IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: The Rascalz are “evicted”

Tuesday's episode featured Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander, The Rascalz are evicted from IMPACT, the final push for Turning Point & more.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling
November 10th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

Kaleb With A K starts the show off in the ring introducing Tenille Dashwood who will be teaming with Madison Rayne in a warm-up match before the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament which starts next week.

Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne vs Havok & Nevaeh

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood politely discuss who will start the match. Rayne starts and immediately tries to roll up Nevaeh but she kicks out. Nevaeh hits a low clothesline for a one-count and Rayne tags Dashwood into the match. Nevaeh and Dashwood have a sequence where they keep trading Stand and Switch Waist Locks. Dashwood manages to break out and Nevaeh tags in Havok. Dashwood hits the Crossbody in the corner but Havok is able to kick out at one. Dashwood tags Rayne back in but Rayne doesn’t want in as she is too scared to face Havok. Nevaeh hits a Sliding Clothesline assisted by Havok and picks up a two count. Nevaeh and Havok continue to make quick tags and Double Team Rayne. Rayne manages to fight back with a Step Up Enziguri but gets caught with a Tombstone for the win.

Havok & Nevaeh win via Pinfall in 5 mins 8 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This was a quick match with the purpose of making Havok and Nevaeh look very strong ahead of the tournament. As Dashwood and Rayne didn’t click as a team it looks like Dashwood is going to be looking for a new partner and I assume eventually she will team up with Jordynne Grace. There wasn’t much more to say about the match. It served the purpose of driving forward the narrative of the tournament but wasn’t anything special between the bells.

The Good Brothers Interview

Gia Miller interviews The Good Brothers ahead of their Tag Team Championship Match against The North this weekend at Turning Point. Karl Anderson says that this is the one championship that has eluded them their entire careers. Ethan Page interrupts and Karl Anderson makes fun of him by calling him “The Karate Man”. Page slaps Anderson across the face and Anderson retaliates by delivering a massive slap back.

Detective Dreamer

Detective Tommy Dreamer is interviewing Larry D who is hooked up to a lie detector. Dreamer says that as John E. Bravo eliminated Larry D at the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match, maybe it was him who shot Bravo. Larry D says that he did not shoot Bravo and Dreamer confirms that no lie was detected.

Cody Deaner then enters and hooks himself up to the lie detector. Dreamer asks Cody if he’s mad about anything. Cody says that last week he lost to Johnny Swinger and that was a career-low and it was the referee’s fault. Dreamer says that Cody seems to be bitter about a lot of people and reminds him that he said he wanted to kill John E. Bravo. Deaner reiterates that he didn’t shoot John E. Bravo as the segment ends.

X Division Championship

TJP vs Rohit Raju (If Rohit Raju wins, TJP can never challenge for the title as long as he is Champion)

As Rohit Raju makes his entrance he throws his ring jacket at TJP who responds with a Baseball Slide. The two then continue to brawl on the outside and TJP hits Rohit with a Suplex onto the stage. The match starts off pretty back and forth. As TJP runs the ropes, Rohit pulls the referee in front of him. With the slight distraction, Rohit is able to get the advantage on TJP and hits a Double Stomp to the stomach. Rohit delivers a series of kicks to the chest and is able to pick up a two count. Rohit remains in control for a good portion of the match and begins to attack the left arm of TJP by hitting a Single-Arm DDT followed by a Kimura Lock. TJP is able to counter the Submission with a Small Cradle to pick up a two count. TJP follows up with a Tornado DDT for a two count followed by a Dropkick and a Surfboard Stretch, which he transitions into an impressive Pin attempt with the hold still locked in. TJP hits a Springboard Dropkick and scales the top rope but Rohit knocks him down into the Tree of Woe. Rohit hits a Roaring Elbow followed by the Hammerlock DDT for a two. TJP comes back with a Modified Road To Valhalla and goes for the Mamba Splash but misses. Rohit immediately capitalizes with the Crossface but TJP is able to counter into a Kneebar. Rohit crawls to the ropes and grabs the X Division Title. The referee attempts to get it off of him and as he is distracted, Rohit hits TJP with a Low Blow followed by a Running Knee to pick up the win.

Rohit Raju defeats TJP via Pinfall in 9 mins 25 secs (Plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a pretty solid back and forth match between the two. I think over the last few weeks Rohit has proven that he is more than just a great heel character and can really go in the ring when he needs to. TJP is always really entertaining to watch and I love his innovative style. The Surfboard Stretch pin attempt was incredibly impressive. With the X Division Title flipping around so much over the last few months, I am happy that Rohit won as I think he is starting to have a really enjoyable title reign, and was pleased to see him retain.

Kiera and Tasha Steals

Fallah Bahh is waiting outside Tommy Dreamer’s interview room with his stolen money. Hernandez comes out from his interview and Fallah Bahh is shocked that he passed the lie detector test. Hernandez is angry at Fallah Bahh for lying that Bravo had the stolen money and thinks that he was the one who shot him. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz come and tell Hernandez to back off. As Kiera Hogan is distracting Fallah Bahh by telling him that they are good with him now, Tasha Steelz steals the money from his pocket and replaces it with a roll of tape. You could say that…Tasha Steals!

The Rascalz Treehouse

The Rascalz are in the Treehouse for the first time in a long time. Dez has received a letter saying that they are being “convicted”. Wentz starts freaking out as he says that none of them shot Bravo. Trey takes the letter and sees that it actually says “Evicted” and as they haven’t paid rent in two years they are being evicted from the Treehouse and IMPACT Wrestling.

Acey Romero w/ Larry D vs Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin sprints to the ring to start the attack on Acey Romero but is immediately thrown out. As Romero is distracting the referee, Larry D attacks Sabin on the outside. Sabin tries to come back by hitting some Dropkicks to the knee of Romero but Acey comes back with a big Crossbody. Romero locks in a Vice applying pressure to the neck of Sabin. Sabin Sidesteps Romero, which sends him to the outside and follows up with a Plancha to both members of XXXL. As Romero gets back in the ring, Sabin hits him with a Top Rope Crossbody for a two count. Romero attempts a Senton but Sabin rolls out the way. Sabin follows up with a Dropkick to the back of Romero followed by a PK to Larry D and three Enziguris to knock down Romero and pick up the win.

Chris Sabin defeats Acey Romero via Pinfall in 6 mins 23 secs

After the match, Larry D attacks Chris Sabin and yells “you don’t know who you’re messing with”.

Davie’s thoughts: I felt this was a pretty basic “David vs Goliath” style match with Sabin doing the majority of the work. Unfortunately, when it comes to singles matches, Romero seems quite limited in what he is able to do. I feel the role of the big man has evolved in today’s wrestling scene and you have to have more to you than just the size. In defense of XXXL I have been enjoying their heel work recently and I feel it suits their characters a lot better.

Chris Bey and Sami Callihan

Chris Bey is getting ready for his upcoming match with Eddie Edwards as Sami Callihan enters. Sami tries to sweet-talk Bey but Bey reminds him that “you can’t finesse the ultimate finneser”. Bey realizes that Callihan wants to make some sort of deal and is willing to hear him out as the segment ends.

More From Detective Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer is now interviewing James Mitchell who is hooked up to the lie detector. Mitchell is frustrated and tired of everyone thinking that it’s him that shot Bravo. Mitchell acknowledges his motives and that he looks like the obvious suspect but says that “guns are so inelegant” and he wouldn’t have wasted all of that “extra virgin blood”. James Mitchell finishes by saying that he didn’t do it but he thinks he knows who did.

Chris Bey vs Eddie Edwards

Chris Bey uses his speed and agility to counter everything Edwards is trying to apply. Edwards comes back with a stiff Shoulder Tackle, hits an Inverted Atomic Drop and Suplex for a two. Bey comes back with a Senton to the back of Edwards and begins to stomp down on him in the corner. During the match Rayne and Matthews advertise that Chris Bey will be representing IMPACT in the NJPW Super J Cup. Edwards begins to make a comeback with Elbows and Rapid Chops in the corner. Edwards goes for the Tiger Driver but gets countered into a Hurricanrana. Bey attempts his Springboard Cutter but Edwards backs up causing Bey to fall to the mat and Edwards picks up the pin.

Eddie Edwards defeats Chris Bey via Pinfall in 4 mins 55 secs

After the match, Chris Bey comes back to the ring with a steel chair. Sami Callihan then hacks the program and appears in the ring with a baseball bat. As Callihan is attacking Edwards, Rich Swann runs out to make the save. Ken Shamrock then comes out and takes Swann down with a straight right hand. Chris Bey smashes both Edwards and Bey in the back with the steel chair. Callihan places a chair on Swann’s head and prepares to smash it with the baseball bat when The Rascalz runs out for the save.

Davie’s thoughts: I didn’t think this was a bad match but it wasn’t given enough time to really have any substance. I thought the finish was pretty lazy with Edwards easily able to pick up a pin after the botches Springboard Cutter. With the post-match angle, it appears we might be building to some kind of team vs team match, which could be really entertaining with the people involved.

Tenille Dashwood Asks Jordynne Grace To Be Her Partner

Kaleb With A K is with Tenille Dashwood as they approach Jordynne Grace. Kaleb With A K starts trying to ask Grace if she will be Tenille’s partner but Grace wants Tenille to ask her herself. Tenille mumbles as she asks Jordynne to be her partner. Grace says that she needs a partner but needs a partner that she can trust and says that at Turning Point Tenille can try to earn her trust.

Rich Swann and The Rascalz

Chris Bey thanks The Rascalz for having his back. The Rascalz tells Swann that they only have a week left with the company. Swann suggests that they do something special for their last IMPACT and do Trey Miguel & Rich Swann vs Dez & Wentz.

IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from Turning Point 2009 where The British Invasion defeats Beer Money and Motor City Machine Funs for the TNA World Tag Team Championship after Kevin Nash attacked James Storm with the TNA Global Championship.

I Think Ur Alone Now

Gia Mitchell interviews Deonna Purrazzo with Kimber Lee ahead of her No Disqualification Match for the Knockouts Championship against Su Yung. Deonna says that she has never been in a No DQ match before but she is the Virtuosa and always has a plan. As she is cutting her promo the music changes and Kimber Lee disappears.  Deonna sees a window with “I think ur alone now” written in blood on it as Kimber Lee slams herself against the window and crumples to the floor.

Dreamer Interviews Havok

James Mitchell is still being interviewed by Tommy Dreamer. Mitchell says that Dreamer has to trust him but Dreamer says that he has to investigate the claims himself. As Mitchell leaves, Havok enters the interview room. Dreamer says that Havok didn’t want to bring Mitchell back to life but Rosemary made her do it and it made her mad, possibly mad enough to shoot her husband. Havok says that maybe he should talk to Rosemary. Dreamer says that he will interview Rosemary after her match at Turning Point but Havok didn’t answer his question. He asks her once again “Did you shoot John E. Bravo?” as the segment ends.

Reno Scum vs Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve

Luster The Legend tries to knock Fallah Bahh with a Big Boot, but Bahh comes back with a big Crossbody before tagging in Crazzy Steve. Reno Scum is able to isolate Steve in their corner and start to Double Team him. Steve manages to make the tag back to Fallah Bahh who takes out both men with Running Splashes followed by a Belly To Belly to Luster and a Samoan Drop to Thornstowe. Crazzy Steve attempts a Dive onto Luster The Legend on the outside but is caught and driven into the ring post. Fallah Bahh misses a Banzai Drop, which allows Reno Scum to hit an Assisted Double Stomp off the turnbuckle to the arm for the win.

Reno Scum defeat Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve via Pinfall in 3 mins 46 secs

Davie’s thoughts: This to me was another filler match with not much substance. I thought the Stomp to the arm as a finish looked pretty cool but beyond that, there really isn’t anything to say about this match.

Beer Sabin

Chris Sabin is sat at a bar talking to someone out of shot. He says that he needs someone to watch his back and he can’t take on XXXL on his own. He asks this person if he will be his tag team partner on Saturday and that he will buy him a beer. The camera pans out to reveal that he’s talking to James Storm. Storm brings up their history together and says that he will have his back and be his partner. The two then cheers and drink together but Sabin spits it out. Storm says if they are going to team together, they’re going to have to drink together. So Sabin downs the whole bottle of beer, whilst looking disgusted.

Moose Attacks Mack

A doctor is backstage checking on Willie Mack’s throat. The doctor says that he has a bruised larynx but is cleared to wrestle. Moose then comes out of nowhere and attacks Moose. Mack is able to come back and starts to strangle Moose and says that he will see him at Turning Point

Turning Point Card

Moose vs Willie Mack

Eddie Edwards vs Daivari

Brian Myers vs Swoggle

Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace vs Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

The North vs The Good Brothers (IMPACT World Tag Team Championships)

Su Yung vs Donna Purrazzo (No DQ for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship)

Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan (IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship)

Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page vs Karl Anderson w/ DOC Gallows

The match starts with a lot of technical wrestling. Alexander goes for a Heel Hook but Anderson is able to escape. After they brawl on the outside for a bit, Alexander gets the advantage and Stomps on the hand of Anderson. Alexander then Kicks away at the knee of Anderson, which he begins to sell. Anderson tries to fight back but gets caught with a Back Suplex for a two count. Alexander starts to work the shoulder of Anderson, goes for a Clothesline but Anderson ducks and hits a Reverse Neckbreaker. Anderson starts to fire up and hits a series of Elbows and Clotheslines followed by a big Spinebuster for a two count. Alexander comes back with a Big Boot and attempts the Butterfly Piledriver but Anderson is able to Backdrop him. Anderson hits a big Clothesline for a two count and immediately sets up for the Gun Stun but Alexander is able to block it. As Anderson is by the ropes, Ethan Page grabs at his foot but is kicked off. This annoys Page who runs into the ring to attack Anderson for the DQ finish.

Karl Anderson defeats Josh Alexander via Disqualification in 10 mins 37 secs (Plus commercials)

After the match The Good Brothers and The North all brawl in the ring. Security runs out to break up the two teams as the show goes off the air.

Davie’s thoughts: When I saw this match advertised, I had really high expectations but unfortunately it didn’t deliver and I actually found it pretty boring. I found the match very slow and just as it started to get better, it ended with a very uninspired DQ finish. I feel every week on IMPACT we see these two teams brawling and I feel there is a much better story to be told with The Good Brothers being these outsiders who have come into The North’s territory.

Overall, I thought this was a really weak episode of IMPACT Wrestling with no matches really standing out. For a mid-card comedy story, I am enjoying “Who Shot John E. Bravo?” and I feel that Tommy Dreamer is the perfect person to play the role of the detective. The news that next week is The Rascalz last week on IMPACT came out of nowhere and as of writing, I’m unsure if it’s storyline or legitimate. If they are truly leaving I think it’s a massive loss for IMPACT as these guys have been fantastic over the last year in both singles and tag team roles. If they are leaving I hope this means they have an opportunity on a bigger stage. Either way, the exhibition match with Swann & Trey vs Wentz & Dez should be really good. Saturday’s card looks pretty strong on paper but a lot of the matches have very little build. I am most looking forward to both the women’s matches as all of them have been delivering regularly. Unfortunately a dud of a show for me this week.

3.5 Lie Detector Tests Out Of 10