MLW FUSION REPORT: Alex Hammerstone vs. LA Park

John Siino's review of MLW Fusion featuring Alex Hammerstone defending the National Openweight Championship against LA Park.

MLW Fusion #124

March 10th, 2021
GILT Nightclub – Orlando, FL

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

Tankman is Lit

Alicia Atout is backstage with Calvin Tankman. Tankman says last week he did what nobody thought he could do, stand toe to toe with Jacob Fatu. And now that Tankman knows what Fatu has, it’s on. Anything he got hit with, he kept coming up because he has his family and the MLW fans cheering him on and can’t let them down. Injustice walks in and calls Tankman an animal and a beast, and says that’s he’s lit. Myron Reed invites Tankman to come smoke with them and handle business. Tankman agrees and they head out.

Gringo Loco vs. Gino Medina

This is a rematch after their match and brawl from a couple of weeks ago. I am loving Medina’s ‘Scarface’ inspired theme music. Loco quickly takes Medina down, but Medina comes back with an arm drag before Loco does the same. They flip around and standoff before Loco takes charge and takes Medina to the outside with a superkick followed by a flying Loco with a step-up tope. Loco throws Medina back in for a two-count. Medina blocks a springboard from Loco by putting his knees up and then corners Loco by the ropes. Medina takes Loco down with a snap mare and gets a 1 count from a cradle pin. Medina tries raining down elbows and stomps, followed by a slingshot senton for a 2. Medina takes Loco down with a knee to the gut for a 2 count and quickly applies a chin lock with his knee to the back of Loco. They both head to the top rope, but Loco can know Medina down a couple of times and hits a springboard moonsault for the two-count. Loco comes back with a backhand spring elbow followed by a Fireman’s carry into an inverted DDT for a two. Gringo heads to the top, tries another springboard but gets caught with a 540 kick from Medina for a two-count. They reverse and fight in the corner, but Loco can knock Medina off from jumping off, followed by a Spanish Fly as Loco gets a two-count. They reverse a couple of pin attempts until Medina hits a Snake Eyes on Loco followed by a running knee into a wheelbarrow drop into the ropes. Medina hits a kick to the back of the head of Loco and gets the pin.

Winner: Gino Medina by pinfall at 9:16

After the match, Medina says he rid of Gringo Loco real easy, and that’s what happens when you put guys like this on his level. And Gino is in a league of his own, and it’s called being untouchable. Gino calls out Richard Holliday as a keyboard warrior and talking shit will get his ass beat. Holliday will soon find out why they call him The Untouchable, Gino Medina.

The Sparkling Reputation

We go to ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor who calls out the Von Erichs thinking they will get away with destroying his production set and his entire Network special, he doesn’t think so. Lawlor says he will sue them for the damage they did to his sparkling reputation, but first, he wants to commend ACH for accepting the challenge and he will be watching very close tonight, as he gets beat up by Kevin Ku.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Middleweight Top 5

5) Brian Pillman Jr.

4) Bu Ku Dao

3) Myron Reed

2) Daivari

1) Laredo Kid

MLW World Middleweight Champion: Lio Rush

Who Will Sign It?

We go backstage with the interview queen, Alicia Atout where she says during the break Lio Rush posted an open contract for a shot at his title next week, and it’s right there taped to the wall outside of the locker room. Atout says she has some assignments tonight, but she will keep an eye on this developing story.

Kevin Ku (w/ Dominic Garrini) vs. ACH

ACH is all taped up from his attack from Team Filthy. Bocchini mentions a masked man was seen in the loading dock, who he assumes is Mads Krugger since Hammerstone is wrestling tonight. They hit the mat, where ACH can escape out of a head scissors. ACH applies a side headlock on Ku before Ku headbutts him in the corner and starts kicking and stomping the injured ribs of ACH. Ku hits a gut-wrench suplex for a one-count before he starts smacking ACH around. Ku goes back to the ribs and hits a backbreaker for a two-count. Ku then starts ripping off the rib tape and starts digging his knuckles into ACH. ACH starts firing up but quickly gets stopped until ACH rolls him up with a 2 count followed by a couple of chops that Ku fights back with kicks and one giant one to the side of the head, but ACH can kick outright by the ropes. Ku comes back with a big suplex for a two count followed by chops, uppercuts, and headbutts in the corner as he continues to go after the ribs. ACH can counter and duck Ku and hit a double stomp to his back for a two-count. They both fight each other’s suplexes until ACH hits a Gord buster followed by a superkick for a two. Ku starts bleeding from the mouth and fights out of a German suplex attempt from ACH. Ku comes back with an overhead throw a 2 count as he realizes the blood dripping from his mouth. They stand and start slugging it out, ending with Ku back body dropping ACH and hitting a backbreaker for a 2. ACH rolls out to the apron, but Garrini can trip him out and attack him as Ku is distracting the referee. Ross & Marshall Von Erich run out to help ACH and attack Garrini. ACH rolls back into the ring and can backdrop Ku to the outside and hits a crossbody to all four men on the outside. ACH throws Ku back inside but runs right into a knee from Ku, followed by a superkick from ACH and a brainbuster for the three-count.

Winner: ACH by pinfall at 10:39

Beasts & Monsters

While Rich Bocchini was plugging next week’s show, he says that Salina de la Renta was handed a note to play this video. We go to an Azteca Underground video showing Mil Muertes in action and attacking multiple wrestlers the last couple of weeks since his debut including Brian Pillman Jr. and Savio Vega.

We go to Alicia Atout who is with Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday and asks for their thoughts on the video we just saw of Mil Muertes in action. Hammerstone says he can’t deny he’s a beast and a monster of a man but says those are the same words and descriptions you hear about everybody coming in until they wrestle him. At that point every beast is just a man, every monster is just a mortal and everybody falls to the Nightmare Pendulum. Atout says she’s glad he mentions beasts and monsters because he will be stepping into the ring tonight with LA Park. Hammerstone says Park has been tallying up victories since he was in diapers, but you have to wonder if LA Park is aging like stinky cheese while he is aging like fine wine as Salina comes in and tells Hammerstone to shut his mouth. Salina says he hasn’t been the same since CONTRA has been in his head, Holliday interrupts her and says nobody invited her and she hasn’t been the same since she’s been born. Hammerstone stops him and tells her not to worry about him and she can bring on anyone she wants because they will go down to him.

Upcoming Fights

3/17 – MLW World Tag Team Championship: Los Parks (c) vs. Injustice

3/17 – Mil Muertes vs. Parrow

3/31 – MLW Never Say Never

No Disrespect

We go to Injustice where Jordan Oliver tells the Parks, they are coming for those belts but it’s not on no disrespectful shit. Oliver says they have their respect, they have respect for the legends and people who paved the way for this business, but who they don’t have respect for is bitch ass motherfuckers like the CONTRA Unit and they are coming for those belts and that’s Justice.

Who Took the Contract?

Alicia Atout is back to where Lio Rush had left his open contract for the Middleweight Title shot and the contract is now missing! Atout says while she interviewing The Dynasty, someone came and took the contract, and now it’s gone, she doesn’t know who signed it, but she is going to try and find out.

Dog Walking

They play a quick video hyping up Calvin Tankman that gets interrupted by the CONTRA Unit with Daivari and Jacob Fatu. Fatu calls Tankman a bitch and says this is CONTRA Unit’s kingdom and soon enough he’ll be dog walking his ass. Fatu congratulates Injustice for their title shot next week, and they’ll be watching it closely next week.

MLW Never Say Never Control Center

Right before, they mention that next week, Lio Rush will indeed defend his Middleweight Title, although they weren’t able to find out who the person is as the contract is sealed. Alicia Atout promotes the free event on March 31st on all the same platforms as MLW Fusion.

She announces the big main event for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, as the champion Jacob Fatu defends his title against Calvin Tankman. In the weeks ahead Alicia will be back with more matches to announce.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta)

Park starts the match by taunting and says the title is his as they start shoving and chopping each other. They start trading off clotheslines before Hammerstone takes down Park with a dropkick. Salina jumps right on the apron and starts talking to the referee, we see El Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr. make their way to ringside. Saint Laurent is told that the masked man has entered the building. Hammerstone keeps Park in the corner before Salina goes and distracts him. Los Parks on the outside take Hammerstone out and start attacking him as LA Park is distracting the referee on the inside. Los Parks roll Hammerstone back in and LA Park starts stomping him in the corner. Park kicks Hammerstone down with a kick to his legs and continues to slowly stomp him in the corner. Park takes off his belt and starts whipping Hammerstone with it as the referee is allowing it. Park takes Hammerstone back to the corner as Bocchini says he was told they must refer to the man outside as ‘An associate from Azteca Underground watching over El Jefe’s investments.’ They got to the top where Hammerstone hits a superplex on Park and only gets a two-count from it. Commentary mentions how if LA Park wins this, it would be his first singles title in United States history. Park throws Hammerstone to the outside but instead of letting his sons attack him, he goes after him instead.  Back inside, Park does distract the ref a bit as Los Parks try and hold Hammerstone down, but it doesn’t work as Hammerstone hits a missile dropkick from the top rope. They stand up and start trading strikes, but Hammerstone takes down Park again with a clothesline. Hammerstone is able to take Park down with a wrist clutch suplex and gets a two-count. Laurent chimes in and says Richard Holliday and Gino Medina have been ejected from the building after going at it backstage and causing property damage. Park is able to hit a running knee but only gets a two-count. Park runs to Hammerstone who dodges and Park goes shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Hammerstone tries to go for the Nightmare Pendulum but Los Parks distracts the referee, causing Hammerstone to go towards them. Park is able to hit a DDT followed by a knee for a 2 count on Hammerstone. LA Park goes for a spear but ends up running into a boot, followed by a German Suplex. Hammerstone hits an elbow to the back of the neck for the pin.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone by pinfall at 9:57, to retain

After the match, Mil Muertes runs out and attacks Hammerstone being revealed as the masked man lingering tonight, not Mads Krugger. Muertes hits Hammerstone on the head with his own title as referees try to come in and stop Muertes. Muertes attacks an official as the others run away after that. Muertes grabs the National Openweight Championship and hands it over to Salina de la Renta who takes it and walks away.

Siino Vision: My main talking points coming out of this show are the main event for Never Say Never and who signed the contract Lio Rush left out. I am hoping it is someone from another promotion coming in and accepting Rush’s open contract, but I’m not sure if MLW has opened their own ‘Forbidden Door’, just yet, so not getting my hopes up just yet. Although I would love to see that.

As far as Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman, I am extremely excited about that as I thought of big things once I first saw Tankman in action in GCW, and wouldn’t be surprised if Tankman gets the victory here and ends Fatu’s long run. The only thing I am hoping for that Never Say Never show is long and hard-fought matches and not a cop-out like the last ‘big show’ they promoted. Not sure how I feel about Muertes and Hammerstone just yet, as Muertes just got into a program with Parrow it seemed. The one issue I keep having with MLW is all the storylines sort of stepping on each other’s toes and makes me have to go back and read my previous reports to figure out exactly who’s feuding with who. If we don’t find out who the El Jefe for Azteca Underground is by Never Say Never, I can easily say I will lose a bit of interest.

5 missing contracts out of 10

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