TRMPS #22: Hercules (2014) w/ Gen Chittenden

TRMPS #22: “Hercules” (2014) w/ Gen Chittenden


You think you know the truth about Hercules, POST-Marks? You know nothing. This month on The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton welcomes Classical History/Greek Mythology expert Gen Chittenden (True North Nerds) into the theater to review The Rock’s return to the “sword & sandals” genre in 2014’s “Hercules”!

Topics discussed include: Gen’s thoughts on DJ as an actor, how accurate the film was in adapting the Greek mythology, Brett Ratner’s “Extended Director’s Cut” of the film, and the greatness of the phrase “Pyrrhic Victory”! All that and more on an spooky-good edition of TRMPS!

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