS Wrestling provided an update on the status of their next few shows. Their shows on March 29th and April 30th in London, England have been cancelled. Their May 9th and May 10th dates have been postponed and the Super Strong Style 16 tournament has been postponed until August.

** Alberto El Patron made an appearance on the talk show Nos Cayó La Noche and it was during this appearance that El Patron said he’s been in communication with WWE about a potential return. Fightful Select reached out to WWE about said comments and the sports-entertainment company denied those claims. Another source reiterated to the site that they would not do anything to make Paige uncomfortable which includes having El Patron around.

** Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda interviewed Frank Turner about how CM Punk being in his music video for the song ‘The Next Storm’ and how Daniel Bryan was supposed to be featured in the video as well.

** To celebrate WrestleMania coming to Tampa, the Tampa Bay History Center was going to open up a temporary exhibit on March 7th entitled ‘Sunshine State Showdown: Wrestling in Tampa Bay’. The museum has been closed due to the Coronavirus but a virtual tour of the exhibit can be watched live on Facebook on March 20th.

** Chris Jericho welcomed Dr. Axel Patel onto the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Several weeks back, Dr. Patel joined the POST Wrestling Café Hangout.

** Game Changer Wrestling announced the return of The Acid Cup 16-person tournament. The show[s] will take place on March 19th and 20th from an undisclosed location and will be streaming live on IWTV. Participants in the tournament have been announced as well. Brett Lauderdale did an interview with Sports Illustrated to promote the event.

** On the latest edition of the notsam Wrestling podcast, R-Truth joined the show and among other topics, Truth told the story of how he lied about his height and weight when filling out information for the WWE before they signed him.

“First of all, I don’t know if people know this: I had wrote that I was like 6’4, 260 pounds. So, that ended up circulating around to when they saw me. ‘You’re not 6’4, and you’re not 260.’ I said, ‘Damn.’ I said, ‘Bruh.’ I said, ‘Those pencils man. I don’t know who put that down there.’ I said, ‘Actually I’m not, Vince. You can see that.’”

** New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) are guest appearing on the March 21st episode of ‘All That’ on Nickelodeon with Kel Mitchell.

** Katie Nolan confirmed that AEW’s Orange Cassidy was booked to appear on ESPN 2’s ‘Always Late’ show. Orange Cassidy’s appearance was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

** Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff appeared on The Wrestling INC Daily podcast and while chatting about the Coronavirus outbreak and how Ring of Honor has approached the situation, Koff stated that there are plans in place for Ring of Honor to possibly go live and that being a weekly occurrence.

“I think we are always looking at that and we have a plan on the table to look at a more weekly kind of version, a liver version or a more current version. Our plans are moving forward in that regard. We don’t have a start date yet but it’s this year as you heard. I think those rumors are not necessarily rumors but, they are closer to fact than not. But we will have to see how this transpires and whether that affects a moving back of that date. It’s definitely one of our goals.”

** Madison Square Garden announced that WWE’s live event that was scheduled for March 22nd has been postponed to June 27th.

** PWInsider published an article which read that the reason the match graphics for the next show was listed as “next Dynamite” is because Tony Khan doesn’t think they should believe that they’ll be allowed to broadcast live on TNT next week. If unforeseen circumstances come about, AEW will continue on with their storylines when they return to TNT for a live broadcast.

** Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Cauliflower Alley Club had to postpone their 55th reunion. The reunion is now set for September 20th through the 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

** The newest edition of Battle of the Brands on the UpUpDownDown YouTube gaming channel has been uploaded:



** Here’s the trailer for the ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ documentary:



** While chatting with Mirror Sport, Sheamus said that he’s focusing on capturing the Intercontinental Championship and he also wants his old theme song back but WWE will not grant him that.

“Yeah, listen, I enjoyed doing the backstage promos, they were kind of edgy, but the only problem was that they were a bit vague in terms of what they were trying to describe, but I had fun doing them and trying to get a bit of intensity out of the character, because that was what got me here in the first place. When I was in The Bar I joked around a lot, you know? Me and Cesaro were always taking the p***! There’s definitely a different mindset for Sheamus now, and the only thing he’s focusing on is the Intercontinental Championship. That’s his one motivation. The only thing I wish WWE would do is give me back my old music! Everyone has been asking for it, but the men in charge are telling me they don’t ever remember hearing it!”

Sheamus chatted about his recent return to in-ring competition. He revealed that while he was out, he went to go train with Dr. Tom Prichard and made mention of some of the drills they did that were spotlighted during the FCW documentary on the WWE Network.

“All I could do was to take it one day at a time and see where I was at. I had an idea on how I wanted to look physically, and to get in shape and stay in shape. The hardest part was getting back into the ring. I got back in with Dr. Tom Prichard, who has a school in Knoxville, and was the one who originally trained me when I was in FCW. It was tough, man. That ring is stiff, but it’s a good stiff because people come in and need to learn that it’s not an easy business, it’s very physical. They used to do this thing called Man in the Middle where you stand in the middle of the ring and there are guys in each corner, they come at you and you have to move with each one of them. It’s kind of a ring cardio session that lasts 25 minutes and we used to do it all the time. So [in recovery] I said, ‘Doc, let’s do Man in the Middle’, and he’d look at me like I was insane. It was tough, but you have got to get your confidence back in the ring. You still get nervous going in the ring and get butterflies in the stomach, but now it’s business as usual.”

When asked about the current landscape of wrestling with NXT on the USA Network and AEW on TNT, Sheamus said there’s a lot of hungry individuals looking for an opportunity. Sheamus said he’d also like to make the move to NXT UK to challenge WALTER for the NXT UK Championship.

“There’s a lot of hunger out there because a lot of people are getting a platform to perform on, and you can’t be afraid or intimidated by talent. You have to rise to it. If someone is coming up with a great ethic, and they’re great in the ring, you have to use that to spur on to work better and be better. You hear all these rumors; ‘So and so has been held down…’ I’m not aware of any of that stuff, I’ve always embraced the talent coming in and the challenge of it. That’s what it is mate. It’s competition – you have to be competitive with yourself and other people. If they’re working hard, you have to work harder. That’s great for everybody and, most importantly, for the fans. If you’re doing the same old thing every week, they’re not going to tune in or turn up at the shows. So it’s a win-win for everybody and I think it’s fantastic. I’d love to go over to NXT UK and wrestle WALTER and get my hands on the NXT or the NXT UK Championships. I want to win everything I can before they drag me out of the ring and tell me I can’t do this anymore. There’s no ego involved man. You see the guys working hard for those titles, and they’re giving legitimacy to all of those titles, and that’s the goal.”

** Tammy “Sunny” Sytch returned to social media after being arrested in 2019.

** Former two-time NEVER Openweight Champion Taichi turned 40 years old on March 19th.

** Digital Spy posted their interview with Sheamus.

** Billy Gunn joined Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and towards the closing portion of the podcast, Gunn spoke about his time in WWE as a part of D-Generation X. Gunn believes the group was not as good until he and Brian “Road Dogg” James joined.

“But I think when Shawn [Michaels] went away and I’m gonna hold on to this to this day, DX did not get good until me and Brian got on there, ‘til we were in it, because now you have five people and it’s a whole different dynamic. Now you have everybody and anybody that can do everything and anything, and everybody played their part so good and as a unit we were just unstoppable and still doing the entertaining stuff and just doing more wrestling stuff.”

** Matt Hardy will be on the next episode of Talk Is Jericho which is set to release on Friday. Also, Matt Hardy’s theme that was used for his Dynamite debut was created by Reby Hardy.

** After their Wednesday episode, WWE’s The Bump will be back for another episode on Friday. Alexa Bliss, Jeff Hardy, Braun Strowman, Drake Maverick and Xavier Woods are all scheduled for the show.

** Netflix shared a video of the upcoming titles that are set to premiere on their streaming service. Two of the titles were Big Show’s Netflix series which is premiering on April 6th and WWE’s ‘The Main Event’ film that premieres on April 10th.



** Mojo Rawley appeared on the Testudo Times podcast which is a podcast dedicated to the University of Maryland Terrapins which is Mojo’s Alma mater.

** All of wXw’s events in Saxony, Germany are cancelled until April 19th so they are moving their scheduled events to October.

** Former 4-time TNA Knockouts Champion ODB was the latest guest on the Women’s Wrestling Weekly podcast.

** While speaking to GiveMeSport, NXT UK’s Piper Niven stated that Drew McIntyre is the standard for Scottish wrestlers in regard to their dreams being possible to achieve. She added that whenever Drew comes back to Scotland, he always checks in with Insane Championship Wrestling and converses with the wrestlers on the roster.

“Drew has been integral to our scene. When I started out there was hardly any wrestling in Scotland. When I started, Drew had just been taken over to America to wrestle and that was unheard of for anybody to have a tryout or even have a look in with WWE. He was the aspiration. He was proof that if you’re talented and you work hard and you’re passionate, then it is possible. He was the inspiration for so many people. For me, he’s constantly been showing it can be done. How everybody reacted to his Royal Rumble win back home, there’s so much national pride. Me and Drew come from not too far away from each other. There are a few wrestlers that come from Ayrshire and I jokingly call us the Ayrshire Mafia.” She added, “Absolutely [Drew checks in] any time that he’s around. He pops back to see ICW, he always has time for us and always checks up to see how we’re doing, making sure his brothers and sisters are alright.”

** According to PWInsider, the interviews that aired on the March 18th episode of NXT on the USA Network were filmed at the WWE Performance Center on Tuesday. Once the material was filmed, WWE’s production team immediately went to edit the footage and it came down to the wire but they were able to get the episode ready in time for it to air.

** According to a report from the New York Post, WWE never had talks with Madison Square Garden about moving WrestleMania 36 to their venue.

** Jimmy Havoc turned 36-years old on March 19th.

** Chris Riddle was asked by WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus to put together her ’20 Years Of Stratusfaction video package.

** Explosive Pro Wrestling in Australia announced that all of their public events are cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but until those live events return, the shows will be free to watch on Vimeo.

** Ahead of his WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre did an interview/workout for Men’s Health and shared his routine heading into WrestleMania.

** The Pro Wrestling Tees store in Chicago is closing tomorrow due to the Coronavirus outbreak. They’ll still be taking orders online and they’ll print and ship regularly.

** At IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view, Sami Callihan will clash with soon-to-be IMPACT Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock. On next week’s IMPACT on AXS TV, Jake Something, Daga, Acey Romero, Willie Mack, Rohit Raju, Chris Bey and Jake Crist will compete in a Scramble Match and the winner will become the #1 contender to Ace Austin’s X Division Championship.

** Chris Van Vliet conducted an interview with Eddie Kingston and during their chat, Kingston spoke about not wanting to reach out to his connections that are in companies like AEW or WWE because he does not like asking for favors. He recalled asking a friend of his in AEW to toss his name to the higher-ups and Kingston said he was extremely uncomfortable with asking the favor.

“And it’s hard. Again, I don’t wanna mention names but I ask certain people at AEW and it was so hard for me to do it. Like I was uncomfortable in my skin. I was like, ‘Hey man, you mind just throwing my name out there?’ And they’ll be like, ‘Yeah Eddie, of course. What’s wrong?’ And I’m doing this — [Scratching and squirming], and they’re like, ‘Yeah Eddie, we’ll do it’ and then later on in the night I’ll go up to them and go, ‘Yo, I’m sorry,’ and they’re like, ‘What are you sorry for?’ I’m like, ‘I f*cking asked you for a favor.’ They’re like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ And I’m like, ‘It just doesn’t feel right.’”

** There will be a special edition of WWE Backstage on FS1 that premieres tonight at 10 PM EST. Paige and Renee Young will watch back Paige’s NXT Women’s Championship match against Emma (Tenille Dashwood). Also, they’ll watch back the WWE Women’s Championship three-way from WrestleMania 32 featuring Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

** On March 24th, a special on NJPW President Harold Meij will air on NHK World and it’ll air again on March 25th.

** In her latest write-up for the Calgary Sun, Natalya talked about how difficult it is being off the road at the moment for someone who is constantly on the road and here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“The last few weeks have felt like a roller coaster ride of emotion for all of us. When I need to get grounded, I remind myself that we’re all in this together and focus on what’s truly important in my life: my family, friends and my pets. When I reflect on the most difficult times of my life, those challenging times always allowed me a glimpse into the “big picture.”

I’ve worked nearly 12 years for WWE and I’ve never really taken any time off except for when I broke my ankle in 2015. I took eight weeks off from the ring, but it wasn’t time off as I worked feverishly in the gym and in physical therapy to return from the injury. I knew I had to get back to living my dream, but perhaps in some ways I may have been selfish in thinking it was all about me and constantly trying to prove myself every week on TV. At the time, I was about to start a storyline with Sasha Banks, who was someone I’d never worked with on WWE television. I wanted to work with her so much and focused on doing everything I could to achieve that goal.”

** On today’s NXT UK on the WWE Network, A-Kid challenged Noam Dar to a match next week. Also on next week’s show, Jordan Devlin is defending the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Travis Banks. In two weeks, there will be a #1 contender battle royal to determine a new challenger to WALTER’s NXT UK Championship at TakeOver: Dublin.

** According to WrestlingINC, below are the matches that were taped prior to and after AEW Dynamite on TNT:

– Jake Hager def. Joe Alonzo
– S.C.U. def. Shawn Spears & Robert “Ego” Anthony
– Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall def. Matt Sells & Jon Cruz
– Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) def. Suge D
– Wardlow def. Local talent
– Colt Cabana def. Brandon Cutler
– Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss def. Corey Hollis & Local talent
– Darby Allin def. Kip Sabian

** Synergy Wrestling is running an empty arena show on March 28th entitled ‘For The Crown’ and the event will stream on FITE TV for $9.99.

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