NWA Back for the Attack Report: Nick Aldis vs. Aron Stevens

John Siino's review of the NWA "Back for the Attack" card featuring Nick Aldis defending the NWA Championship against Aron Stevens.

Photo Courtesy: NWA

NWA Back for the Attack

By: John Siino

March 21st, 2021

GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA

Commentary: Joe Galli & Tim Storm

In Memory of Joseph Hudson 1977-2021

The show starts with a video package with Nick Aldis and Aron Stevens talking about tonight’s NWA World Heavyweight Title that is dedicated to the former Question Mark, Joseph Hudson. We then get an intro with The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Cyr’ playing. Galli and Storm introduce us to the show with a few audio issues as the crowd noise is way louder than them.

We go to Kyle Davis who then introduces the champion, Nick Aldis who thanks everybody for tuning in to the return of NWA and the staff and roster who are here to deliver. He then talks about dedicating all of tonight’s show to Joseph Hudson and tells Aron Stevens, he has to bring the best version of himself to win the title tonight.

Fatal 4-Way: Slice Boogie vs. Jordan Clearwater vs. Jax Dane vs. Crimson

Right away all four men start brawling, with the interesting note being the former tag team of the War Kings, Dane & Crimson, being the last two in the ring after to face off. They start brawling as audio seems to be actually live and reacting to the moves, although we don’t see any fans or personnel ringside just yet. Clearwater and Boogie start brawling in the corner, as Clearwater whips Boogie into Dane in the corner and splashes both. Boogie is able to come back and hit a springboard into a German suplex on Clearwater. Boogie jumps off of Clearwater’s back but Dane catches him and puts him into a Boston crab. Clearwater tries to break it up, but that only pisses Dane off more. Crimson gets into the ring and saves Dane from Clearwater. Crimson catches Clearwater from the top and hits a Death Valley Driver that gets broken up at 2. Dane and Crimson start working together to take out Boogie. They go to do that same to Clearwater, but he escapes and takes Dane out of the ring with a big boot he calls the Midas Touch. Boogie hits a missile dropkick followed by the Dead Ass Driver on Clearwater for the pin.

Winner: Slice Boogie by pinfall at 5:40

We go backstage with May Valentine who is with Sal Rinauro talking about tonight’s card as his arm is all healed up and Galli says we should be seeing him soon on NWA Powerrr.

Kratos vs. Tyrus

Kratos comes in as one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, his partner being tonight’s main eventer Aron Stevens. Tyrus is introduced with the nickname, The Great American Smash with a matching t-shirt. Tyrus goes to Kyle Davis and says he’s offended by this whole process with him not getting an interview, establishing himself as a heel. The ‘crowd’ starts chanting for Kratos. Tyrus shows a bit of frustration as Kratos seems to have the advantage, Tyrus challenges Kratos to knock him down and Kratos tries with a shoulder tackle, the first one didn’t knock him down but the second one almost did as Tyrus had to use the ropes to stay up. Kratos starts attacking Tyrus in the corner, and attempts to body slam but is unsuccessful as Tim Storm points out Kratos having an injured elbow. Tyrus comes back to the attack on the elbow, by twisting it on the ropes and using his weight on it. Tyrus goes to hit a Vader Bomb, but Kratos is able to move out of the way. Kratos follows it up, by pushing Tyrus into the corner and hitting strikes and kicks on Tyrus. Kratos hits a flying clothesline from the middle rope, but his injured elbow prevents him from going for the cover right away. He slowly gets on top and gets a 2 count. Tyrus comes back right away and throws Kratos’ shoulder first into the corner, followed by a huge splash. Tyrus hits a big elbow to get the pin.

Winner: Tyrus by pinfall at 7:27

We go backstage again where May Valentine is with Trevor Murdoch. Valentine asks Murdoch how he feels about Chris Adonis coming in trying to take the NWA National Title from him. Murdoch says he’s not the man he met before, he’s the National Champion, and if he wants the title he will do whatever he’s got to do to keep it. When they step into the ring, Adonis will question if he ever should have done that.

NWA Television Championship: Pope (c) vs. Thom Latimer

They announce that the new time limit for the Television Championship is 10 minutes and 5 seconds. They start pretty fast and hard, with Pope showing a bit of frustration, but comes back with a big shoulder tackle and splash in the corner followed by a cross body for a 1 count. Latimer comes back with a giant clothesline to slow down the action as we see the clock on the bottom left of the screen. Latimer corners Pope, but Pope reverses and hits a sunset flip for a 2 count. Latimer starts wearing down Pope in the center of the ring. Latimer hits a couple of axe handles off the top rope, but on the third, Pope dodges and hits a German suplex to Latimer on the turnbuckle headfirst. Pope gets a shot of adrenaline, coming back with elbows to the head of Latimer, Atomic Drop, and DDT to get a 2 count. Latimer is able to come back in control, hitting a spinebuster as he goes to the top. Pope runs to the top and hits a superplex but fails to go for the cover. Latimer runs into a boot, as Pope hits three variations of flying elbows, with the last one Latimer rolling away but still getting the elbow from Pope. Latimer dodges a running Pope and hits a powerbomb for a close 2 count. With 10 seconds left they start punching each other as the time limit expires.

Winner: A draw as the 10:05 time limit expires. As a result, Pope retains.

May Valentine backstage with Aron Stevens. Stevens starts tearing up as he addresses Joseph Hudson’s son, saying his dad will be looking over him as he grows up. Stevens goes on to talking about being trained by Killer Kowalski, at 16 years old and never quit. Stevens says he has spilled more blood than all the naysayers have tweeted, and for the first time in his career, he will speak with his actions in the ring.

NWA World Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Kamille vs. Thunder Rosa

Galli and Storm are joined by former TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell on commentary who point out Rosa looks fine after her violent match with Britt Baker on AEW Dynamite. As the camera pans around, we do see there is a small crowd of fans who are opposite the hard camera. They announce the winner of this will fight the NWA World Women’s Champion Serena Deeb who is currently nursing an injury, and Terrell points out that she once got her arm broken by Deeb. Kamille takes control and starts taunting Joe Galli as Rosa comes back as Kamille is distracted. Rosa is able to put on a cross armbreaker out of nowhere, Kamille tries to power out, but it gets transitioned into a Triangle Choke. Kamille is able to lift Rosa up and powerbomb her into the turnbuckle. Kamille tries a tackle into the corner, but Rosa dodges it and Kamille goes to the outside. Rosa comes back with a basement dropkick as they start brawling on the outside in front of the crowd. Rosa tries a crossbody from the apron, but Kamille catches her and drops her on the floor. Rosa is able to throw Kamille into the post as the referee doesn’t seem to be counting them out whatsoever. Rosa applies a bow and arrow to Kamille onto the ring post, followed by a kick to the head finally joining Kamille back into the ring going for a pin attempt. Rosa starts kicking Kamille in the back, followed by a hard chop. Kamille is able to come back with a gut-wrench suplex as the crowd booed her on. Rosa is able to take Kamille down and applies an STF transitioning into a surfboard. They battle back and forth for a while until Kamille hits Sheamus like clubs on the rope. Rosa is able to roll Kamille to the mat, and into a bow and arrow, but Kamille is able to break out of it. Kamille seems to get distracted by the fans, as Rosa comes back on the offense with knees. Rosa hits a big dropkick to the back of Kamille but only gets a 2 count. After a couple of submission and pin attempts, Kamille is able to power out until Rosa hits a big missile dropkick on Kamille. Rosa hits a backstabber, but Kamille kicks out again. Rosa goes for a double stomp off the top, but Kamille dodges it and hits a spear but doesn’t go for the cover. Kamille hits a second spear and finally gets the pin

Winner: Kamille by pinfall at 14:03

We go backstage where May Valentine is with NWA Legend, Austin Idol. Idol says he is there because he was invited by Aron Stevens to be a special guest. Idol says he’s really hyped to see Nick Aldis tonight.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Adonis seems to get frustrated with the crowd going against him in the beginning. Murdoch quickly goes for a headlock and takedown on Adonis until Adonis is able to reverse out. Murdoch goes right back into it, as Adonis keeps trying to escape out but Murdoch keeps taking him down into a headlock in the middle of the ring. Adonis eventually gets up and tries to put Murdoch in the Master Lock, but Murdoch grabs the ropes. Tim Storm, without saying his name, points out that Bobby Lashley is the only person to ever break out of the Master Lock. Murdoch once again is able to take Adonis down into the headlock and pin attempt. Murdoch attempts to jump off the top rope, but Adonis is able to dodge out and then hits a bunch of elbows and mounts him with punches. They start trading chops until Adonis holds Murdoch down with a sleeper hold. Murdoch escapes, hits a pair of clotheslines as he attempts to climb the top again. Murdoch hits a flying cross body but only gets a two count. Adonis attempts a Master Lock, but Murdoch is able to reverse and roll him up for the three-count.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch by pinfall at 8:38, to retain

After the match, Murdoch extends his hand to Adonis. Adonis agrees, but then as Murdoch turns he attacks him. Adonis continues until the referees come in to try and stop it, he pushes them away and applies the Master Lock.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Aron Stevens

Austin Idol joins Galli and Storm on commentary, as Storm seems a little annoyed by him due to their past history. Idol stalls for some time and basically talk about Stevens having a big chance of winning the title tonight. Before the match, we get a ten bell salute for Ron Reed, Jim Crockett Jr. & Joseph Hudson. Stevens comes out with a Question Mark-inspired karate gi. Aldis is announced as reigning for 882 days as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. NWA Senior official Robert King with a really big introduction as this is in honor of Joseph Hudson. Quick and steady, with Aldis with multiple takedowns and pin attempts as he tells Stevens to get his head in the game. Stevens is able to take Aldis down as well, transitioning into a headlock before Aldis escapes. Stevens comes back with a couple of pin attempts of his own, before getting into the face of Aldis. Stevens is able to take over the offense, with clotheslines, knees, a Russian leg sweep, and a bunch of elbows for a two count. Aldis takes a breather on the outside, but Stevens quickly follows him, throwing him back inside. Stevens hits a belly-to-belly but misses a springboard moonsault. Aldis throws Stevens to the outside, where he drives Stevens to the apron back first. King starts counting as Adonis is able to take advantage of using the ring as a weapon on Stevens. Back inside now, Aldis is able to hold Stevens down, but Stevens comes back with headbutts until Aldis takes him down with a clothesline for a 2 count.

After a bit of back and forth, Stevens takes Aldis down with a superkick as they both are laid out. Aldis dodges a discus clothesline, but Stevens gets him in the corner and hits ten punches before they knock each other down again with a double clothesline. Stevens takes Aldis down with a leg sweep followed by a DDT but gets a very close 2 count. Aldis attempts a figure four, but Stevens reverses it and goes into the one of his own, that Austin Idol calls the Las Vegas Leglock. Aldis is able to escape by reaching for the ropes and hits a Michinoku Driver for a 2 count. They climb to the top rope, and Stevens hits a superplex on Adonis. The crowd really gets into this chanting ‘This is awesome’ and ‘Fight forever’. Stevens crawls over for the attempt and only gets a 2. They go back to the top rope, this time Aldis knocks Stevens off and hits a big elbow off the second rope and only gets a 2 as well. Aldis tells Stevens he had a good day but it’s over, attempts a powerbomb, but Stevens reverses, hits a discus elbow, for a 2 count. Stevens exposes his knee, by dropping his pad and hits a couple of knee drops, before jumping off the top but Aldis catches him and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Stevens tries to fight it and go to the ropes, but Aldis pulls him back to the middle and sits on the lock. Stevens fights out again and pushes to the bottom rope, before falling to the outside. Aldis follows him and tries to pick Stevens up, but Stevens slides off, pushing Aldis to the corner post before falling himself into the ringside podium. Aldis tells the referee to count, as he goes back inside, but Stevens crawls back in at 9. Aldis attempts the Cloverleaf again, but Stevens breaks out and applies a crossface, but Aldis’ leg gets on the rope. They roll around a little bit, but Stevens applies the crossface again in the middle of the ring before Aldis grabs the rope. After a couple of rollup reverses, Aldis locks the inside cradle and finally gets the pin.

Winner: Nick Aldis by pinfall at 21:28, to retain

After the match, Stevens in tears clutches a Question Mark ring that was in the corner as the crowd chants ‘NWA’. Aldis gets Stevens to stand up, before reaching out for a handshake telling Stevens that was a war. The crowd starts chanting ‘Thank You Joseph’, as the NWA roster and more come into the ring as a tribute for Hudson, including someone I assume is Hudson’s wife holding the Mongrovian flag. Stevens says ‘that one was for you sensai’, as the crowd chants ‘Question Mark’ to go off the air.

Siino Vision: Good return show for the NWA, the live presence at ringside definitely gave the same energy NWA had before their shutdown. At first, I felt it was a bit loud and wasn’t even sure if it was piped in or not, but they were able to fix all the audio issues during the show on the fly.

Nothing really noteworthy on the show as far as a big surprise return you would expect on a comeback show to gain some buzz, but the women’s match was definitely my favorite especially with Rosa coming off that big match on AEW and proves why she is one of the best wrestlers out there today. Kamille looked really strong as well and her match with Serena Deeb once she returns should be great, and interesting to see how Taryn Terrell fits in this division now. The main event should also get its proper due, as this is quite easily Aron Stevens’ best match I have seen, mixed with overall tribute and the final image definitely makes this show a special one.

8 Question Marks out of 10

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