IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: The Weenominal One, AJ Swoggle

This week's show featured Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock, Jordynne Grace reveals her partner, "The Weenominal One", Alex Shelley returns & more.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling
November 24th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Matt Striker

The show starts with Scott D’Amore visiting John E. Bravo in the hospital. The Doctor tells D’Amore that Bravo is stable and should make a full recovery; however, Bravo might not be the same as he was before. D’Amore assures Bravo that tonight there will be justice as John E. Bravo faces Wrestler’s Court.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament
First Round
Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

This is the IMPACT debut for Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, two sisters who go by “The Sea Stars”. Kiera Hogan starts the match against Delmi Emo is much taller than the other competitors. Delmi applies the Gator Rol early and makes a few pin attempts, which causes Kiera to look concerned as she has underestimated her opponent. Vox tags in and hits a Snapmare for a one-count before Kiera tags in Tasha Steelz. Steelz offers a handshake but instead kicks Vox in the gut. Hogan and Steelz are able to isolate Vox in their corner and make quick tags to maintain the advantage for a while. Exo is able to make the hot tag and hits a Fallaway Slam onto Hogan into Steelz for a two count. Vox gets tagged back in and hits the Celtic Cross for a near fall. Hogan comes back with a Roundhouse Kick as Steelz follows up with the Running Bulldog. Kiera Hogan pins Ashley Vox after hitting the Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeat The Sea Stars via Pinfall in 7 mins 11 secs

Davie’s thoughts: Quite a convincing win from Hogan and Steelz, who are my pick to win the entire tournament. Vox and Exo were able to showcase a bit of what they can do but not enough to form a full opinion on them quite yet. I thought Exo’s size was impressive however, she wasn’t quite able to throw around Steelz and Hogan as convincingly as other bigger women I’ve seen. I am pleased they’ve brought in some more legitimate tag teams into IMPACT so it doesn’t seem like a threadbare division (I’m looking at you, WWE).

Jordynne & Jazz

Jordynne Grace is backstage watching the match and says that Steelz and Hogan look like the team to beat. The camera pans out and reveals that she is talking to Jazz. Jazz says “no, Jordynne and Jazz are the team to beat”. Gia Miller asks if Jazz is Jordynne’s new partner and she says that she wants to retire on top. She has been a WWE Women’s Champion and NWA Women’s Champion and wants to end her career as IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

Page Celebrates Gallows’ Injury

Ethan Page approaches Josh Alexander with some good news. He shows Alexander a report on his phone that says that DOC Gallows is out of action for four to six weeks. Alexander is angry at Page because with Gallows being out of action they will be unable to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. Page says not to worry and that “we’ve got this” as he leaves Alexander looking very frustrated.

Wrester’s Court Part 1

We hear a narrator introducing Johnny Swinger as an “Old school carnie from the territory days” and his representative is Madison Rayne as she is the only person that likes him. Rayne questions why Swinger is wearing a neck brace and he says that “McDevitt told him to wear it for sympathy”. McDevitt clearly being a reference to WWE”s infamous lawyer – Jerry McDevitt. The narrator then introduces “the boys” as a colloquial term to describe a wrestler’s locker room. D’Lo Brown is introduced as the prosecuting attorney. Tommy Dreamer then enters as the judge of Wrestler’s Court. Madison Rayne objects that Dreamer is the judge as he is the one who accused Swinger of shooting Bravo. D’Lo Brown and Dreamer, therefore, swap positions.

Dreamer, now as the prosecutor, says that the reason why he believes Swinger is the culprit is because of the fanny pack containing the smoking gun. Fallah Bahh is called as the first witness. Bahh says that Swinger was bitter that Bravo chose him as the Best Man. Cody Deaner is then called to the stand and says that he remembers the gunshot from the wedding and that he found a gun on Swinger at Turning Point. Acey Romero is then called to the stand as he tried to do a fingerprint analysis on the smoking gun. Romero says that he found not only Swinger’s fingerprints on the gun but Cody Deaner’s, Cousin Jake’s, Tommy Dreamer’s, Larry D’s, Taya Valkyrie’s, Rosemary’s, Brian Pillman’s, Greg Valentine’s and Ron Simmon’s to which D’Lo Brown says “Damn!” in his best Ron Simmons impression. Swinger asks permission to approach the stand and hands a six-pack of beer to D’Lo Brown. Swinger tells Rayne that he has a good feeling about this but Rayne tells him that he’s misreading the room.

Davie’s thoughts: I felt part one was really well done with some funny inside jokes for fans who have heard the stories of Wrestler’s Court over the years. Over the years wrestlers have been known to provide beer and pizza for everyone at Wrestler’s Court to try and get off free however, in the past, there have been people who failed miserably as they thought that only a six-pack of beer would be enough. Dreamer, D’Lo, and Rayne all played their parts pretty well too.

Defeat Rohit Challenge

Rohit Raju cuts a promo in the ring saying that he is the opposite of all the fans. He is a winner and that he doesn’t chase dreams, he takes them. He calls us all losers and himself the greatest X Division Champion in history. He declares the Defeat Rohit challenge open and Suicide answers the call.

Rohit Raju vs Suicide

Rohit Raju says that he knows that it is not Suicide and that he won’t fall for that so he won’t put the title on the line.

The match starts with a series of Arm Drags and Dropkicks from Suicide. Suicide attempts a Springboard, however, Rohit Kicks him off the ropes. Rohit takes advantage with a Snap Suplex followed by a Choke using his shin. Rohit attempts to remove the mask but Suicide is able to break free. Rohit goes for the mask a second time but Suicide fights back and locks in a Modified Tarantula, which Rohit fights out of with a Back Suplex. Rohit Raju is finally able to remove the mask, thinking that it’s TJP however TJP’s music hits and he comes out onto the stage. With Rohit distracted, a maskless Suicide rolls him up for the win.

“Suicide” defeats Rohit Raju via Pinfall in 4 mins 50 secs (Plus commercials)

After the match, we see that it was Crazzy Steve under the Suicide mask. As he celebrates on the stage with TJP, Rohit is left in the ring looking furious.

Davie’s thoughts: I found this segment pretty entertaining. Last week Scott D’Amore very unsubtly suggested that TJP wrestles Rohit Raju as someone else. During the match Suicide was attempting a few moves we are used to seeing TJP do, to make us and Rohit believe that it’s him. Rohit was very entertaining with his promo and during the match trying to prove that it was TJP. This was a distraction finish that actually made sense for me, worked for the story, and was entertaining.

Moose Provokes Shamrock

Backstage Sami Callihan is hyping up Ken Shamrock ahead of his IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship match against Rich Swann. Sami is saying that his goal was to bring out the Ken Shamrock of old and to bring back that killer instinct. Moose enters and tells Sami and Ken that they are challenging for the secondary title but they jumped the line in facing Swann. Moose reminds Shamrock that he beat him before and if he happens to beat Swann tonight, he will beat him again. Shamrock loses his cool and goes to fight Moose but Callihan holds him back.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Tenille Dashwood is backstage with Kaleb With A K, trying on different glasses. Alisha Edwards approaches and asks what they are going to do about “us” following their loss in the tag tournament last week. Dashwood says that things didn’t work out with Jordynne or Madison and they both got the hint so why hasn’t Alisha. Alisha says that if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. Tenille and Kaleb With A K say that they like that saying but don’t seem too enthused about teaming with Alisha again.

Kimber Lee w/ Deonna Purrazzo vs Killer Kelly w/ Renee Michelle

Kimber Lee attacks Killer Kelly immediately with some stiff forearms. Lee shows off a really aggressive side as she drags Kelly’s face across the ropes before applying a Double Arm Submission. Kelly tries to counter the submission into a pin but Lee kicks out. Kelly comes back after trapping both of Kimer Lee’s arms, hitting her with a headbutt before delivering a Double Underhook Suplex. Kelly hits a cartwheel Double Knees to the back of Lee’s neck, that didn’t look particularly smooth before making a pin attempt. Kimber Lee comes back with a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker and follows up with a Swanton off the second rope for the win.

Kimber Lee defeats Killer Kelly via Pinfall in 3 mins 5 secs

After the match, a hybrid of Su Yung and Susie’s music hits, and Susie comes out as Purrazzo and Kimber Lee look on, terrified. Susie says that they hurt her friends and that’s bad but now her friend is here and things are going to get really bad. Su Yung’s music then hits and Su Yung comes out. Purrazzo and Kimber Lee attempt to attack Yung but she comes back and takes both out before putting on the Bloody Glove. Sy Yung attempts to apply the Mandible Claw to Purrazzo but Kimber Lee drags her out of the ring for the save.

Davie’s thoughts: As a fan of Killer Kelly’s work I was expecting a bit more from the match. I understand that Kimber Lee is signed talent and in a bigger story right now but just as a wrestling fan I feel these two were capable of putting on a much better match and unfortunately it was just a setup for the post-match angle.

I thought the return of Su Yung worked really well and they managed to do some cool editing by having Susie introduce her alter ego. That is definitely one of the advantages of having an empty arena, it allows you to do cool transformations like this. I’m glad to see that it looks like we will have one more match between Purrazzo and Yung as the feud doesn’t quite feel over yet and all the other women are preoccupied with the Tag Tournament.

Alex Shelley Returns

Gia Miller interviews Chris Sabin and a returning Alex Shelley. Shelley says that his neck is feeling a lot better and he is back. Sabin says that they have a plan. First, they are coming for XXXL, then they are going for The North, and finally, they are going for The Good Brothers and the IMPACT Tag Team Championship.

Bey Challenges Swann

Rich Swann enters Willie Mack’s locker room and apologizes for what Moose did to him. Mack says that he doesn’t feel sorry for himself as he has been fighting his whole life and he’ll fight to the end. Chris Bey enters and asks Mack to leave. Swann tells Bey that Mack is his boy and that Bey should step out. Bey says that there will be a lot of money in a Swann vs Bey Championship match and that he shouldn’t be hanging out with these losers. Swann and Mack get heated and square up with Bey. Bey tells them that if Swann retains against Shamrock then he should give him a call.

The Phenomenal One

Ethan Page enters the ring with Josh Alexander but is interrupted by Karl Anderson. Anderson runs down all of their accolades but says that their celebration has been cut short due to Page injuring Gallows. Anderson says that they agreed that if Page beats an opponent of his choosing, The North will get a shot at the Tag Titles. Anderson introduces “The Phenomenal One” and AJ Styles music and entrance video play. However, Swoggle enters in AJ Styles gear, being introduced as “The Weenominal One, AJ Swoggle”.

Ethan Page vs AJ Swoggle

Ethan Page is laughing and goes down to his knees to offer Swoggle a free shot. Swoggle starts to slap Page and follows up with a Tilt A Whirl Headscissors. Swoggle Baseball Slides Alexander off of the apron but turns into a Big Boot from Page. Page follows up with a Shoulder Tackle and an Elbow Drop before going for the pin, however, he lifts Swoggle’s shoulders off the mat after two. Page sets up for the Styles Clash but Swoggle bites his leg and hits a Superkick. Alexander tries to grab the ankle of Swoggle but Anderson takes him out. As Page is distracted, Swoggle rolls him up for the win.

AJ Swoggle defeats Ethan Page via Pinfall in 2 mins 34s ecs

After the match, Josh Alexander is angry with Page for losing and asks “what is the matter with you”.

Davie’s thoughts: I’m not a big fan of IMPACT promoting characters from the past that they can’t deliver on. There was zero chance of AJ Styles showing up and I think it just makes the company look weak trying to cling on to something they had many years ago. The match was as expected with the undersized underdog getting a fluke win over the heel. I didn’t find it particularly entertaining. The post-match was more interesting as it looks like there is some dissension with The North. I love The North as a tag team but they have had their run now in IMPACT and I am all for seeing them have a singles push, especially Ethan Page.

Wrestler’s Court Part 2

Tommy Dreamer cross-examines Swinger and gets in his face asking “did you really think you would get away with this”. Swinger describes himself as the OJ Simpson of Professional Wrestling. Dreamer asks when was the last time Swinger read a newspaper, to which he says 1991. Swinger says that he isn’t capable of shooting someone and that Dreamer should look at one of the other people in the room.

Dreamer then puts James Mitchell on the stand and asks what the significance of “virgin blood”. James Mitchell says that some people believe that the blood of virgins has magical properties.

Rosemary is now on the stand and is asked when she first started having feelings for Bravo. Rosemary refuses to answer as it is personal. Dreamer then changes his question and asks if Rosemary was ever in love with Bravo. Rosemary admits that she was never in love with him and he was never worthy enough but knew how strong his virgin blood was. Bravo storms into the “court” and calls Rosemary a “b*tch”. He is angry because he was used by Rosemary all along. D’Lo Brown calls for order and says that it is clear who shot Bravo. Bravo says that as much as he hates Rosemary, he knows she didn’t do it. Bravo says that he didn’t see him but he could smell him.

Larry D is now put on the stand and attached to a lie detector. Dreamer asks if Larry D shot John E Bravo and no lie is detected. Dreamer then sprays Larry D with the “Ring Rust” cologne and Larry D transforms into Lawrence D. Dreamer asks him once again if he shot John E. Bravo, to which Lawrence D says “You’re damn right, I did it.” Lawrence said that he was a lover, not a fighter but when John E. Bravo stole the woman of his dreams, he had to do something about it. Judge D’Lo Brown, therefore, finds Johnny Swinger “not guilty”.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought the whole court case was played out pretty well, with lots of callbacks to parts of the story dating back to Wrestle House. I did find the reveal of Lawrence D being very underwhelming and can’t really see this leading to much else. For a low-mid-card story, I found it pretty entertaining but it did end with a bit of a whimper.

Fallah Bahh vs Daivari

Daivari charges at Fallah Bahh as soon as the bell rings and delivers some hard chops in the corner. Bahh starts to fight back and hits a Crossbody to Daivari. Before the match can go any further, Eric Young and Joe Doering enter to attack both men.

Fallah Bahh vs Daivari ends in a No Contest after 37 secs

After the match, Eric Young delivers a Piledriver to Daivari before getting on the mic. Young says that his purpose and vision are clear and he will be opening his eyes to the truth. Young says that this world is sick and we are looking at the cure. Rhino’s music then hits and charges to the ring to attack Young and Doering. Young and Doering make quick work of Rhino. Young gets on the microphone again and says that “this world doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to us.”

Davie’s thoughts: This Eric Young character is getting far too Bray Wyatt-esque for my liking. I feel like it’s been months now where Young is talking about this being “his world” but nothing more has happened than random attacks. These attacks got stale quite a while ago. I do, however, like the introduction of Joe Doering and am interested to see his work. The story really does need to start to move forward, though.

Fake AJ and Fake Suicide Celebrate

Swoggle is backstage with Crazzy Steve telling him that he looks ridiculous. TJP comes in to congratulate both men on their wins. Brian Myers enters and mocks them all. He calls Crazzy Steve a clown and tells TJP that he is never going to be X Division Champion.

Su Problem

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee approach James Mitchell to ask for advice on their “Su Problem”. Kimber Lee asks if there is a way to turn their “Su Problem” into a “Susie Problem”. Mitchell says that he is willing to help but there will be a price.

Next Week

XXL vs Motor City Machine Guns
Rohit Raju vs Crazzy Steve (X Division Championship)
Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz (First Round in the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament)
Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship
Rich Swann vs Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock is in a fighting stance and Swann is trying to use his speed to get out of the way of the strikes. Callihan grabs the ankle of Swann, causing him to get ejected from ringside. As Shamrock is distracted, Swann hits him with multiple Dropkicks. Swann goes for a Cutter off the second rope but gets caught and is repeatedly driven headfirst into the turnbuckle before being dumped on the mat. Shamrock continues to beat down on Swann with strikes, stomps, and a heel hook. At one point Shamrock looks at the referee to ask if he wants the match to continue. Shamrock applies the front chancery whilst delivering Knees to the ribs of Swann.

After the commercial break, Swann starts to fight back with some stiff Right Hands. He attempts a few Clotheslines but is unable to knock Shamrock down who comes back with a kick to the gut. Swann comes back with three Spinning Roundhouse Kicks with the third finally knocking down Shamrock. Swann follows up with a Rolling Thunder for a two count. Swann hits a Sunset Flip pin attempt but Shamrock counters it into a Triangle. Swann is able to roll onto his front to break the hold and hits a Superkick followed by a huge Frog Splash for a two count. Shamrock applies a Cross Armbreaker but Swann’s foot is under the rope. Swann goes for another Spin Kick but Shamrock is able to catch it in the Ankle Lock. Shamrock attempts a Choke Hold but Swann rolls through to pin Shamrock.

Rich Swann defeats Ken Shamrock via Pinfall in 10 mins 7 secs (Plus commercials)

After the match, Ken Shamrock punches the referee and Sami Callihan hits the Package Piledriver on Swann. Callihan then gets a baseball bat but before he can strike Swann with it, Eddie Edwards runs out for the save. Shamrock and Callihan then proceed to attack Edwards and use wrist tape to tie him in the ropes. With Eddie trapped, Sami Callihan drills Edwards in the head with the baseball bat, busting him open. D’Lo Brown comes out with security to stop Callihan and Shamrock. Shamrock knocks D’Lo out with a right hand. Scott D’Amore tries to stop Shamrock and Callihan as IMPACT goes off the air.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was the best match of the evening. I much prefer Shamrock using his MMA skillset rather than trying to wrestle. Even in the later stage of his career, I feel Shamrock is able to put on a passable match when working this style. Swann did most of the work, playing a really good underdog trying to escape Shamrock’s strikes and submissions, and was able to show some great babyface flare with his comebacks.

The post-match angle was effective, with the baseball bat stunt on Edwards looking pretty convincing. That being said, I am really not interested in another Edwards/Callihan feud as this has seemed to have gone on forever. I also feel the Shamrock/Callihan story is very similar to the Young/Doering story and I would like to see a bit more creativity and variation with the characters. Every week it seems that one or both of these pairs are attacking people and getting pulled away by security. It’s getting rather repetitive.

Overall, I thought it was an entertaining show but I would have liked more of a focus on wrestling. The majority of the matches were under five minutes long and two of them ended with a roll up. The talent in the IMPACT locker room is incredible and I would love to see more great wrestling matches than comedy segment after comedy segment. Wrestle Court was fun, yet anticlimactic. A lot of the feuds feel like they’re treading water. I’m pleased to see that Alex Shelley will be back in action next week for Motor City Machine Guns vs XXXL. I am also curious to see if they will pull the trigger on splitting up The North.

6 “Objection!”s Out Of 10