IMPACT REPORT: Kenny Omega speaks, Anderson vs. Edwards

IMPACT Wrestling featured an appearance by Kenny Omega, the main event between Karl Anderson and Eddie Edwards, and the latest AEW ad.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT! Wrestling

March 23rd, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan) def. Alisha by pinfall at 7:38

Deonna Purrazzo (w/ Susan) vs. Jazz (w/ Jordynne Grace)

This match is a non-title match, and Kimber Lee is absent from Deonna’s corner as D’Lo Brown said she got injured in last week’s 12 woman match. They start the match in the middle of the ring with Jazz holding Deonna down with waist locks and pin attempts. Jazz is able to dodge Deonna’s offense and come back with strikes of her own, followed by a hard right hook that staggers Deonna a bit. As Deonna gets Jazz tied up on the ropes, Susan tries to interfere but gets a punch herself but Deonna capitalizes with a big boot to Jazz. Jazz powers out of a submission attempt, and corners Deonna with strikes and dodges a running Deonna who ends up hitting the post and going to the outside. Back inside, Jazz takes down Deonna with a sidekick for a 2 count. Deonna tries the Fujiwara armbar, but Jazz is able to twist out and hits a facebuster, as she goes for the pin attempt, Susan places Deonna’s foot on the rope to break it up. Jordynne chases after Susan but ends up running into the ring post. As the referee is distracted, Susan hits Jazz with her shoe, Deonna rolls her up for the pin.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by pinfall at 6:24

Changing with the Boys

We go backstage where we hear the Good Brothers telling some staff there some old wrestling stories. Eddie Edwards interrupts them and asks why they are changing with the boys, and just last week when they were champions they weren’t doing that. Eddie tells them to leave, the Good Brothers say Don Callis and Kenny Omega are there anyway so they’ll leave. On their way out, they walk past Decay where Rosemary is laughing at them for the popularity ‘decaying’ as Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus join in the laughter.

White Meat Babyface

We see a commercial for Swinger’s Palace with a comedic tone to it and Johnny Swinger introduces himself as the ‘White Meat Babyface’. We see Alisha Edwards, Lenny Powers (out of work security guard), John E. Bravo with scripted testimonials endorsing Swinger’s Palace.

Hitting a Rough Patch

Rohit Raju is backstage being ecstatic from his win over Shera until he bumps into Fallah Bahh who’s been sleeping on the floor in Skyway Studios. Bahh tells Raju he’s hit a rough patch, Raju tells him he’s been watching Swinger’s Palace and knows he’s blown all his money gambling. He tells him he stinks and needs to get his life together, Bahh says yeah he’s hit a rough patch but one thing is for certain he will still put his fist down Raju’s throat and he’ll see him later in the ring.

IMPACT X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. TJP

Right after the initial lockup, TJP goes for stretch followed by the headscissors into the dropkick. TJP is able to dodge Austin, hitting a dropkick and cornering Austin. Austin is able to come back with a springboard kick for a 1 count. TJP is able to dodge Austin who ends up on the outside and receives a flying TJP. TJP throws Austin back inside, but Austin quickly heads back to the outside kicking TJP down. Back inside, Austin gets distracted on the top rope, but stops a superplex attempt by TJP, hitting a gourdbuster as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Austin is stomping TJP in the corner and quickly puts on a single leg Boston Crab but TJP quickly gets out and hits a leglock of his own. Austin stretches out TJP’s arms while applying his boot to TJP’S back, they both scramble and reverse, until TJP turns an abdominal stretch into a pin attempt. TJP is able to dodge Austin in the corner and hits a flying knee strike followed by a big boot in the corner. Austin hits a spinning kick followed by a springboard leg drop for a 2 count. Austin begins to punch TJP who is on his knees, but TJP is able to reverse and hit a back body drop. TJP goes for another stretch, but Austin is able to inch his way over to where Madman Fulton can put his leg on the rope. TJP takes out Fulton on the outside and then puts an Octopus Hold while on the ropes. As TJP tries to jump off the top rope for the Mamba Splash, Fulton holds his leg and TJP jumps on Austin who has his knees up, turns it into a pin attempt and only gets a two before they hit a double clothesline on each other. Back on their feet, TJP tries a detonation kick but Austin hits a double stomp followed by a Fold attempt, but TJP hits the Detonation Kick followed by the Mamba Splash and as he has the match won Fulton runs in and attacks TJP causing the DQ.

As they continue their attack, Josh Alexander runs in with a chair to save TJP.

Winner: TJP by disqualification at 11:52. As a result, Ace Austin retains.

The Major Brothers Explode

Gia Miller is backstage with a sit-down interview with Matt Cardona and asks him what his initial thoughts are from being here in IMPACT Wrestling. Cardona says he loves it, as he’s always wanted to be a pro wrestler and here it’s like Christmas morning and all these wrestlers for him to face is like opening up presents. He brings up the Internet Championship, and his ‘Alwayz Ready’ catchphrase and says you have to always love this business whether you are at the bottom of the top. Gia brings up his social media exchanges with Brian Myers where Myers accused Cardona of ‘riding his coattails’ by following him to IMPACT. Cardona says it’s a coincidence and they are both here for the same reason, for the opportunity. Cardona says he’s not here to team with him or fight with him, but he just won’t shut up but now it’s put up or shut up and says if Myers wants a match, that’s fine. The Major Brothers explode and win, lose or draw, they are done.

Another Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match??

We go backstage where we see Trey Miguel pacing around before throwing some bags and chairs around. XXXL comes in yelling at him saying those are their bags. Tommy Dreamer says they can settle this at Hardcore Justice by doing an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match, that they all laugh about and mention sparklers. Miguel tells Dreamer he wants a match tonight Acey Romero and Dreamer says he will speak to Scott D’Amore about that, but he wants to talk to him about Hardcore Justice. Dreamer tells Miguel to not let people get in his head, he’s been there before and it held him back and warns him not to go down that path.

Rohit Raju vs. Fallah Bahh

As they lock up, Raju tries to take down Bahh with knees and strikes, but Bahh hits a headbutt and a belly-to-belly slam for a 2 count. Bahh tries a crossbody, but misses it as Raju capitalizes by hitting stomps and knees to Bahh’s back. Bahh starts to ‘Bahh Up’, but Raju is able to take Bahh down with kicks, a kick to the head for a pin attempt, and transitions into an armbar. Bahh is able to escape and hits a twisting slam on Raju, as he starts to climb for the Banzai Splash. Raju rolls out of the way and hits a double stomp to the face of Bahh from the top rope for a 2 count. Raju runs right into a headbutt from Bahh, Bahh runs towards Raju but right into a jumping knee kick. Bahh misses a sit-down on Raju, who rolls him up for a crucifix and gets the pin while holding the tights.

Winner: Rohit Raju by pinfall at 3:50

Do You Even Work Here?

We see Gia Miller outside the locker room of Kenny Omega & Don Callis to get a word. Callis says they are on the way to the ring right now and she can find out just like everybody else can as Kenny asks her if she even works here. Callis pushes the camera out of his way, telling him to get out of here.

Anything Can Happen + Standing Like Marks

We see Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan with their weekly paid ad and this week they are joined by Kenny Omega & Don Callis who seem reluctant to be standing there with them as they plug this week’s AEW Dynamite. Khan says they invited them here so they can talk about Kenny’s match against Matt Sydal. Omega says there’s a zero percent chance of Sydal winning, and Callis chimes in that Omega is the God of pro wrestling. As Khan says ‘anything can happen’, Omega says yeah like this, as they walk out from the paid ad.

We see The Good Brothers knocking on Kenny Omega’s locker room. Karl Anderson says maybe they aren’t answering the door because they might not be there, while Doc Gallows thinks they are in there and aren’t opening because they lost the titles. Gallows tells Anderson that they shouldn’t stand there like marks as they leave.

Omega Making History

Kenny Omega immediately starts complaining about the mics not working properly. Don Callis says they are due for some house cleaning and he can fire anyone they want. Callis says it’s not only his home, but it’s Kenny as well. And soon he will have the title that is associated with this home. Callis mentions his talk he had last week with Rich Swann, where Omega says sarcastically he’s a ‘great person’. Callis says Swann still can’t get the ‘one-winged angel’ out of his head, and when an athlete gets something in his head it’s hard to get it out. And he can prepare all he wants, but Omega just needs to hit it and it’s over as no person has ever kicked out of the move. Omega says he gave him a taste of things to come, and now that they laid the groundwork they need more gold. Callis starts naming a whole bunch of wrestlers that Omega is better than and Omega screams out “Better than Ibushi!”. Callis says people will wonder what happens if Omega wins the IMPACT World Title, Callis said he’s prepared to do anything it takes for Kenny Omega and says he’s prepared to suck any blood if it helps Omega. Callis said he had the production team put together a tribute to the greatest move in professional wrestling, the One-Winged Angel of Kenny ‘by God’ Omega. We see a collage of him hitting the move in AEW and IMPACT as Don and Kenny are commentating over it.

Callis says they should have a viewing party and watch the long version and invite some of their friends over, such as the Young Bucks. Omega says once he started coming there, people were walking on eggshells in fear. Omega says unfortunately for Swann he’ll be just a footnote in a history-making moment and it doesn’t matter what he’s done in wrestling before as Omega doesn’t remember any of it. Since the first-day Omega has stepped foot here, it was the greatest day in IMPACT’S life, but for Omega, it was just a Tuesday. And when he wins, and he’ll add two more belts to his collection, those fears of looking weak and inferior will all look true as they will realize they have no one that can beat him. And until he comes down with a deadly strain of virus, no one is taking the belts off of him until he’s cold and dead in the ground. And to consider this one of their last days of grace, as he’s coming for Rich Swann and he’s taking those titles with him in the name of professional wrestling. This is more than AEW, wrestling in America and Canada, this is history. Tells everybody to get their soda, popcorn, and ice cream and to watch and enjoy the show. Callis chimes in that Rebellion, they will do what they have done since this started, they will make history.

No More Roars from the Crowd

We see Eric Young who’s in his usual Violent by Design prison but this time he is talking to Rhino. Young tells Rhino he didn’t have to create this monster, as Rhino was born Violent by Design, he just had to awaken him and show him the truth. The War Machine he was designed to be. Eric Young makes an ‘NXT’ reference by mentioning the ‘roar of the crowd’ and how they were trapped there. as slaves., and now Rhino is baptized and this world belongs to them now.

Stirring the Pot

Gia Miller is backstage with Nevaeh and Havok asking how they feel from their win from last week. They say they feel great and think about going after the tag titles now, which prompts Fire ‘n Flava to come in and counter that. Kiera Hogan says if they think they got what it takes, they can step up but it won’t be for the titles. They have to earn that. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K come in who say they didn’t mean to eavesdrop but heard everything. Kaleb says they got lucky, and when is the last time they won a match by themselves. Tenille says it’s because she hasn’t found the right partner yet, Havok enforces that she already said no. Tenille says she wasn’t talking to Havok, but to Nevaeh, as they try to take pictures with them, Havok pushes them away as she and Nevaeh shake their heads at the situation.

Acey Romero (w/ Larry D) vs. Trey Miguel

Miguel starts the match with a pair of dropkicks, but the third one gets stopped by Romero. They end up on the outside, as Miguel hits a suicide dive onto Romero. Back inside, Miguel goes for a double stomp, but Romero dodges it as they go to the commercial.

Back from the commercial, Romero is holding Miguel down, but Miguel quickly gets out, before getting knocked back down and receiving a big splash to his back as Romero gets a 2 count. Miguel hits a scorpion kick, followed by a jumping neck breaker from the second rope. Miguel attempts to knock Romero down, slides under him, and hits a couple of kicks to get him down for a 2 count. Miguel tries to springboard onto Romero but Romero pounces right on to him getting a two count. Miguel hits an enziguri kick, a jumping cutter, and a Meteora for the pin.

Right after the bell, Larry D comes in and starts attacking Miguel with Romero. The lights go out as they come back on, Sami Callihan is in the ring and attacks XXXL, he takes his phone out and disappears again.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 9:24

Mind Games Won’t Work

Gia Miller is backstage with Rich Swann and asks him how he’s feeling after what Don Callis and Kenny Omega said tonight. Swann says all that talk and video, isn’t going to fluster his mind, as the mind games don’t work on him. Swann says he doesn’t think they really know him, as he’s had to battle adversity his entire life. Broken legs, broken backs, and fighting early retirement just to become champion, so mind games won’t throw him off to the real focus of all of this, being the top dog in this profession. If you go back to Hard to Kill, he will admit that One-Winged Angel did put him out, but if you take the Good Brothers, Moose & Chris Sabin out of the picture, Swann has the best of Omega. It’s simple to him, all he has to look out for is the One-Winged Angel, and he has tricks up his sleeve about that, but what will Omega do for what Swann has in store for him? And at Rebellion, he will go all night long.

Back to the Roots

Back from the commercial, Gia Miller is with Chris Sabin and James Storm, and Gia asks Storm that since he is at 999 matches in IMPACT, how will celebrate his 1000th, Storm said just like he always does, by drinking. Storm then calls out Violent by Design, especially Eric Young saying they have a lot of history together. Scott D’Amore walks in and says he overheard since Storm is loud and it’s hard not to. D’Amore has been thinking about how to make his 1000th match special, so for next week in the main event, they will go back to their roots and have James Storm vs. Eric Young. Storm tells Young ‘Sorry about your damn luck’.

Next Week:

James Storm vs. Eric Young in Storm’s 1000th IMPACT Match

Havok & Nevaeh vs. Fire ‘n Flava (If Havok & Nevaeh win, they get a future title shot)

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. TJP & Josh Alexander

Kenny Omega & Don Callis will appear

Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) vs. Eddie Edwards

They start quick, with Edwards hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, clotheslines Anderson to the outside, and hits a suicide dive on both Anderson and Gallows as they take their final commercial break for the night.

Back from the commercial, Edwards has Anderson in the corner delivering chops. Edwards hits an elbow, climbs the turnbuckle but gets distracted by Gallows, so Anderson is able to knock Edwards over. Brian Hebner gets a bit upset, but instead of ejecting Doc Gallows to the back, he pulls out a chair from under the ring and tells Gallows to sit down on it, which he does. Anderson and Edwards continue fighting on the outside for a white until Anderson rolls Edwards back in for a quick pin attempt. Anderson whips Edwards pretty hard, which Edwards shows a bit of back pain from as Anderson starts putting the boots to Edwards’ face. Edwards tries to come back, but Anderson is able to take Edwards down and apply a rear chin lock. Edwards fights out of it, but Anderson quickly takes him down and begins to taunt the ‘crowd’. Edwards comes back with a clothesline and a couple of chops, but Anderson stops him until Edwards reverses a suplex into a gourdbuster. Edwards runs into a big boot but is able to stop Anderson on the corner and hit a Backpack Stunner getting a two-count. They brawl a bit more until Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for another two. They start exchanging forearms as the seated Gallows screams on. Edwards hits a headbutt, but runs into a boot by Anderson for a two-count. With both men back on their feet, Anderson goes for a Gun Stun attempt, but Edwards reverses into a roaring elbow. Edwards takes out Gallows who was on the apron and rolls Anderson for a pin attempt, Anderson kicks Edwards off who runs right into a chair that Gallows was holding on the ropes. Edwards then walks right into a spinebuster, as Anderson gets the pin.

Winner: Karl Anderson by pinfall at 14:29

We get a video from FinJuice who are in NJPW with their titles and say how they know the Good Brothers hate carrying their own bags, so they helped them out by making their bags 10 pounds lighter by taking the tag titles away from them. And now they will go out and drink in tribute to the Good Brothers.

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