POST NEWS UPDATE: Erick Redbeard contemplated turning down Daniel Bryan storyline

Erick Redbeard dives into the Daniel Bryan storyline, Booker T doing commentary at Mania, Ariya Daivari's '18 injury and much more

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** The ‘Front Row Material’ podcast welcomed Erick Redbeard (Rowan) onto the show. Redbeard was candid about his storyline with Daniel Bryan in WWE but he almost turned the storyline down. He mentioned how the late Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) was not used while he [Erick] was out with his bicep injury. Upon Redbeard’s return, he was told about the pairing with Bryan and he contemplated not doing it because he didn’t want to leave Brodie in the position he was in.

So I was coming back. I had got injured at a SummerSlam, when I was with The Bludgeon Brothers and we were supposed to give the belts up the next day anyway. So when I got hurt like over halfway through the match, I knew I tore my bicep. Finished the match. Basically, I tell Brodie [Lee] that, ‘Man, I’ll see you in five months,’ you know? Because I gotta have the bicep surgery because I tore my other bicep, separate from the one I had torn maybe like three, four years ago. So I tore the opposite one, and you know immediately when you tear some sort of muscle and you know, so I said I’ll see you and then in the back they say — it’s a Sunday and it’s like, ‘Hey, can you wrestle on Tuesday and lose the belts? We promise we won’t make you do much. We’ll protect you.’ So I was like okay, okay. Fast forward, I end up wrestling the whole match. It was a great match with The New Day. It was a Falls Count Anywhere match where we lost the belts so, if you watch the match back, I did everything. Arm’s not broken, sh*t, you know? Then I leave, have the surgery. They end up not even using him [Brodie Lee] the whole time I was gone which was absurd but, it’s just the way it was, and then it comes time to come back and I’m just like, ‘Okay, this is great. He hasn’t been doing anything. I’ll do something’ and I get back, I get cleared and then I’m brought into an office and I’m told, ‘Oh, you’re gonna come out with Daniel [Bryan] now.’ It’s just kinda like out of left field. First thing I do is I call up Brodie and I was like, ‘Hey man, I did not choose this. This is what they want me to do. Are you cool with this?’ And if he wasn’t cool with it, I wasn’t gonna do it. It’s like that’s just cheap. There’s so many cheap backstage pushes and I remember one guy was in a tag team with somebody and he went back behind his back and was like, always like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna pitch this’ and he’s always pitching stuff behind his back. It’s just like that is not cool, and me, I’m the kind of guy like, ‘I want you to know this wasn’t my idea’ and so, that is kind of how it all came about like just kind of out of left field, and it was great to work with him [Daniel Bryan] and be around him, because you always pick up little things and learn different things and he was — I had never been protected in the business like as far as being a big guy because I was always working with big guys, or they would try to protect another guy who was just as big.

So like, I remember when I worked with Braun [Strowman], they’d want me to always do the falls because Braun was the big guy when we’re the same height. I weigh 330. I think on WWE, they said I was like 315 all the time and I was always 20 pounds heavier which was always weird to me, like why they would downsize my weight and height. But it was refreshing to work for somebody that actually had your back and protected you like he [Bryan] and Brodie did. So it was very interesting to just work with that and then what came out of that.

Continuing on the topic of Jon Huber, Redbeard spoke about his passing and the AEW Dynamite appearance. Erick said it was the closest thing to a goodbye that he could get.

You know, it’s gonna be hard to talk about for a long time just because he was loved by so many people, and everyone can relate to the loss, and in this day in age with the COVID and the way it’s separated people and not having proper goodbyes in life. Like that was as close to a goodbye I could have, and it’s all last minute which everything is but like, just the chance to say goodbye. To me, it is healing in a sense, and unfortunately, I gotta share those emotions with the world but I also got to share them with people I needed to share them with the most and you know, every day hurts and every day gets a little better at the same time so, you know, it just puts, like I said, everything into perspective. This last year has been a whirlwind of perspective for me and I’m sure everybody in their own lives and putting together what’s really important to you in your own life when things are taken from you, things are taken away, people. There’s been a lot of loss this year too, and just puts everything into perspective.

** Shawn Daivari joined Tommy Dreamer on his House Of Hardcore Podcast. At the Greatest Royal Rumble show in Saudi Arabia in 2018, Shawn alongside his brother, current 205 Live talent Ariya Daivari appeared at the event and were involved in a segment with WWE prospects and Ariya only got shoved down while Shawn took moves from all the prospects. Shawn said he took all the moves because at the time, Ariya was on WWE’s no-contact list with a neck issue. Ariya was out of action from mid-April until December of 2018.

I went with him [Ariya Daivari]. This is funny, they had a whole deal for him where the Saudi guys were gonna beat up Ariya, because there’s heat between Saudis and Iranians so the thing was already booked. But he had some neck issues at the time and he was on the injury, no-touch list so that was just like a beautiful happy accident that happened that either he suggested my name or someone kicked around my name so just for that one first Crown Jewel show or Super Show or something, Greatest Royal Rumble I think, we got to go do a thing together. It was never talked about before, it was never talked about after. It was almost like a house show spot, you know? Like come and do the thing but it is funny you mention that. Like the thing that I do have is a picture of me and him together in front of like 60,000 people. That’s the kind of sh*t that’s why I want to tag with him is like I don’t have any good stuff like that. Any good photos I have of me and him together is at a butt f*ck indie show in front of 50 people, you know, in a sh*tty ring with the canvas taped together. It would be really cool to get some high-quality footage or video of us together so someday when we’re old or dead or whatever, you can be like, ‘Oh, this is me and my brother when we were three, that is when we were five, this is when we were 30, wrestling for the tag team titles.

Shawn is currently working with Major League Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling. He feels that he’s wrapping up his singles career and wants to go on a tag team run with his brother before retiring.

The only thing I wanna do in wrestling before I wrap up, I kinda feel like my wrestling career is over, like my singles career is over. This is just what I like to do because pro wrestling isn’t my job, I am a pro wrestler. It’s like I still do this but like, something I would love to do one day whether it is in WWE or if Ariya [Daivari] can come to TNA, IMPACT, whatever is like I never got to tag with him on a proper level. We’ve only tagged on sh*tty indie shows. Well actually, we did the [show] thing in India. That was awesome. It was two weeks of proper television wrestling with written angles and a blow off at the end.

** Former TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne joined the Talkin’ Sass podcast and was asked if she would ever return to the ring. Rayne announced her retirement from wrestling in January but said it is a ‘never say never’ situation.

I mean I’m happy with [my] last match because Jess [Havok] and Nevaeh were in it, but you know, when you put in as many years as I did, I think in a perfect world when all of the stars align, you get to write your own happy ending, right? And I didn’t — I shouldn’t say I didn’t get to do that because IMPACT 100 percent would’ve let me but like, it was time for me to go when I went. But, I don’t know. I also swore I would never be one of those people that said, ‘I’m retired.’ ‘But I’m gonna come back again.’ ‘But now I’m retired again.’ ‘Oh maybe, but –’ I still kind of hold on to that. I never really had what I would consider my retirement match so, short-term, not gonna happen but never say never, right? Stranger things have happened in this crazy business that we love.

** While speaking with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald, Booker T said he’ll be guest commentating one of the matches at WrestleMania 37.

Well I’m gonna be on the panel and I’m going to be doing special guest commentary on one of the matches at WrestleMania as well so, I don’t wanna give it away yet what match but you know what? It’s crazy, this many years later I’m still part of the crew. I’m still having so much fun representing my generation but now watching this new generation and trying to pass on and instill a little bit of some of what we did back in the day but just being a part of it man, I get such a rush out of doing this job. You know, hopefully I’ll be doing it for a long time.

** Jason Burgos welcomed Thunder Rosa onto his ‘Back Talk’ show. As their conversation went on, Thunder Rosa gave her take on the differences between NWA owner Billy Corgan and AEW President Tony Khan:

You know what? They’re very different. I mean Billy [Corgan’s] like very old school and Tony [Khan] is definitely more of a new school and they have very different styles of how they run their business, and also very different budgets, so they’re both different and they’re making their product work and you guys can see the difference on AEW and NWA so…

** MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu was a guest on Busted Open Radio and during the discussion, he talked about how his cousins Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso take care of the family and there have been times when they’ve helped Jacob.

Oh absolutely and you know what? On a shoot note, when they do talk about taking care of the family, until now with Roman [Reigns], I mean there’s been times when I needed help and Usos — they really look out. No matter how crazy these guys’ schedule is or how crazy they’re on the road, man, there’s one thing I could say about Roman and the twins right now: For shoot, when the family really does need them, they ain’t nothing but a phone call away. They might not pick up but I guarandamntee you they’ll definitely be there when you need them so shout out to Roman and The Usos man. I love them cats.

** During his appearance on Busted Open Radio, Big E heaped praise onto Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. While discussing WWE’s top 50 greatest women superstars list, Big E expressed his feeling that Asuka does not have the proverbial machine behind her compared to others.

So, I’ll say when you first posed the question, I would say Asuka to me is maybe my — one of my favorite wrestlers barring male or female on the planet. I think the issue with Asuka is she hasn’t had the same machine behind her to make her feel like — I don’t think she’s had the same opportunities to have these massive WrestleMania moments and these huge opportunities that the others have so it is kind of hard to put her in the same vein when you look at her track list but if you wanna talk about ability and charisma and her ability — what she was doing at the beginning of the pandemic era when she was working both shows because she was a tag champ and she was wildly entertaining [on] commentary, in matches. She’s someone that is a generational talent in a way — there’s never going to be another Asuka in my opinion.

** New York Post chatted with Daniel Bryan ahead of WrestleMania 37. Bryan has been open about transitioning to a part-time wrestler spot in WWE and he detailed when he started having those thoughts.

It really started entering my mind the end of 2019. We had done three or four months in a row on international tours. I was gone for 14 days at a time. Plus, you leave your kids for that long, you leave your wife [Brie Bella] for that long and all that kind of stuff and it just gets to be a little much.

I love wrestling. Wrestling has been my favorite thing for a long time, but I don’t love wrestling nearly as much as I love being a dad. There’s nothing harder than your daughter telling you, ‘Daddy please don’t go.’ It was around that time that I started to talk to the head people in WWE, like I don’t know if I’m going to be doing this full-time for that much longer.

** Alexa Bliss dove into her current on-screen character while speaking with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald. Bliss does not know what is next for her in WWE with The Fiend character but she would like to wrestle more.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s next, because if you told me a year ago that I’d be preparing for a match with Randy Orton at Fastlane, I wouldn’t believe ya. So I don’t know what’s next because anything can happen with WWE but I think it’d be fun to see this character in the ring a little bit more because we haven’t really seen that and we don’t really know what it’s capable of. So I think that would be fun to see.

While discussing how she has adapted to the character, Bliss feels it is all about diving head first into it and needing to match the energy of that Bray Wyatt gives off.

I think with this persona, it took after the first Firefly Fun House, when I was watching the first one back that I came in and I was talking, I remember thinking when I watched it back that I needed to match Bray [Wyatt’s] energy, you know? I don’t wanna be the weak link in the whole situation but with anything character developmental-wise, change between good guy, bad guy, anything like that, I always believe that you have to dive in head first and so that was kind of my mentality. Just dive in headfirst. It is better for everyone to reel you in than trying to bring the character out in you.

** Screen Rant released their interview with Rob Van Dam. He discussed the different variations of the Frog Splash maneuver and said that he’s impressed by Montez Ford’s Frog Splash.

You know what’s funny? When I started back with Impact a couple years ago, I’m like, ‘Wait, you let a guy here call his move [the] Six Star Frog Splash? Come on.’ But it feels good to know that I inspired the whole generation. Everybody wants to do RVD moves. That feels good, except for I didn’t have any control over what they pick up. There’s a lot of old school fundamentals that are missing, from my perspective. But it evolves, and as long as it’s got fan support, they’ll stay behind it.

And then Montez [Ford]… His frog splash is pretty sick.

** After confusion arose concerning the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship, Laredo Kid told Sports Illustrated that he is indeed the Cruiserweight Champion. Laredo Kid was defeated by Lio Rush for the title in January but Laredo was referred to as the AAA Cruiserweight Champion during his AEW appearances. AAA did recognize Rush’s title win over Laredo.

** posted their interview with Shingo Takagi. Takagi recalled working with KENTA in 2008 in Dragon Gate and during one of their matches, a “G.T.S.” knocked Takagi out and while he was out, KENTA gave him three buzzsaw kicks.

I watched that match back, and the thing is, I was out after the Go2Sleep, and he didn’t pin me. He pulled me up by my hair and gave me three buzzsaw kicks. I got to the back and my head was pounding, went to hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. That was a really rough night.

** Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango) will meet Killian Dain and Drake Maverick on the NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two pre-show. The winners will get a shot at MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter’s) NXT Tag Team Titles.

** Seth Rollins was the most recent guest on The Complex Sports Podcast and Rollins feels that an on-screen storyline between himself and Roman Reigns as their current characters is inevitable.

I think it’s just one of those things that’s kinda inevitable. When you look at the characters, when you look at where we’re at, you know? And when you see two top guys kind of performing at such high levels parallel to each other, I think it’s just very easy to ask the question, ‘Okay, when are their paths gonna cross or what’s that gonna look like? When is it gonna happen?’ And I think especially having us on the same show on Friday Night SmackDown, I mean it seems like it’s inevitable at some point. It is one of those match-ups that has to happen so, whatever, whenever. It is always good between me and Roman [Reigns]. There’s always class matches, class moments, we’ve got a long history obviously that dates back sometime with The Shield and all that and so, yeah man, it is definitely — it’s something that’s on the docket at some point whenever we get around to it and I think it’ll be pretty exciting for us and hopefully for our audience as well.

** NXT UK Champion WALTER went live on Instagram with WWE host Quetzalli Bulnes. He was asked about the jokes concerning him and Dominik Mysterio looking alike. WALTER finds the jokes funny and proposed the idea of wrestling Dominik one day.

I think he’s [Dominik Mysterio] still a lot young[er] and also I think our body shapes are very different but, obviously that got brought to my attention since whenever Dominik showed up in WWE. So, I think a lot of people enjoy making fun of it so, I can live with that. Maybe we end up having a match against each other at some point so, we will see.

** Representatives from Snickers and DraftKings gave comments to Forbes about their companies’ respective partnership[s] with WWE. Stephanie McMahon was interviewed for the piece as well.

** Wale is performing Big E’s theme song at WrestleMania 37. Big E is defending the Intercontinental Title against Apollo Crews on night two.

** Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian sat down with Vickie Guerrero on her podcast to chat about their respective paths to AEW. Penelope almost stepped away from wrestling as a whole prior to AEW and explained why:

I was driven to do it. I really wanted to do it and it was hard because I was just a blank slate. I had no knowledge of wrestling, the size of a pea and I mean there was points where I did want to give up because I was told, ‘Don’t tell anyone you don’t know anything about wrestling’ and that was really, really discouraging.

When Penelope and Kip are on-screen together, they are encouraged by camera operators to continue kissing after attempting to pull away from one another.

Sabian: So, I love kissing my wife. Every man would love [to be] kissing their wife. But, when you’re on TV or filming on [AEW] Dark or whatever you’re doing, the camera guy is like, ‘Keep going.’ Sometimes you’re like, ‘What’s going on?’

Ford: We’re like, ‘Oh no, we wanna –’ we’re trying to stop and they’re like, ‘No, more, more.’ Or they’ll be like, ‘Come on, more.’

** The Times of India caught up with Bobby Lashley and while promoting his WWE Title match against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, Lashley said that McIntyre is going to be remembered as one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time.

I’m always prepared. I came back in the second round prepared, and I’ve only gotten better. You know what, out of anyone that I can possibly have an opportunity to share that ring with, I think Drew McIntyre is the perfect person. Because I think Drew McIntyre is going to go down officially as one of the greatest WWE champions in history. That being said, it is going to be very sweet, it’s going to be very nice to take him out. That’s just going to put my name that much higher in the history book.

** E! Online documented what a day in the life of Stephanie McMahon is like.

** Doc Gallows sat down with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp. During their discussion, Gallows shared that he and Tama Tonga do not currently speak. Gallows said he and those around him want to make big moves and he can’t control if others do not want to do that.

Currently no, I do not [speak to Tama Tonga], and that’s the truth. I will say this on the issue, Machine Gun and I, as well as our other friends who’ve been roped into this, we love to make big moves and make big money. If you don’t want to jump on that train then don’t. Stay in the dust. Not my problem. That’s just how I feel about it.

** 2021 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee Glenn “Kane” Jacobs was interviewed by The People’s Tribute. Jacobs told the story of how he almost didn’t make it to the Badd Blood show for his WWF debut because the car he was riding in broke down.

At the time, I was living in Knoxville. Since the Badd Blood show–where Kane debuted–was taking place in St. Louis, I came home a few days early to visit. I was staying with my parents in Bowling Green, and Mark [Morton] told me that he’d drive me to the show. When Sunday morning came, Mark showed up in a beater of a car. I mean, the thing didn’t even look like it could move. He told me that his wife had taken the other car, but not to worry, we’d be fine. Ha, famous last words. We took off and got just past Wentzville and smoke started billowing out of the cassette player! I said, ‘Dude, your car is on fire!’ Then there was a loud pop and the engine chugged off.

Luckily, another friend showed up and drove us to the show, and I made it in plenty of time.

On the topic of his Hall Of Fame induction, Jacobs stated that it is the greatest honor of his wrestling career.

Being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is the greatest honor of my professional wrestling career. I take a lot of pride in what I’ve done in the WWE, but I’m also humbled to think about all the people who have helped me throughout the years. Most of all, I’m thankful to the WWE and our fans for everything they’ve done for me.

** Former 3-time TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher joined Mickie James, SoCal Val and Lisa Marie Varon on GAW TV. Brooke explained that she can’t keep up with the current wrestling product because it makes her emotional as she misses the performance aspect of the business.

I thought it was really cool [Knockouts roundtable discussion] and everybody’s like — I get sad. I get sad when I talk about wrestling and they’ll be like, ‘Well what’s your favorite thing on TV now?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t watch it.’ I can’t watch it. Whenever I watch it, I just get so choked up and I don’t think I could physically wrestle again, maybe I could, I probably could but, you just get really sad and once you’ve been a performer and a wrestler, it is just in your blood, you know? And so when you see it, you’re like damn. One more match, one more match.

** Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley both have title matches at WrestleMania 37. They did a joint interview with FOX Sports and discussed their respective journeys, working with each other throughout the years and being spotlighted on a WrestleMania together.

Belair: We’ve had so many great moments together; I was there when she won the (NXT) title from Shayna (Baszler) and everyone was super happy for her, and we were the last two in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Now that we’re both having a WrestleMania match, it’s amazing – I feel like we’re the new generation of women coming through, and we’re at the forefront of it. I’m excited to show what the future holds, and even though Rhea and I are at the forefront, I want people to be excited because there are so many more women coming up from NXT behind us – and they’re special. It’s gonna be a special time; there’s a lot of good coming.

Ripley: Being with Bianca in NXT, and seeing her overcome the things she’s overcome, and being dealt such bad cards at times and still being so positive through it all. It’s so amazing to see how she’s grown in herself and as a performer, and to see how far she’s come, and she finally gets her chance to show everyone what she can do, because she’s absolutely incredible … she’s one of my favorite people to wrestle, I feel like we definitely connect. So being the last two in the Royal Rumble was a really special moment because it really does feel like the future is here.

** The National Wrestling Alliance’s Kamille was interviewed by Lucha Libre Online. She expressed her feelings about her significant other, Thom Latimer being the best wrestler under the NWA banner and being open to the idea of working with him on-screen.

Yeah definitely, just because one, it’s a real story so it would come off very organic because it is real and the fact that — and this is not me being biased, because we met through training and all this stuff, me watching him. He’s the best wrestler that I’ve seen as far as aggression and making stuff believable and he’s the best wrestler the NWA has, I don’t care, I’m gonna say it right now, he is and so yes, I think he deserves bigger opportunities and to get some respect on his name as far as being a singles wrestler. I definitely think that is in his future and he’ll — I saw it for the pay-per-view. So many people said it, that one of their favorite matches from the pay-per-view was him and Pope and Pope is wonderful in his own right too, but Thom can have a match with anyone and it can be a great match. So I’m looking forward to his future and what it holds too.

** WFLA-TV spoke with Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss and R-Truth about their positive interactions with cancer patients. Roman further discussed his own battle with Leukemia.

** John Bradshaw Layfield received his COVID-19 vaccination.

** Fightful ran an article from their chat with Brian Myers. Within a week of his release from WWE, Myers said he received a call from Tommy Dreamer of IMPACT Wrestling about coming into the company.

I want to say within the first week of the mass firing, Tommy Dreamer called me and gave me the hard pitch about IMPACT and I’m glad he did. ‘Cause I’ve fallen in love with IMPACT. It’s so fun and they just let me be me. Pro wrestling is art, you know? There’s no restrictions, really. Obviously I can’t do whatever I want, but I’m having fun and in almost a carefree setting for the first time in my career. No restrictions and just letting it all go. It’s been such a freakin’ blast.

** WFLA-TV spoke to Damian Priest about Priest and Bad Bunny’s upcoming tag team match at WrestleMania. Priest further spoke about the effort Bad Bunny is putting in off-screen to prepare for the match.

Every week, multiple days a week, we’re in the ring together. I’ll tell you what, come WrestleMania, he’s going to surprise some people, he’s taking it seriously. The one thing he’s been adamant about is making sure he got everybody’s respect, he earned everybody’s respect.

** Big E spoke to ‘Metro’ and told the site that one of the key things he did not want to lose as he embarked on his singles run was the uniqueness of his character. He did not want to transition back to the black singlet with a few colors on it.

The dynamic just shifts without having those two extra bodies there. It’s just been a matter of finding what feels right. The biggest thing, I wanted to make sure I didn’t regress to, alright, I’m alone now, let’s just go back to the old black singlet with the Jamaican colors on it. But there were elements of that that I still wanted to play with, so it’s still me finding that balance of what feels right.

** Matty Paddock published an article from his interview with William Regal. Regal heaped praise on Pete Dunne for his maturity and being an individual that his colleagues can look up to.

He’s very wise. Beyond his years. He’s incredibly professional, and very good at what he does, which is always a bonus! He’s everything you have said he is, he’s level-headed. He doesn’t cause any trouble and, with his age group and the people around him, he’s an influence on them just by the way he acts. He doesn’t have to enforce anything on anybody, they just gravitate towards him because he’s just a very likable, smart fella who keeps his head down, is polite and will help people.

** WWE Games put out the following tweet:

** Britt Baker vs. Deonna Purrazzo from Ring of Honor’s 2017 Survival Of The Fittest show:



** Shawn Michaels appeared on the ‘This Week in Marvel’ podcast.

** IWTV Family Reunion Part 1 Results (4/8/21) Tampa, Florida
Lucha Rules Six Man Tag Team Match: Boar, Boomer Hatfield & Erica Leigh def. A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Matt Makowski & Travis Huckabee
– Daniel Makabe def. Jaden Newman
– Will Wrestle def. Judge Hugo Lexington Black
IWTV Independent Wrestling Title #1 Contendership: Wheeler YUTA def. Adam Priest
UWFi Rules: Dominic Garrini def. Robert Martyr by referee’s decision
– Funny Bone, Nurse Ratchet & The Super Beast def. D-Rogue, James C & Willow Nightingale
IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship: John Wayne Murdoch def. Jake Crist (c)
IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship: Lee Moriarty (c) def. Edith Surreal

** The Miz was featured on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and played the role of a staff evaluator and he interviewed Kimmel’s staff.



** Paul “Triple H” Levesque telling the NXT women’s locker room that the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles were coming:



** Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Meisha Tate is returning to the octagon on July 17th which will be her first fight since 2016. Meisha was a guest on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation radio show and she listed off several fights that she wants over the next several years and named Ronda Rousey as one of those fights. Meisha has lost to Rousey twice but feels that their next go-around would be different.

Yeah, there’s not a doubt in my mind it [fight with Ronda Rousey] would be different for sure and I’m just so different myself. I don’t know how to explain, I just want you guys to see it on July [17th] but just things that I didn’t realize and didn’t compute before as a fighter that I feel like I’m finally picking up at this stage in my life. I don’t know. Call it maturity, maybe sitting back and observing this sport? Watching and not being under the pressure to compete all the time has kind of allowed me to look at this in a more cerebral way, you know?

** Bianca Belair recorded herself on the lead-up to her match against Sasha Banks at WrestleMania. The following video includes clips of Bianca sharing her thoughts as the weeks inch closer to WrestleMania.



** Revolver Magazine chatted with Edge for an interview. He was asked who in wrestling has the worst taste in music and Edge feels that title belongs to Christian Cage.

** Bronson Reed’s signing to WWE was announced in January of 2019 and while speaking with Sporting News, he named two of his favorite opponents thus far in the company and those talents are Damian Priest and Roderick Strong.

That’s a tough one – I’ve been able to wrestle against a lot of great wrestlers since moving here to NXT. I was a big fan of wrestling Damian Priest, who is now on Raw and doing great things. I probably would say he was one of my favorite opponents. Roderick Strong as well – he is someone when you step in the ring with him, he challenges you every step of the way. You know you’re in a fight when you’re in there with Roderick Strong.

** ESPN caught up with Damian Priest for an interview.

** Titus O’Neil chatted with the Good Morning Football crew on NFL Network.

** WhatCulture ran their interview with Rohit Raju.

** Mahabali Shera appeared on Stu’s Wrestling Podcast.

** A story about Kalisto, Mojo Rawley and Peyton Royce being at a Special Olympics event.

** A clip from Bianca Belair’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show:



** Xavier Woods was a guest on the Wrestle Buddies podcast.

** Titus O’Neil gave comments to FOX 13 about the Warrior Award.

** GIVEMESPORT spoke to Jordan Devlin about the possibility of Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement.

** Booker T continued to make the media rounds and appeared on WFLA-TV.

** Montez Ford of The Street Profits joined Busted Open Radio to discuss WrestleMania 37.

** ran their interview with The Miz and Maryse. The couple were also guests on the HollywoodLife Podcast.

** NXT UK’s Mark Andrews spoke to Sport360.

** Bianca Belair appeared on FOX 13 Tampa Bay.

** Rhea Ripley was the focus on an international media call and quotes from the call are up on Sportskeeda’s website.

** Battle of the Brands draft on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel:



** Rob Armstrong, NXT UK’s Trent Seven and Jinny hosted BT Sports’ ‘The Run-In’ show.

** TJ Wilson and Natalya were a part of The Bella Twins’ Hall Of Fame diaries series.

** The WWE on USA YouTube channel recapped Bad Bunny and Damian Priest’s feud with The Miz and John Morrison leading up to their tag match at WrestleMania 37.



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