Members of the wrestling industry remember Grant Berkland/Danny Havoc

Members of the industry are in mourning following Sunday's news that Grant Berkland a.k.a. 'Danny Havoc' has died.

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Members of the industry are in mourning following Sunday’s news that Grant Berkland a.k.a. ‘Danny Havoc’ has died. Below are some of the tributes that have been posted to Twitter:

Jon Moxley:
Goddamnit am I gonna miss you Grant…I didn’t cry all night you did FU…fyi : Danny Havoc was not just a fearless and creative performer but also a talented artist and graphic designer. In fact I asked him to design the first AEW Mox shirt, he created the grenade design.

Kevin Owens:
I’m so sorry for Danny Havoc’s family, friends and fans.
I didn’t know him well but all I’ve ever heard about him throughout the years painted him as a passionate, kind-hearted guy.
The pro wrestling community has lost yet another good one…
Take care of each other, guys.

Alex Colon:
I cant express into words the man u truly were. I can’t explain to years from now who grant was when they ask about Danny Havoc. Today time stood still and forever it will for me. A piece of me is lost. U were a brother to me not like the wrestling term but an actual brother…

Zack Sabre Jr:
Danny Havoc was without a doubt one of the wittiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Equally as intelligent & kind. He went out of his way to make me feel welcome during my first few tours of America. A real gentleman. RIP Grant.

Matt Tremont:
2011 I met Danny Havoc for the 1st time in a 15 + Hr trip to Alabama for a deathmatch tournament. We fought in the 1st rd, that day I’d get to know Grant Berkland, he got me my job at CZW and the rest is history. This last tour in Japan in Feb meant the world to be there with him

Jeff Cannonball:
I want to say so much but don’t know how.  Danny Havoc was a favorite for me as a fan turned a true friend. I’m so happy I saved all these ridiculous drawings he’d send me out of nowhere. Sorry I never got that head tattoo, Danny. Love you.

DJ Hyde:
Words can not express how heartbroken I am. Danny Havoc was my rival, my friend, my family. We have bled together and loved this business together. You are more then just a brother. Grant i love you and will miss you.

Thumbtack Jack (Alexander Bedranowsky):
Danny Havoc and I travelled the world together. I was his 1st opponent in Germany, he was my 1st opponent in CZW. We were blood brothers. Grant Berkland was a good soul. He helped me with my depression after breaking my spine. I wish I could’ve returned that favor, old friend.

Tim Donst:
I’m at a complete loss for words on the passing of Danny Havoc. I’ll write something more just in the next few days but in the meantime I just want to express that Danny was one of my favorite people I ever met in life. The smartest, kindest wrestler in the world.

Mike Quackenbush:
The loss of Danny Havoc is utterly tragic. Passionate about his wrestling, passionate about his art, and gone far – FAR – too soon. I loved his sly sense of humor, and he had a unique perspective to add to every conversation. Danny Havoc was a guy we all looked forward to seeing.

Bryce Remsburg:
Ya know how they say “the death match guys” are often the nicest and most intelligent? Danny Havoc is probably the reason they say that.
My heart aches for his friends and family.

Mustafa Ali:
I shared a locker room a few times w/ Danny Havoc but didn’t know him on a personal level. Reading all the wonderful stories/memories from his friends makes it clear that the we lost someone special. My sincere condolences to his friends, family and fans. Rest in power, Danny.

Kris Levin:
Danny Havoc was a tremendously kind, intelligent, well-spoken, talented individual. We first met in 2011. Despite being the new kid in a less-than-welcoming environment, he was always extraordinarily generous and approachable. The world lost him far too soon. Rest easy, Grant.

Ethan Page:
One of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met ….. R.I.P. Danny Havoc

Damian Abraham:
Grant Berkland was one of the most intelligent and creative people I have ever met. I feel so blessed that I had chance to get to know him a little. I will treasure every conversation. RIP Danny Havoc

Danny Havoc always extended kindness to me and welcomed me into the CZW family. My heart hurts for his friends and loved ones. Rest easy, friend.

John Thorne:
This Danny Havoc news really sucks, if you scroll social media you won’t see anyone saying 1 bad word about him, truly one of the good ones that was respected around the globe by everyone. We weren’t best friends by any means but he was someone I always looked forward to seeing


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