New Japan Cup 2021 winner crowned, IWGP Title match set for Sakura Genesis

Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi met once again in the finals of a tournament and it was Ospreay coming out on top again

Photo Courtesy: New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Shingo Takagi and Will Ospreay made it through their respective brackets to meet in the finals of the 2021 New Japan Cup tournament.

Ospreay and Takagi clashed in the finals of the 2019 NJPW Best of the Super Juniors tournament which Ospreay emerged victorious from. Ospreay followed up on that tournament win by scoring another win over Takagi in the finals of the New Japan Cup. Ospreay is heading to Sakura Genesis on April 4th to challenge Kota Ibushi for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

Here’s an excerpt from about the finish of Takagi and Ospreay’s bout:

Ospreay was willing to take the countout victory over Takagi, but the Dragon would not let the match end, rolling back inside only to be met with a Shooting Star Press for two at the 25 minute mark. His opponent all but unconscious, Ospreay tried to hoist Takagi for an OsCutter, but frustrated at the dead weight, instead went to Kawada kicks that only served to fire his opponent up. Takagi would dump Ospreay with Made In Japan for two, and followed with a Pumping Bomber attempt, but this too was countered with a Spanish Fly that got a nearfall. Finally with the match his for the taking however, a rolling elbow, Hidden Blade and then Stormbreaker sealed the deal as Ospreay emerged victorious.

Now the second man to win both Best of the Super Jr. and New Japan Cup will challenge the first, Kota Ibushi at Sakura Genesis for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship April 4.

After the New Japan Cup finals, Ospreay was met in the ring by Kota Ibushi who he’ll face at Sakura Genesis. Bea Priestley was also in the ring and Ospreay ended up giving a Cutter to Priestley in front of Ibushi.

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