The Long & Winding Royal Road #0: Origin of the Triple Crown w/ Joseph Montecillo

The Long & Winding Royal Road #0: Origin of the Triple Crown w/ Joseph Montecillo


WH Park starts his new series about All Japan Pro Wrestling during the 1990s with a special prelude episode looking at the creation of AJPW’s top title, The Triple Crown.

Joining him is Joseph Montecillo, a wrestling video essayist who does outstanding work on his YouTube channel.

They look at the matches leading up to the unification of the top 3 singles titles in All Japan into the Triple Crown as well as the first title change after it is formed.


  • Click here for Genichiro Tenryu vs. Ted DiBiase NWA UN Title
  • Click here for Tenryu vs. Stan Hansen for the PWF Heavyweight Title
  • Click here for Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Bruiser Brody for the NWA International Heavyweight Title
  • Click here for Hansen vs. Tenryu PWF/UN Heavyweight Title match
  • Click here for the final unification match Jumbo vs. Hansen
  • Click here for the first title change

WH Park and a special guest look back at the greatest matches of All Japan Pro Wrestling from the 1990s in The Long & Winding Royal Road, a limited-edition podcast from POST Wrestling.

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