POST NEWS UPDATE: Chris Masters recalls Vince McMahon pressuring CM Punk to drink alcohol

Chris Masters shares multiple stories from his time in WWE, an email from an NXT ticket service to fans, Madman Fulton discusses his rivalry with Baron Corbin, several AEW talent/executive interviews and much more.

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** Hannibal TV conducted an interactive fan Q&A with Chris Masters. Masters talked about the plane rides from/to WWE’s Tribute to the Troops shows and on one specific flight, Vince McMahon allegedly pressured CM Punk to drink alcohol and asked to see a grappling match between CM Punk and Carlito along with Shelton Benjamin that was also instigated by those on the plane.

“I think you’re talking about on one of the Tribute to the Troops shows. All I remember about that flight was everybody got hammered on those. Those were some of the wildest stuff that I encountered in the wrestling business was the trip over to the Middle East for the Tribute to the Troops shows because it was the only time I’ve seen Vince [McMahon] like really let his hair down and get buck wild man, like seriously. Like drinking and instigating fights. A lot of that was on Vince. I think Vince was trying — you never know with Vince. Vince was trying to peer pressure CM Punk into having a drink and I wouldn’t really know what to do either if I was CM Punk because part of me, maybe Vince is testing him to see if he could get CM Punk to break his will and then that’ll make Vince lose respect for him or whatever, you know what I’m saying but, and then eventually so CM Punk wouldn’t drink and then eventually it turned into — it went from CM Punk drinking to now, ‘Hey, if you’re such a shooter CM Punk, how about you take on –’ I think it was first, Shelton Benjamin and then after that, it was Carlito because Carli would, not shoot flirt but kind of mess with Maria [Kanellis-Bennett] and flirt with her and I’m pretty sure CM Punk and Maria were together again at the time or were together at that point so I think kind of the boys really instigated that because we knew that CM was kinda annoyed with Carlito trying to mess with him and trying to kind of, I guess — again, work flirt with Maria, not shoot flirt with her but I don’t even remember what happened. I mean I think Shelton — Carli, nothing happened with Carli and CM but I think Shelton and CM actually grappled a little bit but I mean, that’s no competition for Shelton and Shelton [is a] top-level wrestler in the world as everybody knows so, but it was wild.”

Continuing on the topic of Tribute to the Troops shows, Masters recalled JBL “torturing” him during one of those tours and said that there were a number of times when JBL bullied him.

“Oh yeah, big time and coincidentally we’re talking about the Tribute To The Troops shows so my first year going there, we went to Afghanistan and they put us into different groups. Like whoever they decide is going in the group goes and then the whole group is separated into like three or four different groups, so in my group I had Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, Carlito, JBL and there might be somebody — oh, Fit Finlay was with us and man, JBL just tortured me the whole trip. I mean he really, you know, just bullied me and trash talked me and really was just all up in my head and yeah it was difficult, it was difficult because again, at this point, I’m 20-years old at this point and I’m getting angry with him and I wanna do something but I’m also like, ‘When is the right point to do something? This is a veteran.’ He’s been with the company I think at that point for like a decade, and when is it a point where I need to do something and would that be frowned upon or would that be respected and when is that point? And you know, I never obviously did anything. He just — really what it comes down to with a lot of those guys that you’re talking about, like you would talk about Bob [Holly] and JBL, if you were a young guy coming up in that time, they would mind f*ck you. They would work the deep mind f*ck and they would try to get you second-guessing yourself and to lose your confidence and you know, a lot of it to them was just — I don’t know if it was even necessarily even that they were trying to screw you over. They thought it was their job to test you and make sure that you got the right goods or you got thick enough skin but, who knows? Maybe it was because they just wanted to f*ck guys over. I don’t know, I can’t tell you that, you know what I mean?”

Masters admitted that he did not get along with John Cena and was never able to discover the root of it. He said there was a time when Shawn Michaels stuck up for him as John Cena was scolding him.

“We just never really clicked for whatever reason. It was always odd. I don’t know if it’s — you know, me being a west coast guy and him being kind of a northeast type-dude, I don’t know. He didn’t really look out for me. I don’t think he was ever particularly fond of me. I don’t know if he questioned my work ethic or what it was or if there was some kind of issue but we just kind of never got along. Like when I worked with him in WWE in my first run, it was very difficult for me to work with him and it’s hard to say that because he’s like the top guy, especially at that point. But when I would work with him, he had such little faith in me that he would want to call my offense for me so I’d be getting heat on him and he would tell me what the next strike is and to me, I’d just come off working with Shawn Michaels and he had no issues with how I was working so, I couldn’t understand, and our matches turned out well and Shawn even stuck up for me a few times because John Cena would try and bury me and Shawn would be like, ‘Well I had no problems working with him,’ which felt real good for me because you know, when I worked with Cena it just — there was always some kind of issue and as you know Hannibal, it’d be difficult for you to work as a heel and have somebody calling your offense to you. As a heel, it’s the babyface’s job just to react to what you really do and sell. It’s not his job to call your offense because what’s going to happen there is I might be committing to do something and you’re throwing off my rhythm type-thing so, we [were] just never that close really, that’s it.”

Elsewhere during the Q&A, Masters shared that originally, he and Carlito were supposed to defeat Kane and Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22 but the finish was changed one day prior.

“I had opportunities, even with the tag belts. Carlito and me were actually supposed to win the tag belts at that WrestleMania [22]. That was how it was originally slated, but the decision was switched just the day before which is why in wrestling, as again, you probably know, you learn in wrestling to not count on anything you hear or what’s said until it actually happens so that’s kinda one of [the] big lessons from pro wrestling that you’ll learn time and time again.”

** PWTorch received an email of an RSVP invitation that was sent to NXTTicket customers following TakeOver 31. The last time this mailing list was used was in April to alert ticket holders of the cancellation of NXT Live at Full Sail on the 15th of that month. Here’s the email:

Good Evening!

Thank you for being a passionate member of the NXT Universe! We hope you enjoyed TakeOver 31! We have a special opportunity for you to be a part of this week’s NXT Broadcast on Wednesday October 7! This is an opportunity for a limited number of the NXT Universe to be LIVE & IN PERSON at the Capitol Wrestling Center as part the Live Event Audience. This invitation is good for a maximum of 6 people.

Please reply to this email to confirm that you are able to attend NXT this Wednesday October 7 at the Capitol Wrestling Center on the campus of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

If you are selected, you will receive further correspondence with instructions on how to attend, COVID-19 testing procedures and on-site screening procedures.

Please note that you must be over the age of 16 unless accompanied by a guardian and must provide photo ID upon check in at the Capitol Wrestling Center.

The event will be held at limited capacity with social distancing measures in place. Face coverings will be mandatory throughout the course of the event.

If you are interested in attending please reply with the following information:

Total number of tickets requested (maximum of 6)

Name of each attendee:

Email address for each attendee:

Mobile phone number for each attendee:

Thank you for your consideration and supporting NXT! We look forward to seeing you weekly!

PWTorch got in contact with fans who were in attendance for NXT on October 7th. Said fans chose to remain anonymous but they shared that WWE’s COVID-19 testing procedures include nasal swab tests to the RSVPs accepted for pre-approval and the fans are responsible for their off-site testing appointment on the same day of the show to accommodate others in attendance. WWE then sends a final email either accepting or denying based on the results that they get.

** Hiroshi Tanahashi has an on-going interview series with In the most recent write-up, it was noted that in November of 2002, Hiroshi Tanahashi was stabbed and it resulted in him suffering a collapsed lung. The details of his stabbing were not discussed but his comeback was.

Tanahashi’s significant other at the time was sentenced to three years in prison for the stabbing of Tanahashi. Per The New York Times, the incident occurred inside of an apartment in Tokyo.

** Forbes has an extensive feature up about All Elite Wrestling that includes interviews with Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, Brandi Rhodes and Jungle Boy. Tony Khan spoke about the success of AEW and the growth of their business. He added that AEW is going to have different types of video games for different platforms as well.

“From a merchandising standpoint, everybody joked that we were a t-shirt company when we first started. But now we’ve got a very successful TV show and we’ve done a lot of successful pay-per-views. We’ve launched our action figures. We’re going to have different types of video games for different platforms and different experiences. So there’s all kinds of new lines of business coming up for us. Sports entertainment, in a lot of ways, is a very applicable term. But I don’t like it being used as a substitute for wrestling. It is a form of sports entertainment, what we do. But I also think that there’s no substitute for the word wrestling. I think it’s a great word. It makes me feel great when I say it. It brings a smile to my face. I love wrestling. I always have.”

** IMPACT Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment announced a partnership with Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW’s programming will be featured on Anthem’s sports network ‘Game+’ beginning on October 18th.



** ScreenCrush published their interview with Matt and Nick Jackson. One of the topics that came up was the possibility of an AEW streaming service or AEW content being uploaded to an already existing service. Matt stated that he would like for AEW content to be on HBO MAX.

“I would love to somehow get us on HBO Max. I’m such a huge fan already, like every night now I’m scrolling through their stuff, seeing what they’ve got. So that right there is the no-brainer for me. I would love to get some of our content on that.”

Matt Jackson also reflected on putting together the ‘Stadium Stampede’ match for Double Or Nothing. Matt stated that the NFL did not want anyone jumping off the goal posts but Tony Khan was able to get it cleared.

“The actual rule is you can’t even touch the thing anymore. It’s really unbalanced. I’ll tell you this, when I was up there, I was terrified. I described it like if you were in the middle of the ocean and you’re trying to stand on a log and the log was spinning from underneath you. There’s no balance on it. It seems stable, but it felt like it could probably collapse at any moment. So it was terrifying!”

** Madman Fulton of IMPACT Wrestling was a guest on Tommy Dreamer’s ‘House of Hardcore’ podcast. Fulton discussed he and Baron Corbin having the same finisher, which is mostly known as “The End Of Days”. Fulton said that Sami Callihan came up with the move. Within that same conversation, Fulton talked about he and Corbin’s history that dates back to Corbin turning down the chance to team with him in NXT.

“Sami Callihan [came up with the finisher]. I was in the ring so, the cool part of NXT, they have a ring that’s just the whole top of it is just [crash] pad, for landing and so you can do aerial moves without killing yourself over and over and over again, and we were just trying out moves after practice one day and he was looking for a finish to use on TV and it was Sami who brought that up to him and said, ‘Hey, why don’t you try this?’ And showed him that Flatliner. Baron and I, during NXT, we had one run and we were actually supposed to be a tag team. Dusty [Rhodes] pitched us to tag together and be the ones to take the titles off Ascension [Konnor & Viktor], because they needed to move Ascension up and out, and Baron said no because he wanted to be a singles competitor and I was very angry and while there’s no real heat between us, I still like to keep that friendly rivalry of like, ‘Ok, you said no. Watch how much better I’m gonna do than you’ and so that was one of those, ‘I’m gonna do your finish, I’m gonna do it better, I’m gonna get it over better because I’m a better wrestler.’”

Elsewhere during the interview, Fulton reflected on being let go from WWE. He suffered a torn pectoral muscle in 2016 which ultimately led to him being replaced in SAnitY. Fulton stated that Paul Levesque and Matt Bloom were planning on letting him go as soon as he recovered but they gave him a six-month window to find his footing on TV because of the work he put in to get back.

“I was replaced [in SAnitY] the day after my surgery. Like TV tapings were the day after they made me go to Alabama and so, I’m laying, I just got out of surgery. I was just laying in bed and I get a call from [Alexander] Wolfe and [he’s] explaining the whole situation to me and I kind of made up my mind, I’m like, ‘There’s no way, I’m coming back. I want to be part of this.’ I lost about 30 pounds and I turned in about 50 different storylines and I came back two months early, and the day I came back, I got cleared. Like officially, 100 percent cleared, I was pulled into an office with Hunter and [Matt] Bloom and I was told that they were gonna fire me. They said, ‘We legitimately had every reason. We were going to let you go the second you were healthy, but we can’t. Look how hard you worked. We see your weight loss, we see all the storylines you’re pitching. We see the work’ and they gave me six months to find something on TV, and I tried for those six months. Nothing really worked out but I don’t know. I don’t know if it was a courtesy or what but, those six months really changed wrestling for me and it really made me figure out the business side of everything which is what a lot of wrestlers don’t see. I’m not being punished because I was hurt, I’m not being punished because I’m bad. It was a matter of wrong place, wrong time. The machine keeps moving whether the cog is there or not, and it was a brutal lesson to learn but it was the first time I learned it. I think it really makes you a better wrestler. I’m happy I got let go to be honest with you, because I’m way, way better than I was three years ago when they canned me.”

** New York Post caught up with The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) to promote AEW Dynamite’s anniversary. Matt Jackson talked about the ‘Late Night Dynamite’ special on TNT and Matt viewed that as a dry run of sorts for what the third hour of AEW programming could be.

“I had this kind of feeling that was dipping the toes in and seeing what it was,” Matt Jackson said. “I had no clue we would get those numbers at a 12:45 a.m. show. We were very happy with that.”

Nick Jackson shared his thoughts about the majority of AEW’s champions being former WWE talents. Nick said it’s not a case of former WWE talents “taking over the company”.

“I guess they’ve seen what it could do, but I feel like, the guys involved here won’t allow it to happen, which is letting former WWE wrestlers take control of the company,” Nick said. “That’s not gonna happen here. We have the structure already. We’re just hiring the guys who we feel weren’t used right or utilized 100 percent. We’re showing the world that, ‘Hey this is how you could have booked those guys this way.’”

** Patches Chance of Daily DDT caught up with Eddie Kingston. Prior to signing with All Elite Wrestling, Eddie was planning to retire from the business. After tallying up two decades of experience, Eddie was asked how does his body feel and how much longer he thinks he can go and here was his response:

“In all honesty, this is gonna sound crazy. I think I have ten more years. Now I’m making a good chunk of change, let’s just say that, and I’m able now to get massage therapy. I’m able now to go to the chiropractor. I’m able now to buy myself a sauna at home. I’m able now to, I just bought a thing for me to jump into ice. Now I’m able to do all that stuff. Back in the day it was stretch and hope for the best. Now that, like I said, I got the good chunk of change, I can take care of myself better. So right now, I think I can go another ten.”

Eddie further spoke about what it meant to him to receive an AEW contract. He shared that he shed a few tears while on vacation with his significant other because it hit him that so many people pushed for him to get signed.

“That was very humbling and surprising. I didn’t think that many fans cared, to be honest. It blew me away. I said this in other interviews too. I’m getting hit up and they’re telling me, ‘Oh, you’re trending,’ and they think this is a joke, but I really didn’t know. I go, ‘Oh, so I’m trending, does that mean I get extra money? Do they send me a check? Does Twitter send me a check for trending?’ I don’t know. I don’t get that kind of stuff. You could call me a boomer, I guess. I don’t know even what that is, but to me I didn’t know.”

God, was it humbling. To the point where, I think it was two weeks after everything and I finally officially signed, I was in Montana with my girlfriend taking a vacation and I just broke down crying. She was like, ‘Are you okay?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine, it just kinda hit me now that, okay, people do care, and now I have a contract.’ It just hit me that I’m on national television and I finally have a contract with a big company, and I just remember wiping the tears away and looking at her and just going, ‘I love you, but now the real work begins.’ And she’s a BJJ black belt, so she was just like, ‘Yep, let’s get to work.’ And I was just like, ‘Oh, I guess I do have to get to work.’ So that was it.”

** St. Louis Anarchy postponed their October 16th show due to COVID-19 precautions.

** WWE filed to trademark “Saturday Morning Slam” and “Skull King”. More NXT UK related names were trademarked as well such as: Isla Dawn, Ilja Dragunov, Jack Starz and Flash Morgan Webster.

** IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Chris Sabin spoke with Steel Chair Magazine to promote Bound For Glory. Sabin has suffered three ACL tears throughout his career and discussed what it took mentally and physically for him to overcome that.

“I think it’s all about your mental state. It’s easy to get down. It’s easy to be unmotivated. Like when I tore my ACL for the third time it was like, ‘Alright. I’m at the longest point before I’m going to wrestle again.’ You got to get your mind in the right spot. You have to remind yourself why you do what you do. One of the things I did when I first began the whole ‘prehab’ and surgery process. I went back and watched old wrestling I used to watch on Saturday mornings. The stuff I watched as a kid that made me love wrestling for the first time. I was like, ‘Yeah. OK. That is why I do this.’ Just that feeling you would get when you’re a kid again, and you had these dreams, and the world was this wide-open limitless place where you could accomplish all that. You just have to stay motivated. Keep your mind in the right spot, put in the work, and listen to your physical therapist and your doctors. Do things the right way, and you can come back from it. I truly think anyone can.”

** AP News caught up with AEW Co-Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes. The topic of ratings was being discussed during the conversation and Rhodes said he does wonder what AEW’s ratings would be like unopposed but is ultimately happy with their spot on Wednesday nights.

“When you hit that million mark, and even on the nights where the average might be in the eights or nines, there are segments that go over a million and it certainly begets the question: What would this be like unopposed? But opposed, it’s doing just so damn fine. I think we have a good indicator. We’ve seen what it looks like. But competition is not something we’re shying away from by any means. Wednesday night is our home.”

** Ember Moon is appearing on the 10/14 episode of NXT and partaking in an interview segment. Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory is official for the show as well.

** Heath and Rhyno are both competing in the ‘Call Your Shot’ Gauntlet match at Bound For Glory on 10/24. If either man wins, Heath will have secured his IMPACT contract.

** Ariane Andrew and Matt Dillon welcomed Natalya onto their ‘Sippin The Tea’ show on YouTube. Natalya expressed her desire to piece together a documentary about her father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s life. Natalya said she has been approached about something along those lines as well.

“And then also, something that I really wanna do is — and I’ve been approached about doing it. I wanna do a documentary on my dad and on my dad’s life, and because my dad wasn’t just a WWE superstar. My dad was in the NFL, he played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. He was a world class Shot putter. When my dad was 18 years old, he was the second best Shot putter in the United States and he had a full scholarship to UCLA and then ended up, after his football career was over, he ended up coming to train with my grandfather and then he ended up getting hired by WWE and becoming a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion so he has this really cool life and towards the end of his life, my dad got Alzheimer’s and so I think, I really, really am excited about putting a documentary together about my dad and when I watched the Andre The Giant documentary on — I believe it was HBO. Either HBO or SHOWTIME, I can’t remember…. When I watched the Andre The Giant documentary on HBO, it was one of the best documentaries I’d ever seen and it just gave me such insight into Andre The Giant’s life and I said to my mom and sisters like, ‘I would love to be an executive producer on a documentary on my dad and telling his story and really touch on so many different things that we don’t always touch base on.’ When we’re telling stories about athletes, we don’t always talk about mental health, we don’t always talk about a darker side and things that people go through when their career as an athlete is over and how they transition and different things like that so, that is something I really want to do and I think it’d be such a great way to honor my dad but to also do something different.”

Natalya, TJ Wilson and Lana have shared videos on social media of them training in a building that is currently being leased by TJ and Natalya. Natalya stated the plan is to open their own wrestling school.

“Well, once things settle down and we can get back to normal life where I can feel like a human being again with the rest of the world, I really — my husband and I, TJ, TJ and I have wanted to open up our own wrestling school so we have a warehouse that we have picked out and we’re currently leasing the space so we’re gonna get a ring put in there and we wanna have a place for us and our friends and students to train there so that’s something that we’re really looking forward to doing.”

** Liam Neeson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and briefly discussed losing out on a role to Andre The Giant for the film ‘The Princess Bride’.

** FOX News chatted with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus of Jurassic Express. In the past, Luchasaurus publicly mentioned that doctors told him to retire in 2013 due to a hip injury. He further spoke about that and listed off some of the injuries he’s had throughout his career.

“In 2013, I had doctors tell me basically to probably retire from wrestling. I had to have a hip surgery that I was a case study for. It took about two years to fully recover. I also had herniated a disc pretty [badly] in my lower back. At another time, I had broken my wrist. I have torn my bicep. I have a list of injuries that I’m lucky to have come back from, but it’s always a part of the game… This is a full-time job, to rehab, to prehab, to work through injuries, to prevent injuries. I’m always conscious of it during every performance. I warm up thoroughly. Jungle Boy knows I go nuts with the warming up. But it’s not easy.”

** Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN’s First Take show.



** Mike Johnson of PWInsider spoke with Toni Storm. Over the past week-and-a-half, Ember Moon has stated in interviews that she didn’t know Toni Storm was announcing her return to NXT at TakeOver 31. Storm stated that she didn’t know Ember was returning either.

** This week’s Sports Illustrated ‘This Week in Wrestling’ column features interviews with Booker T and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

** The first episode of SmackDown on FOX from 2019 was the focus of the latest 83 Weeks podcast. Eric Bischoff recalled being backstage for the show and said that from his viewpoint, it did not seem like Vince McMahon was too keen on appearing in front of the crowd to open the show but it appeared that Stephanie McMahon wanted him to join her.

“I’ll be honest with everyone here, I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw Vince and Stephanie go out. I was standing in the Gorilla and, I was under — I’m gonna be careful how I say these things so I can talk about this without getting into trouble, as best I can. It was my impression, it was my impression that Vince didn’t really wanna do it, and I can understand it. You know, there comes a point as you’re getting older and Vince is ten years older than me, that you realize, the strength, the credibility that you bring to television isn’t what it used to be. It is what it is. We all get older, and when you’ve spent your life on television, you’re kind of aware of how you look and how you can present yourself and all that and it was my impression that Vince didn’t really wanna do it. It was also my impression that Stephanie really did want him to do it. Guess who won? Yeah, and I saw it go down. I wasn’t standing within inches of them but I was a couple feet away and I saw the hesitation by Vince and I saw the pressure put on by Stephanie. First of all, it just made my heart full seeing that father-daughter relationship in that exchange and it was really important to Stephanie, and when they went out and did it, it was exciting as hell, it was the right thing to do and it did, it brought tears to my eyes.”

** Here’s the newest episode of WWE The Bump. On next week’s show, Damian Priest and Lilian Garcia are appearing.



** WWE announced a partnership with Constellation Brands’ Beer Division.

** New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) welcomed Hornswoggle onto their podcast. Hornswoggle was revealed to be the anonymous General Manager of RAW but he was supposed to don a New Jersey accent and be known as “Big Nick from Jersey” as Kofi Kingston told the story:

“So the person that it was supposed to be was you Swoggle but you were supposed to… it was supposed to be you as Big Nick, from Jersey, and you’re supposed to come out and say, ‘Yeah! I’m the RAW General Manager. It’s me, Big Nick, from Jersey,’” Kingston recalled. “’All you stupid parents and you stupid kids buying all my merch, my merchandise. You all fell for it!’ And you were supposed to be this big jerk from Jersey, ‘And now I’m living in a luxury apartment in New Jersey, so I’m swimming in the dough.’ Bro, it was gold, it was gold man and you going through it, you’re just like, ‘Uh, I’m Big Nick, uh, from New Jersey and I’m swimming in the dough’ so, the trigger never ended up being pulled but my God, if you would’ve just committed Swoggle. If you would’ve just committed, you’d be Big Nick right now swimming in the dough and the world would’ve gotten to see one of the greatest characters — I feel like all the big mystery behind the RAW General Manager, it would’ve all been worth it. It would’ve all been worth it. Having to listen to the [dial-up noise] and Michael Cole reading off all this throughout the show, people hated it. But it would’ve been worth it if the payoff, if the payoff could’ve been Big Nick from Jersey. Why did you rob us of that moment Swoggle? Why? Why did you not give us what we deserved? Why Swoggle!?”

Swoggle admitted that he pulled quite a few pranks during his time as an in-ring performer and there was one time that current WWE security guard Scott Aycock put a rooster under the ring while Swoggle was under there to get back at him.

“But Scott Aycock, the security guard, he finds out that I don’t like chickens, very common fear, it’s okay. They’re unpredictable, they slash ya. I look them in the eye so they can jump and slash my face a lot easier than a normal person, than you normies. It’s not good. So, we’re at a house show. In the ring above me is Drew McIntyre versus Chris Masters. I’m changing because I would just go out before the crowd came in and I’m changing into my gear so I’m shirtless, I have my gear pants on but now I see part of the apron open, like flap open. I go, ‘Huh, that’s weird, whatever,’ and now I see a camera on this side of the apron under it and I go, ‘What are you doing?’ And now I turn and there is a chicken underneath the ring, a full grown rooster underneath the ring and it’s pissed. It tries to go out and they push it back under. It tried to escape and they push it back under. So finally, it’s getting closer and they realize how angry I was. Finally they take it out and they run to the back and that was Scott Aycock, that was his revenge on me, to put this live animal that could’ve ended my life underneath the ring with me. That’s just too far.”

** Shayna Baszler is joining Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast.

** The latest edition of the Talk’n Shop podcast included interviews with Hornswoggle, Heath Slater, Brian Myers, Ethan Page, Karl Anderson’s wife and Virgil.

** Daily DDT ran their interview with Toni Storm.

** Yahoo! conducted an interview with Chris Jericho.

** Natalya was a guest on Demi Burnett’s podcast.

** The NWA counted down the top five matches of NWA Powerrr.

** On next week’s episode of United Wrestling Network’s Prime Time Live show, Zicky Dice is defending the NWA World Television Championship against Da Pope. Mike and Maria Bennett are returning next week as well. On 10/27, Thunder Rosa is facing Serena Deeb with the NWA World Women’s Championship on the line.

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated conducted an interview with IMPACT X Division Champion Rohit Raju.

** Sabu vs. Matthew Justice was made official for GCW’s ‘The Last Resort’ show on 10/17.

** Digital Spy pushed out their interview with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

** The UpUpDownDown crew recorded another UNO session.

** Asuka celebrated the one year anniversary of her YouTube channel.



** MLW National Openweight Champion Hammerstone chatted with WrestleZone.

** ‘Metro’ pushed out their interview with Drew McIntyre.

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