WWE Raw manages third best figure of 2021, A&E ratings from Sunday

One week after WrestleMania, Raw managed its third-best television number of 2021 on Monday night while staying on top of the cable charts.

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One week after WrestleMania, Raw managed its third-best television number of 2021 on Monday night while staying on top of the cable charts.

With an episode promoted around a WrestleMania 34 rematch between Asuka and Charlotte Flair, the show managed to average 1,907,000 viewers and a 0.61 in the 18-49 demographic finishing first among all cable programming on Monday.

The opening hour topped two million viewers with 2,017,000 and a 0.63 in the 18-49 demographic, the second hour had a minor drop to 1,981,000, and the demo staying even before the third-hour decline. The third hour saw viewership fall 13 percent the demo dropped 9.5 percent with 1,724,000 viewers and 0.57. From hour one to hour three, the viewership decline was 14.5 percent and the largest loss throughout the show since March 15th.

It was a given they would drop after last week’s “Night After ‘Mania” edition of the show with viewership dropping 6 percent this week and the main demo declining by 10 percent. However, this week’s show only trails the January 4th “Legends Night” edition and last week’s show as its most-watched of 2021.

The largest difference in viewership was among its younger male audience. Men 18-49 hit a ridiculously high figure of 0.92 last week and came back down to earth this week with a 0.77 while males 12-34 decreased by 24 percent. Women 18-49 and Adults 50+ had identical figures from the week.

The third hour hurt Raw a lot this week as women 12-34 fell 21 percent throughout the show, men 12-34 dropped by 16 percent and the 50+ demo dropped by 15.5 percent. The first two hours were consistent across the board before the drop during hour three.

Raw finished ahead of both NBA games on Monday. The early game between Golden State and Philadelphia averaged 1,472,000 and a 0.49 in the 18-49 demo while the later game between Utah and the L.A. Lakers averaged 1,131,000 and 0.42.

In Canada, Raw did 202,100 viewers and 117,200 in the 25-54 demographic on Sportsnet 360. The sports competition in Canada on Monday included two NHL games and Curling coverage.

In other WWE ratings news, A&E launched its WWE-themed biographies on Sunday along with WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures.

The Steve Austin biography finished with 1,062,000 viewers and a 0.38 in the 18-49 demographic over the two-hour window.

WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures immediately followed the Austin documentary and averaged 766,000 viewers and a 0.29 in the 18-49 demographic.

Here is a breakdown of the WWE Raw numbers:

Source: Showbuzz Daily

ADULTS 18-49
This week: 0.61 (-10 percent)
Hour 1-3: -9.5 percent

This week: 0.45 (Even)
Hour 1-3: -9 percent

MALES 18-49
This week: 0.77 (-16 percent)
Hour 1-3: -9 percent

ADULTS 18-34

This week: 0.36 (-14 percent)
Hour 1-3: -10.5 percent

This week: 0.26 (-13 percent)
Hour 1-3: -21 percent

MALES 12-34

This week: 0.35 (-24 percent)
Hour 1-3: -16 percent

ADULTS 25-54
This week: 0.72 (-13 percent)
Hour 1-3: -8 percent

This week: 0.91 (Even)
Hour 1-3: -15.5 percent

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