IMPACT REPORT: Fire ‘N Flava Fest, Miguel returns, Hardy & Private Party

This week's episode saw Trey Miguel return to IMPACT, Fire 'n Flava Fest, Matt Cardona teams with Josh Alexander, Matt Hardy & Private Party appear & more.

Photo courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling

January 26th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Who Will Show No Surrender?

Rich Swann has requested some time to speak in the ring to start the show. Swann says his whole life he wanted to be a professional wrestler and he worked and busted his tail off, and his hard work has paid off and he is the IMPACT World Champion. Now that he’s the champion, he realizes what a target he has on his back. It’s ok because he will fight hard and he’s not complaining. Swann then invites Tommy Dreamer to come to the ring. Dreamer is looking concerned, and Swann is asking why. Swann says February 13th is not only the No Surrender pay-per-view but also Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday. Swann begins to run down all the things that Dreamer has done for everybody here, including himself. Swann says it would be his honor to defend his championship against Dreamer at No Surrender. Before Dreamer can answer, they get interrupted by Sami Callihan. Callihan blames politics as to why this match is even a thought. Callihan calls himself the heart and soul of this company and says he deserves a title shot. Chris Bey then comes out and says February 13th is also his birthday, where he becomes 25 years old, so he demands a match. Moose entered with his TNA championship who says it’s funny that everybody is scared to challenge for his title. Moose says unlike Bey and Callihan, Swann has never beat him so he’s asking where his title opportunity is. Swann says that time will come, but Rich Swann vs. Tommy Dreamer is already set for No Surrender as all 5 men start brawling. Willie Mack runs out and stuns Bey and Callihan before attacking Moose out of the ring as well. Callihan cues the lights to go off and on where Ken Shamrock is in the ring and attacks Mack, Swann & Dreamer as Moose, Callihan & Bey run back in and join in on the 4-on-3 attack before leaving them all laid out.

The 4th Man

Backstage Gia Miller stops Swann, Dreamer & Mack asking how they feel. Dreamer is demanding a match against Moose, Bey, Callihan & Shamrock. Swann says they don’t want it, they are demanding it as they go to find Scott D’Amore. D’Amore says he’s happy to make that match, but they are a bit outnumbered. D’Amore says he has the perfect partner for them as they walk into the IMPACT Management room and we don’t see who the person is.

Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Alexander and Fulton start the match. Alexander immediately goes for the legs to take down Fulton. Fulton tags Austin who gets caught from an attempted leapfrog before Alexander tags in Cardona. Cardona hits a flapjack before clotheslining Austin to the outside. Alexander does the same to Fulton, before backflipping Cardona onto both on the outside as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Cardona and Alexander are double-teaming on Fulton. Austin tags himself in and gets a 2 count after a leg drop. Austin taunts Cardona with a ‘Broski’ boot of his own on Alexander. Austin drags Alexander to his corner and tags Fulton as they trade splashes onto Alexander. Fulton holds Alexander down with a boot to the throat in the corner before hitting another splash in the corner and the 3 count gets broken up by Cardona. Austin gets tagged in as Alexander dodges a couple of splashes before making the hot tag to Cardona. Cardona comes in and knocks Fulton out of the ring before hitting a flying dropkick to Austin followed by a clothesline in the corner. Cardona attempts a Broski Boot, but Austin runs to the outside. Fulton stops a 3 count and drags Austin to him so he can tag in. Alexander comes in to stop Fulton as he’s putting boots on Cardona. Alexander and Fulton go back and forth until Austin kicks Alexander out. Cardona leaps over Austin to hit Fulton with the move he called the Rough Ryder for the three-count as Alexander holds Austin down.

Winners: Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander by pinfall at 11:20

Another Mystery Man

Rohit Raju is shown backstage talking about all the hurdles he’s been through as it’s shown him talking to someone for help, but we do not see who it is. He asks if he can count on him and it looks like the mystery man says yes.

AEW Paid Advertisement

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan with another paid advertisement. Khan says he cares about Schiavone and the fans, saying this is like his own wrestling fantasy league. Khan begins to ‘praise’ the IMPACT Zone and says how he was there along with Matt Hardy, Private Party, and Jerry Lynn. He then hypes up the AEW Dynamite card for Wednesday along with Schiavone. Khan promises a great show and says if the Good Brothers can make it through, they have to fight next week at AEW Beach Break.

Bad Mood Brian

Backstage we see Matt Cardona along with Josh Alexander bumping into Brian Myers. Myers is upset that Alexander picked ‘his Jannetty’ instead of himself. Cardona calls him ‘Bad Mood Brian’.

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards’ left arm is all taped up after his Barbed Wire Massacre match. They start the match with a couple of lockups before Myers is thrown off by being taken down by Edwards. Edwards hits an overhead belly to belly suplex followed by a suicide dive to the outside. Edwards tries to drag Myers back in, but Myers targets Edwards’ hand before throwing him shoulder first into the post as he falls back out. Edwards rolls back in as Myers immediately goes after the arm of Edwards by trying to rip off the tape. Myers calls Edwards a ‘garbage wrestler’ and hits a suplex for a two count. Myers is able to trip up Edwards before wrapping Edwards’ injured arm under the turnbuckles. Edwards hits a backpack stunner for a two count as his arm begins to slow him down. Myers runs right into a thumb in the eye from Edwards targeting the injury as the referee calls for the bell. Edwards goes to bite the eye as Myers starts bleeding.

Winner: Brian Myers by disqualification at 6:11

Two Exes from Texas

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are backstage saying they don’t think the Fire ‘N Flava Fest will be lit because the only tickets they sold are to the ugly people. Steelz says they’ll call it a masquerade party so they can cover their faces. Johnny Swinger walks through with three women and says to not worry about Hogan and Steelz, as they are two of his exes from Texas. Hogan says she has an idea, although it could be a bad one.

Tag Team Title Bonus

Matt Hardy backstage with Private Party and takes credit for their win last week, as Private Party disagrees with that. Hardy says let’s look beyond that and they must win the Impact World Tag Titles and he has put a bounty for both the Impact & AEW titles, then says it’s more like a bonus. Hardy then starts going through all the money he gets because of his cut as the Private Party seems a bit upset about that. Hardy then says he needs them to win, to be winners, and get their minds right.

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Rosemary (w/ Crazzy Steve)

Right away Kaleb distracts the referee as Tenille hits Rosemary with her camera bag but only gets a two count. Tenille hits a neck breaker onto the ropes as Rosemary falls to the outside as Kaleb taunts her by smacking her and taking pictures. Tenille runs into the corner into an elbow by Rosemary who puts on the Upside Down before going to get into Kaleb’s face. Rosemary goes to hit a dropkick but misses it and Tenille hits the crossbody into the corner for a two count. Tenille applies the full nelson but Rosemary breaks out and hits a pair of clotheslines and a sling blade on Tenille. Rosemary hits a T-Bone suplex but runs right into the turnbuckle, missing Tenille. Rosemary reverses Tenille and hits the As Above, So Below for the pin.

Winner: Rosemary by pinfall at 4:56

Larry D Back From Jail

We see Larry D back from jail backstage with Acey Romero. Romero says it’s good to have him back, but Larry says nothing is good about anything. Larry says whatever he does will not be pretty as The Decay interrupts them. Larry knocks Crazzy Steve out with a punch as Rosemary gets in their face and Larry and Romero walk away with Romero saying, ‘she is lucky they don’t hit women’.

Swinger’s Palace

We see Johnny Swinger in his ‘Swinger’s Palace’, watching a poker game between Fallah Bahh and John E. Bravo. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz come in and say they feel bad and they will give Swinger a golden ticket to the Fire N Flava Fest. Kiera said he can bring his 3 women, the Swingerettes. Swinger then says he has to bring Bravo also as he’s the dealer. Fallah Bahh asks if he can come, but Fire N Flava says he has to have money. Bahh shows he has one chip, but Bravo takes it away. Swinger calls him a ‘ham & egger’ as everybody leaves Bahh alone.

Call Me Susan

Deonna Purrazzo is backstage with Kimber Lee and Susan and talks about how great Hard to Kill was and it’s even better Taya Valkyrie is gone forever. They start to say how they are down with Jazz and Jordynne Grace before they walk in themselves and say they are still a problem to them. Grace begins to call Susan, Susie, or Su Yung before getting stopped. Susan says next week she will find out why they call her ‘Susan’ as she challenges Grace to a one-on-one match. Susan complains about being touched inappropriately as Deonna and Kimber try to calm her down.

Fire N Flava Fest

We go to the ring where we see Johnny Swinger, the Swingerettes & John E. Bravo with the MC of the event Alisha trying her best Fire N Flava impersonation. Alisha says it’s time to get lit and to make noise for the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions before telling the DJ to drop the beat. Kiera asks if they are ready to get the party started as the ‘crowd’ starts ‘booing’. Kiera asks what the referee Brandon Tolle said, Tolle says this is a dumpster fire and asks where the celebrities are. Bravo calls Tasha a broad and asks where the food is. The Swingerettes start handing out the food, and as Kiera & Tasha start hyping up all this amazing sounding food, they reveal it’s only a piece of bread and cheese. Bravo even complains the wrapper is still on the cheese and the bread stinks. Kiera interrupts and says to start handing out the drinks, and Alisha spits out what looks to be Apple Cider. We then see someone dressed up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who they think is Fallah Bahh but revealed to be Neveah who attacks Tasha. As Kiera is yelling at her from the inside, Havok comes in and takes her out. Neveah throws Tasha into the ring, but she escapes and Fire N Flava both leave as Neveah and Havok destroy the table and all the food inside. Alisha announces that Neveah and Havok as the winners of the Fire N Flava Fest? What did I just watch?

Life Hands You Lemons…

We go backstage and see Chris Sabin at a bar who is shortly joined by James Storm. Sabin says he is sick of what Matt Hardy is saying, and they both say they aren’t done with him or the Good Brothers. They say they don’t like being disrespected, they aren’t the Motor City Machine Guns or Beer Money, but they are only missing one thing, the Impact World Tag Team Titles. Storm says like his grandfather said, “life hands you lemons, you throw them out and you get Jack.” Before asking the bartender for two more shots.

No Refunds

Kiera and Tasha are backstage complaining about how they were just treated but says it’s ok because they are still the champions and have all the money. Brandon Tolle comes in and starts complaining they kept none of their promises and wants a refund. Fire N Flava says they don’t have his money and walk away.

Joe Doering (w/ Eric Young & Deaner) vs. Cousin Jake

Doering right away takes down Jake and uses his size to dominate on Jake for the first minute. Doering holds Jake down on the ropes as Young and Deaner taunt away. Jake ducks a clothesline and a cross body and jumps over the top onto Doering on the outside but right away shows an injury to his ankle. Jake starts a comeback but gets stopped by a giant crossbody. Jake tries to punch away but to no avail. Doering continues to dominate and lifts Jake like he’s a cruiserweight. Doering hits a Death Valley Driver followed by a short-armed lariat for the pin.

Winner: Joe Doering by pinfall at 3:14

After the match, Violent by Design continues to attack Jake as Deaner grabs a chair as they go to Pillmanize him. Young stops Doering and tells him and Deaner to go to the back. Young says the world belongs to them as he drops a Violent by Design towel on top of Jake as an offer.

Moose, Chris Bey, Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock vs. Rich Swann, Tommy Dreamer, Willie Mack & Trey Miguel

Moose and Swann start the match before Bey tags himself out. Swann does the same with Dreamer. The February 13th Birthday Boys go at it before Dreamer tags Swann back in as they hit a rolling thunder/dropping elbow combination as they go to their final commercial break of the evening.

We come back as Willie Mack tags Rich Swann in as they double team Chris Bey. Bey tags Callihan in who attempts a package piledriver, but Swann escapes and hits a head scissors before tagging Mack in. Mack hits a Samoan Drop followed by a standing moonsault. Shamrock comes in briefly attacking Mack in the corner before Callihan takes over in the corner. The heels continue to tag each other in while controlling Mack in their own corner. Mack finally comes back with offense on Bey before taking a dropkick to his knee. Callihan comes in and applies pressure right on the previously injured knees of Mack. Moose hits a powerbomb on Mack before aggressively tagging Bey in, and power bombing his own partner onto Mack who only gets a two count. Mack throws Bey up to hit a punch before finally tagging out to Miguel who takes out everybody in the corner. Miguel and Callihan go in the middle of the ring before Miguel hits a reverse atomic drop followed by a cutter. Shamrock comes in and hits a belly-to-belly on Miguel, but Swann takes him out. Callihan and Swann go at it, but Callihan hits a powerbomb. Dreamer comes in and hits a cutter on Callihan, before getting a flying cutter by Bey. Mack comes in and hits a stunner, before getting a spear from Moose. Miguel and Callihan end up the only two in the ring, but Miguel reverses a package piledriver with a hurricanrana for the pin.

Winners: Trey Miguel, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer by pinfall at 10:54

After the match, Shamrock takes out Brandon Tolle and puts him in the ankle lock before the rest of the officials come out and stop him.

Siino Vision: Very happy to see Trey Miguel back in IMPACT, although it must hurt to be separated from his Rascalz who are in NXT, now is the time for Miguel to stand out on his own and make a better name for himself, and with the current landscape of IMPACT, this is the perfect opportunity for it. Nice hook for the show, and with the recent AEW relationship some people might have expected an AEW talent. From the start of the ‘Open Borders’, this might have been the weakest as we got a very lackluster paid advertisement from Khan and Schiavone, and a throwaway segment from Matt Hardy and Private Party. The mysteries continue for next week, as Rohit Raju promised one who I will assume is Mahabali Shera as he is back in the company.

Now I must sadly talk about the state of the Knockouts division. Last year everybody praised it as the best, and the talent is there don’t get me wrong, but now that IMPACT has more eyes on them than they’ve had in a while they’ve really blown this opportunity. The Rosemary/Tenille match was way beyond expectations, and that Fire N Flava Fest was extremely embarrassing to not only write about but to watch and already stands out as one of the worst things of 2021 for me (And I watch Raw every week). In 2021 we are still getting Fyre Festival parodies by not only IMPACT but MLW and even AEW recently. Only so many cheese sandwiches jokes you can make.

Other than the end of the main event, there really wasn’t that much stand out wrestling wise on the show, and I hope this episode was not the norm we will be accustomed to, and hope they snap back into as we inch closer to both AEW and Impact’s big shows. I mean there was one point where there were six back-to-back non-wrestling segments I had to recap, that’s a bit outlandish. If it weren’t for Trey Miguel’s return, I would say this entire show could have been skipped.

4 cheese sandwiches out of 10

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