WWE creative teams merged, Bruce Prichard will lead, Paul Heyman will focus on his on-screen role

WWE announced that as of today, their creative teams have been merged. Bruce Prichard will lead the team and Paul Heyman will focus on his on-screen role.

WWE made the announcement that as of June 11th, both RAW and SmackDown creative teams have been merged into one and leading those teams going forward will be Bruce Prichard. As for Paul Heyman, Heyman is no longer the Executive Director of RAW and he’ll be focusing solely on his on-screen role in WWE. The following statement was a part of WWE’s announcement:

“In an effort to streamline our creative writing process for television, we have consolidated both teams from Raw and SmackDown into one group, led by Bruce Prichard. Paul Heyman will concentrate on his role as an in-ring performer.”

Paul Heyman was appointed the Executive Director of RAW in the Summer of 2019. Heyman was assigned the job along with Eric Bischoff who was named the Executive Director of SmackDown. In February of 2019, it was reported by PWInsider and soon confirmed by WWE that Prichard was heading back to the WWE for a full-time creative role.

Once Bischoff was fired from his position, Prichard filled in and took on the role. As more information about this news becomes available, POST Wrestling will either update this article or publish a new one.

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