MLW FUSION REPORT: Alex Hammerstone vs. Mil Muertes

MLW Fusion featured three championship matches including Alex Hammerstone vs. Mil Muertes for the National Openweight Championship.

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #128

April 14th, 2021

GILT Nightclub – Orlando, FL

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ray Flores & Saint Laurent

Permission from El Jefe

We start the show with Salina de la Renta walking in and the interviewer is asking her about a rumor involving El Jefe, she cuts him off and asks how to dare ask a question that doesn’t involve her. She just created a foolproof plan that will once and for all destroy Alexander Hammerstone and leave her, El Jefe, and Azteca Underground all the gold. Azteca Underground’s representative walks into the shot and asks her if she cleared the plans with El Jefe and knows she didn’t ask for permission.

IWA Caribbean Championship: Richard Holliday (c) vs. Gino Medina

They start the match by talking trash and Holliday says how he fired Medina, they go at it, and Medina takes Holliday to the outside with a heel kick. They start chopping and punching each other to the outside, but on the apron, Medina slingshots back in and gets taken down by a clothesline from Holliday for a two count. They trade off chops in the corner until Holliday runs into Medina’s elbow as Medina tries to undo the turnbuckle padding and uses the ropes to try and pin Holliday. Medina starts using dirty tactics like grabbing Holliday’s nose and stepping on his fingers and trying multiple pin attempts. Holiday blocks an Enziguri and hits a backdrop suplex, they trade kicks, until Holliday hits a spinebuster for a two count. Medina hits Holliday’s own move, the 2008 twisting suplex, but only gets a two. They both try to throw the other into the exposed turnbuckle, but Medina goes headfirst into it and then into 2008 by Holliday as he gets the pin.

Winner: Richard Holiday by pinfall at 6:34, to retain

Ross Goes to Japan

They show the history of Marshall Von Erich and his left knee injuries and him re-injuring it and placed on the injured reserve list for the next 10 days. We go to Kauai, Hawaii where Ross is asking Marshall how physical therapy is going, and Marshall says it’s going but he’s sick of Team Filthy. Kevin Von Erich walks in and says he just got off the phone with Keiji Mutoh and says he wants to teach the Von Erichs some things, but Kevin says because of Marshall’s knee he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him so Ross Von Erich says it’s all on him then so he’s going to go back his bags and head over to Narita, Japan.

Alexander Hammerstone then cuts a quick promo about winning tonight’s match with Mil Muertes.

We get a produced video showing the history between Salina de la Renta, Konnan, and all the Azteca Underground involvement that’s been going on the last couple of months.

A Man Can’t Stand, He Can’t Fight

We go to Alicia Atout who’s interviewing TJP who is fresh off his suspension from attacking Bu Ku Dao. TJP starts by saying bringing up the fine is unnecessary, and Alicia tells him it is because now Dao is medically cleared and next week Dao and TJP will go one on one. TJP brings up a quote by Cobra Kai from The Karate Kid Part III where they say “A man can’t stand, he can’t fight”, and he doesn’t give a shit that Dao can stand, because he’s not a man and it won’t be much of a fight. TJP says he’s wrestled through injuries and Dao doesn’t learn a damn thing. Atout asked point black if TJP resents Dao any because of his social media engagement, that TJP laughs off and says his pet pigs have a larger following than Dao and he will break Dao in half.

MLW World Tag Team Championship: Los Parks (c) (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park) (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien & Michael Patrick) (w/ Aria Blake)

Before the bell rings, Salina and Aria get into each other’s faces, and the Dirty Blondes take advantage and attack Los Parks before the bell rings, with Patrick going after LA Park and Brien going after Hijo. The Dirty Blondes start double-teaming LA Park in the corner, and they whip the Parks into each other, as Blake holds LA Park’s ankle, but he springboards into the ring anyway for a 2 count. Los Parks hits clotheslines into the corner and starts kicking Brien and both go to the ropes, but Patrick and Blake trip both as all four wrestlers start wrestling on the outside. Hijo tries to suplex Patrick on the top, but Patrick low blows him and goes for the pin, but LA Park stops him. Patrick hits another low blow, but the Azteca Underground lets LA Park Jr. in from under the ring. Junior sneaks in, hits low blows on both Blondes, as Park and Hijo roll up the Blondes for a double pin and the win. Salina and Aria immediately start fighting in the ring after and get pulled apart, as commentary points out how Salina has been cracking under pressure.

Winners: Los Parks by pinfall at 4:45, to retain

Fear Krugger

We see a video from Mads Krugger where he is talking about Alexander Hammerstone and how he has lost his spot, as it’s hard to have eyes everywhere and be prepared for anything. And asks Hammerstone if he fears CONTRA Unit in his title match later, as Krugger enjoys hunting him.

The Time is Rush Hour

We see highlights of a YouTube interview Alicia Atout had with MLW Middleweight Champion, Lio Rush. Rush calls himself Poseidon because he makes waves day in and day out and he is a history maker and what he did against Myron Reed, Brian Pillman Jr. and Laredo Kid was history. Alicia says Lio Rush’s music has kept him busy, and he plugs his music and website and says that Myron Reed is trying to become who Rush is, but he’s a SoundCloud clout rapper, and Rush himself makes the big bucks. Alicia asks if Lio Rush is planning on having more title defenses, and Rush says he is because he has fans who want to see him defend his championship. Alicia asks who might be challenging for the title, Rush says it doesn’t matter who it is and has a message for the fans; keep putting that money in his pocket and keep making the world say the name, Lio Rush.

The commentary then makes mention of Myron Reed’s win at Never Say Never makes him the number one ranked man for the Middleweight Championship. We get a quick video from Reed where he says he won’t sabotage his rematch by having CONTRA Unit get involved and says now he is ready for Rush-Reed 2.

Next Week

·       Court Bauer appears

·       Bu Ku Dao vs. TJP

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Mil Muertes (w/ Salina de la Renta)

CONTRA Unit causes major interception during Hammerstone’s entrance. Hammerstone starts the offense right away by hitting Muertes with a big boot, but Muertes comes back until Hammerstone throws him with a Belly to Belly. Hammerstone hits an Enziguri and a missile dropkick to knock Muertes to the outside. Muertes grabs Hammerstone to the outside and starts attacking him against the apron and ring post. Muertes grabs a belt and starts choking Hammerstone out before he cranks his neck against the apron as they go back inside. Muertes hits a DDT, but instead of going for the pin, he mounts Hammerstone with punches and unleashes clothesline in the corner until he runs into Hammerstone’s boot but comes back with a hard clothesline. Hammerstone dodges Muertes he goes headfirst into the post, but Muertes dodges and the same thing happens to Hammerstone until they double clothesline each other. Hammerstone hits a pair of clotheslines, a boot, and a wrist clutch suplex. Muertes counters Hammerstone’s running for a powerslam for a 2 count, tries a fireman’s carry, but Hammerstone gets out, hits a kick for a two-count. Muertes counters out and hits a back cracker for a near fall, tries some headbutts, but Hammerstone hits a German Suplex and a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Muertes hits a jawbreaker, and they get on their knees and start punching each other. Back on their feet, Hammerstone stops Muertes with a big boot, Muertes tries Straight to Hell, but Hammerstone elbows out hits the Nightmare Pendulum and gets the pin.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone by pinfall at 10:26, to retain

Hammerstone gets on the mic and says that this was just step one, and he never lost this title. Step two, things will get more interesting as next week he will hold a press conference and will have some very Dynastic news.

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