Chris Jericho: I tested positive for COVID back in ‘maybe September’

Chris Jericho took to his podcast and shared that he tested positive for COVID-19 around the month of September.

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Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was present on last week’s Dynamite as a part of the commentary team and this week, he’ll be involved in a segment along with fellow members of The Inner Circle.

Jericho put out a new episode of his Talk Is Jericho podcast featuring Dr. Alex Patel. The two parties discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, the aftereffects of catching the virus and scoped out what 2021 could look like as far as the pandemic goes. As their conversation progressed, Jericho shared that he tested positive for COVID-19 in ‘maybe September’.

It’s interesting because I haven’t really told anybody this but I tested positive back in maybe September and I had zero symptoms. I’m one of the ones that you said, you know, I had my ten days in isolation and stayed away from everybody and I didn’t have a symptom — I didn’t even know that I had it. I went and got a test just in general and it’s one of those ones where they said, ‘You’re positive.’ I was like, ‘Really? Are you serious?’ And I had nothing. I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t have a cough, which I guess is a very lucky thing but on top of that though Alex [Patel] and you’ll know this, once I did have it and it wasn’t a false positive because I took three different tests and they were all positive but now, I have the antibodies.

Throughout the month of September, Jericho competed in five matches for AEW. The company had weeks where they would tape twice a week so talents could quarantine for the following week.

AEW World Tag Team Champion Nick Jackson recently revealed that he tested positive for COVID in September. Lance Archer revealed his positive COVID test during the month of September.

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