MLW Fusion: Tom Lawlor vs. Marshall Von Erich, date for next season

John Siino reviews MLW Fusion featuring Tom Lawlor vs. Marshall Von Erich, Dominic Garrini vs. Ross Von Erich & prelude for Rush vs. Reed.

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #130

April 28th, 2021

GILT Nightclub – Orlando, FL

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ray Flores & Saint Laurent

Dominic Garrini (w/ Kevin Ku) vs. Ross Von Erich (w/ Marshall Von Erich)

Saint Laurent says that Ross has just returned 2 weeks ago from training in Japan with Keiji Mutoh. Garrini gets on the ground and tries to get Ross down, but he does not budge. They do eventually get on the mat and trade-off roll overs. Ross takes down Garrini, but Garrini traps Ross’ arm, before he grabs a rope. They both get to the middle of the ring and each applies leglocks simultaneously, but Ross kicks his way out. They trade off full mounts, but Garrini puts on a triangle hold, into an armbar attempt but Ross kicks out. They stand and trade strikes and forearms until Ross lands three kicks and a running punt for a 2 count. Garrini puts on a Guillotine Choke, but Ross escapes with another rope break. Garrini tries a suplex attempt, but Ross reverses into a modified Falcon Arrow for the pin.

Winner: Ross Von Erich by pinfall at 5:22

Ku and Marshall get in the ring and both teams start brawling before getting stopped by the referee.

Azteca Underground’s Proprietor Offers “A Generous Reward”

They plug MLW on VICE TV debuting this Saturday at 12 pm EST as well as the newest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated where they try to figure out who is behind Azteca Underground with a list of subjects such as as Dorian Roldan, Dario Cueto, Tony Khan, and Konnan. They show the quote “There’s something strange, yet familiar in the air at Major League Wrestling. As Azteca Underground expands its power, a secret source sheds light on the intentions of the mysterious organization” and “There are powers that can make a powerful man invincible. I must have this! Help me locate these artifacts. A generous reward awaits.”

The Filthy & The Disgraced

They go to the back where ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is yelling at Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku but doesn’t blame them for Garrini’s loss but at Marshall Von Erich for even being out there. Lawlor says he has an idea to take care of this and starts sending a text and starts spelling “D…O…”.

When we come back from commercial, we see Lawlor trying to disguise himself under a hoodie as he meets with disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy who was able to help Richard Holliday a couple of months back. Lawlor says he needs his help tonight against Marshall Von Erich and needs to make sure things are on the ‘up-and-up’ and hands Donaghy an envelope that Donaghy says it’s a ‘little bit lighter than what he’s used to’, but he’ll see if he can make it work as they walk away to talk about.

They quickly show a video feed from the Rush/Reed 2 Media Event in Los Angeles but say that Lio Rush is not yet in the building and league officials are not happy.

Hijo de L.A. Park (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. Bu Ku Dao

They say this is one more opportunity for Salina from El Jefe to redeem herself. Hijo gets down on his knees to make fun of Dao’s height, pretends to raise his hand just to beat down Dao. Hijo takes Dao down with a kick and then takes off his belt and starts whipping Dao with it. Flores & Laurent mention Alicia Atout is coming up with some breaking news and mention a masked man is standing near them. Hijo starts beating Dao on the outside before nonchalantly covering him on the inside with one foot. Dao attempts a comeback and takes Hijo down with a bulldog as Hijo goes to the outside and receives a suicide dive from Dao. Back inside, Dao hits a crucifix pin for a 2 count, but Hijo comes back and showboats a bit. Dao comes back with a tilt-a-whirl into a crossface but breaks it up. Hijo hits double knees but only gets a two-count. Hijo places Dao on the top rope but wastes time by showboating causing Dao to hit a top rope flatliner for the pin.

Winner: Bu Ku Dao by pinfall at 6:20

Salina storms angrily to the back, and we hear from Bu Ku Dao who says he loves TJP but after he was disrespected, he hates him and will send him back home and that match was dedicated to his parents.

Saint Laurent says that Lio Rush never got on his plane and is a no-show for tonight’s Media Event and Myron Reed is livid.

Championship Committee Members

Alicia Atout reveals who makes up the championship committee that was announced last week including Toru Kido from Japan’s Dragon Gate and Andy Quildan from RevPro. MLW is in talks to add a member to their match-making team in the league but who they are talking to is being kept under tight wraps. Atout does confirm that the championship committee and league matchmakers have a major meeting set to discuss MLW’s next season that kicks off July 10th in Philadelphia.

This Ain’t Canada + Consequences for Salina

Alicia Atout is then backstage with Marshall Von Erich who says you never know what’s going to happen with Tom Lawlor. Lawlor interrupts and says that after what he saw tonight he has to make sure things are on a level playing field. Lawlor says to look at Marshall and ask Alicia if she thinks he’s all genetics. Tim Donaghy walks in with a cup and tells Marshall that he needs a sample. Lawlor says legitimate sporting events have to test like this, and they have to make sure things are on the ‘up-and-up’ and ‘this ain’t Canada.’

They show footage from the parking lot from moments ago of a masked man taking Salina de la Renta who has her head covered into a vehicle.

Rush Hour is Over

Myron Reed is in Los Angeles and is really pissed that Lio Rush didn’t show up to the Media Event. Reed says he’s sacrificing time away from his family and friends and this is an issue as Lio Rush doesn’t care about the title, MLW and it’s fans. All Rush wants is clout and fame, and that’s not what Reed wants. Reed is in the gym every day as he knows what he did wrong the first time. He’s ready to write those wrong and beat him and 7 days, the time is clicking. Rush Hour is about to be up.

Upcoming Fight Schedule

  • 5/1 – MLW on VICE TV – Noon ET
  • 5/5 – MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed 2
  • 5/12 – MLW Underground
  • 7/10 – MLW New Season

Hammerstone 1-on-1 with Alicia Atout

Atout says that Hammerstone is quickly on his way to celebrating two years as MLW National Openweight Champion, and after taking down Mil Muertes and CONTRA Unit’s Black Hand, what is next for him? Hammerstone says he wants this title to mean anything, be the ‘Match of the Night’ belt and the wrestler’s title. It’s time to give the people what they want and say he’s never seen his name pop up so many times on the internet until MLW asked who the fans want to see face Jacob Fatu. Hammerstone says Fatu thinks we are all scared, but a couple of poorly edited iMovie videos aren’t going to scare him and he’s starting to think that Fatu is the one who’s scared. Maybe Josef Samael has Fatu’s leash on too tight and maybe Fatu is worried about hiking up Muscle Mountain barefooted. Hammerstone says Fatu’s reign and terror’s days are numbered because after he puts him in the Nightmare Pendulum that is the end of Fatu holding the World Title.

It’s Warm

Atout with Lawlor says that they are currently awaiting test results from Marshall. Lawlor says ‘how big is this guy’s bladder, he’s obviously trying to avoid the test. Who knows what’s going through that guy’s blood.’ Donaghy walks in and says he saw the whole thing, it’s legit and Marshall is ready to go. Marshall walks in and throws the cup of piss in Lawlor’s face and says ‘it’s warm’ and Lawlor is fuming.

They announce since Lio Rush no-showed the media event, he has been issued a heavy fine. Also, next week Richard Holliday will be in action.

Gatekeeper Clause

Josef Samael cuts in with a message to Hammerstone. He says Hammerstone is saying all of the right words but he doesn’t mean any of them. And even if he did, he doesn’t call the shots as he doesn’t have the power. Samael does, and this isn’t a propaganda video, this is a video of truths. Truths for Hammerstone, one year ago CONTRA Unit walked into Court Bauer’s office and they reworked some contracts. So now, Samael controls the fate of the world champion, and that power is infinite. He controls who gets to challenge Jacob Fatu, not MLW and not Hammerstone. Hammerstone can flex all he wants, but his challenge has been denied. He tells Hammerstone to keep his ringer to move, that if he has a fridge to move, Hammerstone will be the first idiot he calls.

Tom Lawlor (w/ Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs. Marshall Von Erich (w/ Ross Von Erich)

Flores mentions the fact that Lawlor has won the New Japan Cup USA and the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship. They go to war as soon as the bell rings, and Lawlor goes right after Marshall’s injured knee. They go back and forth with strikes in the corner until Lawlor starts tying up Marshall on the ropes hitting chops and going after the knee. They switch to try and take each other down, but Lawlor grabs the referee to break it up and take down Marshall. Lawlor applies a cross-arm breaker, right into a kneebar that Marshall grabs a rope to break. They stand and exchange strikes, but Team Filthy gets on the apron to distract the ref from Marshall’s pin attempt. Lawlor grabs a wrench and attacks the injured left knee of Marshall Von Erich. Lawlor keeps attacking the knee, but Marshall attempts a comeback but his knee gives out and he falls on the mat. Lawlor beats Marshall down in the corner but misses a clothesline as Marshall hits a pair of dropkicks but misses the third one falling on his knee again. Lawlor applies a sharpshooter like a leglock, but Marshall tries to break it with a claw. Lawlor stops the action with a uranage, until they start trading strikes again. Lawlor puts on a choke, but at the same time, Marshall has on the Claw and slams Lawlor down for a two count but keeps the Claw on. Lawlor breaks out of it and puts on a half Boston Crab. As Ross on the outside fights back from throwing in the white towel, Marshall passes out.

Winner: Tom Lawlor by referee stoppage at 11:41

Ross comes in to check on his brother, but Team Filthy attacks him. ACH runs in to help the Von Erichs, and all six men brawl to end the show.

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