Cyberbullying laws to be discussed by Japanese government following the passing of Hana Kimura

After the passing of 22-year old Hana Kimura, Japan's Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication, Sanae Takaichi is planning to speed up discussions concerning cyberbullying.

On May 23rd, World Wonder Ring STARDOM made the announcement that former two-time Artist of STARDOM Champion Hana Kimura passed away. Hana’s passing correlates to the cyberbullying that she endured after her appearance on the show ‘Terrace House’. After a scene aired in-which she and another cast member had a disagreement, she received a great deal of backlash on social media.

CNN covered the news of Hana’s passing and it’s noted in the article that Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication, Sanae Takaichi is planning to speed up government discussions concerning cyberbullying laws. Takaichi is planning to lead a government panel to discuss if internet users should be identified if their posts are slanderous or include defamation.

Former cast member, Emika Mizukoshi described her experience on social media after the show aired and she received a number of threats online as well.

“I also was slandered after joining Terrace House, and was hurt,” she said in an Instagram post. “But we on TV are all human and have feelings. Words can be deadly weapons … We have to end this trend where you can say anything to so-called famous people.”

STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa chatted with about Hana Kimura’s death and talked about how the ‘Terrace House’ series brought a great deal of negative attention to the 22-year old. Rossy said that with the blessing of Hana’s family, STARDOM as a whole are considering taking legal action against cyberbullying.

“I discussed this matter of slander with Chigusa Nagayo (of Marvelous Women Pro Wrestling). We can’t judge it on our own, but in consultation with her bereaved family, STARDOM is considering taking legal action against malicious cyber-bullying.”

Additionally, STARDOM released another statement about Hana Kimura. The promotion noted that they will not be sharing any information about the funeral plans (date & location) for Kimura. They will also not be sharing any details of Hana’s passing out of respect for her family and asked that the media do not attempt to interview those who are related to Hana or are athletes of STARDOM.

“We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for your concern, deep sorrow, and all of the sudden obituary on May 23 of Hana Kimura, our affiliation.

As for the passing of Hana Kimura, it is said that there is no case as a result of police judgment.

For more detailed causes of death, etc., we will refrain from publishing due to the wishes of the bereaved family. We do not plan to announce the details here in our conferences and releases. We would like to ask all the mass media and fans for their kind understanding and consideration.

In addition, please refrain from interviewing bereaved families and athletes belonging to our company in consideration of the current situation.

In addition, please refrain from visiting the bereaved family, athletes’ homes, offices, practice areas, etc., as this may bother local residents.

Regarding the funeral of Kimura Hana, we will refrain from disclosing the date and time of the place because of the wishes of the bereaved family who want to do it inside. The mass media and fans are kindly requested to take this into consideration.

The bereaved family expressed their deep gratitude to the fans who supported Hana Kimura, and although the date and time of the event is currently undecided due to the new Corona Eruption, a memorial service for Hana Kimura will be held. We are considering. In addition to the entertainment, we plan to discuss the possibility of delivering images and photos to our fans.

Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.

We deeply pray for Hana Kimura.”

that’s all.”

The support came raining in for Kimura and POST Wrestling’s own WH Park joined the Double Or Nothing review podcast to discuss Hana’s passing and how the news is being covered in Japan.


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