REWAND-A-VISION: Episode 9 “The Series Finale” (w/ Nate Milton)

REWAND-A-VISION: Episode 9 “The Series Finale” (w/ Nate Milton)

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Wai Ting & WH Park welcome Nate Milton to review WandaVision Ep. 9 “The Series Finale” as we finally learn the fates of Wanda, Vision, The Twins, Agatha Harkness, and the residents of Westview. Did Marvel’s much-hyped series stick its superhero-landing?

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We assess the conclusions of each major character arc and discuss our reactions to the reveals (or lack thereof) of the show’s unanswered mysteries including The Darkhold, mutants, Fietro, Spectral/White Vision, Monica Rambeau, Director Hayward and more.

[00:57:46] And for the very first time in one of our MCU reviews, we take your live calls!

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