ROH Glory by Honor – Night 2: Vincent defeats Matt Taven in Cage Match

John Siino reviews the second night of ROH's Glory by Honor event featuring Vincent vs. Matt Taven in a Steel Cage Match.

Photo Courtesy: Ring of Honor

ROH Glory By Honor 2021, Night 2

By: John Siino

August 21st, 2021

2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Danhausen vs. Dalton Castle (w/ The Baby Chicks)

Danhausen’s intro said Danhausen is excited to finally wrestle a fellow celebrity and if Danhausen wins, Dalton has to get Danhausen on Family Feudhausen, while Castle’s intro said, ‘he’s very busy’, as the crowd gave him and his Baby Chicks a big reaction. Dak Draper joined the commentary for this match. Castle spent the beginning of the match showboating and walking outside as Danhausen played to the crowd. Danhausen got the Baby Chicks to clap for him, and Castle showing jealousy moved them away. Comedic spots here include Danhausen asking for help as he was stuck on the ropes, only to play possum and take control which prompts Draper to go down and distract Danhausen. Back inside, Castle takes control including biting Danhausen. Danhausen comes back with a couple of German suplexes and goes to pour the teeth down Castle’s throat, but they end up being spilled all over the ring causing the Baby Chicks to come in and start pecking at them. This causes Castle to get upset and kick them out, just to get spare teeth put on him by Danhausen. They trade off roll-ups until Castle hits an airplane spin on Danhausen on top of the teeth for the pin.

Winner: Dalton Castle by pinfall at 8:08

Pure Rules Match: LSG vs. World Famous CB

Josh Woods joins commentary for this match. They start the match on the mat, with both trying to control until LSG is able to put on the Cosmic Clutch with CB grabbing the rope for his first rope break. The commentary points out that CB has been a student of the game and doing a lot of moves he learned from Mexico and Japan. LSG uses his first rope break by using his teeth on the ropes. LSG hits a piledriver from a seating position and a neckbreaker for a two count. Ken Dixon interrupts commentary and gets in the face of Woods, causing a scuffle. CB starts a comeback, but they start trading forearms and LSG stops it with a boot to the corner. CB comes back with a Dragon Suplex by LSG uses his second rope break to break it up, followed by his third rope break right after CB hits a Shotei. LSG hits an Ace Crusher and a cradle for the win. CB shows a bit of frustration when LSG extended his hand after the match

Winner: LSG by pinfall at 7:21

You’re Booked, Kid!

Quinn McKay is backstage and says she has to break some bad news to Mark Briscoe with Jay Briscoe not being able to compete and if Mark can’t find a partner he is off the show. Mark says he’ll just do a handicap match, but McKay suggests Brian Johnson is out there making noise because he has no match. Mark gets in his face and says he needs a partner and ‘you’re booked, kid’, before chopping him and walking away.

Rok-C & Miranda Alize vs. Willow & Chelsea Green

Maria Kanellis-Bennett joins commentary for this match. Willow gets the biggest reaction out of all four as she starts the match with Alize. Alize starts the match trying to cradle Willow for the pin and Irish Whip her, but Willow escapes and pounces Alize out to tag in Rok-C. Rok-C tries to backslide Willow but gets hit with two suplexes instead. Rok-C knocks Willow to the outside as both she and Alize dive onto Chelsea and Willow. Chelsea tags in and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Willow hits a senton before tagging in Chelsea and slamming her on Rok-C for a two-count. Chelsea comes back with a German suplex, but Rok-C knocks her back down with a kick. Willow and Alize come in as Alize hit a street sweeper and a bulldog for a 2 count. Rok-C comes in and hits a crossbody that Chelsea stops and hits a cutter but gets taken out by Alize. Willow hits a cannonball but misses the moonsault on Rok-C who comes back with Code Rok (her Code Red) and gets the pin on Willow.

Winners: Rok-C & Miranda Alize by pinfall at 7:46

ROH World Six-Man Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (c) (Shane Taylor, Kaun & Moses) (w/ O’Shay Edwards & Ron Hunt) vs. Incoherence (Delirious, Hallowicked & Frightmare) (w/ UltraMantis Black)

UltraMantis Black gets a big reaction coming out with Incoherence as commentary plays up their history from CHIKARA and their connection with Philadelphia. UltraMantis joins commentary as Delirious and Kaun start the match, but Kaun easily takes Delirious down. Delirious hits a dropkick as Kaun tags out to Moses. Hallowicked comes in and gets a big chant. Hallowicked misses in the corner but rolls up Moses for a pin attempt before tagging in Frightmare who is making his ROH debut. Taylor tags in but got smacked by Frightmare but ends up getting the ‘oh my god’ knockout punch. All six men start brawling, including Frightmare and Hallowicked diving to the outside. Kaun and Delirious end up back inside but Kaun boots Delirious onto Moses who lawn darts Delirious into the barricade. Moses catches Frightmare and throws him against the barricade as well. Back inside, Kaun takes out Hallowicked before getting triple-teamed in the STP corner. Hallowicked comes back and is able to take out both members of S.O.S. and tags in Delirious. Delirious goes after Moses by running the ropes and confusing him. Incoherence now triple teams Moses in their corner but Taylor breaks up the count and drags Moses to their corner as Taylor tags back in. Taylor uses his power to take out all his opponents, but Frightmare and Hallowicked hit the Headless Horseman followed by Shadows Over Hell by Delirious that the pin gets broken up. They start brawling on the outside again but inside Taylor hits a big knee on Frightmare followed by the Marcus Garvey Driver for the pin.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Kaun & Moses) by pinfall at 13:18, to retain

As STP are leaving, they get confronted by EC3 who joins commentary for the next match.

Demonic Flamita & Flip Gordon vs. Mark Briscoe & Brian Johnson

Johnson comes out with a big hometown pop again and says even though EC3 broke his hand he didn’t break his middle finger before throwing it up at him. Briscoe and Flamita start the match fast with them trading pin attempts, but as Flamita goes to tag Gordon he steps off the apron wanting nothing of Briscoe. Johnson comes in and goes to work on Flamita, but before Flamita angrily tags in Gordon. Gordon misses Johnson in the corner and gets chops landed before Briscoe tags in and drop-kicks Gordon the outside but gets a moonsault from Flamita. Back inside, Briscoe hits a suplex on Flamita for a one-count. Gordon hits Briscoe with a knee to the back distracting him and getting hit by a spear from Flamita. Gordon and Flamita trade tags and start choking and keeping Briscoe in their corner. Gordon and Johnson both tag in with Johnson taking control and hitting a clothesline off the top line followed by another big clothesline as he gets the crowd behind him. Briscoe tags in, hits a big clothesline but gets attacked by Flamita. Johnson comes in to help and take out Flamita, but Gordon pushes Briscoe into Johnson and rolls him up for a pin attempt. Briscoe and Johnson get into each other’s face and Johnson walks out on him. Flamita teases the crowd with a 450 but flips off the crowd. Gordon throws a chair for Flamita to use, but Flamita throws it down and flips off Gordon before smacking him in with a tag. Gordon spits in Flamita’s face and as the referee is trying to hold Flamita back, Briscoe hits a package piledriver on Gordon on top of the chair for the pin.

Winners: Mark Briscoe & Brian Johnson by pinfall at 11:23

PJ Black and officials come out to check on Gordon who’s still laid out in the ring.

The Foundation (Tracy Williams, Rhett Titus, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham) vs. VLNCE UNLTD (Homicide, Chris Dickinson, Tony Deppen & Brody King)

Kenny King joins commentary for this match as Deppen and Titus start the match. They trade leapfrogs and takedowns until Titus stops Deppen with a body slam. Deppen comes back with a dropkick and tags in Brody who demands Gresham gets tagged in. As soon as Gresham does, Lethal tags himself in, and The Foundation have a little bit of a dispute. Just as Lethal pulls up his wrestling straps, Homicide tags in. They go back and forth with chops that send Homicide outside where he angrily throws a chair in the ring. Dickinson and Williams tag in as this Williams’ first match back since being hit with a car and being sidelined. They both work on the mat with leg locks, but Williams stops Dickinson on the ropes and hits a suplex for a two. Lethal and Deppen come in, but Gresham tags in and hits a suplex on Deppen as they keep Deppen in the Foundation corner and trade-in tags and offense on the legs and knees of Deppen. Williams hits a piledriver on Deppen, but Dickinson runs in to break up the pin. Gresham goes insane and hits a cutter after knocking VLNCE UNLTD off the apron before he and Deppen have a crazy sequence that Lethal interrupts with a cutter on Deppen. Titus takes out Dickinson and Homicide on the outside with a dive while Gresham hits a shooting star press on Deppen for a two count quickly into a figure four. Brody King breaks it up by power bombing Titus on top of them. Brody takes everybody out including a big clothesline on Lethal for a two count. Dickinson hits a Death Valley Driver on Gresham on a table that was set up outside. Homicide hits a cutter on Lethal who was on the shoulders of Brody. Everybody is brawling outside including Homicide diving onto Titus and Brody hitting a crossbody onto Williams. Inside the ring, Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Deppen for the pin.

Winners: The Foundation (Tracy Williams, Rhett Titus, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham) by pinfall at 16:05

After the match, VLNCE UNLTD kept attacking The Foundation. Dickinson grabs the mic and says there is no pure wrestler who can stand toe to toe with them and for the fans to tell the company who’s on top. Dickinson challenges anybody and they don’t care who it is, because there is honor in violence.

La Facción Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Rush) (w/ Kenny King & La Bestia Del Ring) vs. Rey Horus & Bandido

Silas Young joins commentary for this next match. Rush starts the match attacking Bandido before the bell. Dragon Lee gets in Rush to stop him, but they hug it out before attacking Horus and Bandido. Lucha Rules for this match as Lee and Rush double team Horus, but Horus ducks and Lee dropkicks Rush. Bandido launches Horus up and dives onto the outside followed by a moonsault from Bandido on Lee and Rush. Bandido hits a wheelbarrow cutter, but Horus only gets a two. LFI takes control and hits stereo Bull’s Horns, do the tranquillo pose and dives onto Horus and Bandido outside. Horus gets trapped in a tree of woe, as Bandido hits a Spanish Fly on Lee, followed by Rush taking out Horus. All four men start going ballistic here as the Philly crowd gives them a standing ovation and ‘this is awesome’ chant. Bandido and Lee go at it, with Bandido going for the 21 Plex, but Lee gets out and hits a big knee to the back of the head that Horus breaks up the pin for. Rush calls for the Bull’s Horns, but Horus hits a DDT. Horus dives onto Rush outside but misses while Bandido hits a splash for a 2 count. Bandido goes for the 21 Plex but gets taken out of the ring by Rush. Back inside, Lee hits a DDT and gets knocked out by Rush who gets a two-count. Rush starts limping but tells the referee he’s ok and screams him off. Horus and Lee get on the top rope, but Lee hits a double stomp to his back and dives onto Bandido on the outside. Rush hits the Bull’s Horns on Horus for the pin.

Winners: La Facción Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Rush) by pinfall at 13:02

Death Before Dishonor Card

Quinn McKay comes out and says they will be back in Philadelphia on September 12th for Death Before Dishonor and announces the card so far.

·       ROH World Six-Man Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (c) (Shane Taylor, Kaun & Moses) vs. La Facción Ingobernable (Rush, Dragon Lee & Kenny King)

·       ROH Women’s Championship Tournament Finals

·       ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Woods

·       A mystery match between two of the top free agents

·       ROH World Championship: Bandido (c) vs. Brody King vs. Demonic Flamita vs. EC3

Steel Cage Match: Vincent vs. Matt Taven

Mike Bennett joined in on commentary for what they are calling ‘The Last Stand’. The last time ROH had a cage match was at Field of Honor 2014 where Taven lost to Jay Lethal. They start the match slamming the cage door on each other and fighting on the outside. Vincent hitting hair shots but getting back body dropped to the audience. They start fighting over by the bar area as we get a nice tour of the new 2300 Arena redesigns. Taven starts setting up tables on the outside but gets tossed against the cage as the match hasn’t officially begun yet. Taven goes inside and gets the door slammed against his head as Vincent heads inside with a chain and the match officially starts, Vincent uses a purple chain to lock up the door. Vincent takes the key and tosses it over the cage to the audience. They start fighting on the top rope where Taven hits a neckbreaker followed by various knee shots against the cage. Taven goes to the top and hits a frog splash for a two count. Taven tries to suplex Vincent, but Vincent gets his legs tangled on the cage itself. Taven stops Vincent’s momentum with a low blow. Taven comes off with a kick-off the cage for a two count as Bateman makes his way down to the ring and tosses barbed wire into the cage. Bennett leaves commentary and goes after Bateman but gets taken out. Bateman helps Vincent attach the barbed wire as Bennett is able to get up and take out Bateman. Vincent starts driving Taven face-first into the wire busting Bennett wide open. Taven grabs more barbed wire and starts twisting it around Vincent’s face and eyes. The bloody Taven hits a DDT but fails to go for the cover. Taven goes and grabs a purple ax and starts digging in Vincent’s face, busting him open. Vita VonStarr starts making her way to the ring and tosses it in a bag. As Taven starts to open it, Vita jumps off the cage and misses Taven hitting a crossbody on Vincent. Taven struggles a bit to open the bag but eventually does and reveals thumbtacks that he spills all over the ring. Vita rushes Taven, but she gets hit with a back body drop onto the thumbtacks. Vincent misses Taven and hits Vita, before getting the Climax on the thumbtacks but Taven only gets a two count. Taven goes to the top of the cage but misses the Snuka-like splash. Vincent comes back with the Orange Sunshine but only gets two. Dutch makes his way to the ring as Taven puts his knees up blocking the Redrum from Vincent. Dutch starts climbing the cage but gets knocked off by Taven on the tables that were set up earlier. Vincent joins Taven on the top of the cage and hits a cutter for the pin.

Winner: Vincent by pinfall at 19:26

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