Britt McHenry reaches settlement over sexual harassment lawsuit against Tyrus

Britt McHenry is departing FOX after she reached a settlement with the network over her sexual harassment lawsuit that involved NWA's Tyrus

Britt McHenry, former ESPN personality and FOX commentator is departing FOX after a settlement was reached over her sexual harassment lawsuit against the network and George Murdoch, known in pro wrestling as “Tyrus”.

She filed the lawsuit in December of 2019 and claimed that she reported four sexual harassment incidents to FOX. According to court documents, McHenry’s claims were ignored and FOX kept her out of company events while disallowing her from appearing as a guest on other FOX News shows.

In a statement about the voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit, McHenry noted that while she fully stands by the allegations, she is ready to move forward.

I am very proud to have to stood up for my rights and hope that I have empowered other women to do the same. Although I fully stand by the truth of my allegations, I am pleased to put this matter behind me and move forward with my career.

The following statements are from FOX Media and Tom Clare, Murdoch’s attorney.

FOX Media: While Fox News is confident it would have prevailed in the lawsuit, we are pleased that we have been able to resolve this matter without further litigation.

Tom Clare: Tyrus is pleased that the parties have reached a settlement in which the claims against him will be dismissed with prejudice. Tyrus continues to dispute and deny the allegations made against him in the lawsuit and, consistent with that view, will not be making any financial payments.

Tyrus was alleged to have made comments about Britt’s body, sent her pictures of his genitalia and made other comments through text messages. In June of 2019,  The Daily Beast reported that Tyrus was pulled from his and Britt McHenry’s show after she reported a sexual harassment complaint against him.

Tyrus is currently a part of the National Wrestling Alliance with his last match taking place on the 6/22 episode of Powerrr.

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