Mojo Rawley: “I don’t want my wrestling career to be done”

Mojo Rawley speaks about his future as he embarks on his post-WWE journey

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After his stint in the NFL, Mojo Rawley made the transition to pro wrestling in 2012 and spent close to a decade with WWE. He was released from the company this past April and coming out of his release, he will be featured in the forthcoming G.I. Joe prequel film, Snake Eyes.

Rawley has not wrestled anywhere other than WWE but is hoping to resume his pro wrestling career at some point. Mojo chatted with Shawne Merriman on Merriman’s ‘Lights Out’ podcast and expressed that he does not want his in-ring career to be over. Mojo added that he does want to focus on outside projects that he was not able to take on while under contract to WWE.

Honestly, I hope so. I want to [wrestle again]. I definitely think that will happen.

Oh 100 percent [I should at least try to test the waters] but at this point, being fresh out, I kind of wanna diversify, expand myself. Like try these new businesses and these new industries that I haven’t been able to do while I was under contract before, you know? With nine years, we can’t really do anything outside of the company so at this point, in the short-term, I wanna heal up, I wanna get my body feeling 100 so I can get back in the game and make the biggest splash but yeah, 100 percent, I don’t think my wrestling career — I don’t want my wrestling career to be done. I definitely plan on returning at some point. I just want to make sure that when I do, it’s with the biggest impact and I kind do the most, you know? Doing these other things is only gonna get my name out there more, kind of increase my star power so when I come back, it can be in hopefully a more favorable position. I built my equity up more so I can get a little bit more of a rub, a little bit more of an opportunity than I had before.

Rawley’s last match was in June of 2020. While he was not on-screen, he had been making appearances at charity events and appearances of the sort on behalf of WWE.

Rawley, real name Dean Muhtadi is 35 years of age and he left WWE with seven 24/7 Title reigns and an Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal win.

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