TRMPS #26: Moana (2016) w/ Brian Streleckis & Daniel Perry

TRMPS #26: Moana (2016) w/ Brian Streleckis & Daniel Perry


Make Way, Make Way! This month on TRMPS, Nate Milton & resident Disney demigod Daniel Perry are joined by loyal POSTmark and cinephile, Brian Streleckis to review the 2016 smash-hit, “Moana”!

Topics discussed include: The case for “Maui” being DJ’s defining role, the evolution of Walt Disney’s animated feature films over the years, and the movie’s lasting commercial & cultural impact.

After that, the guys get into a serious conversation about the recent acts of violence towards our AAPI brothers & sisters and what WE can do to help end it. All that and more on a wide-ranging edition of TRMPS

You’re Welcome…And Thank You.

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