EXCLUSIVE: Details on Saieve Al Sabah’s exit from MLW, emails exchanged, MLW comments (Updated)

Saieve Al Sabah took to social media and revealed that he requested his release from Major League Wrestling and was granted that release. After reaching out to MLW, their Head of Wrestling Operations, Jared St. Laurent spoke on the record about the situation and how things unfolded between Saieve and MLW.

UPDATE – July 10th, 2020: The original article contained an inference of serious nature by Saieve Al Sabah against Jared St. Laurent. After speaking multiple times with St. Laurent, who was adamant the allegation was false and unfounded, author Andrew Thompson sought additional clarification from Al Sabah. Al Sabah’s response, when asked if he stood by his original allegation, did not meet POST Wrestling’s criteria for publishing.

The author stands by the reporting in this article, but acknowledges that Al Sabah’s inference regarding what was alleged against Jared St. Laurent is not deemed to be credible.

At the request of St. Laurent, the allegation has been deleted from this story.

UPDATE – July 8th, 2020: This article previously stated that Samantha Fiddler was last seen at the Team Vision Dojo. This is incorrect. Per The Charley Project, she was last seen in the Bartow, Florida area after her release from jail on November 19, 2016.

On the same day, according to Cagematch.net, Teddy Hart was wrestling for the UIPW promotion in Los Angeles, California.

Samantha was a part of the Team Vision Dojo and the Pro Wrestling 2.0. Training Center in Florida during her time as a trainee. At the time, she was in a relationship with Teddy Hart, who was a trainer at Team Vision.

Back in November, Teddy Hart released a statement about his relationship with Samantha and his dealings with Chasyn Rance, as the accusations that he and/or Rance had something to do with her disappearance arose.

While touching base with Alex Pourteau, the founder of the Pro Wrestling 2.0. Training Center, he recalled that Samantha last trained at the school during the Summer of 2016 when it first opened. She came in for five-to-six classes and never returned to the school afterwards.

The ‘Enlighten Mine Eyes’ investigation site contains a ‘Missing Adult’ poster for Samantha Fiddler. A representative from the organization informed me that police and Samantha’s family are still actively searching for her. When asked about the exact location where Samantha was last seen, they stated that they could not disclose that information.

In regards to the business relationship between St. Laurent and Chasyn Rance, as mentioned in the article below, St. Laurent says he severed business ties with Rance and Team Vision a decade ago but continued training students throughout the years because he felt a loyalty to them. Chasyn Rance sent over an email and noted that MSL continued booking for the ‘I BELIEVE’ promotion until May of 2018, which is the promotion under the Team Vision banner:

The last show MSL booked for BELIEVE was May 4, 2018. He started being too busy with MLW and distancing himself from I Believe Court’s request. I did for years try to distance my name and stop wrestling for a bit but that only made the internet calm down but made business slow down. When I wrestle on shows, business has gone up. It’s been an issue for the past 10 years. MSL did not book the June 1, 2018 card. I gave him my thoughts and he said good. He did not come to book anymore shows which was fine. I had a nice handle on things. He had quit previously at one point after my issues but came back when I brought business up and he didn’t have much going on. That was the NJPW/CEO deal 2 years ago. Last year with AEW/CEO, MSL was not booking. I didn’t quite get things pulled from me. I finally got an answer that it was best to lay low. I was in the area promoting and getting my 20 tickets to my students and assistants for that event.


On June 8th, Major League Wrestling announced the signing of Saieve Al Sabah (Samson Therasse) to the organization. Upon his arrival into MLW, Saieve was set to be a part of the ‘Injustice’ group with Jordan Oliver and MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed. Today, Saieve took to Twitter and revealed that he requested his release from MLW and was granted that release.

Over the past several days, Saieve voiced his thoughts about the powers that be in MLW, specifically their Chief Operating Officer, Jared [Mister] St. Laurent. On July 1st, Saieve tweeted directly to MLW founder Court Bauer that if Bauer didn’t “clean up his house”, he [Saieve] will. Saieve added that Jared St. Laurent needs to be out of the wrestling business and tagged the Team Vision Dojo in the tweet where Laurent was formerly a coach and trainer. The tweets from Saieve about MLW and Laurent continued up until today when Saieve was granted his release. In the midst of that, Saieve also shared several photos of Saint Laurent and Chasyn Rance together. Rance operates the Team Vision Dojo wrestling school in Florida and is also a registered sex offender.

As he continued to put tweets out, Saieve received a direct message from the Team Vision Dojo Twitter account which messaged him,

Always thought you were a nice and talented person.

Saieve did not dive too deeply into what he knows but he shared a screenshot with me that reads that Chasyn Rance and St. Laurent used to live together in the early 2000s. He also passed along the images he put on his Twitter of Laurent and Rance together. Former Team Vision Dojo trainees Dan Kinnally and Salina de la Renta, both confirmed to me that while they were training at the school with Samantha Fiddler, Jared Saint Laurent was not coaching nor training there at the time. The following is from Kinnally:

I had only seen Mister Saint Laurent during an event with Salina. The time I was when I was training with her I had never seen him at the school.

Salina de la Renta passed along the following:

Yes, I remember when Samantha started training at the school. She would always come around with Teddy Hart, and eventually she stopped coming. I never heard of her after that but it’s true that MSL was not coaching then. I never saw him when I went to class.

With that information, I spoke with MLW Head of Wrestling Operations, Jared St. Laurent and he was willing to speak on the record about the situation at hand. Firstly, he expressed that he feels bad because he was looking forward to seeing what Saieve was going to do in MLW. As far as his affiliation with Chasyn Rance, Laurent said he has not been associated with him or the dojo in years. According to Laurent, Saieve was upset about a $5 royalty check from a t-shirt sale. MLW put a Saieve Al Sabah shirt up on Pro Wrestling Tees and Al Sabah only saw $5 from that. Laurent explained that he was not the individual who gave that amount of money to Saieve. Laurent said he wasn’t aware that Saieve had a shirt with MLW because his contract with the organization had not started yet.

Laurent said that he and Saieve spoke via email prior to Saieve receiving the royalty check from the shirt and then some time after Saieve received the money, he then sent out the series of tweets. Saieve has worked with MLW in the past and Laurent said that he offered both Saieve and MJF (AEW talent) the same deal. According to Laurent, Saieve wanted close to $300,000 a year in 2018 and he felt that Saieve was not a TV property yet but did have “all the talent”. He also doesn’t understand how Sabah would think that MLW would be able to give him that amount of money. Laurent offered $100 per show and Saieve countered with $50,000 bonuses every few months and that totaled to about $20,000 short of $300k. After that, the talks between the two sides ended.

When Saieve signed with MLW last month, it was for “a few hundred” a show and Saieve appeared to be happy with the deal. Laurent added that all of his 2020 dealings with Saieve were pleasant and Saieve was apologetic for what went down in 2018. Laurent shared that a mutual friend reached out to him and said that Saieve wanted to come and work with MLW again. Over the past several days, MSL said that Saieve has been going around telling people that he’s going to get him [MSL] fired. MSL claims he reached out to Saieve around the time that Saieve started to tweet about the situation at hand.

In emails exchanged between the two parties, Laurent asked for Saieve’s PayPal address at the time of his signing and the exchanges were friendly. On June 8th, Saieve also sent Laurent the following:

Hi MSL. Just Wanted to Reach Out About JD Drake. He Spoke To Me About Concerns About Potentially Coming to MLW. I Spoke to Court about it and he said to forward you his email. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Following the Samantha Fiddler/Team Vision dojo rumors beginning to arise, Saieve stopped working with Team Vision but he had been working with them for a year-and-a-half after Fiddler’s disappearance. As for Laurent, he claims to have cut business ties with Chasyn Rance and Team Vision a decade ago before Chasyn’s legal troubles were made public. He continued to work with the school because he felt a loyalty to the students so he checked in throughout the years to see how everyone was doing. Laurent shared that at the time, no one that was a part of the school was aware of Chasyn’s past legal troubles and he told everybody a watered down version of his crimes. He says that he wasn’t around while Samantha was there, which was backed by Salina de la Renta and Dan Kinnally, but he did train some students without being paid for it.

When he heard about the Samantha Fiddler case around early 2018, he stopped visiting the dojo and encouraged everyone to switch schools.

I have reached out to Saieve Al Sabah again to see if there’s anything else he wanted to add from his side of the story but he has not responded.

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