upNXT TV Review: Lost – Pilot Part 1 & 2

upNXT TV Review: Lost – Pilot Part 1 & 2


Davie Portman celebrates a decade since his favourite TV show, Lost aired its finale by reviewing the episode that kicked it all off: Pilot Part 1 & 2.

Davie is joined by friends of the show Kevin Hudson (from Geekcentric), David Sykes and MJ From NJ to chat all about one of the most groundbreaking pieces of TV in history. They remain spoiler free as they talk all about plane crashes, monsters, polar bears, French distress calls, heroin, flashbacks and more!

Davie is then joined by “Lost Virgin” Chris Price to see what his initial reactions of the show were, what theories he has and whether he will continue the journey.

The lads then talk about how well they think the show holds up today, some spoilers, take your feedback and more!

Over the next two weeks Davie will be continuing his Flashback Reviews on Lost over at the upNXT Patreon. These shows will be available for all tiers!

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