Matt Riddle filing a civil lawsuit against Candy Cartwright

After retracting their injunction, Matt Riddle and his lawyer Daniel Rose are choosing to file a civil suit against Candy Cartwright for her allegations against Riddle during #SpeakingOut.

Matt Riddle’s lawyer, Daniel J. Rose posted a statement on social media on behalf of Riddle which read that Riddle has elected to file a civil lawsuit against Candy Cartwright, real name Samantha Tavel. During the #SpeakingOut movement, Samantha Tavel claimed that Riddle sexually assaulted her and Riddle went on to release a video on the matter just several days after.

On July 14th, Riddle sought a cyberstalking injunction against Tavel. Per Rose, it was relayed to his client that there would be no need to continue on with the injunction, which led to it being dismissed.

David Bixenspan of Babyface vs. Heel obtained documents having to do with the case. Riddle and his lawyer had filed a complaint against Tavel making numerous claims including those covered in this article, stalking and threatening Riddle and his family.

It’s noted in the documents that Riddle and Tavel’s affair with one another began in the Fall of 2017 and did not end until the Summer of 2019. Riddle claimed that Samantha showed up to Full Sail University in February (2020) and had to be escorted off campus.

Candy Cartwright released a statement about the dismissed injunction last night and thanked the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund for aiding her through the recent months.

As more accurate information about this case comes to the forefront, we’ll update you here on POST Wrestling.

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