Sami Zayn wins Intercontinental Championship at WWE Clash of Champions

Sami Zayn was officially crowned as the WWE Intercontinental Champion at Clash of Champions.

The opening match of WWE’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view was for the Intercontinental Title and it featured Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles competing in a ladder match for the gold. The final image of the bout saw Sami Zayn holding up both the official and unofficial Intercontinental Title belts.

During the match, Zayn handcuffed Jeff Hardy by his ear to another ladder. Zayn also used handcuffs on AJ Styles and cuffed he and AJ to each other. Once Hardy got back in the ring and started hitting AJ with a ladder, Zayn used a key to uncuff himself from AJ and win the Intercontinental Title.

Sami Zayn went on hiatus from WWE after WrestleMania and returned following SummerSlam. He never lost the Intercontinental Title but at Clash of Champions, Zayn officially became champion again.

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