NWA ‘When Our Shadows Fall’: Aldis keeps title, New Women’s Champ

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NWA When Our Shadows Fall

By: John Siino

June 6th, 2021

GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA

Commentary: Joe Galli, Tim Storm & Velvet Sky

AAA Rules Fatal 4-Way: Marshe Rockett & Slice Boogie vs. The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs. Sal Rinauro & El Rudo (w/ Danny Deals) vs. La Rebelión (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666)

The show started with a circus-themed introduction with a guitarist, as NWA welcomed fans back in attendance with this event. Rudo and Mecha Wolf start the match, with quick takedowns and pin attempts, with Rinauro and Bestia quickly tagging themselves in, as Rinauro puts his hand out trying to make friends with Bestia. The End is roaming ringside not even in their corner with the story being they are upset they aren’t in the tag title match later. Bestia finally takes the hand of Sal, only for Wolf to come in and double team Rinauro for the pin attempt that Boogie comes in to stop as it’s Lucha libre rules with no tags required. Boogie hits a German suplex that Bestia breaks up before Rockett comes in with a dropkick. Odinson runs in to break up the pin, hits a dropkick of his own before Parrow comes in for the double team, launching Rockett. Boogie tries to chop The End to no avail, which leads to their version of the Doomsday Device that they call Hell on Earth, but Wolf runs in for the breakup. The End hit double-team torture racks into drops on La Rebelion. Odinson goes to launch Parrow from the apron, but it gets broken up, as everybody is on the outside, Rudo hits an assisted (by Rinauro) moonsault off the ropes to everybody. Rinauro teases joining them but gets stopped by Rockett who ends up diving there instead. Rinauro teases it again, but Parrow stops him and powerbombs him to the outside on the rest. Parrow and Rockett end up in the ring and hit each other hard until Rockett hits a cutter that Bestia breaks up the pin for. La Rebelion hit their finishing move Total Rebellion on Rockett that Mecha Wolf gets the pin on, as Bestia dives to everybody else on the outside to keep them down. After the match, The End gets in La Rebelion’s face as Parrow says they are going to see them soon.

Winners: La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) by pinfall at 8:42

Pope vs. Tyrus (w/ Austin Idol)

This match is announced as a non-title no time limit grudge match, with Pope not putting his NWA Television Championship on the line. Before the match, Tyrus dedicates this match to The Love-Alive Charity which is one that Pope ran himself for 10 years, and Tyrus disrespectfully says it was a sham and it’s under new management now. Pope attacks him before the bell, as Tyrus takes his time taking off the charity t-shirt. They end up going blow for blow in the middle of the ring with Pope getting some shots and kicks in, knocking Tyrus down ala King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Pope tries a crossbody, but Tyrus eats it and hits a crossbody of his own. Pope tries a sunset flip, but Tyrus just sits on him for the two-count. Pope tries a comeback, but Tyrus’ force stops everything. Tyrus teases boxing with Pope again who can barely stand, before hitting an over-the-head suplex. Pope is able to dodge a couple of elbow drops by Tyrus, before hitting a DDT to drop Tyrus down. Pope teases jumping off the top rope, falls being hurt from his ribs, but is able to hit an elbow drop. Tyrus stops a running Pope, puts on a Tongan death grip that Pope kicks out of, that commentary notes is the first time anyone has ever kicked out of that. Tyrus tries to drop on Pope from the turnbuckle, but Pope puts his knees up, as he tries to go after Tyrus once again Austin Idol gets involved and hands Tyrus a foreign object. Tyrus lands a heart punch with his loaded hand and gets the pin.

Winner: Tyrus by pinfall at 10:26

Thunder Rosa & Melina vs. Kylie Rae & Taryn Terrell

This is Kylie Rae’s NWA debut, and her second appearance since retiring from IMPACT in October, after returning at yesterday’s Warrior Wrestling show defending her title against Holidead. On her way to the ring, Rosa takes out a David LaGreca head (Busted Open Radio) based on some past. Terrell has an elaborate princess/fairy-like gear that Rosa complains is taking her too long to take off. Terrell and Melina start the match with Terrell quickly heading to the outside, before running in tagging in Rae which commentary notes NWA is her home now and she signed a contract. Rosa comes in and is able to hold Rae down with multiple arm breakers. They exchange multiple takedowns with Rosa having the final say with a dropkick for a two. Melina tags back in as she and Rosa hit a double kick to the front and back of Rae. Melina tries to run the ropes but gets stopped by Terrell grabbing her hair. Rae traps Melina’s arm and hits multiple snapback arm breakers as the referee gets distracted by Rosa and Terrell. Rosa tags in and takes out both Rae and Terrell with double knees in the corners. They exchange chops, but Rosa gets the upper hand, before tagging in Melina where they hit a double flapjack for a two. Terrell tries to interfere but gets dropped to the outside where Rosa picks her up and carries her to the back. This causes Rae to surprise Melina with a roll-up, pulling the tights for the pin.

Winners: Kylie Rae & Taryn Terrell by pinfall at 8:53

Fred Rosser vs. JTG

They start the match with a handshake as it’s stated they both have history and mutual respect with each other. Things stay even until Rosser surprises JTG with a roll-up for a 2 count. They both attempt taking each other down again until Rosser is able to toss JTG to the outside. JTG comes back in as they exchange arm drags and more pin attempts. JTG stops Rosser with a leapfrog into a dropkick, tries to mount Rosser in the corner, but Rosser moves and drops JTG face first. Rosser hits an over-the-head suplex for a two count, with both men looking fatigued. Rosser starts kicking at JTG saying that this is his house. Rosser attempts a suplex from the apron, but JTG fights out, lands on his feet, and hits a big clothesline on Rosser. They both take some time getting up, but JTG does first fire up, knocking Rosser down before hitting a spinning Rock Bottom with one arm that he doesn’t get all of. JTG tries a Razor’s Edge from the corner, but Rosser grabs the hair and breaks out of it. As they are both tied up in the same position, they kick at each other’s calves, before JTG is able to roll-up Rosser. As we wait a moment to see who’s shoulders were actually down, JTG is announced as the winner. After the match, JTG helps Rosser up.

Winner: JTG by pinfall at 9:29

NWA World Tag Team Championship: Aron Stevens & Kratos (c) vs. War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) vs. Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis)

The match starts with Latimer, Dane & Kratos, as Latimer starts attacking both of them right away but Dane and Kratos quickly take him out before they start brawling themselves. Adonis tags in and takes out Dane and Kratos, before Crimson gets tagged in but the referee doesn’t see it. As the referee is distracted, Latimer crushes Kratos leg in between the steel steps and rings as Stevens runs over to tend to him. Dane goes after the injured Kratos and tosses him back inside as Crimson hovers over him. Kratos is able to knock Crimson to the outside and limps over to take in Stevens. Kratos surprises Stevens who almost hits Kratos before stopping himself in his tracks. Adonis runs in and quickly puts on the Master Lock on Stevens, but Crimson runs in to break it up. Dane hits a suplex on Stevens, followed by a flying elbow drop, that Adonis breaks up the count for. Latimer and Dane take turns beating on Stevens as Kratos tries to cheer on Stevens from his corner. Dane and Latimer continue this alliance until Stevens is able to kick his way out but fails to get the tag to Kratos. Adonis tags in, but it quickly goes back to the Dane and Latimer team-up continuing their beatdown on Stevens, hitting a delayed vertical suplex but both men go for the pin. At this point, the alliance seems to end with Dane and Latimer smacking each other around. Stevens takes advantage of this, fights his way out but Crimson is able to take him back down. Adonis comes in, but Crimson takes him down. Kratos tags hitting Crimson with the title, but as the referee takes it away from him, Kratos hits a low blow kick to Crimson as Stevens covers him for the win.

Winners: Aron Stevens & Kratos by pinfall at 14:09, to retain

NWA World Women’s Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Kamille

Joe Galli mentions Deeb having to defend her title in AEW against the likes of Red Velvet and Riho, but admits that Kamille is a totally different competitor as Kamille right away uses her strength to take down Deeb, including a shoulder tackle for a 1 count. Deeb tries to take down Kamille with a drop toe hold and waist lock but fails. Kamille is able to trap Deeb in the ropes and hit multiple chest hits followed by kicks in the corner. Kamille follows with a suplex for a two count, as she continues to control Deeb with splashes in the corner. Kamille applies a bear hug into a suplex for another two-count. Deeb tries to come back but quickly gets a powerslam by Kamille for another two-count. Kamille promptly drives Deeb into the corner, followed by another power slam and pin attempt. As Kamille tries to do the same, Deeb slides out, hits Kamille with an elbow, and targets her legs as Kamille gets tied up in the top rope. Deeb comes back with a Dragonscrew, uppercuts, and a guillotine chokehold on the ropes before hitting a neckbreaker on her feet that doesn’t seem to phase Kamille too much. Deeb comes back with a clothesline but only gets a two. As Deeb tries to go for a figure four, she gets kicked out of the ring by Kamille. They start brawling in front of the fans, until Kamille throws Deeb back in. Deeb quickly hits a Dragonscrew on the ropes to Kamille, into an Octopus Stretch. Kamille powers out, hits a Steamroller, tries to go for the spear, but Deeb stops it with a dropkick. Deeb tries to go for her finisher, but Kamille powers out, goes for her spear again and Deeb reverses into a single leg Crab. Kamille is able to grab the rope to break it up and put Deeb into a single-leg Crab of her own. Deeb struggles but slowly crawls over for the rope herself. Kamille hits another Steamroller to finally get the pin.

Winner: Kamille by pinfall at 14:18, to become NEW NWA World Women’s Champion

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

They get into a little bit of a pushing match before the bell rings, with referee Robert King stating that both men were trained by NWA legend Harley Race. The match starts fast here with Murdoch knocking Aldis to the outside after an atomic elbow to the head. Aldis takes his time coming back in, but when he does he’s on the receiving end of multiple strikes and elbows from Murdoch, including a dropping elbow for a 2 count. Aldis pushes King, but King pushes back causing Aldis to leave and pace towards the back. Murdoch meets Aldis by the announce desk as they start brawling a bit before heading back inside where Murdoch meets Aldis with a big splash in the corner. Murdoch heads to the top, but Aldis is able to run the ropes knocking him down. As Murdoch sits on the apron, he gets a baseball dropkick from Aldis knocking him outside. Aldis is able to hit a pair of suplexes for a two count before throwing Murdoch back to the outside. Aldis meets him there, driving Murdoch to the apron and hitting a body slam on the unprotected floor. Aldis continues to control Murdoch with body shots and submissions, but Murdoch challenges Aldis to continue with the punches before finally coming back with a couple of clotheslines of his own getting a two count. Murdoch hits a top rope bulldog but only gets a two. As Aldis is on the outside, Thom Latimer distracts the referee with a chair. Aldis comes in with a chair of his own, taking out referee Robert King before taking out Murdoch with a couple of chair shots. With everybody out, Aldis hits a flying elbow on the back of Murdoch. Aldis goes for another one, but Murdoch moves out of the way and hits a couple of chair shots of his own to Aldis. Murdoch puts on the Indian Death Lock as Robert King crawls in and calls for the bell. Commentary and fans think it was due to Aldis tapping out, but King announces that he disqualified Murdoch after seeing Murdoch with the chair.

Winner: Nick Aldis by disqualification at 12:54, as a result, Nick Aldis retains

Trevor Murdoch heads over to commentary and says he worked his ass off and what else he needed to do. He did what was asked from this company and he gave everything he got and doesn’t know what to do to become World Champion. Aldis is always one step ahead of him, and he doesn’t know what else to do and starts doubting if this will ever even happen for him (winning the title). He thanks everybody for watching him and apologizes before heading to the back. Galli, Storm & Sky have tears and dismay and Murdoch deserves better than that as they sign off.

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