Wrestle Kingdom (Night 2) Notes: SANADA challenges double title winner

SANADA wants his shot at Kota Ibushi's IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Titles, STARDOM dark matches & more from Wrestle Kingdom night two.

Photo Courtesy: NJPW

IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion Kota Ibushi walked into night two of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom event and picked up a win over Jay White to retain the double gold. Ibushi and White’s match went nearly 50 minutes and in the end, it was Ibushi raising both titles over his head in the final match of Wrestle Kingdom 15. Following his victory, Ibushi was approached by SANADA, who earlier in the night defeated EVIL in singles competition. SANADA asked for a shot at Ibushi’s titles and the champion agreed to the challenge.

To open night two, Toru Yano bested Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens and BUSHI to win the Provisional KOPW 2021 trophy.

Prior to Wrestle Kingdom going live on NJPW World, two dark matches consisting of STARDOM talents took place and here are the results of those matches:

* Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani & AZM def. Maika, Himeka & Natsupoi
* Giulia & Syuri def. Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano

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