POST NEWS UPDATE: Collision in Korea confirmed to be a topic on season 3 of Dark Side of the Ring

WCW Collision in Korea confirmed for Dark Side of the Ring, Sareee competing for RJPW, Heavy Machinery on when they found out they were being split in the draft, Moose reveals the original plans for the TNA World Heavyweight Title, and more.

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** Dark Side of the Ring executive producer Evan Husney appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss the forthcoming season of the VICE series. Husney confirmed that one of the episodes will be about the 1995 WCW Collision in Korea show.

“It was the one episode we always wanted to do and it was one we looked at for last season. We are gonna be doing the story of the WCW event in North Korea, that was in 1995. Kinda one of the wilder wrestling shows that’s ever been put on, because it’s actually the largest attended wrestling event ever, in the world was in North Korea so we’re kinda telling that whole story of how that event came to be, how there was a lot of close calls with the guys over there who were pretty much in over their heads, not knowing that they’re in a dictatorship, but it’s gonna be a pretty interesting episode for sure.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Husney joked about Eric Bischoff revealing that he was being filmed for Dark Side of the Ring on his ’83 Weeks’ podcast.

“Eric [Bischoff] is in the show. He’s the one that spilled the beans. No it’s okay, it’s cool,” Evan laughed. “I thought you were on TV bro. I’m just kidding. I’m just ribbing.”

** Sareee is competing for Real Japan Pro Wrestling on November 9th. She is signed to WWE but was not able to make the move to the United States because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sareee confirmed in August that WWE granted her permission to wrestle in Japan during the pandemic. She wrestled for the Pro-Wrestling Diana promotion back in August.

** Otis, Tucker and Mandy Rose all guest appeared on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast. Otis and Tucker shared that their split via the WWE Draft was something they found out about last minute. Tucker added that he was not made aware of the split until it happened on ‘Talking Smack’ on the WWE Network.

Otis: “Terrible, just terrible.”

Tucker: “Yeah, I mean, we found out at the last minute like most things happen here, you know? And that’s just part of being a WWE superstar and I actually found out live on Talking Smack, that I was gonna be moved to RAW so, yeah. It is what it is. Kind of good and bad, whatever but mostly disappointing because Heavy Machinery still feels that they have some things to achieve. We haven’t won the tag team championships together and we feel like we still have more to do as a team but, not everything is up to us and so, we’ll deal with what we gotta deal with.”

** According to Law360, a WWE investor filed a lawsuit on 10/21 in a Delaware Chancery Court and is seeking company records to examine potential wrongdoings by WWE officials.

** Alex Reynolds of Dark Order was knocked out during the 10/21 episode of Dynamite after he took a splash/leg drop combination from Private Party. PWInsider was told that Reynolds was fine by the time the show went off the air and there were no issues backstage either. Also, the site noted that Leyla Hirsch was present at the show and she’ll be featured on an upcoming episode of AEW Dark.

** According to Spectrum Sports 360 reporter Jon Alba, NXT is covering the cost of COVID tests for those attending their events at the Capitol Wrestling Center. WWE designates a testing spot for the attendee to take the test and the tests happen the day before NXT at the CWC.

** Part two of Konnan’s chat on the Masks, Mats & Mayhem show has been uploaded to the show’s podcast feed. Konnan told the story of the on-going tension of sorts between Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera. Konnan stated that from Juventud’s side, there has always been small pockets of jealousy towards Rey.

“I think when he went to WCW, and there’s always for some reason, I don’t know why because Rey’s such a cool dude. There’s always like a little bit of jealousy between Rey [Mysterio] and Juvi [Juventud Guerrera] but not from Rey to Juvi, but from Juvi to Rey. Like he told this story the other day which I was like, ‘Yeah there’s no f*cking way that happened.’ He said that Rey got mad because one day they both got off the bus and everybody recognized Juvi but not Rey and Rey felt slighted and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Bro, there’s no place on earth where you and Rey are together and they’re going to notice you and not Rey and vice versa. There’s no place where they’re gonna notice Rey and not you, so why would you bury Rey like that?’ And he was always really mad because there was one time when Rey got hurt. I think he went to get surgery and he wanted the belt, and they didn’t wanna give him the belt. They were like, ‘Nah, we’re gonna wait until Rey comes back’ and he was complaining, ‘Oh, he’s hurt. Just give it to me’ and I was like, ‘Juvi, don’t do that sh*t bro. F*ck, we’re supposed to be a family and be united. Don’t bury f*cking Rey you jackass’ and I think from — bro, I never, ever, ever, ever seen Rey get mad at anybody. The only time I ever saw him get mad at anybody was Juventud and it was epic. We were in Philadelphia in WCW and we were in catering and… Rey actually told him this. He goes, ‘After the match, come to my room and if you come to my room and you knock on the door, I’m gonna beat your f*cking ass’ and I was like, ‘Yes.’”

** Washington Heights, daughter of New Jack wrote a piece for VICE about being disowned by her father because of her sexuality and preferences.

** Brock Lesnar is a playable character in EA Sports’ UFC 4 video game.

** Jey Uso joined the Gorilla Position podcast to promote his Universal Title match against Roman Reigns at Hell In A Cell. Jey was asked about the on-going storyline with Reigns, the creation of it, how he feels about it and Jey circled it all back to Vince McMahon.

“That old man is a genius for a reason, you know? I’m pretty sure he threw that idea out there and most of the writers, his team was probably like, ‘Eh.’ Nah, it’ll work. It’s working, you know? It’s working. One time, if you go back and this is how I know bro’s on a different mindset. I don’t know if you know but we were in an angle with Breezango, and we had a pay-per-view match at Backlash Uce. I don’t know if you remember this match but this is the match where he was dressing as a janitor and he had an old lady, he [Tyler Breeze] had a wig on, and the match was funny and at the same time, it was still lit, right? But we had the idea of going in there and putting on this awesome tag match with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Those two can go Uce. So we had the idea of, ‘Oh, we’re about to put on. This is awesome’ and the man [Vince McMahon] says, ‘No, no, nah. Let’s put an old lady in there. Let’s put a janitor in there’ and we’re sitting there like, ‘What?’ ‘I don’t know, figure it out’ and then we leave the office, but it’s stuff like that bro so, it’s all him. He running it Uce, it’s his show, and whatever goes, goes but yes, the man has a… wrestling and storytelling Uce.”

Jey Uso feels that this is some of the best work that he and Roman have done in their respective careers. Jey further reiterated that his brother is likely to return in January.

“And I said this on another thing, you can put any top guy in there with Roman like they always do… but this is the best type of work that you’ve ever seen him do and me do, and it’s just meshing so well and so good and I’m proud of my work. I’m proud, my whole family is lit man. The past month has been… it’s just been good man, for my career, everything, me. I’m happy, my brother’s doing good. He’s coming back in January like that’s right around the corner. Okay, let’s do our holidays and then we’re gonna turn up in 2021. Like c’mon Uce.”

** Per PWInsider, Keith Lee is in New York City recording vocals for his new theme song.

** Moose chatted with WhatCulture to promote IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Bound For Glory’ pay-per-view. Moose revealed that originally, he was supposed to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title in the King of the Mountain match at IMPACT’s throwback show during WrestleMania weekend.

“The show that got canceled because of COVID, the Tampa show, There’s No Place Like Home, we were supposed to have a King of the Mountain match for the TNA title since it was a recall match going back to the TNA days. I was supposed to win that, but since COVID happened and shut the whole world down, we had to find a way to still incorporate the title without having the show and that’s how we did it. I took off with it and that’s where [we] are now.”

** Actor and comedian Eric Andre appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about being concussed while shooting a segment with John Cena for ‘The Eric Andre Show’.


** On the 10/29 episode of NXT UK, Ilja Dragunov is challenging WALTER for the NXT UK Championship. The Heritage Cup will continue with the remaining matchups being Noam Dar versus A-Kid and Dave Mastiff vs. Trent Seven. A segment was announced for next week where Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews will confront Eddie Dennis. Joe Coffey is returning as well. Coffey was named in the #SpeakingOut movement and was suspended by WWE. Jordan Devlin who was also named in the #SpeakingOut movement is returning next week.

** AEW’s Leva Bates appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards. Leva shared that during her time in WWE, she was never exclusively signed to the company and worked with them from 2014-2015 on a per-show basis.

“I was actually never signed with them at all. It was one of those, I got a phone call — actually, I got a phone call before ‘Blue Pants’ for Rosebud stuff. So I’d done a few tours, like house shows and TV tapings as a Rosebud a couple times and I got a call on a Tuesday before a Wednesday taping. It was like, ‘Hey, we’d love to have you back but this time for NXT.’ I’m like, ‘Sweet, am I a Rosebud again?’ They’re like, ‘No, actually you’re wrestling.’ Like oh, oh, I don’t know what I’m supposed to wear. Okay, what do I do? So I was at Universal [Studios] working between shows when I got that call so I was like, ‘Ah! I got until tonight to figure it out.’”

Leva was offered a merchandise deal because the company wanted a ‘Blue Pants’ shirt to be up for sale.

“I’m gonna say about a good halfway point into it [the NXT run], they offered me a merchandise contract. ‘Here, we want you to have a Blue Pants shirt’ so I ended up having that contract but again, I was never officially signed on the roster. It was literally after — it was a pay-per-view appearance with no contract signed at all. It was just like, ‘Here, we’re gonna bring you in, here’s your money, boom, have a nice life.’ You know what? [There was] no, ‘We’d like to have you come back, see what happens’ and so it was just, that’s how it worked. So, it was just the oddest but coolest thing.”

** Big E was the latest guest to join Corey Graves on After The Bell. Big E reflected on the history of The New Day and recalled that initially, they wanted to be a group that recruited other people and two names who they considered for the group were Alicia Fox and Aron Stevens, formerly known as “Damien Sandow”.

“Thinking back to 2014, we always thought we would be a group that was always trying to add more members. It’s funny looking back but I remember thinking, ‘Oh, Alicia Fox was someone we wanted to add’ because at the time, she was doing the stuff with the tantrums. We had this idea of — this is when we were the more militant New Day, that idea was very quickly taken off TV. Just, ‘Nah, nah, nah! Let me get that off my TV screen and y’all sit in the back while we cook up something more,’ I guess family friendly. But that was kind of the idea. I remember — we never talked to them about it either but we thought her and [Damien] Sandow we thought would be a great addition. That was kind of the idea. A group that would recruit and I think that would’ve been a lot of fun. I wish we got that incarnation of The New Day. As grateful as I am that it went the way it did, I’m also kind of intrigued to see what it would’ve been like for us to have gone that militant route, to see what we could’ve done, because we shot so much stuff in pre-tapes, all the ideas that we put together. I thought we had something really special and I was excited about that. Obviously I think it worked out the best doing it the way we did, because I don’t think we would’ve been able to stay together for six years as this militant group. But those are just things where I think back and I know we had the ability to pull it off, where I think that would’ve been fun. We could’ve done something unique there too.”

Big E talked about his signature apron spear and revealed that it was Fit Finlay who came up with the idea for it.

“And even man, I’m just now remembering, Fit Finlay was the one who was like, ‘Hey, you do that running shoulder in the corner? Why don’t you try it with a guy on the apron to the floor?’ So Fit Finlay was the one who came up with the idea for the apron spear.”

** Forbes has a piece up which includes interviews with Gail Kim, Kiera Hogan and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. During the Kiera Hogan portion of the article, Kiera reiterated that she feels IMPACT Wrestling has the best women’s division and if it came down to it, they could outwork any other division from any company.

“I think the Knockouts division is the hottest division, is the best division, is the baddest division.

I think we could pull up on any division and outwrestle them, outrun them, out-character them. I just feel that our division is the best. I feel like, as a unit, we are the best. As separate personalities and characters, we are the best, so I feel like if it was ever a thing—if it was company vs. company vs. company (WWE vs. AEW vs. IMPACT)—IMPACT would win hands down.”

** Announced for the 10/23 episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FS1 is Universal Champion Roman Reigns revealing the “consequences” for he and Jey Uso’s ‘I Quit’ Hell In A Cell match this Sunday.

** PWInsider caught up with Rich Swann to chat all things Bound For Glory and Swann’s main event world title match at the event. Swann talked about what it means to him to have stepped out of the frame of just being a cruiserweight-style wrestler and possibly being put in position to be the face of a company.

“It definitely helps me see that I’ve made waves in this professional wrestling business, not only as an African American and let’s face it – African Americans in the industry, they haven’t gotten a lot of big opportunities, and then now in this climate and at this time, to get this opportunity and not only that, I’m 5′ 6′, 165 pounds soaking wet and everybody told me, ‘Oh, you’ll probably never be a World Champion but you’re a good hand, you’re going to be a good wrestler,’ but now I’m in the focal point, I’m in the main and I’m going to be able to show everybody that all the hard work that I’ve put into this the past 15 years that it was for something and [I] just can’t wait.”

** RevPro’s ‘Epic Encounters 4’ show is streaming for free on Twitch this coming Sunday. Headlining the show is Gisele Shaw defending the British Women’s Championship against Bea Priestley.

** Bobby Fish was interviewed by Daily DDT on 10/20. Fish spoke about his working relationship with Paul “Triple H” Levesque and expressed that he likely does not want to work for anyone else besides Levesque when it comes to the idea of Undisputed ERA being moved away from NXT.

“I don’t think there’s a single one of us that’s afraid of doing something different or [going on our own]. However, I think also there’s not a single one of us that has a whole lot of interest in not doing what [we’ve] already been doing. I think there’s more layers to be explored and I think there’s more things we can do. I think people identify with it because it is real. In a business that gets a lot of criticism for being less than real or whatever you want to call it, we are real. Those smiles up and down the road are not fabricated. It’s not a story. Dare I say, and it’s less than humble, but WWE gets to benefit from that because a guy like Triple H, and for me I’m not sure if I want to work for anyone other than him, he has a brain for this business like no other. He saw it and said, ‘Oh yeah, those four guys are together.’ Even before Roddy was with us, I think that was a plan somewhere in the back of his head. He saw it, he capitalized on it, and man, do we have more land to conquer.”

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated spoke with Bobby Fish ahead of the 10/21 episode of NXT on the USA Network. Fish was asked about Chris Jericho’s comments on social media about Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly hurting each other in their TakeOver 31 match. Here’s how Fish responded:

“I watched Jericho and Eddie Guerrero growing up. Their style was physical as hell. And the viewer is supposed to lose themselves in what they’re watching. I’m sorry, but if you see a s—load of daylight in between things, you’re going to have a hard time losing yourself in what’s being presented to you. I’ll take that fat lip. I’m sure Finn’s jaw is killing him right now, but I would imagine he wouldn’t take much back from that match. That’s how we go.

I would not feel like my body or my well-being was in danger in the ring with either Finn or Kyle. Both guys work a style that I like, one that I’m preferential to. The three of us all did some time in New Japan. Having come from football and college, I got into pro wrestling because it wasn’t ballet. I’m not looking to maim anybody, but the strikes I’m looking to throw, I take a certain level of pride in that.”

** Lance Storm was a guest on TSN’s ‘This is Wrestling’ show. Storm was asked if he’s been contacted by WWE about returning to the company as a producer after officially being released over the Summer. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well, that was where everything was left when I got furloughed, got let go, whatever way you want to call it. When it all happened, it was you know, we are really sorry. Hopefully when things, if things, return we will be able to bring you back. So that’s sort of where it was left. But until the border opens up, or to be perfectly honest, I don’t imagine they probably need us at all until they’re actually able to go out and start running regular shows other than just the TV shows in Florida. I don’t know if they’re going to get to the point where they need to be all hands-on deck like they were when I was there last for, I don’t know how long. I think (Canadian Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau last said that the border will remain closed until America gets a grip on COVID. So, it could be well into 2021 before the borders open to the point where I could travel. So, the ball is really not in WWE’s court. It’s in the handling of COVID-19 and the Canada-US border to determine when I’m going to be able to go back to work somewhere.”

** Miho Abe has a series of videos up on the Proresu-Today YouTube channel.



** Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald caught up with Jessicka Havok for an exclusive interview. Havok feels that throughout her years in pro wrestling, she has paved the way for some women’s wrestlers and explained her reasoning behind that statement.

“I truly believe that I paved the way for women in this business, even girls who don’t look — [who] don’t look a certain part. I think we’re well past the whole, ‘Oh, women’s wrestlers are just bimbo barbies.’ No, that’s not it and there’s nothing wrong with — there’s characters. There’s all kinds of different characters in wrestling and I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against for the way they look, their size, anything like that, and while I am a bigger girl, I also am pretty athletic for my size and there’s stuff that I could do that people haven’t even seen yet. So I’m just really honored to be part of paving the way for women in general and what women’s wrestling is now compared to when I first started, it makes me so happy.”

** The Spokesman-Review has a feature story up about former NXT talent Demitrius Bronson and his successful family members. Demitrius was signed to WWE in late 2016 and released in June of 2018.

** NXT UK’s Lewis Howley, Sam Stoker, Ashton Smith, Isla Dawn, Aoife Valkyrie, Jinny and Amale partook in a James Bond 007-themed photoshoot.

** Philip Lindsey of Sportskeeda conducted an interview with Chris Bey. During their conversation, Bey shared his thoughts about potentially creating his own theme song and explained why he is not too keen on the idea.

“Yeah, it’s gotta be the right vibe. It’s gotta all make sense to me. It’s not something that I can sit down and make because, no disrespect to anybody else but I always feel like when you try to take that approach for wrestling, it always comes out a little cheesy, and that’s what I wanna avoid so, for me it’s a matter of making a certain song I feel is so good that it’s something that can match my wrestling persona and be something I wanna hear every time I come out to a ring but for right now, I think ‘One Shot’ depicts that perfectly.”

** Wrestling Inc. interviewed Lance Storm.

** Here’s a new video from UpUpDownDown:



** Rich Swann and Jay Lethal joined Busted Open Radio.

** AJ Styles started up another stream on Twitch.

** Former WWE talent Zach Gowen and his significant other welcomed the birth of their third child.

** The next portion of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s interview series is up on

** For her latest blog post for the Toronto Sun, Natalya wrote about Breast Cancer Awareness month and the WWE Draft.

** PWInsider posted a portion of their interview with Trey Miguel.

**  IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Chris Sabin chatted with Sportskeeda.

** Men’s Health caught up with actor, activist and poet Omari Hardwick to get his workout routine. Hardwick used Dave Bautista’s gym for the interview and talked about how he first met Dave.

** IMPACT Wrestling put a video up on their YouTube channel of every Knockouts match that has taken place at a Bound For Glory event.

** Sami Callihan spoke with

** Former IMPACT Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie has a birthday today.

** Fred Rosser was a guest on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast.

** IMPACT World Champion Eric Young did an interview with

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