POST NEWS UPDATE: Nick Aldis: If the money had been right, I would’ve had to go to AEW

Nick Aldis further discusses his contract negotiations with AEW, Joey Ryan files lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling, Alberto El Patron gets a trail date, Teddy Long recalls Ric Flair calling him a racial slur and Steve Cutler provides an update on The Forgotten Sons.

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** NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joined the Keepin It 100 with Konnan podcast. Aldis further commented on his conversations with AEW President Tony Khan about joining the company in 2019 and Aldis stated that if the money was right, he would’ve had to join All Elite Wrestling.

“At that time, Tony [Khan] did not make that an option [to work in AEW and the NWA at the same time]. I did [ask] though. That was the first thing I asked for and he wanted exclusive. It was a long time ago. It was January of 2019 that Tony set up a call and look, I appreciated it. It’s nice to be desired, right? And we had a long conversation, but he trusted me because he told me then that they had the deal with TNT and it was starting in the Fall and all these things that ended up happening and it’s like, he trusted me enough and I respected that, the professionalism and telling me these things and look, it’s Keepin It 100, if the money had been right, I would’ve had to go, you know what I mean? I would’ve had to been like, ‘Look, it’s great to have passion, it’s great to believe in what you’re doing’ but ultimately if the money was too good to be true — it was a fine offer but not — it was the same as what [I] was making. Billy [Corgan] bumped my money up. He bumped my money up a couple of times.”

** January 21st, 2021 is the trail date that has been set for Alberto El Patron (José Chucuan), per PWInsider. He was indicted last week on charges of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault.

** Hannibal TV hosted a Q&A session with Teddy Long. One of the questions asked of Teddy was if Ric Flair ever apologized to him because it has been put out in the public that Flair allegedly called Teddy the n-word. Teddy also told the story of what led to that interaction between himself and Flair.

“No… I don’t think he [has]. If he had, I wouldn’t — no he hasn’t but, here’s the thing about that, sometimes people don’t apologize, like come up to you and say, ‘I apologize.’ Sometimes they can speak to you or maybe try and hold a conversation with you to let you know in so many words, ‘Hey, I’m sorry about that’ but like I said, I ain’t never really expected that and I don’t really care because I put that all behind me. I was able to make it and I was able to show people that had that negative [feeling] about me and said that I would never make it and that I had no talent, I was able to prove them wrong so, that was good enough for me so I don’t need no apology, you know what I mean? But like I said, I’m just telling the truth. It is what it is. That’s what happened.

Well, like one time in Knoxville, Tennessee I think and I remember there were some girls trying to come into the back door, getting in the back of the arena and then I think he was maybe at that door and they said some girls threw me under the bus. I don’t even know who they were. I’m refereeing, I don’t know these people, and they said that they used my name and said that I told them that they could come in or they [could] come to the back door or something like that, and so he runs into me and the next thing I hear, he says to me, ‘[Racial slur], do you like working here?’”

Teddy recalled being called into Wrestler’s Court in WWE. He said one of the times he was called in was because he was caught selling Viagra to the men’s roster.

“So Undertaker was the judge, and so they took me to Wrestler’s Court twice and the first time they took me to Wrestler’s Court was because I was selling Viagra to the boys. So, they were gonna try and give me this big sentence about the Viagra so I didn’t have no lawyer so, I ended up having to get Mae Young, God rest her soul. Mae Young was my lawyer and so, when I took Mae Young in their with me to Wrestler’s Court to defend me, we almost had my case won and Mae Young yells out and she says, ‘Niagara’ instead of Viagra, so that was a [discrepancy] right there so that’s how I lost my case and so, I ended up having to buy a bunch of beer and a bunch of food and stuff. That was part of my sentence but, Wrestler’s Court was pretty good. I just enjoyed watching other people but they got me twice.”

Teddy Long spoke highly of former NWA World Women’s Champion Jazz. Jazz, alongside Rodney Mack are working with Teddy in the SWE Fury promotion based in Texas and Teddy believes that Rodney Mack is close to putting a bow on his career as Jazz recently did.

“Jazz, we’ve retired her and we’re gonna put her in the SWE Hall Of Fame and Jazz is also gonna be helping us backstage. I want her to become an agent and start helping with the ladies, with the girls matches and make sure that the girls know what they’re doing out there and then we’re also getting ready to start a school, dojo camp. SWE Fury camp. Guys that wanna get involved in professional wrestling and be trained and Jazz will be one of the trainers in there so, her and Rodney [Mack] also because Rodney, I think he’s about ready to try and hang it up and just sit back and try to train guys and just give back and try to help the young kids and try to help them make it.”

** MLW is preparing for their restart. The organization’s CEO Court Bauer tweeted out that a select number of fans will have the opportunity to attend the restart and more information on that is coming soon.

** Joey Ryan, real name Joseph Meehan filed a lawsuit last month against IMPACT Wrestling parent company Anthem Wrestling LLC for $10 million. Ryan is suing the company because he feels that his contract was breached when they released him while a multitude of allegations were being made against him during the #SpeakingOut movement. In the five-page lawsuit (via PWInsider), Ryan noted that he signed a contract with IMPACT in September of 2019 that was supposed to run through August of 2021 but that contract was breached when Scott D’Amore emailed him to inform him that he was no longer being booked because of the allegations. After that email, Ryan received a formal release notice that was signed by Anthem President Ed Nordholm.

** Steve Cutler of The Forgotten Sons was a guest on the ‘Borne the Battle’ podcast. The Forgotten Sons, consisting of Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake and Jaxson Ryker have not been featured on WWE programming for the past several months. Cutler was asked when will The Forgotten Sons be back on TV and responded with the following:

“Couldn’t tell you and I wouldn’t tell you either way. Just one of those things where it’s we’re being patient and doing what we can and waiting for our spot and waiting for our time and it’s coming, don’t worry. It’s coming.”

Cutler feels that as far as communication goes, being in contact with the powers that be has been better on SmackDown than it was in NXT. He elaborated on that and said the communication was not bad in NXT, but feels that The Forgotten Sons are more understood within the confines of SmackDown.

“No, so it’s kinda funny with — it’s kinda funny with creative since we’ve been called up. It’s been better communication than we had in NXT. Not saying it was bad in NXT but it has just kinda been more hands-on to where we can be there to talk and a lot of the verbiage they would give us from the scripts were very like, ‘Oh wow, this is actually kinda something I would say’ but then we reform it into how we would speak it and say it and we’d send it back and they come back. They’d be like, ‘Oh, Mr. McMahon wants you to say this so if you can get this line in there,’ and it’s just one of those things where you’re working back and forth and it’s like no problem. But, they kinda got the gist of us, I feel main roster on SmackDown, creative had more of an understanding of what to do with us than NXT because it’s just a — both NXT, SmackDown and RAW are all different. NXT is more wrestling based and kind of getting a character out there, but more or less everything is based on wrestling where RAW and SmackDown is the entertainment part of WWE.”

During the podcast, Cutler told the story of how The Forgotten Sons were formed. He mentioned that at one point, Wesley Blake was trying out a character that was being presented as “The Beautiful Blake” but Patrick Clark came along and Blake’s character was scrapped.

“It’s kinda funny how it all worked out too with how [Wesley] Blake and I came together because he was doing his thing. He was [a part of] Blake and Murphy and Alexa Bliss for a little bit. They were the tag champs in NXT and I was doing a bit called the ‘America’s Greatest Son’ as my character and I was kinda being very condescending as a veteran. Kinda, ‘Oh, you wanna thank me for my service? Now you wanna thank me’ type-thing, and it was kinda catching along with creative and they were liking it and they said, ‘Keep doing this but you can walk that line a little bit but don’t cross it, but if you wanna test the waters…’ I’m like, ‘Okay, no problem.’ That’s the best part of NXT is trying to figure out you and how you can make certain things work and that was one of the things I was doing and then, when Blake and Murphy kind of ended, he was on his way back from an Australia tour and beforehand, he started this gimmick called The Beautiful Blake and it was very flamboyant, and… then Velveteen Dream came along and then it kinda ended Blake’s kinda character because it was not fitting to what they wanted as a narrative so Blake texted me as they were on their way back from Australia. He said, ‘Hey, are you really serious about being a tag team?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah,’ because that was the writing on the wall at that time in NXT was getting on as a singles is very hard, especially with the influx of guys that made their name on the independents and come in, go straight to TV.

So Blake and I started the tag team, did a few promos in class and creative loved it and they said, ‘Can you be funny?’ We did one funny promo. ‘Can you be serious?’ We did another week [when] we’re serious and then it just kind of morphed into this thing, Blake and Cutler. We didn’t get The Forgotten Son name until we were technically, originally gonna debut in Atlanta. I wanna say it was 2017 for the Dusty Cup and they were like, ‘Well –’ we did a match, it was a squash match, get over and then we announce in the promo that we’re gonna be a part of The Dusty Cup and we’re the first entrants and telling everybody about it and then afterwards, creative came to us, they said, ‘Ahh, well you guys are gonna lose the next round and we’re just debuting you so we don’t want you to get squashed that way, that quick’ when we’re a new team coming on the scene so, ‘We’re just not gonna air the match.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, great.’ So it’s just back to the drawing board. It was one of those things where like, ‘Oh, what do we do?’ So we just kept trucking along, keep being patient, keep working, keep working and hacking and throwing ideas to creative and that’s when [Jaxson] Ryker came along and we worked a few live events together. We were kind of new, like Chad [Jaxson Ryker] fit the mold, because obviously being a marine and kinda with us just as a heater, bigger guy, intimidating. Like, ‘Oh, okay cool. We can be the loud-mouth hyenas and then he can be the anchor where we just hide behind him type-thing but it really didn’t kinda come that way. We all molded into this tight-knit unit that eventually became The Forgotten Sons.”

** Announced for the 10/13 episode of NXT is Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch versus Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish. The winners will earn a shot at Breezango’s (Tyler Breeze & Fandango) NXT Tag Team Titles.

** Former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush is starring in a new series titled ‘Turning Heel’ alongside Ciro Dapagio. Here is the press release about the news:

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, October 13, 2020 / — Ciro Dapagio, Known for as Mike White ( The MobKing), Valentine (Silent Partners) announces his new upcoming series “Turning Heel” . What happens when a retired WWE champion (Cannibal Jack Pliskin), meets a dynamic young, acrobatic flyboy who is also an aspiring wrestler. The Old and the new clash in this battle of wrestling titans in Ciro Dapagio’s new series titled “Turning Heel”. Starring Ciro Dapagio as Cannibal Jak, WWE Champion Lio Rush as young Greg. Created by Jorge Yokes Yanes, James Bishop and Ciro Dapagio. A Ciro Dapagio Production Directed by Jokes Yanes.

Dapagio is a multi award nominated and winner content creator, producer, and leading man. Dapagio, is scheduled to start filming The MobKing in 2020. “The MobKing,” is based on the life experiences of Dapagio and has been picked up by Wanda Halcyon Television, New Street Pictures to be filmed at Pinewood Studios. Dapagio is also the Executive Producer and Lead actor in films such as Silent Partners, Brass Knuckles, and Bound. Beginning his acting career in early 2018, Dapagio is already known as a leading man on TV and in movies as a tough guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Dapagio works diligently with his production team to create entertaining content. His persistence has generated millions of social media followers who have contributed to the success of each project that he has released.

** Natalya shared that she lost a tooth while working with Lacey Evans on the 10/12 episode of RAW.

** Asbury Park Press has a feature story up about All Elite Wrestling which includes a profile on Cody Rhodes. As far as working with other companies go, Cody says he laughs when he hears the phrase “working relationship” because he feels that those relationships already exist when it comes to talents of AEW working in other companies or vice versa.

“I think you’ll never see a full-scale, like, joint-promoted show (between AEW and another promotion.) We have too much pride in our individual brand. But in terms of the relationships, we’re never closing the doors and we’re never going to pull up the bridges.

I laughed when I heard people talking about a working relationship with New Japan because clearly it already exists — Jon Moxley has been on New Japan, Chris Jericho has been on New Japan. It already exists, the working relationship. The NWA (owner) Billy (Corgan) and Tony Khan are in contact, Thunder Rosa’s the prime example of that. … I loved seeing Tanahashi on TV last week. He’s somebody I really wanted to get in the ring with one time as far as singles and never got the opportunity — and who knows? That might be something that can happen in the future. But our doors are open, our bridges are down.”

Besides the AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida, all of AEW’s champions are former WWE talents. Cody commented on that and said that one should not be placed in a box based on the beginning of their career.

“You don’t put someone in a box based on the beginning of their career, that’s the point of pro sports and the arts. You can completely combine them in this regard: If this is your life’s work, you work on it every day.

And the individual that was Luke Harper (in WWE), Mr. Brodie Lee, that individual has grown as a wrestler. He’s better bell to bell, he’s considerably better on the mic. He’s learned more — experience, experience, experience. … It’s weird, in wrestling people like to keep you confined to where you were and I don’t believe in that. I simply believe in growing.”

While speaking about the first year of All Elite Wrestling, Cody feels that he “talked too much” in the sense that he strapped a label or confined the AEW product to something as it was still growing.

“I wanted to really promote the brand, I wanted to pound the pavement, but in speaking I kind of confined our product, I tried to give an identity to a product (when the) identity is evolving, its identity is growing. AEW is going to have a different identity in year one than it has in year two, and we want that identity and that flavor profile to improve. But to say it’s one thing would be incorrect because wrestling is something that there’s no one specific way to do it right. There’s many different ways to do it right. So I spoke too much as an executive in my efforts to promote the brand and a lot of this kind of click-bait journalism (followed) in areas where what I said was taken out of context and might have rubbed people the wrong way or might have created more tension between an NXT fan and an AEW fan. A little less talk from me, a little more action, is one of my goals (going forward).”

** UPROXX conducted an extensive interview with AEW’s Britt Baker. Britt was asked about the criticisms of AEW’s women’s division along with the growth of the division. She feels that it’s something the company is working on and said she knows there are plans to grow the division.

“Yeah, I definitely think it’s something the company is working on. You know, and we got hit hard—our women’s division, because of the COVID outbreak. Half our roster is international talent, so we immediately didn’t have access to any of those women. Then Kris Statlander got hurt, and I got hurt. And there’s only so much time on AEW Dynamite to start with.

And I know there are plans to grow the women’s division, but at the same time we need help from the fans at home too! We can’t have the women’s segments being the lowest rated or the lowest views each week. Because at the end of the day it’s a business, and AEW needs ratings.

It’s no secret we’re in a war every Wednesday night with NXT, so we need the ratings up. So for the fans that are so encouraging and saying, ‘We want more women, we want more women!’ That’s great, but please don’t turn the channel when the women are on TV then! We want everybody to be watching the segments and cheering us on from home.”

While on the topic of dream matches, Baker said that Sasha Banks is one of her favorite wrestlers and praised she and Bayley’s match from TakeOver: Brooklyn.

“We’ll go way out there. Sasha Banks is one of my favorite wrestlers. When I started training I’d practice her moveset. Literally I was like a little Sasha Banks in the ring. That Sasha and Bayley TakeOver match? I memorized the entire match because it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen at that point—two females outshining the guys on the show and just tearing the house down. Bayley and Sasha are two of my absolute favorites, and it’s hilarious that we’re on opposite channels calling ourselves the same title, ‘the Role Model,’ but I would love to wrestle either of them. Sasha and Bayley. The Battle of the Role Models.”

** IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo chatted with Fightful. Deonna stated that when it comes to herself and IMPACT Wrestling, both are on the same page when it comes to the idea of her sticking around in the company long-term.

“I think going into Slammiversary I was very honest about, ‘I like everything about this. I like the vibe here. I like the girls here. I like how I’m treated. I feel very much a part of all the things I was lacking in a fundamental human basis prior, I feel it at this place.’ I made that known of like, ‘It might just be a one shot thing, but this is where I want to make my home and I want to grow in this place.’ So, I was surprised, but I was also like, ‘This is a good sign and this is good for me.’ I’m going to plant some roots here and to be given the trust. Not just to be the champion, but to come in and go right for the champion and getting these storylines and the TV time and the social media stuff that I’ve been able to do. It shows they have equal trust. So, as surprising as it was, I feel that we had a mutual understanding of like, ‘I would love to be here long term.’”

Deonna was let go from the WWE this past April. Fast forward to present day and she is the IMPACT Knockouts Champion. When asked if she feels vindicated for believing in her abilities, here’s what she said:

“A little bit. But, I also feel like there is a tremendous amount of pressure on me to perform at that level that I said I could perform at. With IMPACT! taking this chance on me and all the things that I said before I really got started in the division, I take this role so seriously. I’m constantly getting time in the ring and working on new things and trying to up my cardio and get in better shape, bring my gear to the next level every time because I want to prove—not only myself right—but the people that believed in me and the people that are giving me these opportunities right. They need to know how heavily it weighs on me and how much I appreciate it. There is so much pressure I felt going into Slammiversary, there’s ten times more pressure that I’ve put on myself going into Bound for Glory now because, not only do I need to retain my championship, but I can’t be a one hit wonder. I can’t be a fluke. I need to bring it to that same level and then some the second time around.”

** Gerald Brisco will be hosting a weekly mailbag Q&A show on AdFreeShows.

** Cody Rhodes spoke with TV Insider for an exclusive interview. Rhodes shared more information about AEW’s third hour of programming and stated that it’ll be on a different WarnerMedia network.

“We have to move from novelty to commodity. One thing we’ve continued to do is recruit. People wonder why we’re recruiting when we only have this two-hour bullseye to hit. We know that this third hour is going to present itself soon. And I don’t mean a third hour of Dynamite. I mean a separate hour on a WarnerMedia network. We’ll be able to diversify and freshen up the content on a regular basis.”

** Sports Illustrated ran their interview with Aleister Black. Black recently debuted new theme music on Monday Night RAW that was not well received on social media. He said the complete presentation of his entrance/theme is not complete yet.

“The entrance is not done yet. Everything you miss about the old entrance, there will be substitutes for them. It will come, but it’s going to take a second to get everything ready. Us pulling the trigger on the new music—could we have waited? Possibly, but we didn’t, so we got there the way we got there. But we’re not finished. The presentation of the new entrance is not done yet.”

Black also provided some insight into the direction that his character is headed in currently. He feels that some of his supporters feel that he has not gotten his just due when it comes to potential title reigns etc., but for now Aleister is focused on establishing all the layers of his character.

“Initially, I want to establish this character. I want to establish this entrance, I want to establish this aesthetic. I want people to understand this character to the fullest extent. My character has always been designed to generate a response. I want this character to be a fundamental piece within the WWE universe that is understood and can move forward on this chessboard, and eventually get to the point where we have title matches. If those title matches somehow fail, then what is the consequence? Then what happens? I don’t want to do this for a while, then do that for a while. I want there to be multiple outros and intros for any type of storyline where I get involved.”

** Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson covered the 2005 WWE No Mercy pay-per-view for the latest installment of Something to Wrestle. During the Q&A portion of the show, Prichard stated that there were ideas tossed around about Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero possibly wrestling one another at WrestleMania 22 in 2006.

“It was kicked around as a possibility because they never worked together and that was, at least in my head, a dream match. That was one of those that I definitely would’ve loved to see.”

** IMPACT X Division Champion Rohit Raju was a guest on the Shining Wizards Podcast. One of the topics that came up during their chat was the growth of IMPACT Wrestling under the new regime with Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. Rohit admitted that he doesn’t agree with every decision storyline-wise but he can always voice his thoughts to management.

“The management, I don’t know the inner-workings of that so I can’t really speak on how that works. I hope and I think sometimes they do a lot of the right things and I don’t agree with everything that they do and sometimes I think, ‘Well okay, they probably should’ve went a different direction,’ but I’m not in charge, so I don’t know how any of that works, you know what I’m saying? So that’s a hard call and I don’t wanna criticize that. The only thing I know is like if I feel they’re not doing something right with my character, I always approach ‘em, and be like, ‘Hey, I don’t think this is right’ or, ‘Hey, do you think this makes sense?’ Or before, I was actually getting [around them], I’d be like, ‘What else do I gotta do for you guys to give me a shot?’ So, I can’t really speak on what they’re doing but [they] must be doing something right because we are firing on all cylinders…”

Rohit recalled working with Sabu early on in his career. He revealed that at the 2019 Bound For Glory pay-per-view, Sabu wanted to work a singles match with Rohit opposed to being a part of a Battle Royal on the show.

“I actually wrestled Sabu though, early in my career and the cool thing about that was I put on — even though it was young in my career, I put on good matches with him and he never forgot that, and every time I saw him, he always gave me a hug and I would see him at random places. I saw him at the Auto Classic, he gave me a hug and then we had a match, I think it was in Vegas for IMPACT, and they didn’t know that I had worked with him before so they were trying to tell me something and he goes, ‘Ah no, no, no, I worked with this guy before. We’ll be fine, he’s good. We’ll be good,’ and I just thought that was really cool and then, at Bound For Glory, I think it was last year when it was in Chicago? Yeah it was. He actually wanted to have a match with me. He was trying to have a match. He’s like, ‘I really don’t want to do this’ because I think we did the Battle Royal and he didn’t wanna do the Battle Royal. He wanted to have a singles and he wanted it with me, so I thought that was really cool.”

** Kenny Herzog welcomed Sonny Kiss onto the ‘Outside Interference’ podcast. Sonny detailed some of his discussions with the TNT executives and them offering some input to Sonny and how the two sides come to a middle ground.

“You just have to explain it to them, and once you explain it, they understand it better. As far as not having anyone like me, a lot of them understand that, so even if they’re getting a suggestion and I’m not getting it and I’m explaining why it may not be for me, they start to get it. There’s a mutual understanding.”

** Booker T made the media rounds to promote the Reality of Wrestling ‘Swing Vote’ event that is scheduled for October 18th. Booker recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. and shared his thoughts about WWE’s third-party edict and them possibly taking over talents’ Twitch accounts.

“One thing about the business and working in the business for 30 years, there has always been a protocol. There has always been a route to go for stuff like that. Back in my day we didn’t have Tik-Tok, Twitter, Cameo. I’m sure this generation is going to have to figure out how to make stuff like that work for truly going into business and making it work for themselves. It’s a touch-and-go situation they are going to have to work out.”

** Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson covered The Miz’s career in WWE for the latest installment of the Grilling JR podcast. Jim Ross recounted the story of Chris Benoit kicking Miz out of the locker room after The Miz dropped food crumbs onto someone else’s bag.

“Yeah, threw his sh*t out, kicked him out, threw his bag out behind him. But Chris Benoit didn’t — again, he policed his territory. Benoit represented the business as best he knew at that point in time, but he didn’t take it to the next step and put the Crossface on Miz or just beat the sh*t out of him, and if he’d beat the sh*t out of him, none of the talents were gonna say anything because they would’ve perceived that he deserved it, but nobody deserves to be assaulted at the workplace, nobody. So, the verbal thrashing, have at it. Exile, have it but physicality ain’t gonna happen but once.”

Elsewhere during the podcast, Jim Ross shared that once, former WWE writer Chris DeJoseph was sent out to the ringside area during commercial break in a thong to dance in front of JR. This was done to jokingly embarrass JR in his hometown but JR ended up hitting DeJoseph in the head with a microphone, causing him to bleed.

“And Chris DeJoseph’s a good guy. I potato’d the sh*t out of him one time in Oklahoma City. I really didn’t mean to, kinda sorta. Vince [McMahon] sent him out there, of course he thought it’d be good to humiliate J.R. again in his hometown. So he comes out there and gets in my face in a thong. This is off the air folks by the way. So I had the microphone… there was a handheld microphone on the desk where somebody had done a promo, probably the last segment, left it there, whatever. So I clocked him on the head with the microphone, and it busted him open. Well, the corner of the mic cube hit him. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just gonna tap him a bit. ‘Get out here’ type-deal and the mic cube was turned and it punctured his head and he started bleeding. Vince says, ‘God damn JR, you gotta take everything so seriously.’ I said, ‘Yeah Vince, I intended to bust his ass open.’ Come on. It’s stupid sh*t like that but yeah, Big Dick Johnson [Chris DeJoseph] was a good sport and a smart kid, good writer. He wrote a lot of good stuff for Lucha Underground and so Chris was a good kid. I never had — he was just doing what he was told to do and he was a company guy enough to do it.”

Jim Ross spoke highly of the late Matt Cappotelli as well. Ross said that Cappotelli reminded him of a young Brian Pillman and praised the former Tough Enough winner for his passion for wrestling.

“Yeah, we thought Matt had great potential. What a sweetheart of a kid. Loved, loved, loved wrestling. Living his dream. God bless him, and he reminded me at times a little bit of a young Brian Pillman. Frame, pace, good looking kid and you couldn’t ask for a better person, teammate to be on your roster. Just a great kid, very athletic. He was never gonna be the biggest dog in the fight but he had that Ricky Morton ability, not that he was Ricky Morton, but he had that Ricky Morton ability and tendencies to sell, and smaller guys like that have to be baby faces especially, have to master the art of selling and all the different levels of selling. Selling is just not one word and it’s all the same. It’s a progression, registering, big sell, soft sell, whatever. But Matt was a good kid. We thought he had got past the hump. He was working in a gym I think in Louisville, but it was heartbreaking Conrad [Thompson]. If you knew this kid, you would love this kid and we all did.”

** Gene Snitsky was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Snitsky shared that throughout his entire storyline with Kane and Lita, Stephanie McMahon was the producer for all of the segments.

“Actually, Stephanie [McMahon] came to me and she made it clear to keep saying it [his signature catchphrase] as many chances as I get. So, yeah it was kinda funny.

She actually — she produced all my segments back then, and I worked with… Dan Madigan. Dan Madigan wrote most of the storyline and then Steph was producer for pretty much all of the segments that we did and it was fun man. I had a lot of fun with that little storyline.”

Snitsky recounted the segment during-which he punted the toy baby doll. He said that before the segment happened, Vince McMahon came up to him and told him to not mess the opportunity up.

“You know, it’s funny because I wasn’t honestly thinking anything of it. We rehearsed it. Vince [McMahon], I can remember him saying to me, ‘Snitsky, don’t f*ck this up,’ and this is [a] honest to God true story, I looked at him and I go, ‘Vince, don’t you worry. I was already a punter in high school. This is gonna be great’ and he [went], ‘Okay.’ After we did it and it came off so well he was like — I said, ‘I told you it was gonna be great.’”

During his time in WWE, Snitsky teamed with Dustin Rhodes for a period of time and Snitsky revealed that he and Dustin were supposed to win the tag team titles but Dustin had a “meltdown” which led to him departing the company.

“When I was tag teaming with Goldust, we were supposed to win the belts but then he had a meltdown, ended up getting fired or left the company or something and that left me in limbo for a little while but, it is what it is. Yeah, that was one of the things I know for sure.”

** WWE filed trademarks for “Livewire” and “WWE Main Event”. Mia Yim applied to trademark her in-ring name on 10/8.

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling announced the lineup for the NJPW Strong show on 10/16:

– Misterioso vs. Danny Limelight
– TJP vs. Hikuleo
– PJ Black vs. Alex Zayne
– Jeff Cobb & David Finlay vs. BULLET CLUB (KENTA & Chase Owens)

The night two lineup for 10/23 is listed as followed:

– Fred Rosser vs. Clark Connors
– ACH vs. Karl Fredericks
– Flip Gordon & Brody King vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa)
– Rocky Romero vs. Jay White

** The Ring of Honor Pure Title tournament continued on 10/12 and here are the results from the show:

Pure Title Tournament Semi-Final: Jay Lethal def. David Finlay
Pure Title Tournament Semi-Final: Jonathan Gresham def. Matt Sydal

** Black Label Pro announced ACH versus Calvin Tankman for their ‘Slamilton’ show on November 21st.

** Dominik Mysterio did an interview with the U.K. outlet ‘Metro’ and recalled being thrown around by Brock Lesnar on an episode of RAW. Dominik shared that Rey Mysterio did not tell him who would be throwing him around and Dominik figured it out on his own once he got to the arena.

“It was an honor to get thrown around by Brock Lesnar. It was definitely a crazy experience. My dad didn’t tell me! He knew someone was gonna beat me up, and he didn’t wanna tell me who. That whole time I was guessing, like ‘Dad, who is it?’ He was like, ‘I dunno, you’ll have to wait and see’. We show up that day, and sure enough it’s Mr. Lesnar!”

** A new video was uploaded to The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast’s YouTube channel.



** SPORTbible caught up with MVP ahead of night two of the WWE Draft. While speaking about The Hurt Business, MVP said that he’s hoping to see Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin capture the tag team titles.

“Bobby and I had discussed bringing in Cedric, before we even brought in Shelton. We wanted a couple of younger guys, we talked about it and we asked. We were given a choice and one of those was Cedric. We felt we could give Cedric that extra edge he needs. He’s extremely talented, he just needs somebody to help him turn up that mean factor. I think Bobby and I are the ones to do it then adding Shelton to the mix, my plan is to see Shelton and Cedric compete for the tag titles in the near future. My goal is to see everyone in The Hurt Business as a decorated champion.”

** chatted with Aleister Black.

** O’Shay Edwards joined Darnell Mitchell on The Queer Nerd Podcast.

** Sammy Guevara was a guest on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast. Here’s a snippet from WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s appearance on the podcast:



** Demi Burnett, who has made several appearances on Monday Night RAW alongside Angel Garza and Ivar did an interview with TV Insider.

** Miro put up a video on his YouTube channel and shared that he got new gear made for the AEW Anniversary show on 10/14. Miro and Kip Sabian will be in action on the show.

** The following video is from All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel:



** ACH is returning to AAW on 10/29 for their ‘ALIVE’ show.

** Booker T and Sharmell chatted with WrestleZone. The duo also appeared on ‘The Masked Man Show’ with David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide.

** Allison Danger chatted with Heather Monroe.



** Bell To Belles conducted an interview with Alex Gracia.

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