AEW ALL OUT 2020: Moxley vs. MJF, Jericho vs. Cassidy

John Pollock's coverage of AEW All Out from Daily's Place featuring Jon Moxley vs. MJF, Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy, and more.

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Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of AEW All Out from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Immediately following the pay-per-view, we will have our AEW All Out POST Show that will be streaming LIVE for Double Double, Iced Capp, and Espresso members of the POST Wrestling Café and will be taking phone & Skype calls.

Andrew Thompson and I will have coverage of All Out throughout the evening beginning at 7 pm Eastern with the Buy-In pre-show.


*AEW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (champion) def. MJF in 23:42 to retain the AEW title
*Mimosa Mayhem Match: Orange Cassidy def. Chris Jericho in 15:03
*AEW Tag Title Match: FTR def. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (champions) in 29:37 to win the AEW tag titles
*Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall def. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno in 15:09
*AEW Women’s Title Match: Hikaru Shida (champion) def. Thunder Rosa in 16:56 to retain the title
*Broken Rules Match: Matt Hardy def. Sammy Guevara
*21-Man Casino Battle Royale Match: Lance Archer wins the battle royal in 21:48
*The Young Bucks def. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy in 15:21
*Tooth and Nail Match: Big Swole def. Dr. Britt Baker in 6:17
*Buy-In Pre-Show Match: Private Party def. Alex Reynolds & John Silver in 10:26
*Buy-In Pre-Show Match: Joey Janela def. Serpentico in 8:03

Tony Schiavone and Dasha are hosting the Buy-In.

MJF cut a promo calling Moxley and himself “two undefeated bulls”. He proved he could get as violent and vicious this past week. He’ll keep him in the ring like a dog on a leash tonight because Moxley “is just a goon” and won’t brawl or leave the ring. Whatever submission Moxley has, MJF has a reversal and will outwrestle him. Tonight, we get a real paradigm shift.

Christopher Daniels, Santana & Ortiz, Lance Archer & Jake Roberts, Frankie Kazarian, and Darby Allin (in black & white) cut promos on winning the Casino Battle Royale.

Later we heard from Eddie Kingston & his crew, Tully Blanchard & Shawn Spears, Jake Hager, Taz with Brian Cage & Ricky Starks, and Best Friends.

Jon Moxley cut a promo waking up with the taste of blood in his mouth from the beatdown and loves that feeling. The sacrifices he has made are something a spoiled punk-ass like MJF cannot understand.

Tony Schiavone and Excalibur were set to call the two matches on the pre-show.


Serpentico came out with Luther in his corner, the two comprise “Chaos Project” and have been teaming on AEW Dark.

Janela charged into the ring and began fighting. His forehead was bandaged from the attack by Chris Jericho on Wednesday. Janela was accompanied by Sonny Kiss.

Janela was knocked to the floor and tossed into the guardrail by Luther. Serpentico set up for the foot stomp off the top, but instead landed on his feet, stomped Janela and was weird. So, he climbed again and landed on Janela’s knees and was hit with a Death Valley Driver and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two-count.

Luther grabbed the legs of Janela and was struck by Kiss. Janela hit a clothesline and elbow off the top for the win.

WINNER: Joey Janela at 8:03

It was average and the work was fine minus the odd double stomp tease from the top that didn’t pan out.


Reynolds and Silver cut off the ring as they worked over Isaiah Kassidy and dragged him away from Marq Quen.

After several minutes, Kassidy rolled to avoid a clothesline and tagged Quen. A top rope moonsault was hit by Quen before Reynolds made the save. Dark Order stopped Silly String and Silver spun Quen off his shoulders for a two-count.

Private Party each missed coming off the top and Quen took a stunner and kicked out of a jackknife cover, which was a great sequence by Reynolds & Silver.

Silver was hit with Gin & Juice and Kassidy, who was selling his back, rolled on top for the cover.

WINNERS: Private Party at 10:26

This was a good match and you can see the evolution Private Party is making with a concerted effort toward Kassidy selling for the big tag to Quen. They are in a deep division and it’s hard to crack that top mix. Reynolds and Silver looked strong with Silver feeling like one of the breakout personalities over the past month due to his BTE work.

Jim Ross came out at the end of the Buy-In as they went into the pay-per-view portion.


While shot on location, they still had the live commentary.

Big Swole arrived at the dental office with referee Mike Posey. Swole attacked Rebel with the clipboard at reception.

Baker broke a framed diploma over Swole’s head, and they proceeded to head outside and fight with weapons. Rebel joined in, so it was a 2-on-1 attack. Baker hit Swole with a DDT on top of the “Role’s Royce”, but Swole tossed Rebel into the dumpster. Baker hit Swole with a crutch and ran back indoors.

Baker went to use a power drill, missed, and punctured a hole in the dental chair.

Rebel brought a syringe they said was full of novocaine that Swole injected into Baker’s leg putting the leg to sleep. Swole hit Dirty Dancing and put Baker to sleep with nitrous oxide or something, Baker was out and was pinned.

WINNER: Big Swole at 6:17

This didn’t land at all for me, I thought the comedic elements fell flat and it fell far from the mark of some of the past cinematic matches we’ve seen this year by WWE and AEW. It was very disappointing.

They immediately moved on to the next match. It was a rough start to the pay-per-view portion.


This began at a fast-pace and the Bucks double-teamed Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy flew over the top with a ‘rana to Nick on the stage. Matt grabbed Jungle Boy with the series of Northern Lights suplexes and ended with a vertical suplex where they got caught on the top rope and looked rough. Matt re-applied the hold and suplexed Jungle Boy over the guardrail.

Marko Stunt yanked Nick Jackson off the apron behind the referee’s back.

Luchasaurus hit chokeslams to both Matt & Nick and a standing moonsault on Matt, and the cover was broken up by Nick. The audience was vocal chanting for Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy leaped off the back of Luchasaurus and took out Nick on the floor. Luchasaurus followed with a moonsault off the apron.

Jungle Boy went for the flying ‘rana and Nick caught and powerbombed him on the edge. Matt kicked Marko Stunt’s crutch away and superkicked him. Nick kicked Jungle Boy off the shoulders of Matt from the apron sending Jungle Boy to the floor.

Jungle Boy avoided the BTE Trigger and fought both. The Meltzer Driver was stopped by Luchasaurus allowing Jungle Boy to hit a poison ‘rana to Matt and was lifted into a cutter by Jungle Boy for a near-fall.

Luchasaurus hit a springboard crossbody over the rail to everyone in the crowd. Jungle Boy went for a springboard and was caught with a superkick from Matt for a near-fall, a double superkick was hit and Jungle Boy still kicked out.

Finally, they hit the BTE Trigger on Jungle Boy and Matt pinned him.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks at 15:21

Excellent tag match and The Young Bucks working as heels is refreshing and works seamlessly even with a lot of their patterned maneuver with a more diabolical demeanor attached. This was solid.

The story should be that The Young Bucks are in line for the winner of the tag title match tonight.


The winner receives a future AEW title shot. Every three minutes, another group of five are added to the match and the 21st entrant is the “Joker”.

Taz sat in on commentary for this match.

The first group included Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade & Rey Fenix.

Fenix and Trent had a nice sequence together.

The second group featured Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana & Ortiz.

Santana & Ortiz attacked Taylor with the baton they used last Wednesday. Fenix hit a spin kick off the ropes to The Blade and Hobbs eliminated The Blade for the first elimination of the match.

The third group had Billy, Penta El Zero M, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage & Darby Allin.

Cage military press slammed Billy out of the ring. Allin ran down with the skateboard and attacked Starks and Cage as the place was nuts for Allin. Allin eliminated Fenix and then, Taylor was thrown out.

The final group had Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss & Lance Archer.

Spears walked over to the commentary team and was using his patience and intelligence to wait.

Kiss eliminated Hager, Cage lifted and dumped Kiss out of the ring, and Hager struck Kiss on the floor before leaving. Trent pulled down the rope to eliminate Santana. Archer hoisted Trent and threw him out, then punched Ortiz and he landed on the floor.

The Joker was Matt Sydal. He immediately slipped coming off the top with a shooting star press attempt. That was scary but he seemed to be okay.

Penta was the next one eliminated. Kazarian was Irish whipped to the corner going over and out.

Suddenly, some fireworks from next door started going off.

Cage went after Starks, Taz reacted, and then Allin eliminated Starks. Starks pulled Allin to the floor and threw him into the post and grabbed a body bag. They placed Allin into the bag with thumbtacks inside and threw him on the stage.

Sydal landed a foot stomp to Spears on the edge and Spears was gone.

Archer and Hobbs squared off and Archer hit the Pounce. Then, Cage stepped up to Archer and they went at it. Hobbs stopped Cage and they fought on the edge of the apron. Archer knocked both to the floor.

It’s down to Archer, Sydal, The Butcher, and Eddie Kingston. Archer threw Butcher out.

Archer hit Sydal with the Blackout. Kingston knocked Sydal off the apron. Kingston started stomping Archer and The Butcher tried to grab Archer. The Blade returned to help, Kingston bit Archer as Jake was trying to scare Kingston with the snake and Archer choke slammed Kingston off the turnbuckle onto Butcher & Blade on the floor.

WINNER: Lance Archer at 21:48

The match had a lot of rushed elements and I am still not a big fan of the group pairings that don’t space out entrances. The Matt Sydal shooting star press could have been much worse, so thankfully, he seemed okay.

Fenix looked good early but there was a lot happening to get too much focus beyond the final participants.

It was a good battle royal not great.


Hardy was at TIAA Bank Field next door calling out Guevera, who showed up in the cart and tried to run over Hardy.

Hardy hit a DDT on top of a table, and they ascended on a forklift and Hardy tried a side effect off it. Guevera avoided it and speared Hardy off the forklift through a table on the floor. Hardy landed terribly and appeared to have hit his head badly on the floor.

Aubrey Edwards started counting and Hardy got to his feet and was staggering all over the place and couldn’t stand on his own.

Edwards signaled Dr. Sampson to check on Hardy and Edwards called it off at 3:51.

Hardy was yelling for Guevara, and the announcers were trying to explain what happened.

They were leaving the area when Guevara attacked Hardy and they rang the bell to continue the match.

Both climbed a stand and Guevara was knocked down through a stage. Edwards counted ten and it was over at 2:12 of the re-start.

WINNER: Matt Hardy

There was no question Hardy fell badly and seemed to be out of it, which should have ended the match. I’m sure there will be many questions asked about this one and hopefully, Hardy is okay as the fall was brutal. It appeared that they opted to continue because of the nature of the stipulation but if so, that was the wrong call.


Excalibur noted Thunder Rosa is NWA women’s champion and the Tokyo Joshi Pro International Princess champion.

Shida hit a knee lift with Rosa draped on the apron. Shida set up a chair, but Rosa leaped off the chair to strike Shida. Rosa wrapped her around the post and a running boot to the head.

Shida caught her with a rear-naked choke but went to her back and had to kick out of a cover.

Thunder Rosa went for a roundhouse kick that Shida stopped and tried for a stretch muffler unsuccessfully. Shida hit the jumping knee strike.

Rosa hit a sliding dropkick to the stage, and they fought outside the ring. Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Shida came off the middle rope with a Meteora on the stage.

The match escalated with a series of big strikes back-and-forth, Shida hit the Falcon Arrow and Rosa kicked out at one. Shida tried again and was rolled up for a two-count. Shida came back with the stretch muffler and trapped the arm but Rosa still made it to the rope.

Shida hit the Tamashii running knee strike to win.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida at 16:56 to retain the AEW women’s title

Both worked hard and wrestled a strong match, particularly down the stretch to make this one memorable. I wouldn’t say it reached that level, but it was a very good match that suffered more than other matches with the atmosphere as they were trying to have a classic world title match. I enjoyed it.

Thunder Rosa was a great choice for an opponent and going off the roster for the pay-per-view challenger.

Alex Marvez spoke with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford backstage and they announced they are getting married on AEW Dynamite. Sabian said his best man is going to announce who it will be on Wednesday. Then, Sabian plugged his Twitch stream, which was funny.


Allie and Brandi Rhodes were ringside for the Natural Nightmares.

It was a brawl from the start before settling into an eight-man tag.

Jim Ross says there is something missing with Cardona and it’s not his ability but one day we will see it.

They attacked Marshall and kept him away from his corner. Cardona and Cabana were tagged in, Cardona ran wild and hit the Reboot to Cabana in the corner.

Cardona was attacked by Lee on the floor and handed him back to Cabana. Cabana got hit in the face and was favoring it a lot to the point the announcers called it out and thought he might be hurt.

It built towards Rhodes getting the back, he hit a Destroyer to Cabana followed by Lee hitting a superkick, and Sky was tagged. Anna Jay entered and was taken out by Brandi Rhodes.

Sky hit a TKO on Grayson, Cardona hit Radio Silence, and a somersault dive to the floor. He tried another Radio Silence that Lee blocked with a powerbomb.

Marshall hit a tope con giro to everyone on the floor. He called for the Diamond Cutter, it was blocked by Grayson and sent into a powerbomb by Uno, spinning side slam by Lee, and splash from the top by Cabana that Marshall kicked out from.

Lee hit a discus clothesline to Rhodes, Cabana missed a moonsault from the top, and Rhodes won with a roll-up on Cabana.

WINNERS: Dustin Rhodes (pinned Colt Cabana), QT Marshall, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona in 15:09

Lee looked furious after handing Rhodes over to Cabana.

This late in the show, this one went longer than it needed to be but it was a fine eight-man tag that probably would have been warmly received by a full arena.

It was played up as revenge by the Nightmare Family for the attack on Cody while Lee threw a fit and shoved the Dark Order members including Cabana. Lee yelled at Cabana telling him that he set him up for the win.

Schiavone spoke with Dustin Rhodes and he cut the ultimate babyface promo about leaving Dark Order in the dust, and they did it for Cody, who will come for what is rightfully his. Schiavone said on Wednesday he’s facing Brodie Lee for the TNT title and he was shocked.


Page insisted he wanted to start, and Omega tagged him in. He fired off at Wheeler and Harwood and nearly struck Omega by mistake.

Wheeler sent Page ribs first into the post and dropkicked them. FTR focused on the mid-section. Page sold for a long time until making it to the corner to tag Omega.

Omega and Page double-teamed Wheeler and called for the Last Call, which was thwarted. Wheeler distracted referee Paul Turner allowing Harwood to knock Omega off balance on the turnbuckle.

FTR hit the Power & Glory superplex and splash combination for a two-count on Omega. Good Night Express was stopped when Page tackled Wheeler. Omega hit a reverse ‘rana on Wheeler and the Tiger Driver ’98 that Wheeler kicked out from.

There were a pair of dragon screws on Omega’s knee followed by Harwood applying an inverted figure-four, which Excalibur noted was how they submitted Chuck Taylor in the Gauntlet Match. They continued to attack Omega’s left knee and his selling was strong.

Page hit a Swanton off the top FTR on the floor.

FTR hit a Steinerizer to Omega off the apron to the floor. Then, hit one to Page inside the ring with Harwood coming off the top.

Page hit the moonsault/fall away slam that Bandido made famous to Wheeler off the top turnbuckle. Wheeler ducked the Last Call, Omega went for a V-Trigger and missed to hit Page while Wheeler hit Omega with a chop block to the bad knee.

The Mind Breaker was delivered to Page, who kicked out. The hit the spike piledriver and pinned Page.

WINNERS: FTR at 29:37 to win the AEW tag titles

They emphasized that the miscommunication was the difference-maker when Omega missed with the V-Trigger and FTR capitalized.

It was technically great and it’s just so hard to have that big epic match with this sized crowd, and it’s probably not fair to continually bring up that point but that’s what the expectation level is going to be set at. Given the expectations, they weren’t met.

It probably went longer than necessary but I still enjoyed it a lot. FTR is so fundamentally sound and has every tag team trick down pat that makes for a dramatic storytelling device each time.

Omega grabbed a table and hinted at an attack on Page but tossed it away. Page went collapse and Omega sidestepped and didn’t catch him, he kicked the beer away and it spilled on the camera lens, which was a happy accident as it looked cool. Omega left alone with Page left laying.

Omega met The Young Bucks and said “I’m done” and wanted to leave the arena and said “it’s time for a clean break” and gave the Bucks an ultimatum and Omega left in a car.

Alex Marvez was backstage with Chris Jericho, who said this was an “experiment” with Orange Cassidy to see if he could make him a main eventer in AEW. Tonight, Cassidy is a main event draw and they can thank Jericho. He makes main event stars and ends them. Tonight, he’s done.


The crowd was lively when the bell rang to start the match.

Cassidy ran into the codebreaker for an immediate two-count. Jericho tried to catapult Cassidy into the mimosa vat that next to the ring.

They fought on the platform avoiding the vat. Cassidy went for a ‘rana, was caught and Jericho powerbombed him through a table next to the vat. Jericho hit the springboard dropkick as Cassidy was teetering.

Cassidy hit a Michinoku Driver and Jericho kicked out. He followed with the Stundog millionaire and a swinging DDT is countered with the Walls of Jericho. There were no rope breaks, but Cassidy got a jug of mimosa and splashed it in Jericho’s face to escape.

Cassidy hit the Orange Punch, sent Jericho over and his foot went in the vat but the match continues until you’re all the way in.

Cassidy hit a kip-up, a ‘rana off the buckle, and a PK into a swinging DDT and got a two-count. Cassidy came off the turnbuckle and was hit with another codebreaker for a near-fall.

Cassidy stopped a Splash Mountain, hit an Orange Punch, and a second one sent Jericho flying into the vat of mimosa.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 15:03

The audience responded to the visual of the fall and Jericho sold it for all its worth.

This match came late in the show and we’re at the four-hour mark. They built it around the tease of each falling into the vat and if you had a super loud audience, it would have been fun and dramatic. There wasn’t anything wrong with it other than coming late in the show and it hasn’t been a home run card.

This match came late in the show and we’re at the four-hour mark. They built it around the tease of each falling into the vat and if you had a super loud audience, it would have been fun and dramatic. There wasn’t anything wrong with it other than coming late in the show and it hasn’t been a home run card.

The next pay-per-view is Full Gear on Saturday, November 7th.

*Brodie Lee vs. Dustin Rhodes for the TNT Championship
*Kip Sabian names his best man for his wedding
*The  winner of Jon Moxley vs. MJF will speak


Lance Archer was watching from the stands, who is the next in line.

MJF applied a side headlock yelling “sorry, you’re getting wrestling tonight”. He refused to go to the floor with Moxley. He got MJF to the floor and crotched him on the guardrail.

It’s all MJF where he grounded Moxley, got cocky, and went to the floor where Moxley turned the tables and catapulted him into the post and he was bleeding.

Moxley caught himself before using the Paradigm Shift. Moxley hit the Gotch Piledriver and MJF kicked out of it. Moxley bit the cut.

Moxley tried to get everyone reacting and yelled at MJF to fight him and MJF spit into his face. Moxley nearly hit the Paradigm Shift and he hesitated as MJF applied the Salt of the Earth. MJF hit the Heat Seeker piledriver and Moxley kicked out.

Moxley stopped another Heat Seeker with an Air Raid Crash for a two-count. MJF used a thumb to the eye and a backslide for two. MJF grabbed the referee and hit a low blow and roll-up for two like he was Toru Yano.

Wardlow sent the Dynamite Diamond Ring, the referee’s back was turned as Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift and pinned MJF.

WINNER: Jon Moxley at 23:42 to retain the AEW title

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