Final four of Stardom’s Cinderella tournament, finals on 6/12

Photo Courtesy: World Wonder Ring STARDOM

Stardom resumed its Cinderella tournament with a show from Korakuen Hall establishing the final four with a new date for the finals.

After Friday’s event, the semi-finals will see Unagi Sayaka face-off with Maika, and Himeka will take on Saya Kamitani.

The semi-finals and finals were rescheduled for 5/29 at Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo but due to the state of emergency extension, that show has been moved to Saturday, June 12th at the building.

Both Unagi Sayaka and Himeka had byes in the second round and therefore, only needed to wrestle once on Friday’s show with both advancing.

Syuri advanced to the quarter-finals defeating World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita by throwing her over the rope. In the tournament, the matches can end with a pinfall, submission, or over the top rope. Later in the show, Syuri was defeated by Sayaka by being thrown over the top rope.

Mayu Iwatani advanced past Rina by default without a match taking place. In the next round, Iwatani was thrown over the top rope by Himeka.

Below are the results from Friday’s show at Korakuen Hall with the attendance listed at 546 people (Courtesy:
*Cinderella – Second Round: Mayu Iwatani over Rina by default
*Mina Shirakawa over Ruaka in the first round of the Future of Stardom tournament
*Natsupoi over Hanan, Lady C & Tam Nakano
*Natsuko Tora, Konami & Fukigen Death over Momo Watanabe, AZM & Hina
*Cinderella – Second Round: Saya Kamitani over Starlight Kid
*Cinderella – Second Round: Maika over Giulia (thrown over the top rope)
*Cinderella – Second Round: Syuri over Utami Hayashishita (thrown over the top rope)
*Cinderella – Third Round: Himeka over Mayu Iwatani (thrown over the top rope)
*Cinderella – Third Round: Unagi Sayaka over Syuri (thrown over the top rope)

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