GCW rSpring Break Report: RSP vs. Gage, Moxley, Trios Spectacular

John Siino's review of GCW's rSpring Break featuring Nick Cage winning the GCW Championship, a challenge by Jon Moxley & lots more.

Photo Credit: Game Changer Wrestling

GCW presents rSpring Break – presented by 44.OH!

April 9th, 2021

By: John Siino

The Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida

Starboy Charlie vs. Billie Starkz

Intergender match here with two of the youngest wrestlers here in GCW. Charlie is able to reverse out with a wrist lock and gets Starkz on her back and over for a 2 count. They trade off locks until Starkz throws Charlie out of the ring, but welcomes him back in by holding the rope. Back inside, Charlie extends his hand for Starkz, but ends up taking her down. They trade pin attempts, then Charlie works the arm of Starkz. Charlie hits a back suplex and gets a 2 count. Charlie hits a dropkick followed by a standing shooting star press for a 2 count. Charlie hits 2 suplexes, but on the third one, Starkz reverses and hits the three amigos herself for a 2 count. Starkz stops Charlie in the corner by kicking him in the face and hitting a suplex for a 2 count. They fight on the apron, but Charlie pushes her off and hits a flying knee off the top rope, followed by a Cancun Tornado for a near fall. They start exchanging strikes, but Charlie hits an exploder suplex, but they both stand and quickly exchange strikes. Charlie sets Starkz up in the corner, hits a running dropkick followed by a 450 attempt, but Starkz puts her knees up and misses a senton herself. They quickly face-off, but on run back from the ropes Charlie catches Starkz and hits a Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Winner: Starboy Charlie by pinfall at 9:57

After the match, Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly of 44OH come out and take out Charlie and Starkz. They quickly get stopped by Ironbeast, KTB & Shane Mercer to set up the next match.

44OH (Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly) vs. Ironbeast (KTB & Shane Mercer)

Right at the bell, Mercer picks up Ryan and Beverly, and KTB dives onto them from the top rope. All four start brawling on the outside, as KTB suplexes Beverly onto Mercer on the inside who powerbombs him. KTB then picks up Ryan, and Mercer grabs him from the second rope for a suplex. Ironbeast starts bringing wooden doors into the ring and sets them up against the corners. Beverly and Ryan take out KTB outside and start working on Mercer inside. They then start working on KTB, and Ryan hits a Tiger Driver on him for a 2 count. They hit a double suplex on Mercer, followed by a cannonball from Ryan to Mercer against the door, but it doesn’t break. KTB catches Ryan and powerbombs him through the door, followed by a dive onto Beverly on the outside. On the top rope, Mercer gorilla presses Ryan up, but ends up hitting a moonsault/fall away slam, tosses him to KTB who powerbombs him, right back to Mercer who hits a German suplex for the pin.

Winners: Ironbeast by pinfall at 5:53

Gringo Loco, Arez & Black Taurus vs. Aramis, Dragon Bane & Laredo Kid

Gringo and Laredo start the match slowly going for takedown and pin attempts, but Laredo quickly speeds it up and hits a hurricanrana that Gringo lands on his feet for. Gringo is able to dodge out of Laredo’s way and curse out Bane & Aramis causing all six men to come in and brawl. Arez ends up on the shoulders of Loco & Taurus and Laredo hits a flying cross body onto him, followed by Aramis & Bane with double topes. Laredo, Aramis & Bane hit triple 450’s but failed to get the pin. Arez starts getting triple-teamed, but Arez is able to hit backbreakers on all 3. Aramis and Arez hit a crazy sequence, where they are reversed but up and above from handstand onto the shoulders. Gringo press slams Aramis onto Taurus who slingshots him onto Arez hitting a powerbomb and holds him up for a kick from Loco. Laredo gets an assisted springboard and flies way up in the air but lands into a gore by Taurus. Laredo gets taken down by Arez, and Gringo hits a moonsault for a 2 count. Bane comes in but ends getting triple-teamed. Bane comes back and is able to take them all out until Taurus knocks him out of the ring and goes after Aramis and Laredo Kid. At one point, both Aramis & Bane join Laredo Kid on the top rope and hit simultaneous dives to the outside. Insane balancing. Arez & Bane end up battling back in the ring, and Bane hits a Spanish Fly until Taurus comes in and hits a big backbreaker on him, catches Aramis, but Aramis is able to arm drag him on, into a Spanish fly/crossbody, climbs the top but is knocked down by Gringo Loco who hits an avalanche Falcon Arrow. Gringo & Laredo Kid while Arez & Aramis are all battling, Laredo and Arez end up walking on the ropes and Laredo hits a crazy-looking poison ‘rana on him. They all start exchanging poison ‘ranas, cutters, and more until Gringo ends up with Aramis on his shoulders, who has Laredo on his shoulders and Arez takes Laredo out with a cutter, Aramis jumps off hitting a hurricanrana, while Taurus and Bane hit Samoan Drops, shooting stars and more. Total craziness going on here. Aramis takes Arez for an airplane spin, while Laredo hits a moonsault/frog splash to the outside. Dragon Bane joins him to the outside while Aramis finally hits a bomb from the long spin on Arez for the pin. This match was insanity and the winners collect the much-earned money thrown into the ring as all six men take a bow

Winners: Aramis, Dragon Bane & Laredo Kid by pinfall at 13:45

Jordan Oliver vs. “Blackheart” Lio Rush

Before the match we see a video of Jordan Oliver with a VHS cassette labeled ‘Don’t watch’, and Joey Janela on the phone who warns him not to watch it, Oliver does anyway and it’s a video of Lio Rush under his Blackheart persona that spooks Oliver out and he receives a note under the door with the note 4.9.2021 “Paint it Black”. Rush’s Blackheart persona has a J-Horror element to it, accompanied by a black and white entrance, scary mannerisms, and face and body paint. They start quickly and Oliver hits a cutter dive to Rush on the outside. They start brawling on the outside, Oliver sets Rush on a chair, makes a lap around the ring but Rush stops him and puts him on the chair himself, does a lap, and hits a cannonball. Rush’s actions keep intimidating the referee, and he goes and grabs a door from under the ring to place it in the corner. Commentary mentions Oliver hasn’t to have gone through three matches earlier for the Acid Cup. Oliver ends up hitting a release belly-to-belly suplex on Rush to put him through the door, before grabbing another one. Rush hits 2 German Suplexes, tries a third one but switches to a belly to belly, and puts Oliver through the second door. They fight on the top rope, but both end up tumbling the floor. Oliver goes and grabs more doors and sets them up on chairs. Back inside they hit a bunch of German suplexes on each other, they fight on the apron and Rush hits a twisted looking Falcon Arrow onto the doors outside, they go inside where Oliver catches Rush for a cutter, hits another cutter, and only gets a 2 count, and hits another cutter on the apron to end up on the outside. Oliver takes Rush back inside onto the top rope, attempts another cutter, gets pushed off, and hit with a frog splash by Rush. Rush quickly applies a submission and gets the victory.

Winner: Lio Rush by submission at 22:24

Atticus Cogar vs. Masada

We get a quick video of Atticus talking about always wanting a match with Masada and the things he did to earn the match. This is deathmatch rules with weapons and skew-filled boards all throughout the ring. Right away Masada uses the kendo stick and goes to grab pieces of the broken doors from earlier as they end up fighting on the outside where Masada hits him with the pieces of the doors and starts digging them into the head of Cogar quickly busting him wide open. Cogar comes back with kendo stick shots and drives the skewed board onto the back and head of Cogar as the referee quickly takes the toothpicks off the back of Cogar. Masada continues with more skewers being inserted, going after the eye of Atticus. Atticus goes and grabs a whole bundle of the green 44OH skewers and sticks them into Masada’s skull busting up Masada. Atticus sets up a door, but Masada suplexes him onto the ringside chairs. Back inside, Atticus sticks skewers onto Masada’s shoulders, but Masada pulls mini skewers out of his pocket and digs them into Atticus, and powerbombs him through another door set up, for a 2 count. Masada sticks more skewers into Atticus’ mouth and stomps on his face. Some wrestling now, as Masada hits a powerbomb and puts Cogar into an STF, but Cogar uses skewers to get out of it. They fight on the top rope, and Cogar hits a headlock driver to Masada onto a chair. Cogar brings another weapon in, but Masada breaks it, hits a Death Valley Driver, and gets a 2 count. Cogar with more pin attempts while using skewers in between, but hits a final headlock driver and gets the pin.

Winner: Atticus Cogar by pinfall at 18:40

Rich Swann vs. Lee Moriarty

Nothing like following a death match with some Lionel Richie ‘All Night Long’ to dance to. They started it off with arm drags and a dropkick exchange. Moriarty sporting some rib tape from the Acid Cup earlier. They trade leapfrogs, but Swann is able to take Moriarty down with a dropkick. Moriarty starts working on the arm of Swann, who takes a breather on the outside. Moriarty continues in and out of the ring with the arm, but Swann is able to build a comeback. Moriarty hits a neck breaker for a two count, as Swann continues to show pain in his arm. Swann comes back with a one-arm springboard cutter, and a frog splash to get a two-count. They start exchanging strikes, chops, kicks, and boots that end up knocking each other down. Back up they trade half a dozen pin attempts, but Moriarty hits a lariat after a failed armbar attempt. They start fighting on the top rope, but Swann bites Moriarty’s injured ribs, knocking him down hitting a 450 Splash for the pin.

Winner: Rich Swann by pinfall at 12:13

Chris Dickinson vs. Joey Janela

We get a video from Dickinson before the match where he says he’s going to cut off the head of the snake that is Janela because this isn’t Tuesday or Wednesday night. Janela comes out with Bam Bam Bigelow-inspired gear and they start brawling before the bell even rings. Dickinson quickly hits a powerbomb and Janela looks out, but Dickinson hits another one and digs and lands knees onto Janela before going outside and grabbing a door that he steps on and breaks on top of Janela. Dickinson grabs a piece of the door and stabs Janela’s head with it causing him to bust open. Dickinson sets up Janela in the corner with the door in front of him and lands a dropkick for a 2 count. Dickinson goes back to digging the door into the forehead and then transitions from digging the piece in the throat into a full nelson suplex. Dickinson and Janela climb the top rope, where Janela hits a superplex. Janela follows with chops and kicks in the corner until they trade-off German suplexes. Janela quickly gets back on his feet, hits a rolling elbow, and gets a 2 count. Janela smashes a door on Dickinson, but he comes back with a suplex and a dropkick on Janela. Dickinson instructs the fans to throw their chairs into the ring, and they do as Dickinson uses them and tries to powerbomb Janela into them, but he gets out and hits a superkick and a DDT, but Dickinson comes back with a clothesline. Dickinson tries to go for a superplex, but Janela fights out and hits a DDT to Dickinson on top of the chairs who ends up falling to the outside. Janela hits a suicide dive onto Dickinson who’s now busted wide open, Janela throws Dickinson on top of the chairs and hits a double stomp for a 2 count. Dickinson taunts Janela to hit him with a chair, which he does, he calls for a second one but Dickinson low blows him, hits a Death Valley Driver onto the chairs and Janela kicks out at one. They brawl a bit more, and Dickinson hit’s a Razor Edge like powerbomb off the top rope and only gets a 2. Dickinson grabs a ladder and a door and throws them into the ring, where he sets up the door onto 4 chairs. Janela climbs the opposite side of the ladder, but Dickinson throws a chair onto him and hits a Death Valley Driver from the top of the ladder onto the door and still only gets a 2 count as the crowd chants “Joey Kickout”, as Dickinson starts limping. Dickinson hits a pair of dragon screws, but Janela turns it into a Figure Four and Dickinson taps out.

Winner: Joey Janela by submission at 21:57

After the match, Janela goes for the handshake, but Dickinson spits in his hand. Janela grabs the mic and says ‘The summer is right around the corner; you know what that means? The Bad Boy is back in GCW”.

Gregory Iron (w/ Virgil) vs. Effy

Virgil is a surprise cornerman for Iron wearing a 44.OH shirt and Iron announces him as a “True Spring Break Legend and Hall of Famer, he drips meat sauce and he’s got that fuck money and he’s the newest member of 44.OH. Give it up one time, for Virgil! And Effy I’m not going to be your bitch, and tomorrow the Big Gay Brunch becomes the Big Greg Bunch”. Effy comes out and gets right into Virgil’s face, but Iron hits Effy from behind with a chair. Virgil stands by the apron throughout the match, taunting Effy. They brawl it out a bit until Effy hits a kick in the corner for a 2 count. Effy hits a bunch of clotheslines, and as Iron is trying to avoid the sunset flip gets his trunks pulled down showing his bare ass. Effy hits a senton and gets a close 2 count as Iron stays exposed getting a couple of chops to the ass. Virgil comes in holding an unbreakable Vodka barrel and Iron holds Effy telling Virgil to hit him with it. Effy ducks and Virgil hits Iron with it. Effy comes into the ring with a pair of scissors, cuts Virgil’s 44.OH shirt revealing Virgil is wearing a ‘Wrestling is Gay’ shirt, which is Effy’s clothing line. Effy hits a powerbomb and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Effy by pinfall at 6:20

GCW World Championship: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Nick Gage

This is another deathmatch, with the usual boards, glass, light tubes, and more weapons in the ring, with a scaffold set up outside the ring as well as more weapons. Gage attacks Page before the bell rings and as they quickly run into the light tubes, and Gage starts breaking them and digging them onto the back of Page. Gage amps up the crowd as he keeps breaking them onto Page, and starts biting him. Gage sets up tubes on Page and hits a face wash boot. They start fighting on the apron and Gage hits a twisting elbow onto Page on top of the barbed wired boards set up on the outside. They start fighting in the crowd, and Gage throws Page onto chairs held up by the ‘MDK’ fans. Page comes back smashing tubes onto Gage’s back and digs a tube into his forehead opening him up, as Page is already covered in blood. Back inside, they continue to use the tubes on each other, until Gage takes a back body drop onto the setup glass on the outside, and gets a 2 count for the first pinfall attempt so far. They fight on the apron, and Page suplexes Gage onto a table filled with more light tubes that result in a two-count. Gage with glass in his eyes takes out the referee and starts carving MDK onto the back of Page. Page escapes and goes to the top of the scaffold. Gregory Iron runs in and gets a piledriver from Gage. Effy runs in and carries Iron to the back, as Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan run in to attack Gage. They set up a stack of light tubes on top of a table, and start grabbing glass sheets, at this point Matthew Justice, Joey Janela, and Mance Warner come out to take out 44.OH. Gage chases after Page on the scaffold and tosses Page onto the light tube stacks on the table, but he doesn’t go through the table. Gage takes whatever is left of the tube stacks and dumps it onto Page, and continues the MDK carving. Page takes out this second referee and calls out for backup. Atticus Cogar comes out and throws some chairs and sheets of glass into the ring. Cogar sticks skewers into Gage and helps Page put Gage onto the top rope to try and put through the setup chairs and glass. Brett Lauderdale comes out and takes out Cogar with some light tubes. Gage hits a powerbomb onto the glass but only gets a 2 count, follows it up with a Choke Breaker and Lauderdale counts the pin for the win.

Winner: Nick Gage by pinfall at 24:38, to become NEW GCW World Champion

After the match, Gage grabs Page’s 44.OH custom GCW Title and spray paint MDK on it, as he grabs a new GCW World Title and raises it. We start hearing some unfamiliar music, as Jon Moxley walks into the ring. Gage and Moxley go face to face as Gage’s blood spreads onto Moxley. Moxley goes to leave, but Gage throws up the middle finger. Moxley comes back in and starts attacking Gage, hits a DDT onto Gage, sets up light tubes, and hits the Death Rider to Gage onto them. Gage gets up, grabs the mic, and says ‘Where’s my motherfucking gang at!’ He says he hasn’t seen Moxley in 10 years, and he’s going to come out and disrespect the God of ultraviolent wrestling like that? Gage then thanks all the fans for having his back when he was out with his injury and says they are the reason and motivation for having him do this for 22 years. Gage promises that he and Moxley will go one on one in a ‘real motherfucking Death Match’, because in GCW all of this is real, not cut up and fake. And he’s going to dance with Jon Moxley and they’ll see who the real one is, before signing off with the audience with ‘MDK, all fucking day’.

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